Types of Wallets for Men Explained – Choose Your Style

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Last Updated: September 6, 2022

You are in the market for a new wallet and want to find one that fits with your lifestyle. There are loads of wallets to choose from, from wallet layouts to different materials and accessories.

Whether you rock an active lifestyle or roll with a minimalist outlook on life, there is a wallet to fit everyone.

Let’s break down the attributes of different types of wallets that you can choose from to fit your specific needs.

Find out what might work best for you.

The Bifold is the Most Popular for a Reason


The bifold wallet design is not only one of the oldest designs of wallets but it is also one of the most popular in the market today.

Bifold wallets have a sleek thin look and can fit perfectly in your back pocket without bulging and making sitting uncomfortable. As indicated by the name, bifold wallets are made up of two halves that fold together.

There is usually no zipper or button that holds the wallet together, save for the occasional wrap-around snap or button design.

This is mostly because the amount of pockets within the wallet does not allow for over-stuffing.

With bifold wallets, you don’t have to worry about taking it from your back pocket before you take a seat in a restaurant or drive a car.

However, if you have a lot of cards or carry a lot of cash, you may want to go with the trifold type of wallet.

A Trifold is Great if You Carry a Lot of Cards

tri-fold wallet

Perhaps you are the kind of person who finds it hard to part with business cards. Maybe you have a lot of credit cards or carry a lot of cash. If any of this sounds like you, you might benefit from a trifold wallet.

Trifold wallets are nearly as popular as bifolds, but they have a lot more storage for your cash, IDs, credit cards, or business cards.

The trifold design is about as straightforward as it sounds, with the wallet divided into three, usually equal parts that fold in an overlapping manner.

Although trifold wallets are meant to carry a lot of stuff, filling them to the brim with cards and cash can make it become bulky and uncomfortable when it comes to sitting, and some people find a full trifold too large to put in their front pocket.

A Slim Minimalist Wallet Keeps Life and Travel Simple

minimalist wallet

If you like to travel lite, a slim minimalist wallet may be exactly what you are looking for. These wallets summed up in a word are thin. They are usually about the size of one-third of a trifold with a larger pocket at the top to keep your cash.

There are usually slits on either side to hold credit cards, identification, and business cards. This is a popular one to have during travel because everything you need, save your passport, can be kept in one, easy to reach, location.

Slim wallets fit very comfortably in your front pocket or in the narrow pocket of a travel bag, so it is a good choice if you travel a lot. If you travel to foreign countries, however, and you need to carry a lot of cash with you, the minimalist wallet may not be a good fit.

The Checkbook Wallet is Well Suited for International Travel

chequebook wallet

Checkbook wallets are the best known for being the wallet you wear on the inside of your jacket.

That little pocket on the inside of your business suit or sports jacket is made for this specific wallet and the preferred area to keep valuables when traveling internationally.

The checkbook or long wallets are convenient to have during travel or when attending special functions, because of the capability of holding all of your valuables including your passport, your checkbook, or even the uneven sizes of foreign currency you may accrue during your stay.

It is not a good choice if you don’t wear a lot of clothes that have a breast pocket, though, because it is a little too large to fit comfortably in your pant’s front or back pocket.

The Money Clip Takes You Back to the Basics

money clip wallet

The money clip takes you all the way back to the World War II-era when you barely needed to keep your ID with you.

Today, money clips are fashioned with some much-needed, utilitarian upgrades, but they are still back to basics in terms of their general design.

Money clip wallets are a great choice if you carry large amounts of cash with you during your day.

Service members who get tips from work generally tend to steer towards money clips because it is easy to add cash to the wad in seconds, so you don’t lose any work time fumbling with trying to fit large amounts of cash in your wallet.

Some money clips also come with adjustable settings that allow you to loosen and tighten the grip of the clamp for an extra bit of security during travel.

If you are a cash carrier who also carries cards and IDs, the next type may be a better fit for you.

The Front Pocket Wallet (Money Clip with Pockets) is Back to Basics with a Twist

pocket wallet

If you are the type of person who keeps lots of cash on you, as well as credit cards, business cards, and other IDs, you may benefit from a front pocket wallet.

Much like the minimalist wallet, the front pocket wallet is very thin and can have thin pockets on either side.

Front pocket wallets, however, feature a money clip for your convenience on the front side for easy access. These can fit in the front or back pant pockets or in the breast pocket of a shirt.

This wallet is very convenient for a hybrid lifestyle of minimalism with a twist. If you find yourself getting change for your cash, however, there may be an even better choice for you.

