Best Biker Wallets For Men Reviewed

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Last Updated: September 7, 2021

Are you a proud owner of a classy two-wheeler vehicle? Then, you might have selected your clothes and accessories that go with your biker style.

However, do not forget another crucial element of the biker image, a biker wallet.

Biker wallets are functional and uniquely stylish. You will often find them paired with a chain at one end, and the other end is secured with a belt loop. That’s for protection, so it won’t slip away as you ride your motorcycle.

In contrast, some biker wallets come without chains having a rugged design with a leather engraving pattern. So, it’s up to you what style you prefer.

What’s the difference between a regular wallet and the biker one It is the security and the overall appearance. A biker wallet usually has a well-crafted design to offer a distinct sense of style.

They go through a thorough manufacturing process to offer extra protection compared to regular wallets.

Let’s dive into the reviews and help you find your travel companion.

Best Biker Wallet – Top 8 Review

1. Harley-Davidson Men’s Biker Leather Wallet

Are you a diehard fan of Harley Davidson motorbikes? Then this wallet is specifically made for you.

It comes with a chain that you can easily attach to the belt loop. It is a functional and stylish wallet made with genuine leather and equipped with a lobster claw snap closure and a 19-inch antique nickel chain.

On the outside, it has two nickel snaps that let you open it to reach the items. As you open the wallet, there are more surprises waiting.

The silvery crossed wrenches have a silhouette bar and shield window. On the opposite side, you will find different slots to keep IDs and credit cards.

This one is manufactured by Lodis Accessories under a Harley Davidson license well-known for advanced craftsmanship. Overall, it is among the top long-lasting wallets and is embossed with the Harley-Davidson logo.


2. Kabana Men’s Biker’s Wallet with Metal Chain

The Kabana Men’s Biker’s wallet is a perfect combination of style and functionality. It is made with genuine black cowhide leather for long-lasting durability.

The trifold closure wallet comes with a high capacity to include multiple card slots. You can easily flip them open when you need them and close them back to lock them in place. Besides, you can put small objects or coins in the small zipper pocket that also has a snap closure.

You can find two bill slots inside and the best part is that the whole wallet gets closed with two snap closures present on the outside.

It is equipped with a 45cm long metal chain to attach to your jeans.

The silver-colored snaps and classic black leather offer a timeless appeal. Its smart design will help you keep the stuff well organized due to spacious slots.


3. CAZORO RFID Blocking Men’s Tri-Fold Leather Biker Chain Wallet

With a chain wallet like this, you can avoid the stress of having your wallet stolen whenever you are outside. You can conveniently clip the chain on the belt loop for security, and it will enhance the style as well.

The RFID feature will provide you with optimum security. It is embedded with an aluminum lining that will block all the radio frequency identification signals. This way, you can prevent getting your credit card information leaked in unexpected situations.

This bikers wallet with chain comes with multiple slots, such as two bill compartments, a fast access card slot in the back, one ID window, and seven credit card slots.

The finishing line is stitched to improve its durability, and it will no doubt last for a long time. The 18 inches long stainless chain has a claw hook, and the keyring offers quality stitching as well.

It is a suitable option specially for men who want to use it dayily. The material makes it durable and luxuriousa nd its vintage design makes it an excellent choice.


4. ABC STORY Biker Wallet with Chain

If you are more interested in a product that can help you make a biker or trucker style statement, ABC story wallet is your best pick.

Being stylish and personalized, it is made with gothic leather and comes with a bi-fold snap front that has a carved skull grim reaper on the chain.

The micro-fiber leather is highly durable compared to PU leather and real leather. The key chain is made with 304 stainless steel.

The interesting thing is the unisex skull pendant that looks exquisite and cool that you can put in your front pocket. You can pair it with a skull buckle belt, purse handbag, or skull watch.

When it comes to space, it has two large pockets for cash, one photo window, and five-card slots with skull money clips. You can securely close the wallet with a snap button.


5. F&L Classic RFID Blocking Men’s Tri-Fold Vintage Biker Wallet

If you don’t want to be left disappointed with copycat biker wallets, choose the F&L Classic vintage bikers wallet.

Approved and tested via autonomous lab tests, there won’t be any discrepancy in the quality and material used.

It comes with a beautifully engraved eagle design on the front, making it an ideal choice for many motorcycle drivers and truckers that use it regularly.

