Best Long Wallets for Men

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Last Updated: September 7, 2021

When it comes to men, accessorizing is pretty much basic. For the limited things that they can play around with, the wallet is one such commodity.

To date, men are expected to carry small, pocket fit wallets that hardly provide space for anything. The size of the wallet is so restricted that it leads to crumpling of currency, any important paper, and sometimes even damaging of cards.

Gone are the days when you had to confine yourself in the defined patterns of society. Fashion needs to be out of the box for everyone. That is precisely why modern men need to switch to a classy long wallet.

What is a long wallet?

It is a slim bifold wallet that is more elongated than a regular men’s wallet. It is popularly known as the checkbook wallet as it is mostly used by people who use cheques for making payments.

Unlike a regular one, a long wallet for men is usually kept in the breast pocket of the coat or jacket, hence also known as a breast pocket wallet. It provides enough space for you to keep everything quite well-maintained neatly in different compartments.

You don’t have to juggle with two-three wallets or struggle with one small one. It provides you the ease of access so that you don’t have to waste time searching for things.

Top 10 Long Wallets for Men Reviewed

Since the market is flooded with innumerable options when it comes to long wallets, making a quality choice can be difficult.

Here is a detailed list of some extraordinary wallets that you can consider before finalizing your choice.

1. Mou Meraki Vintage Genuine Leather Long Wallet for Men

A high-quality product made with genuine leather, Mou Meraki’s wallet is one of the finest in the market. It comes with a bifold closure that is lined with polycotton on the inside.

It is an extremely spacious product, about 7.5″ X 3.54″ X 0.8″, and super soft to touch. It comes with not one but eleven card pockets! It also has a window for your ID like license and three long compartments to keep your bills straight and crisp.

One of the unique features of this wallet is that it comes with RFID blocking technology. It has been used in the wallet’s material to keep your cash and identity secured.

It also makes a great option for gifting someone special as it comes in one of the most adorable packagings.

This is one of the most secure, fashionable, and quality long wallets for men that you can find.


2. Kattee Men’s Vintage Genuine Leather Long Wallet

The Katte men’s long wallet is another elegant option to go with. It is crafted with high-quality cow leather with a zipper to keep your things secure.

It offers a lot of space to carry your essentials. It comes with eleven card pockets and four compartments to neatly place your bills in. It also has one window for your ID, all enclosed with a stylish zipper.

The best part about the product is that it comes with a year-long guarantee for its quality.

It’s rustic yet formal look makes it a perfect match for a formal as well as informal outfit. It is also a great gift for special occasions like Father’s Day, brother’s day, or even as a Christmas present.

With its stylish brown and dark brown color, this is an amazing match for your outfit.


3. Itslife Men’s RFID Vintage Look Leather Long Bifold Wallet

The Itslife men’s long bifold wallet is yet another classic product that can add to your elegance. Made from genuine cowhide leather, it is a handsome wallet that is full-grain and oil tanned.

It has enough room to carry eight cards and two full-length pockets to hold any amount of bills. It also has one ID window as well as a photo window. The wallet has an internal pocket with a zipper, where you can keep something of extreme importance.

This wallet also comes with RFID blocking that provides your cards an extra layer of security.

Be it for personal use or to gift it to someone in a luxurious packing, you will never regret this purchase.


4. Le’aokuu Mens Leather Zipper Bifold Long Wallet

The Le’aokuu men’s leather purse is a long bifold wallet that comes with a chic leather lining. It is made with premium quality leather and would not disappoint you when it comes to durability and style.

It is a very spacious wallet, about 7.28″ X 3.45″ X 0.39. It has ample slots to hold your cards and a window for your ID. It comes in a wide range of color options, so you can match it with your favorite attire.

The bifold wallet is secured with a zipper, so you don’t have to worry about things falling out all the time.

One issue with the wallet is that the leather is prone to scratches. If you are a bit carefree with your accessories, you might want to think before buying the same.


5. Tommy Hilfiger Leather Secretary Wallet

Tommy Hilfiger is a brand well known for its luxurious and quality range of products. One such item is this leather secretary wallet.

It is a piece of art made with pure sheep leather with a bifold closure. It has an exemplary capacity to hold eleven cards and two large bill compartments to hold all sizes of bills. The ID window comes with a thumb slider that lets you access your badge or ID with ease.

The famous Tommy Hilfiger logo embossed on the inside of the wallet gives it an additional edge over any other wallet.

