The Best Dad Hats – 7 Cool Picks Reviewed

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Last Updated: September 21, 2021

For years, hats have been overlooked as irrelevant accessories, and our plain old, constantly tired-looking dads in their khakis, classic Polos, and chunky trainers have been maligned for their wardrobes.

Dads mostly wear their hats for a few general reasons. Some wear it while running their errands on Sunday afternoons, some while trimming their grass in the backyard, some to cover their receding hairlines or to cover their face. At the same time, they rest on their hammocks, while some show their devotion towards the Yankees, and maybe quite a very few take hats as a fashion statement.

Today, thanks to the ‘high-end designers,’ the two underdogs have been merged to make a revolutionary term called “dad hat.”

Dad hats is state-of-the-art term, but these hats have been around for quite a while; baseball caps, Cadet caps, sun hats all fit into these categories. These pay more emphasis to function over style; they are hassle-free caps you will see every other dad wearing by the curb.

Best Dad Hats Reviewed – Top 7 Picks

We have thoroughly searched through the web to find the perfect hat for all the dads out there.

1. Trendy Apparel Shop World’s Best Dad Embroidered Dad Hat Cap

What else screams a dad hat more than a baseball cap with the words; “World’s Best DAD” embroidered on its front. This low-profile cap has a very simplistic design and functional structure. It is made up of pure cotton, which gives it the soft feel and comfortable wear, the ventilation holes on top of each panel allow air to breeze through.

Six panels are sewn together that make the top of the unstructured front crown with the embroidered text as the only detail on it, which gives it a very casual look and a pre-curved bill; helps you protect from the scorching sun rays when you are out, performing your best dad chores.

  • Comes in a spectacular range of colors
  • Economical but good quality
  • Adjustable metal buckle strap for size adjustment
  • Basic design goes well with everyday outfits
  • One-size option may run bigger for some

This embroidered baseball cap can make a very sentimental father’s day gift, which every dad would wear around with pride.


2. KBETHOS Daddy Hat Vintage Baseball Cap

When it comes to dad caps, KBETHOS knows how to make the best hats; producing dad caps at a large scale for years; KBETHOS excels in quality and functionality.

Made out of superior quality pure cotton, this cap is made for a comfortable and laid-back fit. On the front panel is embroidered “DADDY” with a very sleek font, which itself makes a subtle statement and crowns you with the superior title, which comes with perks of its own.

This fuss-free baseball cap fits perfectly in the dad hat category. The unstructured crown gives it a nonchalant look which is meant to be thrown on and goes well with any look.

  • Adjustable buckle helps achieve a better fit
  • The embroidered front is neat and legible
  • Made out of breathable cotton
  • Embroidered eyelets on the top allow ample ventilation
  • Adjusting buckle is not made of stainless steel

Breathable material and neat stitching, along with the adjustable buckle, contribute to a good complacent fit that stays snug on your head all day.


3. Stetson Pre Creased Felt Cowboy Hat

With the influx of millennial dads choosing the casual baseball caps as their customary hats, there are dads out there who lean towards the western hats; their love for their western culture still stands tall.

This heritage brand has been in business for a long and knows how to manufacture hats to high standards. This cowboy style hat is made from their iconic, high-quality 6X fur felt blend for incomparable softness and durability. A grosgrain hatband around it adds the required sophisticated texture.

It can be styled both in modern or western ways. It has a classic cattle-man crown that gets hand-pressed to match the frontier-style silhouette. The cowboy hat stays cinched down on your head, shielding you from the sun while you stroll around looking dapper as ever.

  • A brown leather sweatband is hand-sown
  • Lined with satin on the inside
  • Additional pin accessory
  • High crown provides more headroom
  • Thick flat brim shelters from sun-rays
  • Not the most affordable option

Worn with the brim turned up or down, this timeless frontier-style made by skilled hatters make for a true western gentleman.


4. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Ardin Dad Hat

Tommy Hilfiger is a high-end brand, well known for its top-notch uni-sex apparel. This 80’s brand has now made a come-back with their new contemporary designs. Amongst their recent clothing line, the Ardin dad hat is one of the most sought-after pieces.

High-quality cotton twill and ventilation grommets on this cap make this ideal cap head-wear for summers. The soft washed cotton is non-itchy on the head, and the grommets on the top allow ample air circulation, making sure your head does not turn into a grease ball by the end of the day.

This cap’s entire overlook is quite minimalist, with a down-sized Tommy’s iconic, red and blue flag logo chain-stitched at the front and “HILFIGER” embroidered alongside the arc at the back. This subtle design lets you pairs nicely with all kinds of outfits without overshadowing them.

  • Available in vivid and neutral shades
  • Adjustable buckle for size adjustment
  • Thick visor shields from sun-rays
  • Metal buckle may leave stains if left in moisture for long

It is the perfect option for dads who are easing their way into trying out baseball caps without looking like a swagger rapper.


