Best Camo Wallets

Camo design and color is seen to be attractive by a lot of people. Generally any item with a camo design looks good and has a masculine feel and the same can be said about camo wallets. A camo wallet maybe just what you need to complete your masculine outlook, and if you are here you probably think so too. Below, we will be introducing you to the best camo wallets for men to suit your style so you can switch it up a little.

1. Herschel Roy RFID Wallet

Herschel Roy BI-fold wallet is one of the best camo wallets you can get and even one of the best wallets in general. The sleek design of the wallet was made with people of various tastes in mind and it comes in up to 22 different colors.

The wallet can be washed when it gets dirty due to it being made from durable fabric. It also features a signature striped fabric liner which makes it an attractive one.

This wallet guarantees security with the use of RFID blocking technology to help prevent unauthorized scanning of identification, credits and debit cards.

The wallet comes with a currency sleeve and enough storage for items to be carried about. Multiple card slots also allow you to have credit cards and IDs with you at all times.


  • Made from 100% polyester
  • RFID blocking layer for security
  • Available in a lot of different colors
  • Multiple card slots


  • You might find a full wallet difficult to close

2. RFID Trifold Canvas Outdoor Sports Wallet

Parents should definitely consider getting this wallet for their kids. The Trifold outdoor sports wallet has several characteristics which makes it one of those which you should consider buying.

This camo wallet for guys was made from high quality materials to give you the best in terms of durability. It is designed with a strong fabric, smooth zipper and top-quality hook and loop fasteners. It is also a pretty portable wallet considering what it can fit inside with a size of 3.1 inch Width x 4.7 inch Long x 0.6 inch height.

The wallet features an ID window, a zipper coin purse, and 3 credit card slots among other features. This wallet can be used to carry basic accessories needed daily.

RFID blocking insulation in the wallets helps to prevent electronic pickpocketing and credit cards and identity scams.

The wallet is quite easy to clean, due to it being made from printed soft canvas and it features waterproof coating which makes it difficult for it to scratch.


  • It features RFID blocking insulation
  • Made of high quality materials
  • It is a high capacity wallet with the ability to hold several items
  • It is easy to clean


  • Some of the card slots are small and you may have to bend them in

3. JEMINAL Men’s Camo Printed Bifold Wallet

This is another sleek camo wallet that will definitely catch your attention. This wallet was designed to satisfy a wide range of needs. This is portable wallet (3.54×0.59×5.12inch / 9×1.5x13cm) and can be used by grown men, teenagers and kids.

Jeminal men’s camo wallet is a stylish bi-fold wallet that features a simple design and double snap button to keep accessories safe within. The wallet is available in up to 10 different colors to suit your preference.

The wallet is made from a canvas which is very durable and can be used in different weather conditions. It is also light and fits into the pocket without any hassle.

The camo wallet features 6 card slots to help keep all your cards at hand, a cash slot and also a zipper cash pocket to carry money about.


  • Bi-fold closure
  • Suitable for both men and boys
  • Portable and stylish
  • 6 card slots to carry around IDs and debit cards


  • No closure on the coin area of this wallet

4. RFID Trifold Canvas Camouflage Wallet for Men by JONYEE

The trifold canvas camouflage mens wallet is a quality high capacity wallet for camo lovers. This quality wallet features 1 ID window, credit card slots and a zipper coin purse on the surface. The wallet can be used to carry cash, cards, IDs and even family photos.

This camo wallet provides security with RFID blocking technology. The insulation prevents electronic pickpocketing and identity theft which makes you feel safe when you travel.

The wallet is also made from high quality materials. Well stitched and high quality loop fasteners keep your accessories safe inside. Strong fabric and loop fasteners guarantee durability of the wallet.

The closed size of this wallet is 3.2 inch Width x 4.7 inch Long x 0.5 inch height which means that it is very portable. A multifunctional snap hook is present which makes it easy to hang key chains, USB flash disk, wrist strap and other small accessories.


  • Made from high quality materials
  • RFID blocking technology
  • It is a high capacity wallet with enough room


  • The card slots are a slightly small and you may find it difficult to bring cards out

5. RealTree Men’s Trifold Wallet

RealTree men’s trifold wallet is another quality wallet that camo lovers should consider getting. It is made from 100% polyester which is testament to the quality of the wallet. It comes with a trifold closure which makes it easy to close.

The canvas camo exterior of this wallet is made from top quality materials which assures durability. 4 interior card slots provide the user with enough space to carry around his accessories.

Within the wallet you have 4 interior card slots which can be used for cards and IDs. A clear ID window allows you to see the ID and take it out when you please.

The wallet is made from durable woven fabric that won’t fray and this guarantees that you get the best in terms of longevity from this wallet.

