Best Backpack For Techies – Reviews and Buying Guide

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Last Updated: October 19, 2021

If you work in IT or technology or are just into your gadgets, you probably want to find the very best backpack for techies.

A good techie backpack will allow you not only to store all the devices you like to carry around while commuting from home to work and back or travel, but will most likely allow charging on-the-go. That would be the dream for anyone. A fast-draining battery probably features on many ‘top-5 nightmares’ lists, and most of us would rather be on our way to where we have to be, than sitting around waiting for devices to charge.

Now, of course, your choice of the backpack for tech gear will factor in more than just the option to charge your cell phone. We’ve sorted out a small list of backpacks for techies taking into account size, style, price, and space – check it out.

Top 5 Backpacks for Techies Reviewed

1. SwissDigital Circuit Men’s Laptop Backpack

Do you usually walk around with a backpack overflowing with all your must-have gadgets? Do you normally have to carry myriad devices, wires, drives, and other small bits and bobs that you require for work?

Check out the SwissDigital Circuit Men’s Laptop Backpack. This 13×7.8×18 backpack features 20 pockets to sort all your things into in a most organized fashion.

Three larger interior compartments plus several more to hold everything from your laptop and tablets to papers, stationery, wires, and personal items help you divide your stuff better. A deep exterior side pocket grants you easy access to your most-frequently-used things throughout the day.

The backpack works well for travel, too, with its TSA-approved design, which makes checking through security scans easier.

  • Durable, made with high quality polyester and dense nylon lining
  • Integrated USB port
  • RFID protection pocket
  • Can hold up to 15.6 inch laptop
  • Bulks up
  • Too many pockets


2. BOPAI Business Backpack

Sleek, with a very luxe appearance, the Bopai Business Backpack can take you from your home to a conference and on to an overnight trip easily!

The backpack is very durable. Microfiber leather and ballistic nylon make up the exterior. The laptop compartment, which can hold an up-to 15.6 inch laptop, is lined in soft flannel. The exterior materials make it water-resistant, ensuring that your gadgets are always protected.

There are few pockets in this backpack, but if all you need is your laptop or tablet – and somewhere to plug it in to charge – then you’re all set. The smart bag also features a zippered pocket for smaller items like credit cards or cash.

The back panel is cushioned and designed to fit your body as comfortably as possible.

  • External USB port plus cable
  • TSA-friendly design
  • Lined laptop sleeve
  • Ergonomic, breathable back panel design
  • Water-resistant
  • Stylish and smart
  • Weak zippers


3. Lenovo Legion Recon Gaming Backpack

Standing tall at 10. 5” x 1. 2” x 14. 3″, the Lenovo Legion Recon Backpack is the one for gamers. Carry all your gaming gear in this water-resistant backpack for protection from the rain or any incidents involving moisture.

The back side on this backpack is designed to provide airflow and allow your back and gadgets to breathe. The Lenovo Legion Recon hosts 16 pockets, so not only are you able to carry the things closest to your heart: your devices and gaming accessories, you can also fit in and organize notebooks and stationery or anything else you need to carry with you.

The backpack is versatile: it can be used for school or college and is smart enough to take to work.

  • Perfect for gamers
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Slim, contoured design
  • Easy-access compartments
  • Breathable back
  • Sturdy base
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • It may be too tall for smaller builds


4. eBags Pro Slim Laptop Backpack

If you’re looking for a tech backpack at a reasonable price, with features that you as a tech-savvy person would care about, the eBags Pro Slim Laptop Backpack may be the way to go.

Measuring at 18” x 12.75” x 8.5”, this backpack’s padded sleeve can hold an up to 17 inch laptop, while a fleece-lined tablet sleeve holds your smaller device.

An adjustable compartment for the AC adapter is built into the design of this backpack. And if you tend to travel with your devices frequently, this backpack accommodates you with a pass-through sleeve, which allows you to switch it to rolling luggage. Top-carry handles make carrying the bag a breeze if needed.

The largest main compartment of the backpack is easy to access with a vertical exterior zipper. Pockets inside the bag are diagonal, making the organization of other items neater than ever.

  • Lined and padded to keep devices safe
  • Organized diagonal pockets
  • AC adapter compartment
  • Removable, adjustable, breathable back plate
  • Shoulder straps wear down faster
  • Not ideal for overnight travel


5. Incase ICON Laptop Backpack

Here is a backpack made with super durable materials that last you a long time and can withstand any wear and tear. Strong, durable 840D nylon ensures that you will be carrying your devices safe and sound in this backpack for a long time.

