10 Best Waterproof Wallets Reviewed

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Last Updated: October 13, 2021

Fulfill your longing for hassle-free aquatic adventures with the perfect waterproof wallet. Explore the various top-quality products in the market right here.

How many times has a family member not missed out on some water-time watching over the belongings? This is a common situation easily rectified with the convenience of a waterproof wallet or essentials-storing pouch.

If you are out purchasing the ideal waterproof wallet for men that performs as it advertises, then you are in the right place. This complete review and buying guide of the best waterproof wallets is your handy partner.

Dive right in to check out which product suits your requirements and what you can expect from its underwater performance.

Best Waterproof Wallet – Top 10 Picks

1. Blue Sky BASICS Waterproof Pouch

At an affordable cost, you could not have wished for a better water-companion than the blue sky waterproof pouch! This versatile and efficient pouch-cum-money-protector offers deep-sea protection against water-entry up to 32 feet.

Its triple seal mechanism keeps water where it belongs, out of your wallet. The floatable pouches utilize PVC construction and a 3-step waterproofing technique. All you have to do is snap it shut, lock it in place and fold down the top to fasten it.

A fun day at the pool park could dramatically become distressing if you experience theft of belongings. Luckily, the blue sky pouch comes with a waist strap that ensures your money remains safe with you.

The pack-of-two measures 9.0” x 6.7” to effortlessly fit in your wallet and phone. Yes, the pouch is mobile-friendly, furnishing touch-screen compatibility through its translucent build.

Utilize the pouch as a sling, as a carry-on, or around your waist, staying secure in style. Moreover, the lifetime guarantee will keep your belongings safe no matter where your vacation takes you.

  • 3-zip locks keep the pouch efficiently waterproof
  • Easily submersible
  • Floats
  • Adjustable waist strap for a comfortable fit
  • Few pouches had leaking issues


2. VENTURE 4th Neck Pouch Wallet

If you seek a stylishly sleek water-resistant storage wallet, look no further than the Venture travel pouch. It furnishes all the comfort, security, and peace of mind you could afford when traveling or exploring.

The travel-friendly pouches go around your neck comfortably and are lightweight in design. Their breathable material is water resistant, which means no amount of sweat or moisture will leak into the neck pouches.

Moreover, the RFID treated exteriors keep potential electronic thefts at bay. Organized storage is a straightforward task with three primary compartments coupled with two zippered pockets, an ID window, and a Velcro patch.

The adjustable neck strap and the sheer sleekness of the pouch offer effortless invisibility even below thin clothing layers. Its construction utilizes water reppelent rip-stop nylon with doubly reinforced seams to last through multiple memorable trips.

  • Mesh backing keeps moisture away
  • Comfortable and secure with daily wear through numerous trips
  • Product refund for lack of customer satisfaction
  • Efficient and compartmentalized storage
  • Cumbersome size
  • Could do better around the waist than the neck


3. Specialist ID Witz Clear Waterproof Badge Holder

Witz offers the perfect product if you are looking for a small cash-and-card emergency case to access at short notice. The waterproof badge holder is your companion when you do not want a wallet bulking your pockets.

The waterproof case goes around your neck and is lightweight, giving ample room to store some necessary valuables. Their clear countenance owes to the use of ABS plastic that is crush-resistant and incorporates rubber O-rings for waterproofing.

For convenience, the case also includes a carabiner. You can opt to switch from neck-oriented storage or just clip the case on to your pant belt-loop. Additionally, it comes in various colors if you want to keep the contents private.

So, even if you accidentally drop the Witz case in water, simply shake it off and carry on with your tasks. The waterproof exterior will keep the water out and your valuables safe inside.

  • Compact storage for cards
  • Considerable waterproofing
  • Durable case lasts for years
  • Not for use under demanding work conditions
  • Closing latch requires gentle handling


4. Freegrace Waterproof Pouch with Waist Strap

Watersports just got much safer for your valuables with products from Freegrace. This waterproof set, in question, is a combination of a pouch with a waist strap and a mobile waterproof case.

You never have to worry about ruining your smartphones or cameras when in the water. The waterproofing capability holds firm even up to a depth of 32 feet, making any watersport a truly worry-free exercise.

The waist pouch measures 9 x 6.7 inches offering ample space to store your passport, mobile emergency cash, and so much more. Its three-seal organization keeps water away from damaging your belongings.

The waterproof phone case measures 4 x 17 inches, compatible with smartphones of 7 inches diagonal length. Moreover, the clear case is touch-screen friendly to enable recording underwater adventures to make some memorable moments.

  • No moisture or water after hours of water-time
  • Perfect for snorkeling
  • Long strap ideal for bulkier people
  • Excellent waterproofing
  • Issues of leaks in phone cases


5. VBAX Microfiber Waterproof Slim Bifold Wallet

Traditional wallets generally amp up the stitches and seams to ensure the product lasts long without untimely tears. The Vbax Microfiber waterproof bifold wallet incorporates fewer stitches to craft a sleek but just-as-durable wallet.

