Can You Wear Running Shoes Casually?

Last Updated: February 1, 2024

Are you wondering if you can wear your running shoes in a casual outfit? Want to be comfortable but still stylish?

Yes, you can wear running shoes casually. They are made for comfort and provide more support, so they work very well as a stylish and comfortable footwear in your wardrobe. But you shouldn’t wear the shoes you run with too often as casual shoes because they can wear down faster. 

While running and training shoes are great for their intended use, they can also be great for pairing with a casual outfit or even just for everyday use. They are stylish, supportive and comfortable, but be aware they could wear out fast.

running shoes good for casual wear

Is it Okay to Wear Running Shoes Casually?

Yes, it is okay to wear running shoes casually. They are made for comfort, support, and performance, and walking in a mall or going on a casual date are great ways to wear these shoes.

When wearing running or training shoes casually, you can prevent your feet from getting blisters or being sore after walking a long distance through a city.

Running shoes have become more stylish and sleek in recent years, so they can match very well with casual outfits too.

Are Running Shoes Good For Casual Wear?

Running and training shoes are good for casual wear when paired with the right outfit. They better suit less formal outfits, like those with jeans or casual pants.

It’s not advisable to wear running shoes with formal office attire unless, of course, your office has a more casual dress code. If your office allows, they are great for your commute to work and on the job without the need to bring another more formal pair of shoes for the work setting.

How to Match Your Running Shoes With an Outfit

Consider the color and style

When matching your running shoes with an outfit it’s better to consider the colors and style of the shoe. When you’re using them for work outs, however, it’s better to focus on performance and functionality.

These shoes can be paired with jeans, shorts, sweaters, and t-shirts for a sporty and casual look. Making sure the colors in your outfit match is important as well, so be aware of the complementary colors in your outfit and your running shoes.

Jeans, sweatpants and sporty shorts

Avoid anything like chino pants and shorts or dress pants when pairing running shoes to your outfit. Jeans, sweatpants, and sporty shorts work better with such shoes and provide a casual look.

Avoid oversized clothing

Training shoes are known to have a more supportive arch and close-to-the-ground feel where they can look less bulky than some other casual athletic shoes. With that said, you should also avoid wearing oversized clothing if you want to wear running shoes.

Beware of the socks

It would also be good that the color of your socks matches the color of your pants. No-show or ankle socks are also recommended since they make them look more casual. Longer socks make the outfit look too formal.

hidden socks when wearing running shoes

Why You Should Not Wear Running Shoes Casually

Shorter lifespan

You should not wear running shoes casually too often because they tend to wear out the more you use them, especially for both running and casual use. They wear out more from running than from walking and standing around, but their lifespan can be shortened if worn during both instances.

In addition, walking in a running shoe compresses the heel cushion faster, which in turn will affect its transition when running.

Time needed for recovery

Running shoes need at least 24-48 hours to recover from use during a run. If you use them for both running and casual wear, they wouldn’t have enough time to recover and could become worn out a lot faster than if you used them for one purpose at a time.

Delicate midsole

The midsole is really what makes it a running shoe, it needs to be soft to provide support when you run. Every time you use it, you compress the midsole. And if used too often, it will fail to give you the support you need when running.


Running shoes are expensive and use advanced technologies. These technologies are developed to help performance when running, these add to the cost of the shoe and are wasted when not used for their intended purpose.

Final Thoughts

So it’s perfecty okay to walk in your running shoes and use them for everyday wear. If you look around in a park or on your commute, you will likely see someone wearing casual clothes and a pair of running sneakers.

However, keep in mind that if you use these frequently for long walks, you’ll end up prematurely wearing them out.

It is more recommended to use shoes that have become obsolete for your running habits. Your running shoes have a certain amount of mileage (about 500-800km) that they can be used for before they become less comfortable and wear down, that is the time to get a new pair.

This way you will have a pair of shoes for running and another one to wear casually and you will not need to replace them so often.

When using running shoes for casual wear, always ensure you style them with the right pair of pants and socks.