Best Trifold Wallets

Wallets continue to fulfill their roles to the different clients as they continue coming forth with different desires to be taken care of. The quality of a wallet is decided by the one who wants to or owns it. Some of the concerns that people have when intending to own a wallet are the size, weight, and how much the wallet can be able to carry.

When you look at the men’s trifold wallets that can address all these three requirements, then there are no other wallets that can do a better job. A focus on these types of wallets highlights the different ranges that you can acquire together with an outline of the features to help you reach the decision of which one you would love to settle for.

1. Fossil Men’s Ingram Trifold Wallet

This one ranks as one of the best men’s trifold wallets due to several features that it possesses. It is made of 100% cow hide leather that gives you the ease of making it stay in your pocket.

Its 100% man made materials lining gives it the toughness that is needed as you handle it every single day. It is made to keep your storage concerns easy with the lining that ensures durability.

With its dimensions of 4.25″ and 3.25″, you have a pledge of easy of having the wallet in your pocket without the slightest bulging concern. The wallet sits in your pocket without attracting the attention of pick pockets.

When it comes to the interior design of the wallet, you will notice the massive storage that it offers. It has an ID window, 4 slide pockets, and 8 credit card slots.


  • It is made with a durable material that gives you a long-lasting guarantee.
  • It has a unique functional card pockets that give you the ease of taking out the cards using the slide-out mechanism.
  • The branded wallet comes in original package.


  • When it comes to money, it has only one compartment for keeping the bills.

A consideration of the features that this wallet puts at your disposal leaves you with no other option than to purchase it. You can go for innovation followed by space and finally the elegance the wallet comes with remains unmatched.

2. Access Denied Trifold Wallet For Men

This trifold leather wallet is made with genuine full grain leather of a remarkably high quality that is not only durable but also soft to the touch. The softness of the wallet gives you a smooth texture that makes its daily use very comfortable..

It measures 4.5 inches x 3.25 inches and only  inches thick, an indication that it comes with an ease of handling. It brings in more convenience with its ID Window, more than 7 card slots, and 2 cash compartments which add more storage for keeping your valuables sage.

This men’s trifold leather wallet possesses RFID system that ensures the security of your identity as well data with the documents that you are carrying around.


  • It comes with a quality that is rare in the market, a guarantee that it is the right commodity to spend your money to acquire.
  • Its durability is also another guarantee that takes care of your concern of always having a wallet that is not only functional but practical in your day to day needs.
  • It is a spacious leather wallet with its trifold advantage that ensures you store more of your important documents that you need every time you go out.
  • The features that the wallet possesses justify the price that you have to pay to own it which will be negligible.


  • The wallets come with an extraordinarily strong chemical smell that might be hazardous not only to the nose but the skin as well.

The wallet comes with a good price tag that makes it exceedingly difficult to ignore when it comes to commitment to purchase it. Once you have it then the real value for the money you have spent comes out.

3. Stealth Mode Trifold Leather Wallet for Men

This is a magnificent leather wallet that exhibits extraordinary features. The wallet is made of beauty that strikes your eyes before even you get to know about the features that the wallet brings along. It is a wallet that you will not think twice before deciding to acquire it.

It has the RFID-blocking which comes in a lining that is between its layers of soft leather.

Space wise, this wallet offers nine card slots and in addition to this there is enough room for your cash and receipts.

Apart from the material making it being elegant, it comes in a classic design making it one of the best tri fold wallets.


  • It is relatively small when folded making it sit comfortably inside the pocket.
  • Its massive storage gives room for a dozen cards, an ID window, and additional pockets to keep money and receipts organized.
  • The wallet comes with a two-color choices offer makes the process of deciding which one to go for easy.


  • The wallet becomes enormously thick once you insert your cards.
  • The card slots are inconveniently tight making it difficult to quickly take them out when in need.

4. ESTALON Slim RFID Trifold Wallet for Men

This wallet is made of 100% genuine leather which is sturdy, long-lasting as well as durable. It is a product of the work of professional designers handcraft. The wallet caters for men to carry cash, credit cards, and other accessories all in one medium.

When it comes to the design, the wallet has 1 front ID window for quick access whenever busy, 6 card slots that can house your debit/credit cards, a money divider with 2 currency pockets for holding bills, and 2 slip pockets that offer extra storage.