This leather wallet is also easy to clean and maintain. Just wipe it with a damp cloth, and it looks as good as new.


6. HOJ Co. Deer Long Wallet for Men

The House of Jack long men’s wallet is a product of the American dream. Made with genuine quality leather, the wallet gets its grainy brown look naturally.

This wallet with bifold closure comes with soft and stylish fabric lining on the inside. It is slim and yet provides enough room to store your essentials.

It comes with nine card slots and one ID window. The ID window comes with a thumb-hole that allows you to have easy and quick access to your license or work badge. Apart from that, it has four full-length compartments to store bills of any size.

The color shading and grain give uniqueness to every wallet that amplifies as it ages.

It is also a perfect option for gifting to your loved ones as it comes in the most elegant packaging.


7. Luufan Men’s Genuine Leather Long Wallet

If you are looking for a wallet that is light-weight, attractive, and of genuine quality, the Luufanl is the perfect product to go for.

It is made with high-quality cow leather with a full-grain and oil tan. It comes with a bifold closure and zipper to hold everything in place in whichever position you hold it.

The wallet offers twelve card slots and one ID window. It has one huge cash compartment and two separate slots for holding cash. Another interesting add-on is a pocket for your phone.

The wallet is not just good-looking, it is also durable and has a quality of aging beautifully. It makes a great gift for your dad or brother that will last with them for a very long time.


8. Access Denied Genuine Leather Checkbook Cover

A one hundred percent genuine leather product that is well suited for men and women. This wallet is handmade with perfection and stitched with utmost precision. The durability of this product is remarkable as it lasts for years.

It comes in a unique slim design with a wide range of colors to choose from. It is perfect for keeping your checkbook along with six cards. It has a plastic divider that enables you to duplicate your checks with ease.

The wallet, however, does not come with any compartment to hold your bills or a window for your ID. So, you will have to carry another wallet to hold these things for you, which can be cumbersome.

With a lifetime warranty and the most elegant design, this is one of the best items to gift to your loved ones.


9. Leamekor Men’s Vintage Genuine Leather Long Wallet

A very rustic and vintage looking wallet, the Leamekor’s wallet is a great option if you are into old school accessories.

It is made with the finest quality leather that has been stitched to perfection. The material is strong enough to resist any type of wear and tear, which provides it extra durability and life.

It comes with twelve card slots and three compartments, big enough to hold any type of bill. It also has a window for ID.

The wallet is extremely slim, with a thickness of only one centimeter. This makes it very light-weight and easy to carry.

It comes in three classic colors that can provide that extra flamboyance that your outfit might be missing.

Be it for regular wear or party wear. Be it with a casual occasion or a highly glamorous occasion, with this quality product, you will only shine bright in the crowd.


10. RAWHYD Leather Long Wallet For Men

This mens long wallet has been handcrafted that gives it a full-grain leather look. The fineness of the nylon stitching gives this wallet an extra oomph of style.

It is very generously spaced with the capacity to hold about eight cards and enough cash to help you survive without multiple ATM runs.

The slim structure of the wallet makes it easy to fit it in the back pocket of your pants or the breast pocket of your jacket. The quality of the leather is so unique that its grace increases as it ages.

It also comes in a beautiful cotton bag, making it a highly desirable and beautiful gift for special occasions.

Another reason why this wallet becomes more desirable is that by making this purchase, you are contributing to a good cause. Every wallet bought helps in supporting a small family run business, and a part of the profits are contributed towards the education of underprivileged kids.


What to Look For in The Best Long Wallet For Men?

Though every wallet has its own uniqueness to offer, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before making a purchase.


Many people prefer accessories like wallets and belts to be made of high-quality leather. If you like that as a material preference, make sure that the leather used is high quality. Most companies use cowhide, calfskin, or other types of quality grade leathers.

You can also look for more minimalistic designs like plain skin that can be jacked to give a unique design like an alligator texture, pebbled pattern, etc.


The choice of color might depend on the usage. If you wish to use your long wallet for formals or special occasions, you can go for a more glamorous or catchy color. If you wish to use the same on a daily basis, simple and subtle colors like black or brown can be a perfect choice.


A wallet is not something that you tend to change regularly. You want something that is durable and lasts long. If that is your choice, make sure to go for a reputed brand that is in the business of making such wallets. This way, you make sure what you have is a quality product at your end.