A Coin Pouch Makes Using Coins Easy

coin pouch

The coin wallet, or coin pouch, is a very popular choice if you live in or plan to visit places in Europe or Asia where the use of coins is much more frequent than you would find in the United States.

It usually comes with zippers to secure your coins, as well as other pockets to store your other cards, cash, and IDs. Wallets with coin pocket are a great way to carry coins and stay organized as you travel.

There are coin pouches with snap buttons at the front with slots for your cards, but there are also wallets that zip all the way around for extra security.

Go with a Zippered Wallet for a More Vintage Look

zippered wallet

It is no secret that zippered wallets are not exactly at the forefront of style in the modern-day fashion world, but it has a vintage look like no other and it is very practical if you put things in your wallet that you don’t want to fall out at some point.

Zippered wallets add a layer of security while still being functional. Modern zip around wallets are improving the style quality with every new design, making them thinner and more utilitarian.

There are some nice designs now that even add a money clip on the outside for more convenience.

Zipper wallets can get bulky so it may be difficult to put them in your front pocket comfortably. If you have a lot of stuff or coins, it can be easy to overfill it, which can cause the zipper to malfunction.

Cardholder Wallets are Great for Business and Credit Cards

cardholder wallet

If you are constantly giving out business cards, the cardholder wallet is a great one to have in your possession. It is usually thin, although not as thin as the minimalist wallet.

There is usually no designated space for loose cash or store receipts so you may find yourself clearing out your card holder often.

Card holder wallets are thin enough to put in your front or back pants pocket comfortably or even in your shirt or breast pocket.

In this way, the credit card holder is a very stylish and convenient choice for business owners.

These are the most ideal if you usually need a holder for your credit cards and IDs or if you are buying it specifically for your business cards.

Otherwise, it may be a little cumbersome to try to find space to put everything.

Chain Wallets Keep You and Your Wallet Together

chained wallet

If you live in a big city or do a lot of international traveling, you know that pickpockets are fast and efficient at their work and you can find your wallet gone in an instant.

Chain wallets keep your items more secure because a chain, usually metal, attaches to your front or back belt loop and to your wallet.

The design varies depending on your need and the chain’s width and length change as well.

Oftentimes, chain wallets come with zippers so that you can zip them up with a little more added security.

It is unfortunate that you have to consider such safety measures when you are deciding what wallet to get, but it is important to think about pick-pockets and the possibility that you could become a victim.

With a chain wallet, you can focus more on enjoying your life or your trip without worrying about losing your cash or cards to a thief or leaving it behind in a cab or a restaurant.

Biker Wallets Have Unique Designs That You Can Not Miss

bikers wallet

If you see a biker wallet, you know that it is a biker wallet. The distinct design and imagery found on the wallets are invented by bikers for bikers.

If you roll with the biker crowd, you have probably seen some biker wallets at least in passing. They usually utilize the bifold or trifold platform, but a great increase in length and width.

They usually have chains that attach to the belt loops to keep it from flying away if it comes dislodged during bike travel.

These wallets are usually environmentally friendly because they are made with natural materials.

You do not have to be a biker to buy and use a biker wallet, but it is best if you appreciate the style and are okay with a larger wallet.

Keyring Wallets Help to Keep Everything in One Place

keyring wallet

Keyring wallets are the staple of convenience. As the name suggests, they come with the ability to attach your wallet to your keychain and keep your keys and wallet altogether.

This would come in handy if you are the type of person who can always remember your keys but not your wallet, or vice-versa.

Keyring wallets are usually about as thin as the slim minimalist ones with a few slots for your credit cards, identification cards, and maybe a little cash.

If you need more than the minimum amount of space for your items, you may want to get a chain wallet and hook it to your belt loop.

The important thing to remember about a key ring wallet is that if you drive with it attached to your car key, it is best to keep it lightweight so that you don’t stress out your ignition switch. More and more cars come with push buttons now though, so this may not be a problem for long.

RFID Technology is the Future of Wallet Safety

rfid blocking wallet

RFID-blocking wallets are not necessarily a specific wallet type. Rather, these are more of a technology incorporated into the designs of the wallets we already use today.

RFID technology helps to prevent scammers from using a device to scan your personal and financial information from your wallet.

Although this method of digital pickpocketing may become something to worry more about in the future, this is not a type of scam that is prevalent enough to go out of your way to buy safeguards against today.

If you find a wallet that you like that has this technology already, it is definitely okay to get one.

