How to Measure Laptop Size for Bag – Simple Steps

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Last Updated: April 26, 2022

Do you want to purchase a bag for your laptop so that you can easily carry it to your workplace? Or need to ensure the safety of your laptop from extreme situations? If yes, then it gets necessary to look at the dimensions of the laptop before buying the bag.

You may get confused while choosing a sleeve or bag for your laptop. A laptop will not fit properly into a bag of the wrong size. It shows the significance of measuring the laptop. But it is important to know the process involved in measuring the laptop.

Here is the complete guide on how to measure laptop size for bag that can enable you to select the right bag from a vast collection.

Things to Consider Before Measuring Laptop

Measuring the laptop is an easy task and can be done effortlessly using a few simple steps. But before commencing the procedure, you need to arrange a measuring ruler or tape. The other thing is the laptop, which is better to keep closed while taking the measurement. You can measure the dimensions in inches or centimeters, which you find convenient while buying the bag or sleeve.

How to Measure Laptop Size for a Bag

The ideal method to measure the laptop dimensions is to measure it diagonally, i.e., from edge-to-edge. But it is also essential to compute the length, width, and height of the laptop.

In some bags, such as backpacks, you will find a vertical section that runs from north to south. On the other hand, a laptop bag or sleeve includes a horizontal section from west to east. Understanding these aspects can enable you to make a good decision while purchasing a bag for a laptop.

Measure the Diagonal

measure the diagonalBefore beginning the process, you have to close your laptop to attain higher precision. For measuring the actual length of the diagonal, you need to place the tape on the intersection of the laptop. You have to elongate the measuring tape to the lower end of the other corner. It is better to avoid the bezel’s measurements, which is the casing that encloses the screen itself. It can add an extra inch to the dimensions. This has to be done because you have to attain the accurate diagonal dimensions of the laptop. For instance, if the screen is 16-inches long, then the overall diagonal size will be bigger because of the trim present around the screen.

Measure the Width

measure the widthAfter measuring the diagonal, it gets crucial to calculate the width of the laptop. You have to position the measuring tape across the width of your laptop. Just place it left to right that is parallel to the biggest sides of your laptop. It is the actual width of your laptop.

You have to ensure that your sleeve should not be extremely wider, or the laptop must not be conserved if it is sliding around.

Measure the Height

measure the heightFor better accuracy, you have to keep the laptop closed during this entire procedure. To measure the height, you need to place the measuring tape along the top and bottom part of the lid of your laptop. It is the lateral parallel to the smallest sides.

This will give you the exact height of the laptop. But you have to ensure that the laptop bag must be a few cm or 2-inches big. You have to just add these sizes to the actual height of the laptop. This will ensure that your laptop won’t stick or fit tightly to the sleeve or bag.

Measure the Depth

measure the depthFor measuring the depth, you have to position the measuring tape on a flat surface. Start measuring upwards in a vertical direction to compute the laptop’s depth. In other words, you have to know how much the laptop rises above the table surface.

The depth aspect is more important for old laptops, which are not slim like the new age laptops. While purchasing a bag, you have to ensure that the bag must be at least half inches more than the depth of the laptop.

Significance of Measuring a Laptop

It is important to measure your laptop precisely before purchasing a laptop leather sleeve or bag. This is because you will not want to buy a sleeve in which a laptop can’t fit. No one wants to get stuck with such a type of laptop bag. The measurement of the laptop will play a big role as laptop sleeves and other laptop bags are made according to the size of specific laptop dimensions. This will help you to get a true bag with quality material.

In case you go for a laptop bag just by making estimations or make a decision using the advice of another person, then there is a huge possibility that you will end getting a laptop bag that doesn’t fit well on your laptop. This may be the result of buying a laptop sleeve without measuring the device.

In simple words, if it will be too small, then the laptop will not fit, and if the sleeve is too big, then your laptop will slide out while carrying the laptop sleeve to the workplace. Hence, it is essential to buy a sleeve in which the laptop fits snugly and maintains the actual performance of your laptop.

Tips for Buying a Laptop Bag Online

In case you are planning to buy the laptop bag online from e-commerce sites, then you can make use of these measurements that you have computed while measuring your laptop. For instance, in the laptop backpack, you have to consider the width and length of the laptop sleeve as your laptop will fit vertically into the bag.

The length of the bag will remain similar to that of the width of the bag. The same thing applies to the measurement of the depth. It will remain equivalent to that of the width measurement of the laptop bag.

If you want to purchase a messenger bag, then you have to consider the width as the dimensions of the horizontal side. Whereas the measurement of the depth will be the height of this type of laptop sleeve. Hence, it gets important to select the right laptop bag with appropriate dimensions so that the laptop fits properly into the bag and remain protected from outside threats.

Therefore, you have to carefully measure the dimensions of the laptop because a large laptop backpack will not be able to hold it appropriately and will not be able to protect the laptop because of the larger space. This may affect the laptop and prone to damages.

Guidelines for Laptop Bag Size

In spite of the above laptop measuring process, there are still chances that you may encounter a few difficulties while choosing the laptop bag. This is because different laptop manufacturers have established their own guidelines related to the measurement of bags. You will find the details related to the laptop size that can fit on the bag’s description. This description is mentioned with every laptop bag and in its product details.

Nothing is better than measuring the laptop size on your own, but if you are facing some issues, then you can look at this general guideline that relates to the laptop bag size. A laptop bag of 11-inches is suitable for a laptop with a diagonal length of 11-inches. Similarly, for a laptop with a 12.5-inches, the 13-inches bag is a perfect choice. A 17-inches bag is good for a laptop with a diagonal length of 17.3-inches.

Laptop Sleeves

If you want to get additional protection for your laptop at-home, at the workplace, then laptop sleeves are a great option for you. Your laptop will get an extra safety precaution when it is kept within the bag. But you have to make sure that your laptop sleeve should properly fit around your laptop. This will help you to keep the device at its appropriate position and also increase the safety of your laptop.

Above all, it is important for you to follow the steps and tips on measuring your laptop size, and accordingly, you have to purchase the bag of the correct size.

Wrap Up

You have understood the process for measuring the size of the laptop for purchasing a laptop bag or sleeve. This guide also has provided you with everything essential for measuring the size of the laptop. It is not a tough process and includes clear and straightforward steps. The steps mentioned in this guide properly can surely help you to buy the most appropriate laptop sleeve for your daily use that can also protect your laptop from damages.

You need to ensure that you have the laptop measurements in two distinct units, i.e., centimeters and inches. It will be beneficial for you as some laptop bag sellers make use of both units to sell their products.