Best Luggage Tags for Travelers

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Last Updated: January 3, 2022

No matter where and how often you travel, you never want to bring your luggage anywhere without having a luggage tag. However, when you cheap out on any luggage tag, you may not be getting the best of what it has to offer.

There are many options though, so below is a list of some of the best luggage tags that are strong and serve their purpose.

It’s fun to have one that looks nice, and thankfully, they have come a long way and are now made of good quality materials with fun patterns and stylish designs. However, the design does not matter as much as how well it’s manufactured to hold up to stress, as well as how it can protect your personal information.

It’s essential to have your contact information somewhere on your tag, to make sure that if your luggage gets lost, whoever finds it will be able to notify you regarding where your luggage has ended up. Thankfully, this doesn’t happen a lot, but if it does, you want to be prepared.

Many people are wary of including their personal information on something that other people will see. Some travel luggage tags are now designed to conceal that information so that someone won’t be able to just walk by your luggage and see your name and phone number.

Best Luggage Tags for Travel – Top 14 Picks

It’s nice to know that they are not typically very expensive. Some cost more than others, but generally speaking, even the best quality ones are not overly pricey.

The choices can be a little bit overwhelming. So, we’ve gathered up some of the best luggage tags on the market right now, and tell you about some of their features to help make your choice much easier.

1. Travelambo Leather Luggage Tags

These highly rated suitcase tags offer a simple design that will match any luggage you might have, considering they come in virtually any color you can imagine. They also come at a very affordable price point, meaning you can get one for each set of luggage you have.

Having one of the best color selections, you can find one that suits your preferences and will be memorable enough to pick out of a luggage lineup.

They are made of a mixture of faux leather and real leather material, and have a discreet cover that will not put your personal information on display. There is ample space on the printed insert where you can write your essential information on both sides. The strap is also quite long, making it easy to attach to even the bulkiest of luggage.

The durability of it has also been extensively tested to make sure it stays in place, and it also meets international travel standards. The buckle on the strap is also really difficult to pull off without unfastening it, meaning it’ll stay put even when the airport is throwing around your luggage.


2. TUFFTAAG Business Card Holder Bag Tag

This metal tag is rust proof and sturdy to ensure it can withstand even the craziest turbulence. There is a spot where you can easily insert your business card, as well as write your contact info in the event your luggage is lost.

If you are someone who travels a lot, you might enjoy the strength of this one. The last thing you want to do is have to constantly replace your tags.

The steel design comes in a variety of colors with a slightly metallic finish, and is attached to your luggage through a stainless steel chain. The style is bold enough that you’ll be able to easily identify your bag no matter where you’re traveling.


3. American Tourister Disney Luggage Tag

It’ll be significantly easier to locate your suitcase at baggage claim when your love of Mickey Mouse is on display. These adorable luggage tags come in some of your favorite Disney characters. They are made with a thick and sturdy rubber material with a strap that’ll attach to your bag easily.

There is an area at the back where you can write your personal information on a small piece and insert it back into the tag easily. This very popular bag tag also has some high ratings for how well it works, making it a nice mix of trendy and functional.


4. COWDIY Set of 2 Luggage Tags

If you have a more subtle set of luggage, you might like adding one of these vibrant and colorful tags to your bags so you can pick it out easily. These are pretty decent size but they are not bulky at all. There is a flap of material that allows you to cover up the personal information you write on the card.

The material is a durable faux leather with a metal loop that locks onto your luggage tightly. It comes in a variety of patterns and colors that will suit your personal style, and add some fun and flair to your luggage.


5. Shacke Luggage Tags With Full Back Privacy Cover

This set of two affordable secure luggage tags are available in solid black or some fun, bright colors. The rubber material is flexible but strong, to make sure that even if your bag gets knocked around a little, it will not just snap off.

You also have the ability to completely cover up your information with a privacy flap that covers the entire length of one side.

The vibrant colors are ideal for making sure your personal luggage stands out for you to be able to find it easily at baggage claim. There is also basic black that can still stand out if your luggage is vibrant itself.

The steel loop is able to lock around your luggage to help add to its security. You can have the tags you choose match your current luggage set, or choose a contrasting color that you can see easily among many suitcases at baggage claim.


6. Talonport Original Indestructible Luggage Tags for Travel

This one comes at a little bit of a higher price point than some of the others, but that makes sense given the claim that it is indestructible. The metal luggage tag comes in a distinguishable, unique design that allows you to keep your information private outside of your name.

One unique feature is that it comes with a serial number that you can connect to your information, allowing you to look it up in the event that your luggage gets lost. When someone finds your luggage, you’ll be notified and the company will send the locator a reward for helping to get your luggage back.

The stainless steel that is used in construction is quite different from many other stainless steel tags on the market. It is built to withstand a lot, and isn’t supposed to be able to bend or snap even if your luggage is thrown around.

There are also different color cards for your personal information that you can change in and out. This will help you spot your luggage much easier, as the color contrasting with the shiny metal is something you can’t miss.