5. KBETHOS Classic Polo Style Baseball Cap

KBETHOS produces numerous hats, yet another one by this brand squeezed its way into the list. A black dad hat is an essential piece of clothing in your wardrobe, even if you are not a dad.

The low profile hat has an unconstructed crown and is made up of 100% cotton, giving it a light profile and a casual, everyday feel. The dad hat has panels niftily stitched together with ventilation grommets on the top that keep you breezy even when you spend all day cheering at your kids’ baseball game.

A simple, well stitched black cap can elevate any outfit; pair it with a sweatshirt or a formal button-down; with a black cap, you can never go wrong.

  • Miscellaneous patterns and colors to choose from
  • Metal back closure adjusts to all head sizes
  • Gender-neutral design for all
  • Non-stainless steel buckle may get rusty

Do not limit this morning hat; to cover up your bad hair days, a simple black cap can be styled in unlimited ways.


6. Panama Jack Men’s Original Canvas Safari Sun Hat

Now baseball caps on a fancy cruise is an unpleasant view. You need to switch things up and choose the right hat for your vacations, no matter how close to your heart your baseball cap is to you.

Panama Jack is renowned for its sun hats, and this Canvas Safari one is a perfect fit for dads because of its functional and stylish features. It is constructed out of lightweight canvas cloth, with air vents, stitched sweatband, and a thick 2 ½ inches stiff brim, making it an ideal dad hat to beat the sun.

You can wear this versatile sun hat anywhere, whether you’re off to lounge on a sunbed, going to play your favorite sport, or mowing away your backyard grass.

  • Unisex design makes it versatile
  • Available in neutral colors
  • Sizes available from small up to xx-large
  • Wrongly marked size tags

Do not forget to add this cool sun hat to your suitcase when planning a new escape to the tropics.


7. Goorin Bros. Men’s Private Cadet

Goorin Bros have been in business for decades, producing top-notch head-wears. Likely so, their Private Cadet cap is well constructed, and its design is emblematic of the 70s era, back when they were popular.

It is made purely out of cotton, making it a good option for any time of the year; the breathable fabric allows ample air to flow in keeping you dry and fresh in hot or humid weather conditions.

Also, it has few soft structured panels, which leaves ample room for customization. This cap has a fan following its own, and many dads have been rocking it as “their own style statement” for years.

  • Comes in two options of Goorins logo placement; front or back
  • Sizes start from small up-to extra large
  • Available in a range of neutral color palette
  • Machine wash will deduct years from its durability

This Cadet cap is a good fit for those looking for an understated everyday cap, and a variety of sizes means that it can win with your family members too.


Factors to Consider Before Buying a Dad Hat

A couple of factors contribute to finding your ideal dad hat, below are summarized points that will save you from the hassle.


First and foremost, you need to choose the right material. It all depends upon this factor since an uncomfortable hat never feels right. If you plan to wear your dad’s hat out in the sun, then make sure the fabric used is breathable and allows an adequate amount of air to ventilate through. Fabric-like cotton or mesh keeps your head cool and your hair non-greasy. While polyester has moisture-wicking properties, it will be beneficial for dads who sweat profusely.


There are two main categories when it comes to the structure of a cap. A structured cap has a body to its skeleton and sits upright on your head, more like a snapback cap. While an unstructured hat does not feel stiff, it almost sits loosely and has buoyance to its skeleton. Depending on your preference and field of work, you may choose between the two.

Additional features

It’s always a bonus if your hat checks all the boxes of your preference. Look for additional features like sweat-wicking bands; it wicks off sweat from the inside of the cap and helps it evaporate out, keeping your head dry all day.

Most caps come in one size options; in that case, adjustable back straps always come in handy, choose from Velcro, Snapback, or metal adjusters.

It’s also important to choose the hat that fits your head’s size; opt for a high profile one with a high crown if you have an elongated head, and a low profile hat if your head is smaller.

How to Style Your Dad Hats?


Though it does not get simpler than wearing a cap with everyday clothes, less is more in this case. Layer basic clothing items, like straight jeans, a tee, and a light over jacket with a contrasting baseball cap, and you are ready for the day.


Pairing baseball caps with sporty clothes might sound like the match made in heaven, but behold, you do not want to look like you just run off the baseball pitch. Here it would help if you went easy with athletic clothes. Pair your jogger pants and cap with structured tops or the other way round.


Now, this might sound unconventional and a tricky outfit to pull off, but we see it all over the runway, and all the high-end designers are doing it, and that’s your cue to follow. We have cracked the code here; you need to balance your attire’s formal and casual elements.

Pair your tailored trousers with rolled sleeves t-shirt and a neutral-toned dad cap, tapered jeans with an over-sized blazer, and a Yankees cap to cap it off.


There are endless ways you can style this timeless piece, and you don’t even have to be a dad to pull it off. The low-profile Embroidered World’s Best Dad by Trendy Apparel ranks the highest on our list. Nothing says a dad hat more than this one; this cap’s sleek design and functional outlook will win every dad’s heart for sure.