Best Badge Holder Wallets – Top 8 Review

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Last Updated: September 7, 2021

Being a police officer, firefighter, or any government official, you have to carry your official badge with you all the time.

But carrying the badge on the metal neck chain or your belt can be a little unmanageable. It becomes necessary when you are on duty, but when you have the right badge holder wallet, you can keep it safe and secure.

Badge wallets are designed to keep your badges protected from outside impacts. Also, it looks cool and stylish as you show the badge through your wallet.

The article will guide you through the best badge wallets to help you keep up with the professional look.

How would you go about choosing the best badge wallet? Firstly, it should be lightweight and have the full capacity to hold your badge. Next, you have to be careful about the material and it should have secure stitching.

The top 8 leather badge wallets reviewed below are selected based on their stitching quality, material, and overall performance.

Best Badge Wallet – Top 8 Picks Reviewed

1. Perfect Fit Shield Hidden Badge Wallet

The hidden badge wallet for NY City Patrol Officer comes, as the name suggests, with a hidden pocket until you want to use it to display your badge.

It’s a popular ID and badge holder that includes a plastic insert to keep photos safe and protected. It has a recessed cutout for the NYPD patrol badge.

The cutout size is 2.65 inches (height) and 2.40 inches (width). The well-defined slot will fit most badges securely and conveniently.

The pocket has a second window for a driver’s license, four credit card slots, and a money compartment. It is spacious enough to keep everything in one place.

The sturdy stitching keeps the wallet together and prevents loose and fraying parts.


2. Winchester Police Badge Wallet

The full grain genuine leather badge wallet is what you need to fit a badge of any shape you want. It does not need any cutout. Made of genuine leather, it is sturdy and supple to develop an appealing patina through aging and wear.

The scratch-resistant material  makes it durable and long-lasting. It measures 3 ½ x 4.75 inches to fit badges with a 3 x 4 inches size. It comes with RFID blocking technology to keep personal credentials secure.

There are numerous pockets to help you keep all the necessary items with you. It has an easy-access ID window, an oval badge holder with a protective cover, eight card slots, two slip pockets, and a bill pocket.

This stylish and functional wallet is a must-have addition to men’s everyday collection. It will make you stand out among the crowd.


3. Marshal Wallet & Badge Holder

Marshal is a well-known wholesaler, popular in the market for selling and manufacturing the finest leather products. The wallet & badge holder is made with the finest cowhide leather.

It comes with a revocable insert to easily mount the badge. You can also find a suede flap that provides the luster and protection for your badge. It measures 4.7 x 3.9 x 0.6 inches with sufficient space to accommodate multiple items.

It is equipped with a badge holder, eight card slots, an ID holder, and a money slot to help keep things organized. You can keep plenty of cards and cash in this wallet too.

A flap closure makes it easy to close the wallet and keep it in your pockets. It will not take much space and will keep your items safe.

The tri-fold wallet boasts a cutout that can fit different shapes and sizes of badges. Its highl durability makes it a great value for money product.


4. Marshal RFID Genuine Leather Trifold Badge Holder Wallet

If you are looking for a perfect badge holder along with other essentials, Marshal’s RFID genuine leather trifold wallet is your best choice.

Suitable for police officers, the wallet is made of genuine leather to offer long-lasting service. The black color retains elegance and style while providing convenience to keep your things organized.

It comes with 3 credit card slots with standard measurements to accommodate different credit cards. Plus, you will get an interior ID window to keep all your IDs in the perfect state.

Weighing 3.4 oz and measuring 3.3 x 4.3 inches, it is lightweight and comes with a felt flap cover to let it stay hidden unless you want to show the badge.

It has open slots on the fold points so that it does not feel like a brick as you put the wallet in your pocket. The well-made product is your next favorite one to fit your police badge.


5. Rothco Leather Badge Wallet

The Rothco Leather ID/Badge wallet is best suited for law enforcers as it boasts a holder inside and clean leather on the outside.

It is designed to be rough and tough to stand the test of time. It is also tested for maximum durability and high quality. So, if you spend most of the time outside, this wallet is ideally made for you.

The durable polyurethane split leather material is resistant to wear and tear and is resilient. Performance and comfort define the qualities of this unique piece. The slim style has the fullest capacity to keep multiple items while fitting perfectly in your pocket.

It features a removable badge holder, seven card slots, and one ID window. It measures 4.4 x 0.4 x 0.1 inches and weighs only 0.8 ounces. Thus, it makes a perfect wallet to suit your outdoor trips.