7. Untethered Silicone Luggage Tag Set

This pack of four tags is a bargain within a bargain, being a great price for four tags that will take care of any bags you take when traveling. It is designed to keep all of your personal information concealed, except for your name. It is also brightly colored to make sure you can spot your bag from far away.

It can be secured to your luggage through a thin metal chain that is durable despite its small size. The tag itself is also much more hardwearing than it looks. The cards that come with them are also able to be changed out, so you and your family can share them.


8. Shacke Fully Bendable Luggage Tag Initial

This personalized luggage tag is small and inconspicuous, and can be decorated with your first initial. The bright green background contrasting with the white initial is eye catching, meaning you’ll be able to distinguish it amongst other luggage. This brand is known for creating products that stand up well during travel.

The rubber material is strong but bendable, to make sure it won’t get caught on anything or break because of friction. There’s a card that fits nicely in where you write your contact details. There’s also a stainless steel chain that helps keep it attached to your bag easily.

While it may look dainty and tiny, looks can be deceiving in terms of how strong it really is. The tag can even hold up against turbulent weather in the case that you are pulling your luggage through the rain or snow.


9. Custom Engraved Aluminum Luggage Tags

These sleek luggage name tags allow you to engrave your personal contact information on it for a fashionable and practical addition to your luggage. These are made from aluminum, so they won’t get scratched up or broken. You get them in a pack of two, so you can use one for your carry on as well.

They also come with a leather strap to attach them to your luggage without worrying about the strap ripping easily. That being said, you can attach them with anything as the cutout is a decent size.


10. Fintie PU Leather Luggage Tags

This two pack comes at a great bargain and will catch your attention easily with the fun selection of options for patterns and colors. They are made with high quality synthetic leather that will hold up and stay tied to your luggage.

There is a flap of fabric that conceals your information card, so you can keep your details away from peering eyes without it being obvious that you are trying to conceal it. These also have great reviews as well for being quality tags that are sturdy and stay put.


11. Talonport Real Leather Luggage Tag

These are a little bit fancier and more expensive for a person who likes fine quality and craftsmanship. They are made with real leather, and have a nice red stripe to make them stand out a little more. They look very distinguished and sophisticated, making them easy to pick out when you want to grab your luggage and go.

There is also a flap of leather that helps protect and conceal your personal information card. The straps that connect it to your luggage are also made with leather. The leather material is soft, but will also stand up to friction and pulling that can often happen during travel.

While they are a little bit pricier, they are still quite a bargain considering their expensive material, and the fact that you get 2 or 4 in one package.


12. TUFFTAAG Luggage Tags

While these are not the cheapest and are made of a plastic material, this company tests their tags thoroughly before they hit the market to ensure that they stand up to tough travel.

You can easily fit a standard business card within, and you can also add a contact information card.

The hooks that secure your tag to your suitcase are made of a supreme quality stainless steel, so you can rest assured it will stay put.


13. Harry Potter Gryffindor Painted Crest Luggage ID Tags

For Harry Potter fans, you will love these unique luggage tags designed with Gryffindor crest. There is a lot of detail that went into the design of this. While it looks really cool, it also has great features.

The tag is made from durable vinyl material that is strong and sturdy. You can add your information in a card that comes with it as well. The adjustable leather buckle strap makes placing your tag on your luggage a breeze.


14. Travelon Luggage Tag

This simple and sleek luggage name tag comes in a nice aqua shade, as well as some other solid and striking colors. You get two within a pack. They are made of a durable plastic material and have a buckle that attaches to your luggage easily.

Your contact information is kept secure and hidden, as it opens and closes to conceal or reveal your information card. The tag is kept closed by the buckle. Only your name will show when it is closed up.


The Most Important Features of Luggage Tags

A luggage tag is small, but it’s made up of several important features that are all important. It’s a pretty well-known fact that airports are not very gentle with your luggage. Even if you have durable luggage, not having a heavy-duty and durable luggage tag could have it flying off your bag.


Therefore, one of the most important features is the material it’s made out of. You want to seek out information on the material used in construction. Look for strong plastics, strong metals, or fine quality leather or faux leather.

Apart from the material itself, you want to ensure that whatever mechanism is in place to attach the tag to your luggage is as strong as possible as well. You don’t want a fastener that will pull off of your luggage easily when it’s being thrown around at the airport. A mechanism that locks is one that you can rely on.


The way your luggage tag looks isn’t necessarily important, but considering one with a striking visual detail or unique pattern may be smart to help you find your luggage faster. It can stand out in the sea of bags and suitcases, saving you time waiting at the very slow and crowded baggage claim area.

The last thing you want to do when you get off a long flight is stand in the luggage area for hours trying to weed through all of these bags that look the same. When your security luggage tag stands out, even if it’s only to you, that can cut out some of the stress of being at the airport so you can get home or to your hotel faster.


You might also want to look for a product that either has a privacy flap or some other mechanism that covers up your information. You want it to still be present and easily accessible in the event that someone needs to contact you about your luggage.

It’s also recommended that you don’t put your address on your luggage tag. You should only include your name, your phone number, and your email address. While it may potentially seem paranoid, you don’t want to underestimate the creativity of a criminal.

