Best Smart Luggage Locators Guide (GPS & Bluetooth)

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Last Updated: January 3, 2022

Luggage trackers allow you to know where your luggage is at all times from the comfort of your cell phone. There are some really great luggage tracking devices on the market right now to help you avoid the hassle of lost luggage disappearing forever.

The following list will go over some of the best luggage trackers to consider before embarking on your next vacation.

Top Lost Luggage Trackers and Smart Luggage Tags

1. Tile Mate (2022) Bluetooth Tracker and Item Locator

The Tile Mate can do so much, including but not limited to a luggage finder. It can help you keep inventory of important items that you cannot afford to lose. The Tile itself is sleek in design, and comes at an affordable price point.

It features a hole to loop a luggage tag, a cell phone strap, a keychain, or anything else to the tile to ensure it stays put. It can stay connected through a Bluetooth if the item is close by. Once it gets out of Bluetooth range, there’s a smartphone app that’ll still let you know where your Tile is.

You can connect your contact information to it so that, in the event something does get lost, the Tile Network will contact you and let you know where it is. You can also set it up so that, if it’s connected to your phone, it’ll make your phone ring so you can find it.

The Tile is built to last. The battery is charged to last three years, and it is built to also withstand water. If you choose a Premium Plan for your Tile, you can get reimbursed in the rare event that your belongings cannot be recovered.


2. Tile Pro (2020) High Performance Bluetooth Tracker

This two pack of Tiles comes at an affordable price, as well some of the specs that Tile has become famous for. These include having a sleek design accompanied with a hole in the corner to easily attach to your items. It works with the common operating systems for your cell phones, and also has a bluetooth tracker that spans up to 400 feet.

You can connect them to an app on your phone so that, in the event that your item is located outside of Bluetooth range, you will still be able to find its location. You will also be able to hear where your phone is, even if it’s switched to silent mode, using the tile. There is also the Tile Network that you can contact for assistance.

There is a Premium Plan available, which includes, among other things, free battery replacements for when the batteries run out. They can operate off of a one-year battery. You also get perks including Item Reimbursement if it cannot find your item, and Smart Alerts to help you when you’re searching for something attached to a Tile.



When you connect this heavy duty tracker to your items, including your luggage, or even your car, you get some of the best tracking information you could hope for. There is a feature that allows you to keep a record of the activity your item undergoes, so you know what kind of journey it has been on.

The battery power is also phenomenal, lasting for almost an entire year. You can configure it to your phone, laptop, or tablet, as well as any other type of computer. It’s adaptable and easy to monitor on the go.

This gps luggage tracker is able to give you different types of alerts no matter what you have it attached to. For example, it can advise you of whether or not a device has been powered on or off, or it can tell you where your luggage is traveling to and from. And of course, it’ll also notify you when the battery is running low.


4. Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker

This tag tracker looks sleek and expensive, but it’s much more affordable than it looks. It’s small and easy to attach to anything you can think of, including luggage. It can also be used to keep track of your keys, your wallet, and even your furry friend.

This suitcase gps tracker only connects to a Samsung Galaxy phone, so if you have one of those, this is the perfect one to consider. You can download an app to your phone and be able to keep track of your item, whether by Bluetooth or even offline using the app.

In the smartphone app, there’s a button you can tap in order to have a sound emit from your locator chip, so that even the smallest items it’s attached to can be located easily through following the sound. It will also keep a log of where the attached item has been, so you’re able to see the journey of the item.


5. PrimeTracking Personal GPS Tracker

If you tend to travel often, this tracker could be a great investment. It’s an affordable one too, but it does require a subscription to use. Regardless, it is built with SIM technology that allows it to track your item, even if it’s far away. It’s small and discreet enough that it can be attached to many other items, including a car or even a pet.

You can keep track of anything and everything it is attached to by using your cell phone, as this is compatible with multiple operating systems. It will keep an updated log of where your attached item travels to, which can also be accessed from a computer if needed.

There is an SOS button attached to the device in case it needs to be activated for emergencies. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the device must be turned off when your luggage is on an airplane about take off. You can easily turn it back on after to ensure that, if your luggage is lost, you can find it.


6. Tracki (2022) Small Portable Real-Time Tracking Device

The Tracki is a very discreet, powerful tracker that you can attach to your luggage and so much more. It comes at a very good price, but you want to ensure you keep up with the monthly fee in order to keep it working at optimal capacity. There is an international SIM card to monitor your items from any distance, anywhere in the world.

It comes with a variety of different attachments to make sure it stays wherever you need it to stay. For example, if you were to use one on your pet, it comes with a water resistant collar attachment to make sure it stays protected. The battery is also rechargeable, which is a unique feature many other gps luggage trackers don’t have.

The gps luggage tag is able to be used through connecting to satellites, but it can also be connected to WiFi to be extra sure you can locate it. You can also watch where your item is moving in real time, and watch it through Google Street Views if you want. The tracking software can be used on any smartphone or internet browser.


7. LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker

Track your luggage and other items all around the world with this inconspicuous tracker. This locator tag is waterproof, so no matter where your item gets lost, it can still be found with this durable little chip. It is affordable, but does require a small subscription fee to keep it active.

This gps tracker will follow your bag wherever it goes, and you can watch where your item is moving around on a map. You can set it up to send you a text or email when it discovers something important, as well as get reports about the location where your item has been spotted.

The software that you use to monitor all of this information can work with a computer or your smartphone. You can set it up to have visible lights that will flash when you’re trying to locate your item, but they can also be switched off so nobody else knows there’s a tracker on it. It is really customizable to your lifestyle and your preferences.