The bifold wallet measures 4 x 2.5 x 0.2 inches offering a sleek outlook to the product. It employs a microfiber material in its construction to furnish durability, waterproofness, and less bulk.

The ease of access that comes with the Vbax bifold wallet is a desirable feature coupled with its efficiency to fit anywhere. It allows you to segregate and organize your cards and cash while remaining ultra-slim for convenient everyday carry.

The slim design is also RFID protected to keep your belongings truly safe from electronic thefts. Moreover, the water resistance offered by the material ensures hassle-free functionality and gets more work done.

The Vbax bifold wallet incorporates a simple silhouette that is as stylish as it is sleek. It perfectly pairs with any attire and furnishes more than what a traditional wallet does at affordable prices.

  • Ultra-thin construction makes you forget the wallet exists
  • Holds up to 10 cards
  • Seams show no signs of wear after months of use
  • Perfectly slim and durable
  • Not compatible with big-sized bills
  • Signs of fraying near the CC


6. SlimFold Minimalist Wallet

Is your preference a wallet that barely registers as present and does not weigh you down? In that case, the SlimFold minimalist wallet will be the ideal choice you have ever laid your hands on.

The ultra-thin wallet is a fierce reply to the bulky and traditional leather ones that bulge up with excess content. SlimFold furnishes durability with its 4 x 2.8 x 0.2 inches of pocket space, giving more room to fit in your valuables.

The minimalist wallet is light, thin, and provides an organizational sense with its precision-cut pockets for cards and cash. It gets made from a softshell material that is comparably durable and more scratch-resistant than leather wallets.

In addition to being an eco-friendly product, the SlimFold wallet offers considerable water resistance and RFID blocking. So, the next time you head out, rest assured of accidental water splashes or electronic thieves ruining your perfect day.

  • 5-year warranty
  • Bulk-free construction
  • Extremely durable material
  • Always slim despite packing in cards and cash
  • Not compatible with large bills


7. Chums Surfshort Wallet

If you desire to downsize from a bigger wallet to a small-sized compact product, the Chums Surfshort wallet has got you covered. It is a classic choice for hardy outdoor adventures and rough working conditions alike.

It allows you to carry all your essentials without bulking up and stays compact for convenient pocket storage. You can easily stash in some cards and cash and zip up the wallet to keep its contents from spilling out untimely.

It includes a key-ring that can either convert to a pant-loop style or use a neck strap to remain safe on your person.  In addition to the compactness is the durability the wallet offers. It employs rip-stop nylon construction to survive for years and efficiently protect your valuables.

Its pockets include one outer-ID window, two exterior zip spaces, one slip space, and a card slot. The measurements of 4 x 3 inches assure enough room for your necessities with an added water-reppelent feature. Its nylon coating ensures no moisture gets inside the wallet and the contents remain safe and in place with the zip enclosure.

  • All essentials get secured within the zippered pockets
  • Allows more space with exterior pockets
  • Streamlined wallet
  • Small profile with efficient storage
  • RFID security would be an ideal inclusion


8. Kinzd Slim Wallet with Money Clip

If going slim and in style is your thing, then the Kinzd bifold minimalist wallet is your perfect companion. The wallet includes a Hybrid ID window slot, two hidden interior pockets, and precision cut spaces to insert cards.

Its bifold closure employs a microfiber construction of a synthetic material to offer the convenience of a thin wallet. There is no compromise on durability with the decrease in bulk. Instead, the microfiber binding furnishes water-resistance and compact storage at all times.

Increasing the security of your belongings is the RFID blocking feature. While it keeps most of your credit cards safe, the RFID capability does not cater to protecting hotel key cards and other access cards.

Travel convenience is one outstanding quality of the quick-access bifold wallet. It measures 4 x 2.8 x 0.01 inches offering the best of pocket space and comfort. Further, its money-back warranty covers manufacturing defects and delivery damages. The customer services are available for clearing queries or catering to refund and replacement services as needed.

  • Built to last
  • Softness of the material makes it a comfortable fit
  • Pocket separation storage keeps things organized
  • Remains slim even with valuables in the slots
  • Chances of credit cards falling out if not tight and secure


9. Pelican Micro Sport Wallet

As with every Pelican product, the micro sport wallet incorporates a convenient crush-proof guarantee in its build. The ProGear Pelican wallet is a perfect choice if you are looking for a case to carry your minimal essentials.

The wallet measures 5.55 x 3.27 x 0.85 inches for a relatively tight fit. The exteriors are water resistant and sand and dust resistant. The interiors include two mesh pockets to securely hold your valuables.

The Micro Sport floating waterproof wallet offers considerable water protection, but is not recommended for lengthier water exposure. An attached lanyard allows you to secure the case onto your jeans loop for convenient hands-free travel and security.

  • Keeps dust out of the wallet
  • Holds up to 10 cards
  • Secure latch
  • Considerable water protection
  • RFID protection could enhance quality
  • Small capacity


10. Duramont Aluminum Wallet Case

If you want to protect your assets, then do it in style with the Duramont metal wallet. The convenient package fits well in the front pockets.