Safety and privacy is guaranteed through the use of cutting-edge RFID technology that keeps personal data secure. The wallet’s RFID shielding ensures that there is no leakage of any data that is with you. Once you have the wallet, you will only worry about physical security but not virtual security which is fully taken care of.


  • The wallet is LWG certified, this implies that no harmful chemicals are used to make the wallet for utmost safety.
  • It is tiny, compact, and comes with a small weight that does not bother you when sitting in your pocket.
  • Its outer casing is made to take care of the daily use without the need of having a protector.
  • It comes with a small cost despite all the features that it carries.


  • It has only two compartments for bills which makes it cumbersome for a regular traveler who comes across many bills.

With all these features that the wallet has on offer, you will not need to think twice before you commit to purchase it. All the features call you into action, from its storage, the elegance it carries, the innovation that has been used to achieve its outstanding look, you have it all.

5. Clifton Heritage Leather Trifold Slim Wallet for Men

With 9 card slots, 4 compartments (2 for currency bills and 2 for documents) and 2 ID window slots, this is a wallet that comes with both capacity and smart design. This innovation keeps it slim to enter your pocket and stay cool without any concerns. All your valuable cards and documents are present with you in an organized manner, you will not need too much time to take them out.

The wallet comes from 100% Genuine Leather that comes from the cow. It is equipped for not only durability but lasting long too. The superior leather is carefully sewed with durable polyester fabric that pledges its strength to deal with the roughness of daily activities.

It comes with RFID blocking technology that ensures all your sensitive information is secure. It is tiny wallet that can accompany you wherever you go without much concern. Its weight which is tiny completes the comfort that the wallet comes with.


  • The ID Slots have a thumb space to push the ID card out with ease.
  • The wallet comes with a blend of innovation and space that makes it ideal to meet your daily needs that are extra ordinary.
  • An extra window makes it possible to increase the much-needed space when using the wallet.
  • Its price makes it negligible when you consider what it offers.


  • It is too small to notice its disappearance from the pocket as it sits and seems to stay put in there.

It is a wallet that is small, combines space creation innovation and security features to give you an accessory that you will not want to miss acquiring.

6. IDENTITY STRONGHOLD Extra Capacity Trifold Wallet for Men

It is a wallet made with the busy you out there. Security comes first with the best RFID protection on the market that backs the data that you carry with you. Its size makes it inconspicuous as it sits in your pocket.

As its name suggests, it has an extra capacity that ensures all your cards and documents have somewhere safe to stay. Its innovation creates more space that you need to store not only currency bills but other important cards. 7 card slots, a compartment for currency bills and clear ID slot could be just what you need to be comfortable and this is exactly what it gives you.

Durability is what the wallet is all about with an outer that is tough for rough handling and an inner that is soft for your soft fingers. The design is so appealing to the eyes before even you get to use the wallet to carry around your cards and documents in an organized manner.


  • Gives you all the space that you will ever need with your documents and cards.
  • The RFID protection keeps your documents safe as you explore the world.
  • There is innovation to create the much-needed space that takes care of your added needs.
  • The crafting of the wallet is cool to the eyes and its function fantastic.


  • It is too bulky to stay put in the pocket without causing a stir.

The need to carry all your documents and cards in one medium that gives all the organization that you will ever need is well taken care of by this wallet. This should be the motivation that moves you to purchase it.

7. Men’s Trifold Extra Capacity Wallet by Alpine Swiss

It is genuine leather that is used to make this wallet. It comes with a trifold closure which implies that it offers more in terms of space while reducing in size when not in use. These two features which are part of this wallet are the ones that remain outstanding for those looking for men’s trifold wallets out there.

Its style gives a number of choices to users in terms of colors. The design is spectacular with its crafting that is of genuine leather not compromising on durability. If you care for designer branding then you can settle for the Alpine Swiss emblem which is engraved on the outer part of the wallet.


  • In terms of space, the trifold wallet comes with 10 card slots and 2 ID windows.
  • It has a thumb cut out to easily access ID cards faster.
  • The genuine leather build of the wallet gives a guarantee of its durability.
  • A good value for money given all the features that the world comes with.


  • It is too bulky to sit in the pocket.

The size, convenience of use and the security of data that the wallet offers makes it ideal to find way into your possession with the small price tag that it carries.

8. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Trifold Wallet

This wallet which is crafted in genuine leather comes with a combined design & functionality to offer more than can meet your eye. The trifold wallet comes with a soft and comfortable touch while delivering complete control of your documents and cards. It is a wallet that comes with a comfort of touch and toughness of the exterior to deliver on a daily basis.

When it comes to capacity, trifold men’s wallet has extra space. It comes with 9 interior card slots, 2 slip pockets that take care of your most sensitive cards. The bill compartment is equipped with enough space to deal with your bills, notes and to some extent some coins too. The space that the card comes with leaves you with exploration to make on how to expand storage.


  • The wallet carries with it RFID technology that helps to keep your personal information really personal.
  • It comes with an affordable price tag that beckons on many men to possess it
  • Concerns of size and weight are well taken care of with its tiny size and weight.
  • It is gigantic as far as space in concerned.


  • It requires exceptionally good care as it remains vulnerable to certain weather conditions like rain and humidity.

9. Levi’s Men’s RFID Sleek Trifold Wallet

This is a wallet that comes with simplicity in terms of looks but has innovation in terms of design. It stands 0.7″ high and 14″ wide which makes it ridiculously small to stay inside your pocket without any concern of attracting people. Its weight accompanies its small size leaving you with the ease of carrying it around.

It is made of high-quality faux leather which implies that it is made for the job. Its tough material maintains a stay with you without the slightest sign of easy wear and tear. It is a wallet made to last long.

Storage wise, the wallet is big in capacity in spite of its small physical size. It comes equipped with 6 card slots, 2 internal pockets, 1 large bill compartment, and 1 transparent thumb ID window that is put in the middle. The wallet offers you organization with frequently needed cards being put in the thumb ID window ready to be taken out first.


  • The wallet carries the Levis brand name that is known for quality.
  • Durability is a pledge that the wallet gives with the faux leather material that builds it.
  • Storage capacity of the wallet puts it in the class of the best trifold wallets.
  • It is a slim wallet that gives you the comfort of using it.


  • It needs proper care in terms of maintenance

10. Timberland Men’s Cloudy Trifold

This is a men’s trifold wallet that is crafted from genuine leather making it durable and long lasting. The wallet has a soft texture to take care of your daily needs and tough to last long. It is a combination of softness internally and toughness externally to give you a wallet that takes care of your daily document storage needs.

This leather men’s wallet trifold folds has a compact design making it ridiculously small when put. It brings a storage space of 6 card slots, 2 inner pockets, an ID window and 2 pockets for putting cash. With the size and what it can put, you have a guarantee of safety


  • This is a wallet that comes with sophistication and elegance which many people are looking for in the market.
  • It brings out durability that remains unmatched to give you something that you can rely on.
  • Talk about good value for money, the wallet fits well to give you all the bargain that you need in terms of quality.
  • It is generally affordable across the board, making many people access it.


  • It has less storage space which makes it ideal only for average people with less needs.

If you care for sophistication and elegance simultaneously then you have a wallet that is ready to serve you. The wallet offers you quiet a good value considering the features that it comes with which are for an average person but spread in a way that they will be beneficial.

11. Columbia Men’s RFID Blocking Trifold Wallet

It is a wallet that comes with coated leather that makes it accessible to many people due to its affordability. Its polyester lining makes it strong to deliver on your daily needs while maintaining its long-lasting stature. It comes with simplicity yet ready to deliver on your day to day duties of keeping your money and documents safe.

It remains simple yet it combines innovation and space to offer you the much-needed solutions to the daily concerns. It is made for the trifold closure that ensures you have a compact storage that does not show its presence when neatly sitting in your pocket. With the innovation that it brings, simple known values are used to make it deliver in terms of the space that is needed.

When it comes to maintenance, the wallet can be hand washed a fact that makes it serve as many people as possible without the concern of fading. It remains slim all the time with its tiny size of 4″ high and 3.25″ wide. Its weight also remains negligible while achieving greatly in taking care of your space needs.


  • When it comes to size, the wallet brings in 6 card slots and 1 ID windows that serves an average person.
  • It is a simple wallet that can be easily maintained with the ordinary wash.
  • It is affordable for most of the people.
  • It remains slim as it serves you in protecting your valuables


  • It lacks enough space to care of extra needs of its carrier.

When it comes to organization and function, this trifold wallet leather for men comes with two separate large billfold pockets that give ample space for cash. That’s the reason men prefer to buy such wallets for their need.

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