Best Work Bags with Lunch Compartment – Top 10 Lunch Box Backpacks

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Last Updated: October 19, 2021

Are you tired of running to the nearest convenience store at lunch breaks? Or are the daily orders from Uber eats too heavy on your wallet? Then it would be best if you shelled out some cash for a work backpack with lunch compartment.

It isn’t as Kindergarten-y as it sounds; today, there are multitudes of backpacks with proper cooling sections inside.

These lunch backpacks can hold adequate amounts of meals and drinks, enough to quench your thirst and keep you full for the day. Some even come with cooler compartments, which can keep your food warm or cold according to your preference.

Best Work Bag with Lunch Compartment – Top 10 Review

1. MIER Adult Lunch Box Insulated Bag

The first thing you will notice once the lunchbox is out of the packaging is its size. It is relatively large compared to other lunch bags and will easily accommodate meal sizes for sharing. It has two main sections; the top half and the bottom half, three additional side pockets; one zippered, and two open sleeves. The top compartment can hold an ample amount of dry items, and the section below stores cold items. Each section is five inches deep and nine inches wide, with enough space to store large amounts of food or containers. The additional pockets can hold in your utensils, napkins, seasoning packets, condiments, and even metal straws.

The second factor that will catch your attention about this lunch box is the nifty construction. The exterior is wrapped in a fabric resembling canvas, enclosed by the famous, reliable zippers. The zipper on the upper compartment unzips to a gaping U-shaped opening, while the bottom has a rectangular zipper that follows the three sides of the bag. It has a handle on the top, but a slip-resistant grip on the handles gives you a firm grip on the go. Moreover, the lunch box has detachable and adjustable shoulder straps, which instantly transform it into a carrying bag, a blessing if your hands are occupied.

Not to forget, MIER boasts about the bag doubling as a mini-cooler. The inner compartment is lined with thick insulation and soft PEVA, which maintains the temperature inside. You can store perishable foods on the bottom section, and they will stay at the temperature for hours without leaking.

  • Zippers work two ways
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty
  • Contemporary design makes it unisex
  • Handles are detachable
  • It has a bulky silhouette

If you are a fan of bringing huge portions of home-cooked meals to your workplace or love to pack cold popsicles for your kids to picnics, then this insulated lunch bag will fit your bill.


2. MATEIN Lunch Backpack

The backpack features an insulated cooler section at the bottom, lined with thick foam and anti-leak padding that keeps the stored food cool or warm for quite a few hours. The spacious lunch compartments let you fit in a feast for two or meals for the entire day, plus it can accommodate your drinks and utensils too. Not only does this compartment keep your food at the right temperature, but it is also effortless to clean; a damp cloth can merely wipe the reusable lining in case of accidental spilling.

The exterior is well taken care of too; made of water repellent and sturdy nylon to ensure your food and all the other stored contents stay safe if the skies decide to sprinkle. It also guarantees convenience on your commute, with a padded top handle and wide, adjustable straps that are breathable and equally distribute the load.

On top of the cooler section, the backpack offers a spacious, zippered main compartment, a 17 inch-padded laptop pocket, two small pockets, with the frontal pocket installed with organizational loops and sleeves to keep your knick-knacks neatly, a protective pocket at the rear side to store your valuables against theft and a stretchable pocket on the side to carry your bottle for quick access. The main compartment can accommodate everything, from your laptop and accessories to your books, change of clothes, vanity kit, and anything you may need on a short trip.

  • USB port
  • Laptop sleeve is TSA friendly
  • Lunch box compartment is easily accessible
  • The rear side has multi-panel ventilated pads for maximum support and comfort
  • Anti-theft zippers can be locked
  • It sags inside when the lunchbox compartment is empty

This colossal bag is the jack of all trades; with a lot of compartments and plenty of room, you can fit in meals for two and loads of essentials and extras too.


3. OUTXE Cooler Insulated 22L Lunch Backpack

If you are sick of carrying both a backpack and a lunchbox cooler, then this bag by OUTXE is the perfect solution. This spacious bag can fit everything from your picnic spread to your day trip essentials.

The main compartment has a roomy volume of twenty-two liters that can accommodate a sharable amount of twenty soda cans, helping you upgrade to everyone’s favorite at the school trip. To keep your chilled items cool for long hours, the interior is lined with thick PEVA and a material that has been hot pressed to prevent leakage in case of jolts or bumps. On top of that, the insulation is said to maintain temperature up to eighteen hours with the cool packs.