8. Spytec GPS GL300 Tracker

This tracking device comes with a lifetime warranty to make sure your luggage can always be protected and found, no matter how much you travel. It is small enough that you can use it for other purposes. It is equipped with some of the latest technology that works with an app on your phone, so you can access yur records with ease.

You can keep track of where your item has been and where it is going, as well as set up customizable alerts and boundaries based on your personal preferences. There is a subscription required to keep it working efficiently, but there are different tiers based on what you want and what you can afford.

The locator also keeps itself updated quickly, meaning you’ll get any important notifications as soon as you need them. It will also keep inventory of the tracker’s activity, so that you can pull it up for reference later if needed. There is a decent battery life, so you don’t need to recharge it very often.


9. Cube Key Finder Smart Tracker for Luggage

The Cube smart tracker is a small but powerful one that will travel with your luggage wherever it goes. It is also small enough to be used for other purposes if necessary. It has some unique features not seen in many other bag trackers, including a button that can work with your smartphone to help you take photos.

This locator connects with Bluetooth to let you know where your item is if it’s in close proximity. If it’s far, you can use the smartphone app to see where your item has been moving in real time on a map if you choose. Furthermore, you can have it make noise or flash lights so it can catch your eye more easily.

The battery can also be replaced when it runs out, so you won’t have to purchase a new device; just a battery. There is also a Cube Community that can assist you with finding your item in the event that it’s lost.


10. Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker

This one looks similar to a USB stick, so if you’re trying to make sure no one can recognize what it is, you are covered. It can be concealed in luggage easily, but it can also be used for other needs. You can track your luggage or other items within far distances due to its built-in SIM technology.

If this tracker finds anything suspicious happening regarding your attached bag, it will let you know. That way, you can keep a closer eye on it and get assistance with recovering it if need be. The battery also lasts a very long time, and can be recharged so you don’t have to replace it when it dies.

There is a service to subscribe to, but it’s very affordable. You can potentially get it for free for a limited time, depending on when and where you purchase from.


11. Dynotag Smart Aluminum Convertible Luggage ID Tag

This one looks like a simple decorative tag, but it does so much more than just looking nice. It is small and affordable, and can attach to your luggage or other items very easily without being noticeable. You can have your contact information printed right on the tag, so someone can notify you if they happen to find your luggage.

The patented technology within this tag does not require any sort of battery; all it needs is an internet connection to do its thing. You can access a comprehensive log of where your item has been, and you will also be notified if someone locates your item and scans the code on the tag.

The tag itself is also made with strong and durable material that can stand up to the elements and cannot be damaged easily.


12. Dynotag Smart Steel Luggage ID Tag

This smart luggage tag also has a very discreet look and is quite small, meaning it can attach to your luggage or even other small items very easily. The tag is very simple to set up and does not run on batteries, and just needs an internet connection to be activated.

You don’t need to have an app downloaded on your smartphone in order to access any of the information this tag records. You can find the information you need on your phone, by using the specified website.

The material used to construct this trackable luggage tag is very strong and can hold up against rough terrain and weather. You can also be notified whenever someone stumbles across the tag and uses it to try and get in touch with you.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Luggage Trackers Actually Work?

A luggage tracker is more effective than basic luggage tags. This is because they rely on technology, and typically more than one type of technology. This is ideal as if one form of technology goes down, another one can be used to access your information.

Your luggage locator can use internet, Bluetooth, satellite technology (GPS), 4G and 5G networks, and LTE, for example. Your smart suitcase tracker can store important information such as your contact details, but it can also keep extensive records of whatever it is set up to track.

You can easily monitor your the activity through your smartphone, which most people have. If for any reason you need to, you can also monitor your tracking device using an internet browser on a tablet or a computer.

Can You Put a GPS Tracker in Your Luggage?

You can put a GPS tracker in your luggage if you would like to. However, the technology might not be as advanced as you would like it to be, especially if you travel often. Almost all smart trackers have GPS technology enabled, and it is also updated in real time so you can watch where your item is moving.

Can Tile Find Lost Luggage?

There is a feature for Tile trackers that can help you find lost luggage. However, the service can only really be effective if there happens to be other people that also use Tile technology in the area where your lost luggage is.

That being said, you can use your Tile to help locate your lost luggage if you are not too far from it. If you enable the Bluetooth technology and the Tile attached to your luggage is within range, you should be able to locate it yourself.

Part of the allure of signing up for Tile’s premium services is that you get access to more unique features that can make locating your lost luggage much easier, such as alerts.

What is the Most Accurate Tracking Device?

GPS devices would be the most accurate tracking device you can find. This is because a GPS technology is able to pinpoint an exact location of an item that has a tracking device with GPS.

How Do I Track My Lost Luggage at the Airport?

If your luggage is still at the airport that you have flown from or into, you can try locating it through accessing the Bluetooth function of your smart tracker. Most will come with this capability. Depending on the smart luggage tag you choose, you may also be able to get additional help from the company’s network.

Each type of tracker has a certain distance that your Bluetooth technology will be able to navigate through. Once you turn it on on your phone, for example, if the luggage with the smart tracker is within the distance it can cover, you will either get an alert or be able to set off an alarm to bring your attention to where your luggage is.


The amount of smart luggage trackers available on the market allow for an option to suit your needs and your budget, but it can also make it hard to make a choice. The Tile is an overall top choice for many, being that it’s both affordable and functional. It’s a small device that packs a powerful punch in terms of how it can keep track of your luggage.