6. Perfect Fit Shield Florida Sheriff Star Hidden Badge Wallet

The hidden star badge holder is a high-quality men’s bifold wallet made ideally for Florida Sheriff 5 Point Star badges. Being hand-crafted, it offers extreme durability and premier quality.

Perfect Fit Shield Wallets manufacture their products in Corinna US. It is lined with bonded leather to offer long-lasting service. It can make a thoughtful gift for any law enforcement officer.

You will find sufficient room to keep family photos, IDs, credit cards and cash in it as well. In the clear vinyl insert, you can keep your family photos quite safe. The recessed cutout can conveniently fit your badge.

It boasts an ID window of size 2-3/8 X 3-3/4” and the badge holder size with width 2.82 inches and height 2.70 inches. So, it is made to fit the Florida Sheriff star perfectly.

It comes with a felt flap cover to protect the badge from external impacts like scratches.


7. Hero’s Pride 6 Point Ball Tip Bi-Fold Leather Badge Wallet

The Hero’s Pride leather badge wallet is an extremely durable one for people working in the force. It boasts French-turned edges and durable material to display an elegant appearance.

With a recessed inner cut size of 2-3/8 x 2-5/8 inches, you can fit any LAPD shield style badges in the slot.

For long-lasting protection, it comes with real suede dividers and promises to become your companion for a long time.

What’s more? It features multiple card slots inside to make it a functional wallet to store credit cards and cash. There are also separate slots to keep your bills. Its double ID window lets you keep your IDs safe, and there is an extra pocket to accommodate other items.

Apart from the already included pockets, it is equipped with a removable insert to mount the badge easily. Also, there are complementary removable photo inserts.

Made to be lightweight with durable materials, it is guaranteed to be an efficient and reliable wallet for police officers.


8. Marshal Genuine Leather RFID Badge Holder

The last addition is the Marshal’s Genuine Leather RFID Badge Holder. Just like other Marshal products, the wallet is made with genuine, high-quality cowhide leather for maximum durability.

It comes with advanced RFID technology to keep your credentials safe. So, you don’t have to worry about the cards being screened as you pass through any security points.

Furthermore, the wallet features a large size clear plastic window at one end to keep your IDs. There is an oval cutout of approximately 3-1/4 x 2-1/4 inches measurement.

For protection, it comes with a center flap that covers and shields it from any exterior damage.

The wallet maintains a slimmer profile even after being filled to its full capacity. It can discreetly fit into your pockets. It also features other internal pockets to hold credit cards, cash, and bills.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best ID badge holder?

When it comes to choosing the best ID badge holder, it is none other than the most popular and customer’s favorite Marshal genuine leather trifold badge holder wallet.

It comes with the best features and high-quality leather material. It is made with genuine leather that gives off a vintage look with its natural wrinkles, and it is quite convenient to maintain. Also, it has multiple slots to use as a regular wallet.

What are the retractable badge holders called?

The retractable badge holders are called a badge reel, a case or housing containing a retractable cord. You can connect this cord with a badge holder.

It is available in round or square shapes and measures about 1.25 inches in diameter. Further, it has a belt clip to attach to any clothing.

Many organizations, companies, and schools commonly use badge reels with lanyards. So, people can easily pull the retractable cord and swipe their ID as they clock in to the workplace.

What brand is making the best badge wallets?

Among plenty of options, it becomes challenging to choose one brand that makes the best badge holder wallets. From the research, Marshal and Winchester are known for manufacturing the great badge wallets.

They focuse on unique designs with the use of high-quality leather. Also, the leather is stylish, durable, and easy to maintain. With a versatile design, you can use it as a regular wallet with multiple slots when you remove the badge slot.

Is real leather or PU leather better for a badge wallet?

Badge wallets are generally designed with real leather instead of PU leather. The reason is that real leather can handle frequent abuse and is more durable than PU leather.

Also, real leather is stronger, and when it is paired with good lining and stitching, it can provide longevity.


When you look for wallets in general, you would want something that is stylish and fulfills the purpose.

The best badge holder wallet among the options we reviewed is the Hidden Badge Wallet by Perfect Fit Shield due to the usage of high-quality materials.

However, the preference of wallet varies from person to person.

Some people prefer durability, some comfort, while others prefer the overall appearance. And when it comes to badge wallets, you might look for additional criteria that require the wallet to fit the badge perfectly. Therefore, it becomes essential to perform thorough research before making a purchase.