How to Wear a Baseball Cap with Glasses

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Last Updated: December 12, 2022

Going on a vacation and want to keep your face protected from the sun with a baseball cap, but not sure how to best carry it with glasses? No worries. Here’s a little guide on how to slay the look wearing your favorite baseball cap paired up with glasses.

A baseball cap is a sports headgear. It came into existence by baseball teams and, in no time, became essential for all the baseball players. Although the primary purpose of wearing it was to keep the sun out of players’ faces, as time’s passing and the fashion industry is being evolved, it has now become a part of high fashion. It is worn by females and males both as an accessory and for fashion purposes, and if it’s styled properly, it looks pretty fashionable.

Pairing It Up – Cap and Sunglasses Combo

People who wear specs and sunglasses often find wearing a baseball cap a bit tricky. This is because if you have a fitted cap and you put the arms of the glasses under the hat, it becomes way too tight. When you put them over the hat, your glasses get stretched, and in all honesty, it makes a person look like an unfashionable teenager.

So, to avoid that from happening, go for a slightly loose cap so that you can fit your glasses in. Baseball caps are best for people who don’t really like wearing a full sun hat. Plus, they are perfect if you have a long hair or for covering up those bad hair days.

We all can agree on the fact that caps and frames look really nice together only if they are paired up in a stylish manner. So, one thing for sure is that if you are wearing a cap, do-not go for frames that are too glam or fancy. Instead, go for frames that are casual and have that aesthetic feel to them. You might want to consider wearing sleek aviators paired up with your favorite baseball cap.

You can also opt for wayfarer-shaped glasses that have a slightly feminine shape to them, like those of Ray-bans’ rounded glasses. These glasses are in sleek tortoiseshell (you must have seen Kate Middleton wearing these) and have a sporty and aesthetic vibe to them. Moreover, they feel less like you’re running from the paparazzi and more like you’re wearing this sporty yet stylish combo for a reason.

The Comfort That Comes With it

It’s common knowledge that almost all the baseball caps have a snug fit in, which is why you definitely would want to keep in mind your comfort while selecting the frames. So, all in all, the style of the hat really matters as it makes you decide what kind of frames you want to pair with it. Always keep in mind that your frames must compliment your headgear (if you’re wearing any).

Wrap Up

One might look at a baseball cap and think of it as an accessory, but it is way more than that. Not only do these caps provide comfort in a whole lot of ways, but they also play a significant role in the fashion-wear world. If you have figured out how to wear caps with class, you have won the game.