How to Pack a Suit in a Backpack – Step By Step

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Last Updated: April 26, 2022

Are you a fan of traveling light and backpacking across destinations? Or do you love avoiding the hassle of checking-in and finding your luggage and instead keep your bags with you?

Well, then you must have come across hurdles when you are required to travel with formalwear – mainly suits. Knowing how to pack a suit in a backpack is sure a big life hack.

It can often feel like you can’t keep the creases and wrinkles out no matter what. If you want to pack a blazer in a backpack, that just starts to feel impossible. How is that suit going to fit in without being wrinkled? How are you going to fit other pieces of clothing and everyday essentials?

Lucky for you, there is an answer for nearly everything – and the skill of learning to pack a suit in a backpack is easier than you might imagine.

But first, why exactly would you choose a backpack instead of a carry-on or a suitcase?

Traveling With a Backpack Vs a Suitcase

There are many obvious reasons why anyone would prefer traveling with a backpack instead of a suitcase or bulky carry-ons. Here are a few good ones.

  • Backpacks are lightweight, unlike suitcases
  • They take up less space
  • No hassle of checking in
  • Some flights require you to pay for check-ins- with a back-pack that is free
  • Less chance of your bag getting lost during travel
  • Backpacks are easier to carry than suitcases – no trying to get them over stairs
  • They are a lot more affordable than suitcases

The list can go on, but you get the drift- traveling with backpacks has a lot more perks than traveling with a suitcase. If your trip is for a shorter duration, maybe a week or so, then it makes even more sense to use a backpack. If it is for a formal occasion, then you’ll probably just need one formal suit with you that you can easily pack with your other essentials.

So, then, how exactly do you pack a suit in a backpack? Well, let’s get you started and take you through the ropes of light and efficient packing.

Packing a Suit In a Backpack Step By Step

Before you begin your packing, it is crucial to get the pre-packing rituals down first.

  • Decide on the number of days you are going to travel
  • Make a list of the items you will be needing
  • Decide on the items you absolutely cannot do without
  • Choose a good and roomy, but lightweight backpack
  • Pack away!

The material of your suit will also determine how much your suit wrinkles and creases. There are always ways to get around that, though.

The trick is to know how to fold and pack so that you will have minimal wrinkles to deal with.

You can later lightly steam or iron them, or simply hang them to get rid of the tiny creases.

Here we give you four ways of folding and packing your suit efficiently and wrinkle-free in your backpack.

Method 1

  • Take your suit jacket in front of you, with the insides facing you
  • Then pop the shoulder of your jacket on the left side
  • Then pop the shoulder of your jacket on the right side
  • Fold the jacket in half
  • Then fold it in towards the middle from the bottom
  • Then fold it from the top
  • Flatten it
  • Place it safely in your backpack

Method 2

  • Take the jacket and hold it lengthwise
  • Take the left shoulder and pop it outside
  • You will see a pocket from where you popped your jacket
  • Then take the right shoulder and put it inside the pocket formed when you popped the left shoulder
  • Make sure that your collar is neatly folded too and not crumpled
  • Fold the jacket in half so that its flat
  • Pack it away

Remember when you are inserting the right shoulder in the left shoulder you popped inside out, you do not have to pop the right shoulder out- only the left one.

Method 3

  • Take your jacket and fasten the top button of it
  • Then lay it on a flat surface so that the back of the jacket is facing up
  • Smooth it over properly so that no creases or wrinkles remain
  • Then take the left side with the sleeves and fold it towards the middle
  • Make sure the left sleeve is lying flat
  • Next, take the right side with the sleeves and fold it towards the middle
  • Make sure the right sleeve is flat and not creased
  • Then fold the jacket in half from the bottom
  • The bottom of your jacket should be lying on the top of your jacket in a complete half
  • Turn it around and make sure the sleeves are tucked inside and not peeking out
  • Place it flat in your backpack

Method 4

  • Here you do the same folding as we did in method 2
  • Hold the jacket lengthwise
  • Take the left shoulder and pop it inside out
  • Insert the right shoulder into the left shoulder pocket that was formed when you turned the left shoulder inside out
  • Check if the collar is lying flat and not crinkled
  • Now instead of folding it in half as earlier, simply roll it
  • Take the bottom of the jacket and begin rolling it towards the top
  • Keep rolling till the whole jacket is in a roll
  • If you want, you can even put your dress shirt inside and roll it with it inside
  • Make sure you are not rolling it too compressed or too loosely
  • Keep the fold evenly pressured so that it is not too tight or loose
  • Rolls your pants in the similar fashion
  • Place it into your backpack

And you’re done! It wasn’t that difficult, was it? You can choose the method that suits you best and pack them in your favorite backpack.

One important thing to remember is to take out your suit as soon as you reach your hotel or room and hang it out. If there are minor creases or wrinkles, simply iron them or steam them out.

How To Place Your Shoes In The Backpack

Place them at the bottom or the sides, you can even put your socks and underwear inside to conserve space. Wrap them in plastic before you place them in the bag as they may be dirty and you don’t want your clothes or your expensive suits getting dirty.

Make sure to place the suit at the top or near the top. Placing them in a position that would put too much force or compression on them can cause the wrinkles to harden and will undo all your hard work. Pack lightly, and never force too much into your bag.

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There are always ways around packing your essentials in a compact space but compressing the items is definitely not the way to go. Treat it as a challenge and see how many tricky and creative ways you can find to find your stuff in the little places without compressing them too tightly.

Alternatives To Carying a Suit In a Backpack

If you don’t want to risk your suit getting wrinkled at all and don’t want to stuff it in your backpack, then there are other ways to take it with you.

Downsides of Using a Backpack

Frankly, there aren’t many downsides. Aside from lack of space and having to cut down on your heavy packing load, which can actually be a good thing. A lot of times, we overthink and over plan – packing way too heavily than necessary and barely end up using half the things.

Packing light is always more efficient and a smarter way to travel. It also cuts down your chances of losing your things as the backpack will mostly be with you. You will have all your essentials within easy reach.

The packing, if too compressed and tight, can cause creases and wrinkles. That can be a downside when one wants to travel with no wrinkled clothes.

Wrapping Up

Wearing suits gives you an air of sophistication and authority. It forces people to look at you with higher regard and is overall best for many formal occasions. Packing one, though, now that can be tricky and frustrating. That is why it is important to know the little tricks and ways of folding your suits wrinkle-free.

Despite however, you may fold them, always take them out and hang them out immediately upon arrival. This minimizes any wrinkles that could have been formed if the suit was sitting in the backpack for too long.