Best Men’s Cowboy Wallet – Top 5 Picks & Buying Guide

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Last Updated: March 12, 2021

Cowboy wallets are not just popular and famous for simply being sturdy; they are also classy, trendy and certainly cozy. Even though they stand out from their peers because of their uniqueness, these are without doubt, one of the most popular with men.

Also known as western style wallets, they have been in fashion for a long time and they come oozing with roomy designs just to accommodate your needs.

And that should explain why every man with a keen eye to classy wallets yearns to own this exceptional piece of an asset. After all, you have a number of options to be spoilt with. Here are just some of our best picks for the popular men’s cowboy wallets.

Best Cowboy Wallets for Men Reviewed

1. Ariat Men’s Boot-Embroidery Rodeo Tan Wallet

This cowboy wallet is imported and made of leather material. It has a soft fabric lining with a snap-type closure and has a 22 inches shoulder drop.

There is a card case and with a beautifully embroidered design.

  • Beautiful embroidery design
  • Fabric lining and leather exterior
  • Card case present
  • Only hand washable

Perfect for anyone who loves leather embroidered wallets. But if you are especially keen on class and durability at a relatively affordable rate, this wallet is your best bet.


2. Nocona Men’s Diagnol Cross Embose Rodeo Wallet

This 100% leather cowboy style wallet is brown and can only be hand washed. There is a clear ID pocket and has an interior made with leather.

It has a huge cross symbol on the front and has credit card slots, a slot for money, and a removable photo slip.

  • Made of 100% imported leather
  • Easy to maintain
  • Large enough to accommodate a checkbook
  • Can be challenging to carry it in the regular pockets

This long cowboy wallet has a classy huge cross on the leather cover and is of beautiful brown color to match your shoes. This is the one you would want to own anytime of the day. Go for it and join the exclusive class of western wallet owners.


3. 3D Brown Western Rodeo Wallet

This men’s cowboy wallet is unique as it has a flag inlay that is printed on the cover.

This brown color wallet is made of leather as well as single-row contrast stitching.

It measures 8 X 4 X 1 inch. It has five card slots and a protective ID window.

  • Flag inlay printed on the cover
  • Handcrafted to guarantee durability and versatility
  • No warranty
  • The flag design appears to be simply painted on

This wallet is ideal if you like the look of the flag. It is handcrafted out of genuine leather and offers guaranteed durability.


4. Stony West Texas Star Men’s Long Wallet

This men’s cowboy style wallet from Stony West is unique as it is made with genuine leather, which has a Texas state map on its cover and a metal ornament (concho) as well.

There is a pocket present on the exterior for receipts, and it has a bifold closure type. There are 13 slots for credit cards and five clear slots for cards. There is also a clear ID holder that is present.

There are four compartments on the inside for cash and receipts.

  • 13 slots for credit cards and five clear slots
  • It contains a clear ID holder
  • Four compartments on the interior
  • Concho feels cheap

This wallet for cowboys measuring 7.5 X 3.5 X 0.5 inches is the perfect gift containing 13 credit card slots and four compartments on the inside.


5. Vintage Balini Cowboy Men’s Wallet

This long leather wallet from Balini has a bifold closure. It is great for credit card users and has a multi-compartment design.

You can keep your things in an orderly fashion. It is useful to hold items such as your passport, credit cards, ID card, coins, and cash.

The pack includes a cleaning cloth for the wallet.

  • Multi-compartment design
  • Large capacity
  • No warranty period
  • Not entirely sewn together – at some points, it is actually glued together, which reduces lifespan

It is a great buy, especially if you are particular about keeping your leather wallet clean as it comes with a cleaning cloth.


Factors To Consider When Buying Cowboy Wallets

There are many factors to consider before purchasing men’s cowboy wallets. We will explain the aspects you can consider while making your decision. It will make your buying experience more fruitful.


Leather is the most common material one usually looks for when it comes to a wallet’s material. However, there are many other materials that you can choose from. These are materials such as synthetic, fabric, faux leather, and canvas materials.

People are fond of certain kinds of materials and like the feel of them. Simultaneously, some people only give importance to the wallet’s features, and the material and look dont matter much for them.


Take your time and have a look at the construction of the wallet. For example, a turned edge constructed wallet is one where the wallet’s leather’s edge is thinned down. It also turned before it is stitched.


You don’t always have to be having complicated patterns on your wallet.

A wallet with a simple design with excellent quality material and unique color that will match your belt and shoes is something you should look for when choosing one.


The price can vary greatly depending on the material used and its design. You need to check if the price you are paying and the product’s quality is matching before buying it.

Some wallets may be budget-friendly but are of excellent quality and have great features. Therefore, you should go through the wallet’s particulars and not refuse it purely based on the price at which it is sold.


We hope that you now have an idea about the best men’s cowboy wallets in the market and what factors to consider when buying them. Although all the products listed here are of excellent quality, we highly recommended the Ariat Embroidery men’s wallet. It is rated at the top because the wallet has a beautiful embroidered pattern with 100 % other fabric and leather material.