Best Alligator Wallets

There is a reason why alligator wallets are used by a lot of people. Wallets make good accessories and alligator wallets have been attributed with lux in the fashion world. They are usually expensive and rightly so, considering the unique characteristics of the wallets and several other features.

Top quality men’s alligator wallets are usually very expensive due to their quality. However you can get certain pieces crafted from leather and cowhide but still look just as unique for much lower price. In this article, we will be showing you top selections of alligator wallets which are worth getting.

1. Itslife Men’s Cowhide Leather Wallet Alligator Embossing

Getting an alligator men’s wallet has never been so cost friendly as it is with Itslife alligator wallet. The wallet as its name states is made from quality cowhide leather which appears to be smooth and oil tanned.

This wallet is made from Italian leather and features a detailed alligator head and skin pattern all around it. The classic and vintage design makes it suitable for daily use and it goes well with a variety of outfits.

The alligator wallet features bifold closure and style which allows it to stay slim even after putting several notes of cash, card and other items. The sleek design ensures that it fits perfectly into the pocket without any hassle.

The wallet is also good for a variety of occasions as it has several card and money slots. It also possesses a license window for the user to carry driver license.

The dimension of this wallet is 12 x 10 x 2 cm and that is quite reasonable considering the fact that it has enough room for several items.


  • It is made from quality Italian leather
  • It features bifold style and closure which makes it slim
  • It has many slots for cards and money


  • The wallet is hard and could hurt when placed in the rear pocket

2. Cognac Glazed Genuine Alligator Magnetic Money Clip

As the name indicates, this wallet features genuine alligator black glazed and is one of the best alligator wallets available. Crafted in American factories, genuine assorted and exotic skins where used in the production of this wallet.

The genuine alligator wallet features a magnetic wallet which ensures that your wallet stays closed at all times. The two extra shielded magnets can come in handy and help keep your properties safe.

The wallet is very fashionable and it is perfect for daily use. It can used alongside a variety of outfits and it comes in different colors and designs to satisfy the taste of the users.


  • It is made from genuine alligator
  • It features magnetic closure to keep your items safe
  • The wallet is made from high quality leather


  • The magnet fails to completely lock if the wallet is full

3. Authentic M Crocodile Skin Men’s Bifold Crocodile Tail Skin Leather Tan Wallet

When you think about gator skin wallets, the authentic m crocodile skin wallet is one which most men would love to have. This wallet features quality all round and several features which make the price seem fairly reasonable.

The wallet when opened has a full length of 9 inches and a height of 3 5/8 inches. The closed length is half the full size length while the height remains the same.

This tan colored wallet has 2 ID card slots and slot for up to 10 credit and debit cards. There is a also a compartment to carry cash bills and other important documents.

The quality of this wallet is evident as it is made from crocodile tail skin. Although it is available in only one color, it is a wallet you will be happy to carry along with you each day. The cool design of the wallet gives a comfortable feel on the hand and it is also portable to be carried inside the pocket.


  • The wallet is made from quality material
  • It has room to carry several items and accessories
  • It features a sleek design that works with various outfits


  • There is a pocket on the inside with a button which makes it bulky

4. Authentic M Crocodile Skin Men’s Bifold Backbone Leather Dark Brown Wallet

Authentic M crocodile skin men’s wallet is special wallet with really nice features for lovers of alligator wallets. The wallet is made from genuine freshwater crocodile backbone skin and other quality materials.

The crocodile skin wallet features bifold closure which makes it easy to keep property within. It also features 10 credit card slots which allow you to card around IDs, credit cards and debit cards. The two bill slots provide enough room for you to carry around cash and other valuables. There is a also a zip to help seal the bill slots to keep things from falling out.

Although the wallet has enough room for several items the design of the wallet makes it appear small allows it to fit into your pocket perfectly. When fully opened, it has a length of 8 5/8” and a height 3 6/8”.

Though the wallet is features impressive design and suits a variety of outfits, it comes in only one color (dark-brown).


  • The wallet is made from genuine crocodile backbone skin
  • It features several slots for cards and bills
  • The wallet features bifold closure


  • The pockets of the wallet are a little tight

5. Lethnic Slim Money Clip Wallet

Lethnic slim money clip wallet is a low cost alligator wallet which features several features and it is made from high quality materials.

The wallet is made using high-quality genuine leather which brings about a unique style but with the same luxury look you expect from crocodile wallets. The wallet is made in different colors which gives you the chance to select that which you prefer.

The wallet appears in a small size design which makes it easy to carry around. The small size of the wallet doesn’t reduce the capacity however as it can hold up to 10 cards and up to 15 bills. The alligator wallet also has a room for receipts and other documents.