It is delicate and stitched neatly to enhance durability. The use of premium and best-quality cowhide leather makes it look more luxurious and rugged.

It comes with plenty of slots, including two large compartments, a large dollar compartment, zippered pocket for small items, and multiple credit card slots. You can keep each item well organized.

It also features RFID blocking technology to protect your IDs, debit cards, and credit cards from electronic theft.


6. Harley-Davidson Men’s Tri-Fold Plus Wallet

Another mention from Harley Davidson is the Men’s TriFold Plus wallet. Made with black pebbled genuine leather, it is decorated with an iconic embroidered Bar & Shield logo to enhance the overall appearance.

It has a 19 inches glossy nickel biker chain along with a belt leash. You can snap the leash on your belt so the wallet will always stay in its place.

Overall dimensions of 5.75 x 3.75 inches make it suitable to fit discreetly in your pockets.

As you open the wallet with snap closure, it opens up to a slot for cash, zippered coin pocket, ID window, and nine credit card slots.


7. Biker Rock Star Leather Wallet with Chain by Vogueteen

The Biker Rock Star leather wallet with chain makes the best choice for those who don’t like exquisite design and prefer minimalistic qualities.

Made with real leather and promising long-lasting reliability, the casual style of the wallet makes it an ideal candidate for bikers.

The zipper closure is more secure, unlike the snap closure. Also, the chain measures approximately 41 cm that you can attach to the belt leash.

As far as the internal pockets are concerned, it comes with two cash pockets, one zip pocket, one ID window, and eleven card slots. You can keep many items inside without looking bulky.

Overall, it measures about 7.28 x 3.54 inches, so you can fit the wallet in pockets and it will not be bothering as you ride the bike. The chain will keep it in its place so that it won’t slip away.


8. Swiss Marshall Men’s Biker’s Vintage Leather Long Wallet

The Swiss Marshall Men’s RFID Signal Blocking Biker’s wallet is one of the most ergonomic and sleek leather wallets you will ever find.

It comes with advanced RFID blocking to provide a protective layer against radiofrequency. It is equipped with a convenient flap for ease of access to all your cards. If you want scanning devices to read the cards, just open the wallet and place it in front of the reader.

It has a long 18-inch stainless steel chain that includes a claw hook and keyring secured nicely. The genuine leather holder will provide years of service.

Combining the genuine leather and RFID blocking mechanism, you can keep all the essential items secure in this one.

The tall design wallet with multiple slots and compartments can fulfill your demanding needs. It has an ID window and about 16 card slots. Additionally, there is a large zipper pocket to keep coins, and three large side slips to keep receipts, cash, and even checkbooks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand is best for biker wallets?

Harley Davidson makes the best biker wallets. They are lightweight, functional, stylish and come with a Harley Davidson logo. They are made with genuine leather, offering exceptional durability.

Besides, the chain is rust-resistant and long enough to attach to the belt loops at a considerable distance. So Harley Davidson wallets are a worthy investment.

Why do you need a biker wallet with a chain?

These are best for those who are always on the move. For those people, regular wallets become an uncomfortable option as they are most likely to lose it on their way.

Biker wallets have a chain that provides overall comfort while eliminating the need to carry the wallet always with you in your pocket.

How do you attach the chain of your biker wallet?

You can attach the chain wherever you want comfortably. Commonly, bikers prefer to attach the chain onto the belt loops placed at a convenient drop distance.

On the other hand, some prefer to attach the chain hooks to their bag. It helps to ease the weight.

Are chain biker wallets better than regular wallets?

The chain biker wallets offer a credible solution against bulky wallets when you have to pay more cash than cards. Also, you can conveniently hook the chain on your bags or belt loops to carry it wherever you go.

If you have a heavy travel bag with you, a biker chain wallet offers a comfortable and convenient option to carry more cash with you.


Biker wallets aim to complete your overall biker style, but one can also use them for daily purposes. These are made of high-quality material and last for a lifetime due to exceptional durability.

So, here our winner is the Harley Davidson Men’s Biker Leather Wallet. Itis made with high-quality leather and an embossed Harley Davidson Logo.

Among the product reviewed above, you can find tri-fold or bi-fold options and the versatility of these wallets make them flexible to suit your daily demands.