Best Men’s Zip Around Wallets

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Last Updated: November 18, 2021

A wallet is among the three essential items that men usually carry after handkerchief and watch. Wallets are useful to keep your money, credit cards, and keys safe and secure. However, there is still a risk of your cards and cash falling out from regular wallets.

To prevent such accidents of lost money and cards, you have zipper wallets. The addition of zipper in wallets makes them more secure and also deliver sophistication and style. Besides storage, it also features durable construction and RFID protection, making it ideal for different occasions.

Due to its unique features and variety in the market, it is challenging to find the right one. You need to be familiar with brands that offer the best quality. Therefore, we are going to help you with your buying journey in this guide.

10 Best Zipper Wallets For Men Reviewed

After extensive research, we have selected the top 10 men’s zipped wallets based on their features, durability, and customer reviews. Read along to find the ideal zipper wallet that lets you carry your valuables safely and securely.

1. DONWORD Men’s RFID Leather Zipper Wallet

If you frequently travel on a motorcycle and want your wallet to complement your rustic and mature style, this mens leather zipper wallet is our top recommendation. You will find the genuine leather on point, and the texture has the marks and scratches from animals giving a vintage and classic look.

The professionally hand-made zip wallet acts as a multi-card holder purse equipped with many card slots to keep different cards as per their size. One advanced feature is the outer card slot at the back with a stylized design highlighting the wallet’s boldness and easier access to cards.

Apart from the material, the inner construction is entirely secure with three-sided metal zipper closure. Additionally, RFID blocking material is the best option if you are traveling.

  • RFID protection
  • Convenient to carry in your pocket, purse, bag, or backpack
  • Equipped with 13 card slots
  • Premium quality leather
  • Larger than expected


2. Admetus Men’s Genuine Leather Short Zip-around Wallet

Featuring the traditional bifold design, Admetus zip around wallet offers the best functional wallet you can find in the market. One striking feature of the wallet is the material. Made with head lawyer cowhide Genuine leather, the wallet offers high quality and durability.

The zippered wallet is exceptionally functional, meaning it offers enormous storage to store plenty of money and cards. Also, the supplementary flap in the center expands the storage capacity. In other words, the wallet comes with nine card slots where you can store up to 18 cards efficiently.

With Admetus, you don’t have to worry about keeping small stuff like SIM cards or memory cards, as this zip around wallet is equipped with separate slots for them. The ID card slot will also allow you to keep your ID always with you, safe and secure.

  • Rustic and characterful design
  • Nine card slots
  • SIM card slot and an ID window
  • Ample storage
  • Relatively bulky


3. Alpine Swiss Logan Zipper Bifold Wallet

Secure your valuables from falling out with Alpine Swiss Logan zipper bifold wallet. The wallet is compact enough to fit in your back pockets. After using it for some weeks, the leather of the wallet will begin to conform and stretch as per your requirements, just like any other leather-based item.

The wallet is skillfully crafted to offer a minimalist design with genuine cowhide nappa leather. The leather is processed and sourced with sustainable methods to make it durable for a more extended period.

With RFID protection, the wallet will protect against any electronic theft of your identity and credit cards. Additionally, the wallet is equipped with four vertical pockets and nine horizontal credit card slots. You can also use the center flap to accommodate a single card and maintain a slim profile of the wallet.

  • 100% RFID protection
  • Unisex design
  • Spacious interior
  • Stylish and durable
  • Smaller than expected


4. Protectif Front Pocket Wallet for Men with Zipper

Mostly, all wallets provide security and protection to your cards and money. However, if you are after excellent performance and durability, you can find those features in Protectif RFID Blocking Sleeves Zipper Wallet.

Made with genuine leather, the wallet’s outer surface is covered with a single layer of lining material delivering masculinity and smoothness to combine with your style. The size of the wallet provides comfort to put inside your front or back pockets.

Fighting against unauthorized BLE, NFC, and RFID Scans, it offers high performance to protect your privacy. Moreover, the abrasion-resistant YKK metal zipper will keep all your essentials secure and also cover the edges.

  • Minimalistic and compact
  • Equipped with soft interior to protect delicate parts
  • Suitable for bills and coins
  • Resists scanning by BLE, NFC, and RFID
  • Highly durable YKK metal zipper
  • The stitching looks rough and uneven


5. MANBANG Men’s Italian Genuine Cowhide Leather Wallet

If you go by the design, this one will give you the feel of a small and concise notebook. Once you own it, you will know the amount of space it includes to carry multiple cards and currencies.