The dual-purpose backpack has a separate padded laptop sleeve with adequate space to store a laptop that measures 15 inches; this sleeve is further secured by a Velcro strap that tucks it into one place while you walk.

There are more sections and pockets for your kick-knacks. The front section has an organizational sleeve to keep your extra pens, notebooks, folders, or phone securely for your day at school or your everyday essentials if you plan to take it on a day trip. Also, it has two zippered pockets with mesh pouches on either side to store an extra water bottle, umbrella, or other things you may want at your hand’s reach.

  • Two complimentary freezer packs
  • The thick nylon exterior is resistant to water
  • PEVA interior makes it easy to clean any spillage
  • Shoulders are padded for utmost comfort
  • Zippers are not very smooth

If you are weary of lugging around a hand-held lunch box and a separate backpack, then your worry stops here; this product from OUTXE is an all-in-one solution.


4. TOURIT Insulated Cooler Backpack

This reasonably new brand came in with a bang with its stylish yet functional cooler bags. Similarly, this backpack by TOURIT is meticulously designed to fit the needs of many.

It’s temperature retaining quality is worth discussing first; known to maintain food hot or cold for up to sixteen long hours; this was made possible by the interlined high-density sheathing and anti-leak lining collectively working together.

This cooler compartment extends far down and has ample room to hold sandwiches and snacks or even meals for two. It can also house drinks for a small party; for reference, the compartment is spacious enough to store a minimum of twenty-eight cans of soda.

Once the food is sorted for the picnic, you may also store the other essentials. The five smaller pockets can accommodate dry items such as utensils, paper plates, beach blankets, or even more snacks. The two side pockets are big enough to hold in huge Contigo bottles or umbrellas for unpredictable weather. And if you do not have a table to lay your feast on, then fret not because the strap on the front pockets doubles as a picnic pad.

  • Constructed out of high-density foam water-repellant fabric and PEVA lining
  • The Urban-chic design suits the modern taste of teens
  • You can pop open your beer with the attached bottle opener
  • It cannot be compressed down for storage

From beach date for two to a family picnic at the park, you will always reach out for this insulated lunch backpack which will never let you down with its capability of keeping your feast cold for an extended period.


5. Coleman Soft Cooler Backpack

This soft cooler backpack lunch box is reputable for its affordable price and top-notch quality.

Staying true to their word, Coleman has yet again developed a backpack cooler with heat welded hems that ensure that the inside stays insulated and maintains the temperature. Moreover, these seams also prevent any leakage that may occur due to squished fruits, spilled soup, or melting ice.

The main compartment stores perishables that require maintained temperature. Additional pockets can carry dry snacks or your essentials that you may need on your day trip.

A very crucial feature that many companies tend to neglect is hygiene; over some time, these coolers can absorb unwanted moisture, which leads to foul odors and mold. Fortunately, Coleman takes great precautions for this problem; the germ-resistant lining in the coolers is flexible and treated with antimicrobials that deter the formation of mold, mustiness, and bad smell.

Despite its simple looks and light weight, it can hold up to twenty-eight cans of your favorite drink.

  • Straps can be altered to your fit
  • Stretchable side mesh pockets for quick access
  • The backside has padding for maximum comfort
  • Compact and lightweight
  • The exterior is not water-proof

Do not let the mundane design and khaki walls deceive you; Coleman offers top-notch quality and keeps your drinks chilled for an entire any at a very affordable price.


6. FORICH Insulated Cooler Lunch Backpack

The Forich Double Decker Backpack has two levels, which allow you to stash your food and drinks, which need certain temperatures at the bottom and dry goods at the top. The feature that differentiates it from the other similar products is that it opens from the top instead of other work bags that unzip from the side. This yawning opening has its own set of perks; loading-unloading and stacking cans, and your food gets extremely easy. Also, you can see all the stored contents from the top and quickly access them.

The exterior of this spacious backpack lunch box is constructed out of durable fabric, which preserves it from daily wear and tear. The interior is recently upgraded with dense foam insulation and heat-sealed lining, making it leak-proof and keeping your food fresh for long hours.

  • Reflective strip sown vertically in front
  • Interior is easy to clean
  • Ergonomic back for a convenient commute
  • Sizeable stretchable mesh pockets on either side
  • The quality of the zippers could be upgraded

It is a perfect two-in-one solution for carrying an everyday backpack and cooling lunchbox at once.


7. TOURIT Insulated Cooler Double Deck Lunch Backpack

With four essential, hassle-free compartments that allow ample space and durable construction, this bag will keep you hydrated and complete on your day out.