The laptop compartment is lined in fur to protect your device from external injury and any minor scratches and dents that may be caused by moving it around within the bag.

The backpack is comfortable to carry, thanks to the airflow channels that are part of the compression-molded rear panel and adjustable, cushioned shoulder straps. Apart from the device compartments, the backpack also features several other pockets that can be used to hold your everyday items easily.

The tech-friendly side pockets are kept easy-to-reach, with a dedicated iPad side pocket, and a power pocket designed toward the hip-side allows access to portable power or audio.

  • Features three large enough compartments for your MacBook, iPad, and iPhone
  • Integrated sternum strap distributes weight evenly
  • Water-resistant
  • Side pocket with ntegrated cable port
  • Durable
  • Parts of the bag may fray easily
  • Zippers may rub against device

What should you look for in a backpack for tech geeks?

Whether you’re a gamer, work in IT, or offer tech support at work, you know that you need a bunch of hardware on you all the time. What that hardware consists of varies greatly from person to person, and that’s where your judgment comes in.

See which bag can fit in the big and small basics and accessories, that you feel you must have on you all the time. Factor in your commute time and usage. Would a charging port be useful for you as you move between locations? Is it important to have a bag with a TSA-friendly design since you travel frequently? Make a checklist, tick off everything you need on each backpack that you examine, and then make a smart, informed choice.


First things first: whenever you’re picking your daily partner in carrying things, you need to ensure it will be in it for the long haul. Which in backpack world translates to: must be durable. Durability in hardware such as a backpack means a few basic things: the material the backpack is made of, the quality of construction and stitching, and the weight and volume it can bear.

As someone with many gadgets to carry with you on your daily commute, be it on foot, in a car, on the sub, or your bike, you probably understand that the backpack holding your things needs to be strong.

Look for a backpack made with material that is not only water and weather resistant but will also withstand daily wear and tear well. You’re probably not always going to be precious with your backpack, and there will be times it is tossed down casually or nicked or scratched during the course of your day’s travels. A bag that will not give in to these daily challenges while doing your heavy lifting for you is the way to go.


Suppose you’re buying a backpack with the specific intention to carry all your main gadgets and devices. In that case, chances are you are also going to be throwing in some additional items, so you don’t have to carry around multiple pieces of luggage.

If your work demands it, or if you are someone who will want to carry more than just the one device with you every day, look for a backpack that will allow you specific compartments for various devices.

Apart from devices, you might often need a notebook or two, some stationery, water and snacks, and occasionally, a change of clothing. Find yourself a backpack that will accommodate all these items easily, thus streamlining your necessities of life into one place.


You will be using your backpack daily. Make sure the bag itself is lightweight enough so that when you fill it up with your belongings, it does not get too heavy. You will also want to look for an ergonomic design: adjustable and padded shoulder straps, a backside that allows breathability, chest straps, and crossbody options are also desirable.


Look for a backpack that keeps all your things safe in every way. This includes linings and paddings that will keep devices scratch-free. And some anti theft features, like zippered pockets that can be locked, would be a bonus.


While it may seem redundant to talk about the shape of a backpack right after discussing the storage space, we must point out that the shape of your backpack may well determine how much storage capacity it has and the exact items it can hold. A backpack designed to hold the most common kind of devices is your best bet in most cases. If you find a shape that caters to your exact needs, double-check dimensions to ensure that this will suit you perfectly.


Price is a most important factor to consider. A backpack could be tailor-made for you, but the price may be too out-of-reach. Or, the price could fall perfectly into your budget, but the backpack itself may not meet your requirements. The one thing any price is a great indicator of, though, is quality.

If you’ve thoroughly researched all the specs of the bag, read all the reviews, and done all the background checks you needed to, you can decide if the price is worth it. This also works in reverse, by the way, just because a backpack is priced toward the lower end doesn’t mean it might not be of acceptable-to-high-quality. So really read up before you invest in one.

Final Thoughts

If you liked what you’ve seen in our reviews above, then you may be all set to buy yourself a new techie backpack. If you’re still confused, we have taken the liberty to recommend our top pick, the SwissDigital Circuit Men’s Laptop Backpack. Standing at 13”x7.8”x1 8”, this backpack has enough pockets to hold all your small things outside the main compartment to make sure your larger objects are organized too. TSA-approved design makes this backpack great for travel as well. It is made with top quality polyester and nylon and comes with an integrated USB charging port.