What Color Shirt Goes With Navy Blue Pants?

Last Updated: July 14, 2022

Navy blue is a neutral that is underutilized, but it shouldn’t be; the creativity you can express when dressing up with a pair of navy pants is endless.

If you have navy pants that are just sitting at the back of your closet, you may want to pull them out. Before you do, you’ll likely want to know; what color shirt goes with navy pants?

Navy blue can be paired with just about every color under the sun. There are safe options for how to pair different colors with navy, as well as more fun options if you’re looking to make a style statement.

what colors go with navy blue pants

Regardless of your comfort level when it comes to fashion, you’ll be able to find endless ways to wear your navy blue pants.

Below, I’ll explore some of the best outfit combinations to use with those navy pants that have been neglected in your wardrobe up until now.

What Colors Go With Navy Blue Pants?

You can wear every color with a pair of navy blue pants. You can stick with other neutral colors if you’re looking for a basic outfit that works for every occasion. Every neutral works with navy, from white to black to brown to gray. Otherwise, you can truly get creative with the colors and patterns you pair with your navy pants.

Going with a lighter color on top creates a nice contrast against the darker navy hue, and is one of the easiest style tips that anyone can follow. You’re hard-pressed to create an outfit that doesn’t work when you stick with lighter colors on top.

If you want to stick with a darker color on top, you can do so with ease. Saturated shades of green, reds, browns, and purples will look beautiful against dark navy pants. Navy blue can add some life to colorful items more vibrantly than other neutrals.

Some people prefer to follow fashion “rules” before they get more comfortable taking risks with their personal style. If you’re someone who likes to dress for the seasons, you can stick with going light on top for spring and summer, and dark on top for fall and winter.

Navy Blue Pants And Shirts Combinations

Certain colors are well-known to look striking when worn with navy blue. If you’re looking to have some safe options, stick with the colors below. You aren’t limited to the following colors, but these suggestions can get you started with creating a wardrobe around your navy blue pants.

1. White Shirt

man wearing white shirt and navy blue pants

White is probably the easiest color to wear with navy pants. A crisp white button up with some navy dress pants is effortless for work or for formal occasions. Conversely, a beautiful white t-shirt that fits your body well is going to look lovely with some navy jeans or chinos.

2. Red Shirt

wearing red shirt and navy blue pants

Red worn with navy is a bolder choice, but these two colors look so nice together. If you’re looking to dress up, a burgundy or maroon shirt looks very handsome with some navy dress pants. The same color options work well with a casual navy pants, as can lighter and brighter shades.

3. Pink Shirt

pink shirt with navy blue pants

Pink and navy is such a great combination of colors. A pale pink dress shirt works nicely with navy pants if you’re looking to inject some fun into your work or wedding wardrobe. Pinks can be tricky to pull off depending on your skin tone, so find a shade that you feel compliments you and it’s guaranteed to look great with your navy bottoms.

4. Gray Shirt

wearing gray shirt with navy blue pants

Gray is another neutral that pairs well with navy. You can pick any shade of gray and wear it well with your navy pants. Dark gray and navy are beautiful together for fall and winter, while light gray and navy can make for a nice summer ensemble.

5. Light Blue Shirt

light blue shirt with navy blue pants

Light blue paired with navy creates a beautifully contrasting color combination that can suit you well for any occasion. A nice light blue dress shirt with a pattern worn with some navy dress pants can be work or date appropriate. A light blue tee with some navy chinos also looks good for a refined outfit for the weekend.

Can You Wear a Black Shirt With Navy Pants?

Black actually looks really nice when worn with navy pants. It can be a little bit harsh to go dark all over during the warmer months, but it can still be done. If you’re going to wear a black button up shirt with some navy dress pants, you can have some fun with the tie you choose by going for a pattern with a pop of color.

A black polo or tee can be worn with some navy chinos or jeans to create an easy outfit. If you feel like the color combination is too dark, play with some pattern that features color to brighten things up.

What Color Shirt Goes Best With Blue Jeans?

Depending on who you ask, denim is neutral. This is because denim can be worn with just about anything and any color. As always, you can play it safe with a nice white t-shirt and blue jeans; this is a basic uniform that looks good on absolutely everyone. Other neutrals such as black, gray, and navy pair nicely with blue jeans as well.

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If you’d like to get a little bit more creative with your blue jeans, you can play with pinks, purples, and blues. You get variety with these colors, and they can all complement a nice pair of blue jeans very well. The lighter the denim, the lighter the color you may want to choose.

Final Thoughts 

What is most important when you’re getting dressed and deciding which colors go with other colors is your attitude. You can pull off anything when you’re confident in how you look.

Thankfully, navy blue is one of those colors that you can’t go wrong with no matter your personal aesthetic and how bold you choose to go with what you wear.