Do Anti-Theft Bags Actually Work?

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Last Updated: April 26, 2022

As people today are spending a large part of their days traveling from one place to another, carrying expensive gadgets, such as laptops, phones, tablets, personal ID’s and documents, a constant fear of losing personal information and items continues to linger on. In such situations, to put your mind at ease, we encourage the use of anti-theft bags.

Anti-theft bags have become very popular and guarantee to provide a great sense of security to its users. However, a large amount of uncertainty in terms of how successful these bags have been and what these bags actually are has been observed among people.

Thus, we hope to answer all your questions in great detail.

What Is An Anti-Theft Bag?

Anti-theft bags are a newly introduced category of bags in the market with a number of inbuilt features and elements that make stealing it or its contents rather difficult. While these came in universally known styles and sizes upon their introduction to the market, they’ve now managed to evolve to a great extent and are readily available in a number of sizes, styles, and colors.

Anti-theft bags may range from small wallets, purses, duffel bags to large rolling luggage suitcases as well. Taking into consideration the specific demands of women, men, and children, manufacturers have now come up with bags fulfilling all kinds of requirements specific to one’s needs.

Why Do We Need One

Nowadays, most people tend to reside in bustling and crowded cities, constantly moving from one place to another. This often makes one prone to the risks of pickpocketing and loss of personal belongings.

In fact, tourists are amongst the most vulnerable in such cases. Being exposed to a new environment and people, they tend to become easy targets for successful robberies. However, under such circumstances, one can simply not avoid carrying expensive gadgets, personal data, documents, cash, and even credit cards. Thus, the best option here is to carry an anti theft bag.

Top 3 Anti-Theft Bags

1. Lewis N. Clark Anti Theft Commuter Bag

This bag is famously known for its locking main zipper compartment, anti-slash straps, and protected pockets for keeping cards.

2. Bagallini Anti-Theft Crossbody Bag

At a very affordable price, this bag comes with RFID pockets for keeping credit and debit cards along with passports safely.

3. Ambor Business Anti-Theft Backpack

This bag is one of the well-reviewed anti theft backpacks known for its s-shaped sturdy and comfortable shoulder straps, combination lock, and external port for USB and headphones.

How Do Anti Theft Bags Work?

Slash-proof straps

A large number of manufacturers add flexible steel wiring to the straps of bags. This does not make carrying them painful, but makes it difficult for robbers to cut the straps and steal the bag.


It’s not always easy to find bags made of very strong material. There’s a high possibility that most theft proof bags be made of polyester. However, it’s only the usage of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) that makes it entire safe from any cutting or slitting.

Lobster clasps

Most anti theft bags prevent the use of zippers and have replaced them with lobster clasps that shall take time to open. This creates a hindrance in the way of robbers and pickpockets, making the process of the bag opening a little complex. This is to create obstacles in their progress and drive them away.

Multiple hidden pockets

Anti-theft bag manufacturers tend to include secret or hidden pockets in the bag where one can easily and safely store their precious belongings.

For instance, instead of allowing cash or credit cards to be kept in the main zipper that may be easily accessible, one can make use of these secret pockets. This shall also prevent bag openings for a longer period of time while scrounging through the belongings and leave less room for the pickpockets to make their move.

RFID blockers

Some anti-theft bags constitute RFID blocking pockets to easily store their passports, credit, and debit cards that may contain RFID chips in them. This prevents any stealing that may otherwise occur through the leaking of personal data in RFID scanners.


Manufacturers have now begun to include chains that allow to chain the bag to the side or on the arm or leg, while sitting down in a public place or vehicle. This can make resting a lot easier and less worry-some for most, without having to worry about someone sneaking into your bag and stealing your belongings.



While anti-theft bags may be available at reasonable rates, they’re almost always more expensive in comparison to the regular bags, owing to the additional and advanced features they come with.


A large number of people consider them to be overrated and prefer regular bags instead. This could be true in your case as well. However, this doesn’t mean that they are a hoax. They undoubtedly abide by all the features and facilities mentioned above and guarantee a great amount of security to all its users.

Unwanted attention

Many view anti theft bags as an open invitation to unwanted attention towards one’s belongings as it is likely to imply that one’s carrying valuable items. However, statistically, anti-theft bags are only more likely to drive the pickpockets away.

They aim at targeting the easily accessible and vulnerable items rather than spending a large amount of time getting their hands onto the bags.

Wrapping up

So, is an anti-theft bag worth it? A simple answer is, yes, anti-theft bags do work and they actually help prevent theft. There have been several instances in the past wherein valuable belongings of people have been saved from robbery due to the usage of anti-theft bags. However, as they come with a variety of features, it’s up to you and your requirements as to what bag shall be the most suitable.