The cowhide leather is made in Italy, which offers exceptional durability and smoothness even after frequent abuse. The outer skin has a polyester lining, which delivers a radiant yet elegant look. Moreover, the wallet will become brighter with time as you start using it.

The capacity is something worth discussing. It comes with five card slots, two long compartments, two SIM card slots, and five card slots. The RFID blocking material will keep your credit card information safe from any electronic theft.

  • Exceptionally resistant over time
  • Genuine cowhide italian leather
  • Various shade choices available
  • Leather might be slippery


6. MaxGear Credit Card Wallet with Zipper

Where the most zipper wallets come with bi-fold construction, the MaxGear credit card wallet comes with a unique design that is both attractive and stylish. The wallet’s design is kept to a bare minimum to enhance the overall accordion style. Made with high-quality leather, the zipper can withstand frequent use.

In terms of functionality, the wallet comes with ten card slots and two currency slots providing sufficient space for all the necessities. The wallet even includes a window pocket to keep your ID, driver’s license, or similar cards, which you might use frequently.

Like the latest mens zipped wallets, the MaxGear one also comes with RFID blocking insulation that functions on standard NFC and RFID signals. The wallet delivers a sense of durability and smoothness. The outer pebbled skin will not let the wallet slip from your hands.

  • Accordion-style design
  • RFID protection
  • Suitable for every occasion
  • Money-back and Lifetime warranty
  • The outer pocket is small to keep the ID or driver’s license


7. Vaultskin Slim Zip Wallet

Representing the British design, the Vaultskin NOTTING HILL Slim Zip Wallet offers a balance of convenience and functionality. The wallet is manufactured with top-grain Italian leather that provides a high-quality metal finish. Moreover, it is slim and lightweight, with a luxurious and premium aesthetic.

The compact size of the wallet is suitable for front pockets. The capacity is sufficient enough to store your essentials while maintaining a slim and attractive look. The wallet is equipped with four accessible external pockets where you can store your most-used cards. Also, the exterior RFID pocket can keep your ID and driver’s license safe.

The wallet is ideal for traveling. You can store many small items such as memory cards and keys, along with several coins in the wallet. Additionally, it comes with a high-quality metal zip to keep your essentials inside the wallet.

  • Slim design look reduce the bulkiness
  • Can accommodate six cards in an external pocket
  • Made with top-grain leather
  • It can be too small in size for some men


8. Kabana Large Zip Around Black Leather Wallet

If your wallet is always filled with cards, money, and other essentials, you need something that can keep everything in place without getting bulky. One such zipper wallet is the Metal Zip-around Black Genuine Leather Wallet by Kabana.

The tri-fold wallet is spacious enough to keep your documents and valuable safe and in place. The unique design comes with over ten card slots, a removable coin pocket, and three ID windows. Additionally, there are other large compartments to keep your documents, such as bills and receipts.

The wallet is made of high-grade genuine leather, double stitching, and a heavy-duty zipper in terms of durability.

  • A heavy-duty zipper is exceptionally durable
  • Multiple compartments for cash and other documents
  • Two slots to keep your IDs
  • The tri-fold design adds bulk to the wallet


9. Boshiho Credit Card Holder Wallet with Zipper

For ten years, Boshiho is known as a professional manufacturer of making and designing leather products. The products are widely popular for their excellent material and the durability they offer. One such product is the RFID Multi Card Organiser Wallet by Boshiho.

As the name suggests, the wallet is specifically designed to store multiple cards. There are about 24 slots to store credit cards in this accordion-style wallet. Plus, you will get two compartments to keep coins, keys, money, or passport.

Safely designed with RFID protection, it blocks the radio frequency coming out of your credit card to prevent electronic theft. Moreover, the wallet comes with a highly durable zipper that is resistant to rust and offers a super-smooth texture.

  • Superior leather quality
  • Sized perfectly for a comfortable grip
  • Designed with RFID blocking
  • Storing multiple cards make the wallet relatively bulky


10. Hiodd Genuine Leather Wallet with Double Zipper Pockets

Made from cowhide leather with polyester interior. It has a soft, textured surface and possesses the same flexibility as old fashion vintage leather.

It is bifold, which explains the amount of capacity it can hold. Also, it comes with the double zipper independent pocket, which you can appropriately utilize as per your convenience.

