How To Fix Stuck Luggage Handle – Best Solutions

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Last Updated: April 26, 2022

It’s a common issue that people often face. For example, if you try to push the handle down into the case, it gets stuck and does not come up. In this article, you will learn how to fix a stuck luggage handle in effortless ways.

Before proceeding further, check if your suitcase has a warranty. If so, the company which made this suitcase may reimburse you by repairing your handle only if the warranty covers incidents like this. This is one of the quick and simple solutions you could use to fix this problem.

It may not be very pleasant, but there are several solutions you could try to repair the luggage handle. People often think that their suitcase is broken and needs repair, and then they dump it somewhere forever.

The mechanism of luggage is pretty basic. They might not be durable, which is why they get stuck or break (in worst cases).

If you are lucky enough, the parts in your suitcase could be found and replaced. Even if replacing is impossible, you can try and look for used parts to fix the issue. However, it’s pretty affordable to get new quality lugagge these days. Check out some of these suitcases.

To identify the core issue, you need to follow a specific procedure. For example, if the handle is wide open the handle is in open position, or if the handle doesn’t come out, then it’s known as closed position.

The first step to identifying the issue is to inspect the handle closely, try troubleshooting with the help of these questions below:

  • Is it possible to press the tab in the handle? If so, does it release the mechanism?
  • Is the tab springing back to its original position?
  • Is the handle stuck in the holder?

Expose the handle sliders by opening the case, and check if the sliders are damaged or bent. Also, check if the pins help in determining the height and lock whether they are still springy or not.

After troubleshooting, you will now be able to go further since, by now, you are probably aware of the issue.

Fixing a handle in the closed position

You are probably trying to fix the handle by doing random things, but to no avail, the situation stays the same.

This problem can be fixed in a pretty easy way. You need a screwdriver with a flat head, and you need to slide it between the push tab and the back of the frame. Doing this will make the handle loose and fix the underlying issue.

Fixing a handle in the open position

When a suitcase handle is stuck in the open position, there could be several reasons why. However, most of the time, it comes down to two problems:

  1. Pins in the handle are stuck in their position holes.
  2. The pins are unable to touch the trigger mechanism.

Are the above two problems the issues you are facing? Here is what you can do:

Pins in the handle are stuck

It’s an easy fix. However, it requires a bit of time. Make sure you can at-least spare 25-30 minutes or more.

The telescopic runners inside your suitcase need to be exposed. There should be a zip at the base (most of the time) inside the suitcase to achieve this. If you unzip the base, you will see the internal frame and the runners.

The trigger on the handle needs to be pushed. After pushing if the pins are working correctly, they should move in and out.

If the pins get stuck in the little holes that hold the handle’s position, then that’s the underlying problem.

The simplest solution to this is to use sellotape. Wind the tape around the holes to prevent the pins from fixing into the holes. Doing this will retain the pins in the telescopic hole.

Executing the above method will prevent the pins from getting stuck, and the handle should be free to move inside and out. If the other side is functioning well, the telescopic pole’s height will be trapped by this side.

Both the sides can be trapped too, but the suitcase can still function well if only one side is active.

There is another method that could be used. You need to make the holes in the telescopic poles bigger, and at the same time, make sure they can move in and out without any hassle.

To achieve this, you need to use either a drill or a file. Although it doesn’t matter, the holes need to be a bit bigger. By doing this, you are making the pins flexible enough to move in and out.

Telescopic poles are not in contact with the trigger mechanism

In rare cases, the trigger mechanism inside the handle might move, causing it not to touch the telescopic pole.

If this happens, the handle will not operate properly, and this also clarifies that only one side may have the problem, sometimes both.

The fix?

Open the handle and a few screws (if any) in the handle frame, which resides at the top of your suitcase. Undo the screws, and look at the wire. Check if it’s sitting in the handle or if it’s stuck. If the wires are the issue, smooth it out with a file and re-insert it to where it belongs.

You may also encounter a different problem where the handle might not be touching the telescopic handle, making it unable to move up and down.

If that happens, put a tape inside the handle where the telescopic pole sits. Doing this will help the handle interact with the telescopic pole, thus fixing the underlying problem.


The main factor you should remember is that the suitcase is a simple mechanism, although simple, it can always stop working for an unknown number of reasons. Simple mechanism means you can fix it. You need to inspect the underlying problem, and you will find the solution yourself.