How to Prevent Backpack Straps From Falling off Shoulders

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Last Updated: April 26, 2022

Backpacks are a great way to be stylish and comfortable. They allow you to carry everything you need with you conveniently. Many people come across a problem revolving around both or just one of the straps slipping off the shoulders. This could be solved by clinching them more snugly, rolling the webbing ends, tying together the straps either in the back or front, etc. You can also always use Velcro pads for the shoulders or buckles to prevent the slipping from happening.

All of those methods have been tested, and they work. However, it is crucial to understand why the straps slip in the first place. Continue reading to learn more.

How to Stop Backpack Straps From Slipping?

This indeed makes the backpack uncomfortable and might even annoy you. As already mentioned, it is crucial to figure out the reason why the straps slip.

Here are some of the most widespread reasons why it might be happening, as well as some quick solutions:

New backpack

This might not happen with all brand new backpacks, but some need their webbing to be broken in by creating a memory. Place some objects in the bag, put both straps on your shoulders and after that, push the triangles down. You can notice on some older backpacks a small indentation, which means that the straps have memory. When those kinks form, they will help the straps stay in one place and not slip off.

Straps are too loose

If this is the problem, you need to pull the straps tighter. They should fit on your shoulders and the backpack, be lifted and rest on the top of your hips.

Straps are dangling

The problem might be coming from the excess straps that continuously pass through the buckle. To fix this, wrap the webbing and tuck it in the buckle to no longer dangling. You could also tie the strap into a knot. Finally, if all else fails, you could bring the two straps together using a chest or a sternum strap. Tighten it so that it stays around an inch under your collarbones. In case the backpack you have doesn’t have such a strap, you can purchase a separate one or tape and fix the problem.

Other items that might help you are fastening tape and Velcro.

There are multiple options for sizing and length. You can use those to fix any excess that is dangling or connecting the two straps.

Another solution is getting shoulder pads.

They make the backpack more comfortable, add grip and prevent slipping. Search for anti-slip ones to get the best possible results.

Bear in mind that the buckles on the bag might be too old or of low quality. As time passes, they tend to become less effective and cannot hold the straps in place. In case they have lost their grip, you should get new ones and replace them.

You should always consider the size. If the backpack is too big for you, then this might be the reason why the straps slip.

A great thing to remember is that the straps should be around 2 inches below the upper part of your shoulder blades, and there shouldn’t be too much space between them. Once you have the correct length and positioning, they will not fall off anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to tie the straps of the backpack so that they stop falling off the shoulders?

The easiest way is to use the excess of the strap and tie this part in a knot. You could also get some electrical tape and circle the dangling strap and the part looped to secure it in place.

How to tighten the straps to avoid slipping?

If your backpack’s sizing is appropriate and the buckles are in good condition, then you might need to tighten it a bit to solve the problem. Firstly, you should put the backpack on and pull the ends of the straps to get tighter. If yours has padded, then they should be resting on your shoulders and feel comfortable.

As you start walking, the bag should remain parallel to the back without sagging or staying too high. After that, you have to make sure that the weight is even. To check, you can put both straps side by side and make sure they are the same length. If they are uneven, they can slip but also cause you discomfort.

In case you have a lot of excesses, you should roll it and tuck it in the buckle. You can also just cut it and melt the ends with a lighter. Finally, you should tuck the rest of the straps in the buckle and add some additional bands or tape to ensure they will stay secure.