The wallet utilizes an Aluminum and Stainless-Steel construction replete with an easy-to-undo clasp mechanism. It allows you to keep your money safe with an open-and-shut case that will hold firm when dropped accidentally.

The durability of the wallet gets affirmed through its impact, stain, and water resistant properties. So, you no longer have to worry about getting your cash and cards wet or stolen or lost when on your person.

Being lightweight is another desirable feature of the Duramont wallet. Adding to the delight is the RFID signal blocking the wallet furnishes. Convenience just doubled with the peace of mind of knowing your cards are safe within the wallet.

The interior of the wallet holds seven PP slots where cash gets double-folded to fit with the cards. A bit of added height allows you to comfortably store your money in the accordion of pockets.

  • Water-resistant
  • Holds up to 17 cards
  • Excellent exterior coating
  • Clasp withstands regular usage without breaking
  • Sturdy pockets
  • Interior divider degenerates after few months of use


How To Pick The Best Waterproof Wallet

Your wallet is going to harbor some of your most important belongings! There is no doubt that your choice should be a superior one. It is crucial to judge the quality and reliability of a waterproof wallet based on specific essential criteria. Read on further to find out more about them.


Waterproof wallets with a conventional design often use nylon for their construction, with a waterproof agent coating. Such wallets keep the exterior safe and dry but do not extend holistic protection.

There is a multitude of other materials like flexible, versatile plastic and wallets with aluminum casings. They all offer varying degrees of protection against water, so it is essential to know which composition you must pick.

Some materials are excellent for rainy days, while others can survive submergence in water.

Flexibility or Versatility

The best part about waterproof wallets is that they will not fall apart even when you embark on a wide range of adventures. You can make the most of activities like water sports while keeping your valuables with you.

When buying a waterproof wallet for swimming, you must consider its versatility and ability to perform well in different circumstances.

For instance, if you are interested in kayaking, an utterly waterproof aluminum casing or plastic wallet would be an excellent choice. However, if you are looking for a wallet to avoid rain damage, a nylon wallet will be helpful.

Quality of Stitching

The quality of every product that uses fabrics relies upon the stitching. The level of the hem is vital since it ensures the structural integrity of the wallet. A well-stitched wallet is not likely to unravel or fall apart too soon.

When looking at the thread a wallet uses for its stitching, the best options to consider are nylon and polyester. Cotton is cheaper than nylon or polyester, but it does not guarantee the same superior durability.

Wallet pattens with a double stitching or reinforced design are always more reliable. Many waterproof objects often have welded or sealed seams for protection against water.


The lining of a wallet dictates its utility, durability, and style. The lining efficiency also depends upon the base material of the wallet. Since a plastic or aluminum wallet will naturally come without a lining.

Modern designs with a more focused intention to secure the wallet against water often lack extra pockets and segments for cards and cash. Traditional men’s waterproof wallets may come with a more usable interior. But you must make sure your choice can accommodate your requirements – be it your cards, ID, or coins.

Zipper Sections

Wallets that come with zippers are not typically waterproof. It is not possible for a zipper to completely seal the insides against water. They may provide adequate protection on the outside but not as much on the inside.

If you need a practical wallet with essential water-resistant elements, then a wallet with a zipper is excellent. However, if you need your wallet to be completely waterproof, zippers are not a viable option.

Capacity, Weight, And Size

Wallets traditionally come in small sizes that can conveniently fit into your fornt pocket. However, the wallet size depends upon the range of activities you will engage in while carrying it.

For instance, if you are going hiking, look for a product with a shell or waterproof cover. It will be better than one without these features. It should fit into backpacks or your pockets easily, so a smaller size is desirable.

There are larger wallets too that offer greater capacity and more segments. Some can hold even phones and cameras. Despite these features, they are not suitable for activities, like rafting, where extra weight and possessions are not advantageous.

The size, weight, and capacity of your wallet depend upon your personal preferences and requirements. It would be best if you took note of the belongings you wish to protect regarding the activity.

Overall Quality

While a wallet may consist of several impressive features, these do not act as a firm assurance of its overall quality. Due to a requirement for water-resistance, they must have a superior build and quality.

A fool-proof way to check the quality and performance of a wallet is to read the user reviews.

The availability of warranty and customer support services are also bonuses. A warranty can make you feel confident enough to buy a product, and you can take it up with customer service if it does not perform as promised.


Since waterproof wallets for men come in different sizes and with varying base materials, there are significant price differences. However, you should review the utility, waterproof capability, and construction and then decide whether it provides full value for its price. Make sure the wallet you buy is cost-effective!

Final Thoughts

Waterproof wallets are an excellent way to keep your valuables with you while ensuring their safety. Your cards, ID, and cash will remain safe and sound, right within your reach.

Before you buy a wallet, it is essential to be aware of all the options available. You must also evaluate the extent of your requirements and the specific purpose of the water-resistant wallet. Remember to keep factors like size, stitching, and materials in mind for a dependable and wise purchase.