The cooler compartment on the bottom is lined with high-density insulating material, which keeps the edibles stored inside fresh and cool for almost sixteen hours. This insulation not only maintains temperature but also ensures that no liquid seeps out. Also, for added safety from moisture, the rear end of is constructed out of a ventilating material, which deters the condensation from getting on your clothes.

In case you want to store a change of clothes, an extra pair of sunglasses, or an umbrella, or maybe just extra snacks for your trip, then this bag has got you covered; you can store all of that in the additional pockets that come without needing to grab another carry bag.

  • Lining of the cooler is made up of BPA free material
  • Exterior is designed out of water-proof oxford fabric
  • Mesh pocket on the straps
  • Small bottle opener included adds to the convenience
  • Zippers are quite fragile

This cooler backpack can be your best companion on your one day ventures.


8. MIER 2 in 1 Leakproof Cooler Backpack Lunch Bag

You do not need to eat mushed-up fruits or crushed crackers anymore. This bag by MIER offers a sleek, minimalist design and ample space without looking too bulky. You can easily fit in up to 24 soda cans without the contents exploding when you unzip them.

The cooling compartment is leak-proof, with all due credits to the heat-welded hems that enable the bag to stay protected and not allow any moisture to seep through. Along with insulation, the walls are lined with effective PEVA. Both the features work coherently to maintain the temperature of the edibles stored inside and keep it fresh.

  • Front sleeve can accommodate 14 inches laptop
  • Bottom end is water-resistant
  • The sternum strap helps stabilize the load
  • Lint and dust gets stuck on the exterior fabric

With plenty of pockets for storage and even more space in the cooling apartment, this MIER product ticks all the boxes for a hassle-free functional traveling backpack lunch box.


9. OBOO Business Laptop Lunch Backpack for Work

This one by OBOO is easily one of the most compartmentalized lunch boxes out there. It has a thousand-and-one pockets and sleeves, but almost eleven. The top front pocket has a U-shaped zipper that opens to a couple of card sleeves and a pocket to hold your wallet; one flat slim pocket in front to keep your documents or passport for quick access snap-button pockets, and two ample storage compartments at the back. You cannot forget to separate the lunch bag for carrying it by hand or as a travel companion where a cooling compartment isn’t required.

  • Insulated with pearl cotton padding
  • Laptop sleeve can hold up to a 15-inch laptop
  • Trendy design suitable for all genders and age
  • Side pockets are zippered
  • The lunch box portion is not very big

If you love to organize your things and appreciate specific compartments for everything, then you will hit the jackpot with this one.


10. Insulated Backpack by KRYO

The last one on our list is the hippest of all, but not only does KRYO master the form, but it takes exceptional care of functionality too. This work bag with insulated lunch compartment is perfect for adults and blends in nicely with the crowds of regular backpacks. It has an cooling compartment which saves you from the mess of accidental spillage and keeps your meals fresh and cold for the day; the brand recommends using icepacks for optimum efficiency. The extra storage allows you ample space to accommodate your daily essentials and still be left with some space.

  • 2 side pockets which can be cinched
  • The compartment can be collapsed
  • Back panel padded with mesh
  • Zippers need to be worked on

This product best suits adults who want to carry lunchbox bags but of a kind that does not ruin their fit aesthetics.


What to Look For in a Backpack with Built in Lunch Box

Leak-proof/ Insulated

Inarguably the most crucial feature these backpacks should offer are insulated and leak-proof cooler sections. Ensure the cooler compartment is well-lined with dense insulators that prevent moisture seepage and maintain the temperature inside.

Versatile Compartments

After making sure the lunch compartment is functioning well, keep in mind all the different sections and pockets the bag offers according to your needs. An ideal backpack lets you store all your daily essentials in one place.


Depending on the usage, the size varies. If you are a single person using it for work, a medium-sized backpack would be the right fit, but if you want this bag to be a family affair, opt for the big ones mentioned above. Also, keep in mind for people with petite body shapes, a bulky backpack will be highly uncomfortable to carry.


You will mainly carry these to work or day trips; for that reason, they need to be highly comfortable to lug on. Opt for products with adjustable padded shoulder straps that sit comfortably. Chest, waist, and sternum straps are a great addition to distribute the load from your shoulders.


If you are buying a backpack to take on family trips, beach days or trekking, then make sure to buy one that can accommodate meals for the whole family. For references brands usually mention cans to compare the size; the numbers go from fifteen cans all the way up to thirty cans.

Final Word

You can relish perfect tasting meals wherever you are, from hot meals to cold beverages; these backpacks with insulated compartment allow you to eat your soups hot and drink your beer cold.