What Is A Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag?

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Last Updated: April 26, 2022

With technology and gadgets playing an invaluable role in our everyday lives, carrying laptops, phones, and other electronic devices even when on a pleasure trip has become common. In today’s world, where almost everyone carries a laptop bag while traveling, waiting in long, never-ending security lines at the airport can be frustrating and one may lose their patience. However, in such cases, checkpoint-friendly bags are the solution to your problem.

Nowadays, the use of checkpoint-friendly laptop bags is encouraged to keep things speedy at the airport security front.

These bags allow passengers to keep their laptops in their bags and go through the x-ray screening. However, there is usually a lot of uncertainty as to what TSA-friendly laptop bags exactly are and what things one must keep in mind while purchasing one.

So with regards to the question…What is a checkpoint friendly laptop bag?

We will be helping you out today.

TSA Friendly Laptop Bag – Meaning and Features

Checkpoint friendly laptop bags have become very popular. These bags are TSA approved and must have a laptop-only compartment and sleeve for the process to be easy and time-saving.

For easy travel and no hassle, one must select checkpoint-friendly laptop sleeves very carefully, keeping in mind the guidelines given by the TSA. For this purpose, the bag is bound to have the below-mentioned features:

  • The bag needs to have a separate section for a laptop and must possess the ability to lay completely flat when it is on the x-ray belt.
  • No internal or external pockets should be present in the laptop-only section.
  • The usage of metal straps, buckles, etc., on the inside, outside, top, or bottom of the laptop compartment must be avoided at all costs.
  • The bag must unfold completely for proper scanning and detection of no security threats.
  • Nothing else should be placed in the compartment made for the laptop.
  • Lastly, the bag must be properly packed to avoid any hindrance.

What To Avoid?

While purchasing a laptop bag for air travel, it’s always better to avoid having any:


The presence of pockets that is most likely to be utilized for packing chargers, hard disks, wires, or other objects that can create difficulties at checkpoints.

Metal parts

As mentioned above, any metal straps or buttons are bound to obscure x-ray imaging and must be avoided.

Thick dividers or padding (made of foam) should be avoided too!

Point of caution

It’s important to remember that while most sellers are likely to promise to have bags that satisfy the TSA requirements, it’s up to one’s personal judgments while making the purchase.

While many may claim false guarantees, an abundant amount of TSA approved bags compliant with the above-mentioned guidelines can be easily found in the market.

Top 4 TSA Approved Laptop Bags

There are many great checkpoint-friendly laptop backpacks on the market right now, but the following bags have generally been the most preferred.

1. Kenneth Cole Reaction Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Case

The abundant amount of space and military-grade ballistic nylon used in this bag allows it to lie flat while x-ray screening. It also has the capacity to fit in laptops with sizes up to 15.4 inches. All these features clubbed together have enabled this product to bag the very first position in our recommendation list.

2. Case Logic 17-inch Security-Friendly Laptop Case

This product is one of the well-reviewed products as of the year 2020. Apart from having a large compartment for one’s laptop ranging up to 17 inches in size, it also has a luggage strap. This makes it possible for it to be easily attached to one’s rolling suitcase, making travel easy and secure.

3. Targus Air Traveler

To make airport security checks a lot more speedy and efficient, Targus Air Traveler backpack is one of the many good options. It is often liked by customers for its sturdy built and luggage strap at the back of the case, which makes travel a lot more hassle-free.

4. Everki Atlas Checkpoint-Friendly Laptop Backpack

This bag has been made for some of the most professional travel trips. While it can easily fit a 13-inch ultrabook, it also has an equal capacity to fit a 17-inch gaming laptop. Hence, its diversified features allow it to be a worthy purchase

Ways To Use a TSA Compliant Laptop Bag at the Screener

Now that you’re familiar with TSA guidelines and their requirements, it’s time to know more about the bag’s usage at the screener.

The process is indeed simple.

You must place the bag flat and unfold it at the checkpoint so it can easily pass the x-ray scanning. In this manner, a clear image of the laptop shall be presented before the TSA officers, and you’ll be done in no time at all.

Ultimately, the final decision is at the discretion of the officers themselves, who may engage in random check protocols, such as re-screening the bag regardless of the approved design or not. They even have the right to make a passenger take out their laptop from the bag despite them carrying a checkpoint-friendly bag.

These situations may arise when clear images of the bag do not appear, or some part of the bag raises suspicion among the officers. Hence, there’s absolutely no guarantee about the process being speedy in all cases!

In addition to this, the officers, even though they have approved the usage of these bags, do not conform to the idea of endorsing any bag in particular made by the manufacturers.

Wrapping up

To conclude, it can be said that today, the whole idea behind the use of TSA compliant laptop bags is to make security check procedures more speedy, efficient, and hassle-free.

In addition, it also ensures the safety of a laptop during the entire process. However, carrying these bags is in no way mandatory. If one doesn’t wish to purchase one, they can always opt for laptop sleeves or covers that are easily detachable.

We hope to have successfully answered your queries about checkpoint friendly laptop bags.