If someone sees your address on it and knows you’re away from home for a while, they may pay your home a visit knowing that there probably isn’t anyone there to stop them.

However, being able to conceal it easily will help ease your mind that someone who shouldn’t be seeing your personal information will not. That being said, you want to be sure that your information is clearly written in the event that someone needs to contact you. A tag with a big enough card to fit your important details is key.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Luggage Tags a Good Idea?

Luggage tags are an excellent idea to ensure that you can keep track of your luggage when you’re traveling. They can help you find your luggage at baggage claim much easier than if you were to rifle through every bag on the conveyor belt trying to distinguish your bags from everyone else’s.

Having it on your suitcase will also help you avoid picking up the wrong bag. If your luggage is basic or from a commonly used brand, it may be hard to know which one is yours simply by looking at it.

Furthermore, in the rare but possible instance where your luggage gets lost, your contact information is attached to it, so it’ll make it much easier for someone to get it back to you.

Where is The Best Place To Put Your Luggage Tag?

Most people will put their luggage tag on the handle of their luggage, or will loop it through one of the zippers. Both of these places are okay, but there are a couple of things to consider.

Chances are, when the airport attendant is maneuvering your luggage in and out of the plane, they are probably going to grab it by the handle. While you will hopefully invest in one that won’t rip off easily, you may want to consider not placing it on the handle if you’re worried about it falling off.

Looping it around a zipper can be a good choice if the zippers are strong as well. You wouldn’t want your zipper to fall off of your luggage and take your tag with it as well.

Regardless of where you choose to put it, be sure you take extra care when securing it to your bag. Pull on it a little bit to make sure it cannot snap off easily. You also want to be sure that, no matter where you put it, you’ll be able to see it easily when searching for your luggage.

Another good tip to keep in mind is to have an extra luggage tag securely attached to a part of your bag inside. In the rare circumstances that you lose your luggage and the tag falls off, the person who finds your suitcase will be able to contact you using the information in it.

Should You Put a Luggage Tag On a Carry On?

It may seem like a waste to put a luggage tag on a carry-on, being that you will have it with you on your plane or in the overhead compartment of a plane. However, there’s no harm in being proactive in the rare event that your carry-on luggage gets misplaced.

There are also some circumstances where the plane might be too full for your carry-on luggage. Therefore, they will have to store it with all of the other suitcases you’ve already checked in. While this might not happen often, it’s best to be prepared for any possible scenario.

While you might get a carry-on bag on a plane that stays with you at all times, you don’t want to only consider bag tags when it comes to traveling by plane. You should also consider attaching it when you are taking a trip by bus or train.

Often, you won’t have a choice but to put your luggage somewhere other than your lap. You want to ensure finding your luggage after one of these trips is just as easy, if not easier, than when flying.

What is The Importance of Bottom Part of The Luggage Tag?

The importance of the bottom part of your luggage tag is to have a place to record your personal contact details. This is so you can be contacted in the case that your luggage gets lost, or someone accidentally takes it instead of your own.

It’s also a good deterrent for those who may try to steal your bag. They often won’t take bags that they can see have luggage id tags with someone’s contact information, as it’s too difficult for a person to sneak away with it.

How Do You Tie a Luggage Tag?

How you tie your luggage tag is going to depend on the specific one that you purchase. Almost all of them that are available to purchase will come with its own fastening device. This might include a strap of material, or a metal or stainless steel chain.

Some of these mechanisms will come with some type of buckle that allows you to fasten it to your luggage. Others will have an open strap that you can tie onto your suitcase. Others will come with a locking mechanism that you will have to maneuver in order to open it. This might mean you have to twist it or snap it into place.

If you want to be extra careful, you can consider using a second securing technique to make sure that it stays put no matter what. This could include a simple plastic zip tie that will keep the tag on if its strap happens to break.

Another option is to purchase a small lock that needs a numerical combination to open. This will be almost impossible to break unless someone tries to deliberately break it off with a tool, which they most likely won’t be able to get away with in an airport.

Taking the time to triple check that your suitcase tag is secure is a must before traveling. Test it out by pulling on it a little bit, even with a bit of muscle put into it, to make sure it’s not too flimsy.

If you think that the strap that came with it may not pass the test, you can always take it out and replace it with something else.

Many of the straps that come with them have a specific way you should tie them to make sure they stay secure. These straps will usually have two loops on either end of the strap.

You will want to stick one side of the strap through the strap slot, then pull it through the loop on the other end of the strap. You then want to pull the strap to make a knot, and secure it with another knot. Then tie your tag to your bag as securely as possible with a sturdy knot.


You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money on a luggage tag in order to get everything you need from it. Having a place to put your information on, and having durable, strong material with a feature that stands out is essential.

Looking for a luggage tag that has worked for other travelers can be a good place to start as well. The Travelambo Leather Luggage Tags are highly rated and have great reviews regarding their longevity and their usefulness.

Traveling can be extremely stressful, and planning ahead and staying organized is the best way to reduce as much of that stress as possible. You can also worry much less about your luggage getting lost in the abyss that can be the airport, when you have a luggage tag that’ll help get it located fast.