Lethnic slim money clip wallet features RFID blocking technology which has been tested to provide ultimate security from identity and information thieves.

There is 30 days guarantee for the wallet which covers all the possible factory defects and problems from the manufacturing process.


  • The wallet features RFID blocking insulators for security
  • It is made from premium genuine leather for quality
  • There is also 30 days money back guarantee which covers defective products


  • The ID slot of the wallet is without any protection

6. PELGIO Genuine Crocodile Alligator Backbone Skin Leather Bifold Wallet

Pelgio backbone skin wallet is another fashionable gator wallet. The wallet made from genuine crocodile skin and other quality materials. The interior is made from genuine leather which ensures the quality all around.

The wallet features 6 card slots for you to carry around debit cards, credit cards and other important documents. The 2 ID windows allow you to easily access the IDs and take them in and out as you please.

There are 2 compartments for bills which allow the user to carry enough cash around at all the moment. The compartments can also be used to carry other important documents.

The bifold closure of the wallet ensures that all the items inside the wallet are safely kept and it allows the wallet to fit easily inside the pocket when closed.


  • The wallet is made from genuine crocodile skin and leather
  • The alligator wallet features bifold closure
  • The wallet features several slots for cards and ID windows


  • The wallet can be hard and cause pain when sitting

7. Authentic M Crocodile Skin Men’s Bifold Crocodile Big Tail Skin Leather Wallet

Authentic m crocodile skin wallet is one of the first wallets you consider when selecting gator wallets. The wallet is made from genuine crocodile big tail skin and it is just perfect for lovers of crocodile wallets.

The wallet features 2 ID slots to keep your IDs safe and with you always. There is also up to 10 credit card slots within this wallet, which allows the user to carry numerous debit and credit cards without problems. The wallet also has 2 bill slots which make it easy to carry cash around.

The wallet is available in 2 colors which allow you to select the one which is perfect for your everyday activities. Like most gator wallet, this wallet is also high fashionable and it can be used alongside a variety of outfits.


  • It is made from genuine crocodile big tail skin
  • It features up to 10 credit card slot which is more than enough for most users.
  • It is available in two colors


  • None

8. Genuine Alligator Skin Leather Bifold Wallet

This is another high quality bifold wallet which gator wallet lovers can consider getting. The handmade wallet is made from high quality materials all round including genuine American alligator skin with a glossy finish.

The black leather lining on this wallet provides the finishing touches on the exterior and leaves it looking stylish. The gator wallet is available in three colors (brown, cognac, and black) which allows buyers to make the right selection for their style.

Although this wallet features up to 6 card slots, it doesn’t appear to be bulky and can easily fit into any of your pockets.


  • The wallet is made from genuine alligator skin
  • The wallet has 6 card slots
  • It is available in 3 different colors


  • Some of the card slots are slightly small

9. Men’s Business Genuine Cowhide Leather Crocodile Embossing Long Bifold Wallet

Quality men wallets do not come better than this. This genuine cowhide leather wallet by UY CHAN is one of the best alligator wallets you can get and it features several unique characteristics.  The wallet is made from genuine cowhide leather which you can feel when you hold it.

The gator wallet features a vintage design which makes it unique with a high-end fashion style and it is suitable for both daily use and travels.

The wallet is slim enough to fit into most pockets without any issue which is quite amazing considering the fact that it has 11c card slots for all sort of cards. It also features two bill slots which allow you to carry cash in your wallet always.

The zippered pocket helps to keep your items safe. There is also room within this wallet for itmes like document and passports.


  • It is made with quality leather
  • It features a nice vintage design
  • The wallet has 11 card slots for debit and credit cards


  • The zipper quickly gets weak and could wear out

10. Lethnic Mens Bifold Wallet

This quality alligator is probably what you have been searching for. Lethnic men’s bifold wallet is made from premium quality leather which has soft texture and delivers an extremely fashionable look. The top layer of this wallet is also covered by a thin oil layer for easy maintenance.

The wallet is slim and stylish which helps avoid discomfort when you are moving around. Quality soft materials in this wallet allow the user carry it always without any problem.

The wallet is always on lockdown with proper advanced RFID shield which prevents identity thieves from stealing information without your knowledge. The insulator works by preventing unauthorized scan on your ID card.

The crocodile wallet features 2 compartments for money and up to 10 card slots which makes it easy to carry things around. It also comes with 180 days warranty after purchase.


  • It possesses RFID insulators for security.
  • The wallet is slim and stylish
  • It has a soft texture all around


  • The wallet is slightly costly in relation to the features


Gator wallets are very fashionable and there is a reason why they are widely used. Among the listed wallets above, you can find some of the best which gives you plenty of options when selecting an alligator wallet.

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