Men Wearing Thongs – Is it Ok?

Last Updated: June 14, 2022

Many women have been wearing thongs for years, especially when they’re dressing up in an outfit that’s form-fitting and they’re trying to avoid visible panty lines. Given that thongs, when they fit right, can be very comfortable and easy to wear, do men wear thongs too?

Men can absolutely wear thongs; in fact, there are thongs available that are designed specifically for men to wear.

For men, thongs can serve a practical purpose, or they can just be their underwear of preference. Just like women, men need to be careful how often they wear thongs and ensure they choose the right kind for their needs.

man wearing thongs

Below, find out more why men wear thongs, as there are some stigmas to be broken about how many men can or do wear thongs.

Is it Normal For Men to Wear Thongs?

Men wearing thongs is not a new concept. Men have been enjoying the freedom of the thong for a very long time. While there have been certain taboos surrounding whether or not men were allowed to wear thongs, it hasn’t stopped them from enjoying the way they feel.

Since fashion and lingerie have both become much more inclusive industries, the social acceptability of men wearing thongs has, for the most part, completely changed. Even though the taboos may still exist in certain groups, men should still feel free to wear thongs if they love them.

Going back to the inclusivity piece, thongs for men have become much more marketable and as such, more underwear designers are starting to produce thongs for men. This makes it much easier for guys to shop for thongs, giving them more options to choose from.

Do Straight Guys Wear Thongs?

Thongs are not just for gay men. Thongs can be worn by absolutely everyone, and sexuality has nothing to do with it. The same applies to bras and all types of underwear.

Since you’re likely not showing off your underwear to anyone other than your partner, there should be no fear of judgment if you’re a straight man and you like thongs.

Thongs have a way of making the wearer feel in tune with their sexiness and confidence, and that luxury is something that everyone deserves to enjoy, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Do Guys Like Wearing Thongs?

Guys can enjoy wearing thongs for a variety of reasons. It may suit them well when it comes to an athletic wardrobe, as they allow for more breathability during exercise. Guys might also like wearing thongs because they don’t bunch up underneath clothing like boxers can.

Thongs can also be an ideal choice for men who want to be supported, but don’t feel comfortable in other styles of underwear. They can also be a comfortable option for men who prefer going commando, but can’t on certain occasions. When a thong fits well, it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all.

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Thongs can also make a man feel sexy, just like they do for women. Since men can be just as self conscious as women are, they can benefit from something as simple as a pair of sexy underwear to make them feel hot.

Are Thongs Healthy For Men to Wear?

Thongs do come with their health risks for men, just as they do for women. These risks are not necessarily detrimental to your health, but they are things to be aware of so thongs don’t cause a big health problem. Risk is low so long as you change your underwear often and keep up proper hygiene practices.

Material is an important factor when it comes to thongs, as fabrics that aren’t breathable or don’t handle moisture well can cause irritation, odor, and potential infection, especially if you’re wearing the thong all day. It’s important that, if you choose to wear thongs for exercise (which is usually not recommended) you change your underwear as soon as you’re done.

Make sure that you choose thongs made with breathable fabrics, and consider getting thongs with either antibacterial or moisture-wicking properties if you’re wearing them during physical activity. When thongs fit well and are made with quality fabrics, they can actually help avoid chafing in the package department, which is great news especially for summertime.

You also want to make sure it fits well, if its too small it will just keep riding up your bum. Whether you choose a simple thongs or g-strings it will also need to account for your package, one that’s too small will cause unnecessary constriction in that area.

Final Thoughts 

So do men wear thongs? It’s likely that more men than you’re aware of wear thongs, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Thongs can be a great underwear style to have in your drawer for so many reasons, from practical to aesthetic.

Thongs say nothing about your sexuality or gender, but they certainly can make you feel sexy and free.