Do You Need to Wear a Belt With Jeans?

Last Updated: February 14, 2024

We’ve all been there – you’re getting ready to go out, but your outfit is asking that all-important question, should I wear a belt with jeans?

Although belts serve the practical purpose of holding your trousers in place, jeans are usually just fine without a belt. To decide whether or not to add a belt to your look consider the type of event you are going to, the style and fit of your jeans, and the details of the rest of your outfit.

In this article I’ll cover the ins and outs of wearing belts with jeans so you’ll be able to make the best choice for you and your outfit the next time the question comes up.

should I wear a belt with jeans

Belt with Jeans: Yes or No?

The first clue to this question is the jeans themselves. Do they have belt loops? Most jeans do, so not using a belt can make your outfit look incomplete, but if your event is more relaxed then feel free to skip the belt.

If your jeans don’t have belt loops – then don’t wear a belt. You run the risk of your outfit looking messy.

If you are tucking in a t-shirt or shirt, then a belt is a good way to make your outfit look a little smarter. This is useful for events that aren’t completely casual, but certainly don’t call for a suit.

So, when should you wear a belt with jeans?

  • When they don’t fit – if your jeans don’t quite fit you properly, then of course a belt is a must.
  • When your shirt is tucked in – if wearing jeans to any formal setting, a belt should be included. It looks smarter and stylish.
  • Physical activity – if you are doing some physical activity with a lot of movement, you should wear a belt – no need to constantly readjust your jeans.
  • When wearing a tie – if you choose to wear a tie with jeans, you should be wearing a belt. Not having a belt in this instance can look sloppy.

Are Belts with Jeans in Style?

Jeans have always been in style, in one way or another – whether bell-bottom, bootcut, straight-leg, or skinny. Belts and jeans fell briefly out of favor with the advent of skinny jeans in the early 2000s, but they’re on their way back.

To stay on top of the style trend, invest in a few good quality belts of different styles so you can always match your belt with the rest of your outfit and shoes.

If you want to inject even more personality into your outfit, then take advantage of the growing trend for statement belt buckles.

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What Kind of Belt is Best to Wear with Jeans?

As jeans are an informal fashion choice, they don’t need a fancy belt. When we think of smart belts, we think of the narrow, polished leather belts seen with suit trousers. This would look incongruent with jeans – so I recommend you opt for a more casual style of belt made from fabric, textured material, or a wider cut of leather.

Of course, if your jeans are part of a smart-casual outfit, then go for a belt with a slightly more formal connotation. It can make or break an outfit and can be the difference between you looking the part or looking like you haven’t made an effort.

what color belt should I wear with jeans

What Color Belt Goes with Blue Jeans?

Belts should complement the rest of your outfit, whether a smart black suit, or a casual jeans and shirt combo. A neutral belt is the best choice for adding to blue jeans, so go for black, tan, or brown leather.

Keep in mind what shoes you’ll be wearing. A good rule of thumb is to wear a black belt with black shoes, and a brown belt with brown shoes. If your shoes are non-leather, then you have a little more freedom in your belt choice.

When Should You Not Wear a Belt?

If your jeans fit perfectly, then you don’t always have to wear a belt. Remember, a belt is ultimately a practical way to keep trousers at the right spot on your hips. If your event is a little more formal, then belt loops and no belt can make your outfit look too casual.

If your jeans don’t have belt loops, then don’t add a belt. The belt won’t stay in place and will make your outfit look messy and badly put-together.

Don’t wear a belt with skinny jeans. We all know your skinny jeans are fitted tightly enough to stay put, so apart from being uncomfortable to wear, adding a belt will also make you look fussy.

And finally, if you wear suspenders attached to your jeans, then do not double up and also wear a belt. That combination of a belt and suspenders looks a bit stupid.

Final Thoughts

Whether or not you wear a belt with jeans depends on the style and cut of your jeans, the rest of your outfit, and what kind of event you are attending.

If you do opt for a belt – just be sure that it complements the rest of your outfit.