How to Pack a Suit in a Carry on Bag

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Last Updated: April 26, 2022

It’s inevitable that at some point, you must’ve found yourself in a situation where you had to pack up a suit and carry it from one place to another. As opposed to other clothes, packing a suit is rather challenging. You can’t just stuff it into a bag as you do with other items. You have to look after all the elements to keep it safe and pack it accordingly.

Knowing how to pack a suit correctly is considered extremely important as businessmen tend to travel a lot. In these circumstances, it becomes crucial to carry formal attire when traveling for business and work-related meetings. But not many people know how to efficiently pack a suit as it’s not an easy job to do.

But every job can be mastered in no time. Especially with the following tips and techniques on how to pack a suit in a carry-on correctly.

Main Problem

Let’s talk about the main problem that arises while trying to pack a suit. The issue at hand is the inability of a suit to be folded or stuffed properly. It’s hard to fit a suit inside backpacks and suitcases without getting wrinkled, if not packed in the correct manner.

There’s also a risk of damaging it by folding it in incorrect ways and getting rid of its crispiness. This hampers the quality and results in permanent damage to the fabric.

Packing a Suit in a Carry-on Luggage

packing a suit in a carry on bag

The first step in finding the solution is figuring out the type of bag most suited for the job. After careful evaluation, we figured out that a carry-on suitcase is great for packing a suit in the most efficient way possible.

Many people believe it’s impossible to pack a suit in a carry on bag and hence, don’t even give it a try. Little do they know a carry-on is the best option to ensure a wrinkle-less suit when traveling.

1. Folding Method

The folding has to comply with a particular set of rules and has to follow some basic techniques.

The basic steps are to turn the jacket inside out and then to fold the pants onto it. This is done by folding the jacket down and then folding the dress pants around the coat. This helps in maintaining the integrity of the suit, and it easily fits into the carry-on. Watch the video below for demonstration.

2. Packing Dress Shirts and Ties

Dress shirts are easier to fold as they usually are folded in the most basic way. You just have to fold them vertically in half by tucking the sleeves inside and rolling them up from the bottom up. Ties have to be rolled in order to prevent wrinkling.

After folding them up, place the shirts and ties on top of the suit folded earlier. You could even use a packing cube for this, which would save up a whole lot of space in your carry-on and would also result in a smooth and safe suit without wrinkles.