You will be far ahead of the curve, which is a great thing. But, right now, these wallets are years ahead of its time, which is not a terrible place to be.

Smart Wallets Make Technology Work for You

smart wallet

If you are looking for a wallet that matches the technological advances of the modern era, a smart wallet might be a great fit for you.

The best smart wallets not only have RFID blocking technology but they are equipped with Bluetooth capabilities that allow you to track your wallet if it is lost or stolen.

This technology can be very handy if you are in a foreign country or an unfamiliar city and something happens to your wallet with your identification cards in it.

Like RFID blocking wallets, these are more of a technology incorporated in other types of wallets that you can buy already.

You can find smart wallet options in a variety of types such as bifold, trifold, minimalist, and zipper.

If you are planning to visit a big city or travel internationally, perhaps this type of wallet would be a good investment to make.

Metal Wallets Keep Your Minimalist Lifestyle True to its Word

aluminum metal wallet

Metal or aluminum wallets are a relatively new style compared to some of the other wallets.

A metal wallet can be thin and is usually made in the slim, front pocket, or the money clip design. Metal wallets can come in shiny chrome colors or unique metal etchings or other designs.

It’s job is to ensure that the wallet remains the same size. It does not allow for over-stuffing and it will not get bulky in your pocket. This makes metal wallets a great pair with business suits because it completes the sleek look.

The technology for Bluetooth and RFID is there too, but you may have more style options in the non-metal varieties.

Carbon Fiber is Strong, Durable, and Lightweight

carbon fiber wallet

Crystalline carbon filaments with the thinness of human hair are weaved and packed tightly together to make carbon fiber wallets.

These are extremely durable and will last a long time even against the toughest treatment.

The carbon fiber is extremely lightweight, making it really comfortable to wear in your front or back pocket and your breast pocket.

You can get carbon fiber wallets in bifold, trifold, minimalist, and front pocket designs. Some of them even come with RFID blocking technology.

If you work in a physically tough industry like construction or mechanics, this might be the perfect choice for you.

Leather Wallets are All Not Created Equal

mens leather wallet

Leather wallets have been a sign of prestige all the way back to medieval times. Just like the old fashioned cowboy wallet shows.

While the designs are great, the way that the wallet is made is what really gives it its prestigious reputation.

Genuine leather wallets are usually fashioned from split-grain or bonded leather, where they make it from stripped pieces of leather.

Luxurious, or good quality leather wallets are made from full-grain leather, which means that it is one solid piece of leather.

If you are a fan of leather and want a wallet that ages well, in the list of best wallets for men you’ll be able to find what you are looking for.

Nylon Wallets are Perfect for the Great Outdoors

nylon wallet

If you are someone who likes to hike, kayak, climb mountains, or dive deep, a wallet made of nylon may be exactly what you need.

Nylon wallets are totally waterproof to protect your cards and paper items and they come in a variety of different designs.

They can be made 100% vegan if you are environmentally and animal safety conscious too.

The fabric of nylon is stretchy so you can fit more into it than you could in a carbon fiber, leather, or a metal wallet.

This means, if you have and use a lot of cards, you can fit more than one card into your wallet’s card slots at a time.

Canvas Wallets Allow You to Have Longevity and a Fashion-Forward Design

canvas wallet

Tightly weaved layers of fabric, canvas may be one of the most durable wallets that you may ever own, even out-lasting genuine leather in some cases.

Canvas wallets come in the usual designs like bifold, trifold, and slim, but it is common to see these in both single and multi-colored designs.

Canvas is a durable material that can be paired with leather, nylon, or even carbon fiber to create an incredible ending result.

With canvas, you can take your fashion-forward style choices to the next level and still have a durable, long-lasting wallet that can keep up with you.

Final Thoughts 

There is a wallet for everyone, on any occasion, and for any lifestyle. Whether you are constantly on the go in new locations or in environments or a business person who is always giving out your card, there is a wallet to fit your needs.

A trifold and a biker wallet may be the best choices for storing a lot of cards and currency, but if you are more of a minimalist, the slim, front pocket, or even the money clip may be the way to go.

If you are a frequent traveler, a good quality wallet is a must. For international travel, where you go in and out of airports often, an organizer wallet is even better, as in this one you’ll be able to acommodate your passport and other travel documents as well.

There are even some good options for all those patriots buying American made products only.

Smart wallets are taking the world by storm, but is there such a thing as being too smart for the current times?

With whatever wallet you choose, you can customize your choice to fit your specific requirements.