Best Men’s Wallets With Coin Compartment Review

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Last Updated: September 7, 2021

Are you struggling to make peace with the coin storing pouches? Are you sick of the clinking sounds your coins make every time you walk with them loose in your pocket?

The good news is now there are solutions to this problem. Say goodbye to the coin-carrying load from your everyday life. You can now simply put your coins into your wallet. Confused?

Don’t be! Many men’s wallets are equipped with coin pockets for your convenience without compromising the style and class the wallet adds to your look.

In our busy lives, we barely have time to think of problems such as coin-carrying issues. But the makers of the products below did all the thinking for you. From their functionality to their classy design, the manufacturers of these men’s wallets would become your go-to wallet choices.

Best Men’s Wallet With Coin Pouch – Top 6 Reviewed

1. Fossil Men’s Quinn Leather Bifold Wallet

Fossil’s mens leather bifold wallet has been in the market for quite some time, and users cannot be happier with their products. All of them are imported and their designs are inspired by American creativity and ingenuity.

Fossil’s objective is to introduce top quality, fashionable accessories aiming at the highest satisfactory ratios from their customers. They are efficient in creating both vintage and American styles with forward-thinking designs.

Their high-quality leather is popular for its efficiency and softness. This wallet features a polyester lining that adds to its design and secures it perfectly.

The RFID blocking is undoubtedly the feature you cannot give up when opting for this product. It protects your card from Radio Frequency Identification chips that can cause identification thefts.

It has basic yet powerful features designed with leather and several compartments to store your business cards, cash, and even your change. It has a e large coin pocket to help you reduce your coin carrying problems.

With a divided bill compartment, a flap coin pocket, an ID window, and two slide pockets, along with eight card slots, the wallet measures 45 x 1 x 375 inches.

Even if you’re carrying it home or your daily workspace, this perfectly portable, stylish and lightweight wallet has nothing to fulfil but your expectations.


2. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Leather Wallet with Coin Pocket

Made from 100% genuine leather, Tommy Hilfiger’s leather bifold wallet with coin pocket is one of the most popular brands in the market. Users have expressed mostly positive reviews about their purchases.

The refined design of the leather wallet has tonal stitched at the edges with the Hilfiger logo on the front.

It is compact with bifold closure and features a coin pocket, three inner card slots, two hidden slip pockets, and a bill compartment. All in all, you get enough space to store your essentials.

The slim design make it the perfect size to keep in your pocket, front or back. It is an ideal choice if you are looking for a practical purchase with good looks and a well-functioned coin pouch.


3. Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s Leather Bifold Wallet

Made of 100% leather material, the Kenneth Cole Reaction is an imported wallet with a leather lining. The good thing is the lining blends with the material easily without compromising the look and feel.

It has no closure and is compatible with dry cleaning only. This is because dry cleaning preserves the leather quality and ensures durability. The material is genuine leather which is of high and premium quality.

Kenneth Cole has curated this wallet with a sturdy and stylish finish that adds to your fashionable look. The zipper secures the contents of the coin pocket.

The leather bifold wallet has eight pockets and a compartment to store the currency notes, with ample space for your cards, photos, and notes. Additionally, Kenneth Cole equips its leather wallets with the RFID technology preventing ID theft off of your contactless cards.

This makes a great addition to your collection if you’re looking for a practical design that is also stylish and classy.


4. Rustic Town Leather RFID Blocking Wallet for Men With Coin Pocket

The sleek and slim design of the leather wallet by Rustic Town is the main factor for the overall satisfactory performance for most users. Moreover, the stylish bifold closure design offers ample storage capacity.

If you prefer a vintage look, this wallet is certainly meant for you. Not only will it add to your collection of unique leather-finish vintage items, but it will also add to your fashionable look.

With two compartments to hold your currency notes, eight card slots, a coin pocket, an ID window, this one will be your go-to pouch once you are familiar with it.

It has dimensions of 11.9 x 8.8 x 2.0 cm. Additionally, the wallet is equipped with RFID blocking technology to protect all your important personal data from identity thefts. This way, your privacy is secure.

Softer and slimmer than competing leather wallets, this one gives you a supple and organic feel with its authentic Buff hide exterior. And with the genuine leather, the color grows to be more authentic and attractive over time.

If you are looking for a slim and sleek design to replace your bulkier wallet, that too, added with a coin pocket, this one is a great choice.


5. Michael Kors Men’s Cooper Billfold Wallet with Coin Pocket

You must have heard about the high and premium quality products by Michael Kors. They have designed this leather wallet for men with the vision of bringing into the market a classy design that also fulfills the need for a coin pocket practically.

With the bifold closure, it becomes the epitome of storage capacity for your essentials.

The material of the pocket wallet is coated with canvas by 69%. It is made of 17% polyester, with the rest being cotton and polyurethane. It has one billfold compartment, eight card slots, a removable pass case with an ID window with additional two card slots.

It is made of 100% leather with polyester lining on the outside to suit the design.

If you like to maintain your class in the fashion sense and all the accessories you wear, the Michael Kors Men’s Cooper wallet with coin compartment is the right choice.


6. MANBANG Mens Leather Wallet with Zip Coin Pocket

Made of first-layer cowhide, the genuine leather of the Manbang men’s wallet showcases design and efficient functionality. This is why it is also highly desired by the users for its quality material and performance.

It is a unique approach to currency notes and coin carrying problems. The wallet is comfortable to touch and hold. It is wear-resistant, which makes its color long-lasting and difficult to fade.

Manbang features a see-through ID window with eight card slots, a zipper pocket for coins, and plenty of storage capacity. In terms of storage, you cannot be happier with its arrangements. Its functionality offers ample organization compartments for your essentials.

With the increased need for security, the Manbang’s wallet is equipped with RFID that prevents identity thefts by blocking the Radio Frequency Identification chips.

This multipurpose wallet is user-friendly and is best for practical use. The versatile fit is more focused when you can use it both as a normal wallet and a coin pocket.

The large storage capacity is certainly one of its highlights. It makes a great fit for someone mostly on the go or who needs coins handy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do Men’s Wallets Have Coin Pouches?

Usually, men’s wallets do not have coin pouches. But that has come up to be bothersome to many. This is why many companies have brought up new designs with coin pouches like those in this round-up. Now you have many options with or without coin pockets among men’s wallets.

Should I Carry Coins in My Wallet?

Coins are space-consuming and also tend to add to your weight. Carrying them is not ideal when you need to be on the move frequently. It’s a better choice to store them in jars. But if it’s necessary to carry your coins along with you, you can purchase a zippered pouch for them.

Which Brand is Best For Men’s Coin Wallets?

The brands listed above are all efficient in producing their range of wallets for men that also have a coin pouch included. However, if you want any one suggestion that’s the best among men’s coin wallets, you can trust the Fossil’s range. They are functional and stylish.


Men’s coin-carrying problems are now over with the introduction of coin pouches attached to wallets. You can now carry your coins easily along with your cash and cards.

Among the ones mentioned in the list above, it depends on your preferences as to which coin wallet you settle on. However, the Fossil Men’s Leather Bifold Wallet has earned the plaudits of many users, and we recommend it too for both its design and usability.

All in all, make sure to research the products well before making a decision.