How to Fold Jackets for Travel

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Last Updated: April 26, 2022

Taking one or two jackets along with you while traveling is something most people do as it is considered crucial for a smooth travel experience. No matter how casual one’s wardrobe is, there’s always a jacket that can be rocked with separates in order to be worn at a restaurant or the cinema.

While traveling, no matter how minimal and casual you try your suitcase to be, you will almost always have to pack a jacket. You never know when you might have to be available in a professional meeting via zoom or run into a situation where dressing up in formal attire is essential. So, no matter the case, one has to pack a coat when traveling a small or a significant distance.

Types of Jackets for Traveling

Various kinds of jackets are worn while traveling. This range all the way from strictly professional ones to a bit more casual and fashionable ones. Suit jackets are more formal and should be packed while traveling to be on the safe side in case a formal situation arises. Other casual coats are a must to take when traveling as they complete the stylish and travel look. Puffer jackets and vests are also essential clothing articles to carry to slightly colder places.

All these have to be packed in a suitcase so that they don’t get damaged or take up much space. There’s already a lot to pack and look after while traveling, so lack of space is definitely something that should be taken into account. By following the different ways of folding jackets described below, you can make your traveling journey a rather smooth and enjoyable one.

Folding Techniques for Jackets

Different kinds of clothes require a different set of techniques and tips to follow while folding them. Some of these are below.

1. Folding a Blazer

A blazer is considered more of professional attire. Both men and women wear them in formal settings. In order to fold a blazer, unbutton it and lay it out. Then turn one sleeve along with the shoulder inside out. Next, flip the blazer over and inversely tuck the right side shoulder. What we’re doing here is folding the blazer in half (lengthwise).

After folding it in half, the jacket would get much smaller in size and easily fit in one of your bags.

2. Puffer Jackets

These are a must to pack when traveling as they are extremely trendy and fashionable. They are also cozy and complete the whole travel look.

They are also really easy to pack because of the material they’re made of. The synthetic fibers used in their making play a role in the down insulation by creating a poof. Hence, they are easily condensed by exerting slight force.

You just have to zip the front of the jacket and pull the sleeves towards the center. Then roll it or fold it in half and place it in your carry on bag.

3. Play Around with Techniques

No matter what kind of jacket you’re packing, at the end of the day, you’re just looking for a way to save space and time. We suggest playing around with a bunch of packing techniques, try out some packing organizers and pick the one that suits you and your jacket the most.

These techniques involve rolling, folding, and other efficient ways of packing. Try different approaches with various kinds of jackets, and you’ll eventually figure out what’s best for each.