RealTree men’s trifold wallet is also a very fashionable and casual wallet and it is perfect for everyday wear.


  • Made from durable woven fabric
  • It has a clear ID window which is perfect for people who use their ID each day
  • Fashionable camo exterior


  • Big enough for only a few items

6. Fun Express Army Camouflage Wallet

The fun express army camouflage wallet is one of the best camo wallets out there in terms of quality. It is a square fashionable wallet with a fashionable yet casual design. If you need something to be used daily with regular outfits, this wallet is just perfect for you.

The wallet features up to 6 card slots and can be used to carry debit cards, credit cards, and even IDs. It also features an ID window which makes it perfect for people who use their ID daily.

This trifold wallet features sturdy straps which makes it a very handy wallet. The jean material of this wallet makes it washable. This means that you can wash your wallet when it gets dirty without worrying about it getting dirty.

The camo men’s wallet can be gotten at an affordable price, which is quite good considering the quality materials used in the production. The wallet being causal can be used by everyone including adult men, teenagers and kids.


  • 6 card slots
  • It is made from quality materials
  • It can be washed when it gets dirty


  • Available in just one color
  • It is a bit too casual

7. Dakine Zippered Wallet

As a camo lover it is difficult to do better than the dakine wallet. This is a sleek bi-fold wallet that comes in different types of designs and materials. The wallet is made from different materials to suit the preference of the user.

This wallet features a zippered coin pocket to ensure that all the items within are safely kept. The height of the wallet was tailored to be tall in other to be able to carry bills of different sizes.

The dakine wallet is also a very fashionable wallet and fits the need of various people. It is also made from 1% urethane with graphic print which brings about durability along with the design.

Due to the wallet being available in various designs and styles, it can be used by both male and female adult and kids. It is also perfect to be used in different weather conditions as a result of durable materials from which it is made.


  • Enough room for big bills
  • It features a zippered coin pocket to keep your property safe
  • It is fashionable and comes in various designs


  • Since the pockets are not very tight, bills slip out occasionally

8. Columbia Men’s RFID Blocking Nylon Slimfold Wallet

Columbia Men’s Slimfold Wallet is made from 1005 polyester and it is perfect for people who have to carry several IDs about.

The wallet features 9 card slots for you to put debit cards, credit cards as well as IDs. 3 slips are also present to allow the user carry enough cash about. There is an ID window which makes it easy to take out and put back ID into the wallet.

Considering how much items this wallet can contain, it appears moderately sized when closed being 3.5 inches high and 4.5 inches wide.

The wallet is also perfectly designed and made from top quality materials. This makes it easy to be hand washed when it gets dirty. The Lining of this wallet is man-made and properly syncs with the overall design of the wallet.

The wallet also provides protection from identity and information theft with the use of RFID blocking insulators.


  • RFID insulator for security
  • 9 cards slots which is more than enough for most users
  • Made from quality material and can be washed


  • It appears thick when folded into the pocket

9. Tri-fold ACU Army Camouflage Wallet

This wallet is one that all lovers of camo wallets would be happy to have. It features an exterior clear ID holder, several credit card holders as well as money pocket closure. The bifold wallet has clear vinyl outside the ID window which makes it easy to read the ID.

The wallet is made from top quality polyester guarantees durability and it is a perfectly sized to fit into your pocket without any problems. This wallet is one of the toughest you can possibly get and it comes at a very reasonable price.

Tri-fold ACU Army/Navy Camouflage Wallet was designed to house your IDs, cards, cash and other valuables without any problem.  The materials used for this one were selected to ensure you get the best in terms of comfort.


  • The price is quite low considering the quality
  • It is very durable
  • The wallet is a very pocket-friendly one


  • ID is not properly concealed in this wallet

10. Lethnic Minimalist Wallet

It is impossible to make a list about top quality camo wallets without putting this one here. The lethnic minimalist wallet is made from premium materials including 100% precious Italian cowhide leather.

The cool design is something that is rarely found, combining camo pattern with silver hardware. The wallet although small and slim is functional and represents value for money.

The camo wallet allows you to carry up to 10 cards at a time as well as several folded bills. There is also room for IDs and driver license.

The wallet features amazing RFID blocking technology which has also been tested and approved to protect information on your ID and credit cards.


  • Superb RFID blocking technology provides security
  • It is a very slim and portable wallet
  • It features a very sleek design
  • It is made from quality materials


  • It is quite expensive when compared to some wallets


A man’s wallet tells you a lot about his fashion sense and somewhat about his personality and it is impossible to go wrong with a quality camo wallet. The wallets listed above are of the highest quality and you’d do well to try them out.

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