Do Men Wear Bras? (Is it Ok and Why?)

Last Updated: June 14, 2022

Both the fashion and lingerie industries have made strides towards inclusion, diversity, and promoting the freedom to express yourself through what you wear. Men have been limited in fashion choices compared to women for some time, but that’s starting to change.

As such, you might wonder, if men can wear bras and get away with it.

It may seem unnecessary for men to wear bras as they don’t tend to have breasts, but guys do wear bras, and they can if they want to.

Regardless of how a man identifies, they can choose to wear a bra for many reasons. It’s also possible that bras serve a more practical purpose for men that just haven’t made it into the mainstream as of now.

man wearing a bra

Regardless of why a man might choose to wear a bra, he should feel the freedom to do so.

Is it Okay for a Man to Wear a Bra?

It is more than okay for a man to wear a bra. Bras are not just exclusive for women, genderfluid men, drag queens, or trans men. Anyone who wants to wear a bra should feel as though they can do so without judgment.

Moreover, bras are being designed specifically for men. It can be difficult for men to shop for a bra that has been designed for a woman’s body, as men tend to have broader chests and wider midsections than women do. Bras with less structure, such as bralettes, soft bras, or sports bras, might be a little bit easier to find.

Men need to be just as selective with their bras as women are. It’s important to measure for size, and choose bras based on material, fit, and purpose. Not all bras are created to be worn regardless of activity, and an ill-fitting bra can be just as uncomfortable for a male body as it is for a female body.

Why Do Men Wear Bras?

One reason a man might wear bras is due to medical concerns. For instance, there’s a condition known as gynecomastia in which men will develop enlarged breast tissue, and a bra can help them feel supported or to try and conceal their condition until they are able to accept it. There are men’s bras designed to constrict or conceal gynecomastia if that’s something he is looking for.

Men might also wear sports bras during sports activities to prevent issues such as nipple chafing. A man could also wear this bra during physical activity in order to help them wear a heart monitor or another similar device.

If a man has a more developed chest, regardless of medical issues, he might find wearing a bra keeps him feeling comfortable and supported during workouts.

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Some men will also wear bras because they like the way a bra makes them feel. It could be to embrace their feminine side, to feel sexy, or simply because they enjoy the act of wearing a bra. This may or may not have anything to do with their sexuality, and assumptions should not be made about a man’s sexuality because he likes to wear a bra.

Do Women Find it Acceptable for Men to Wear a Bra?

Some women may be confused as to why a man might wear a bra, while some will embrace a man’s choice to dress as he pleases. It could be hard for women to understand why men would want to wear bras, as women often lament how uncomfortable they can be.

Women should understand, first and foremost, that a man who enjoys wearing a bra may not enjoy it because they desire to be a woman. There can be multiple reasons why a man wears a bra, and it’s important to take the time to listen without judgment or preconceived notions.

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While the bra might serve a sexual purpose, it does not conclusively determine a man’s sexuality.

Why Do Men’s Soccer Players Wear Bras?

Some men’s soccer players will wear bras that are specifically designed to monitor their physical conditions during workouts, practices, or games. These will serve multiple purposes, from checking heart rate, calories burnt, energy levels, and fatigue levels. This data is usually monitored by a trainer or health professional to improve and enhance performance.

Male soccer players, as well as other athletes, might also choose to wear a bra to avoid chafing. This could be nipple chafing, or simple chafing and irritation caused by their shirt building up with sweat and rubbing against their bare chest.

Final Thoughts

So, do men really wear bras? They do, and the reasons can be diverse. Nothing in fashion or lingerie should be gender exclusive, especially if something makes someone feel confident, put together, or secure.

Whether a man chooses to wear a bra for aesthetic or practical reasons, he should be able to do it freely.