In terms of the wallet’s functionality, the wallet is equipped with six cardholders, two coin pockets, two note compartments, one pocket outside for keys, and a photo holder. The idealistic design makes it usable for any occasion.

  • Highly durable material and construction
  • It comes with double zippers for added security
  • High-quality metal zippers
  • Prone to scratches and wrinkles over time


Things To Consider Before Purchasing a Zipper Wallet

If you are concerned about losing the cash and cards while traveling, purchasing a zipper wallet is your next best solution. However, it is always hard to find the best product due to various brands, colors, and features. Therefore, you must have adequate knowledge before purchasing.

Before you put your hand on any one zipper wallet, you need to look at the following factors so that you can make the right choice.


The usual design of a zipper wallet is the classic bifold style that closes with a zipper. The zipper goes all over the three sides of the wallet.

You can find various styles, from single zipper to double and triple zipper. You can go for the one that meets your requirement. With every product, you are ensured of security and quality. Some wallets are also equipped with coin pockets and additional compartments.

The zipper style is quite different from the regular wallets, which are quite basic and plain. Therefore, to experiment with your style, a zipper wallet can be a good addition to your wardrobe.

RFID Protection

Radio Frequency Identification protection is added to wallets to keep your cards safe from electronic theft. Thieves can scan and duplicate the information on your card to use it for their advantage.

RFID scanners can read your cards from a distance and transfer the information on some other blank debit or credit card. Wallets equipped with RFID protection block the radio waves and prevent the possibility of data theft. The protection is useful, particularly when you are traveling.


Everyone has their color preference, and when it comes to selecting a wallet, there are more color choices than you can imagine. The usual wallet color is either brown or black. However, other color varieties are available in the market, including blue, grey, dark brown, and many more.

You can find a wide range of color options in mens leather zipper wallets. Also, nylon wallets feature several design patterns, including state flags, paisley, and some dynamic colors.

Interior layout

The style and color define the exterior of the wallet, but the actual worth of a wallet is identified with its interior layout. There are two basic interior layouts:

  • Accordion: The card slots are organized in an accordion pattern, which offers easy access.
  • Bifold: It comes with a no-frills design, contains several card slots and a section for coins and bills.

Some bifold wallets come with an additional interior flap, making it a trifold.


If the wallet is compact, it is easy for you to place it in your pockets. However, compact wallets have less storage space. Also, zipper wallets are known for their storage capacity, and many people would not like a compact wallet.

If you do not want a compact zipper wallet, there are several options available for your convenience. Between compact and large zipped wallets, the large one will allow you to keep more essential items that you require daily or traveling.


Another crucial factor to consider is the number of pockets. Since these wallets are great while traveling, it should have several pockets to keep different items. Some best models come with more than ten card slots, large compartments for cash, one ID pocket, and some small compartments for SIM cards and memory cards.

If you carry more cash with you, go for the product with at least two money compartments. That way, you will never go out of money.


The price varies from brand to brand and also depends on the features. It is better if you compare the features and price beforehand.

If you would like to save some money, you can purchase from a local brand. However, if you can invest more money, you can look for branded zip wallets that come with their own advantages.

Another thing is the warranty. Keep a note of the warranty period if you want to replace or return the item in the future.

Tips To Maintain The Quality Of Zipper Wallets

Zipper wallets will lose their quality if not properly maintained over time. Therefore, you should maintain and regularly clean your wallet to keep it in good looking and proper working conditions.

Here are some tips you can follow to manage the quality:

  • To keep the material durable and long-lasting, avoid direct contact with water and heat. If you keep your wallet in your purse or bag, make sure there are no sharp objects that can cause unexpected scratches.
  • You can wash it with your hands or simply clean them with a soft cloth. If there are some scars or dirt which cannot be removed after wiping, you can also wash them with mild detergents.
  • They are generally made with genuine leather. The material tends to wrinkle naturally. You will find some scratches and scars over time due to its nature. Therefore, the longer the wallet is used, the surface will become more beautiful.

Final Thoughts

Nobody can deny the usefulness of zipper wallets; you can store your cards, cash, ID, and even coins in one place. They prove to be convenient when you have to travel. Moreover, they protect you from electronic theft with RFID protection.

There is not a single reason why you should not invest in a mens wallet with zipper. However, choosing top quality requires careful consideration of various factors. Always keep in mind the requirement and usability of a zipper wallet in your daily life. We hope that this article will prove beneficial in choosing the best zipper wallet for men.