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The Best Solar Backpacks Ever

Allow yourself to be introduced to the world of solar backpacks. A one-time unique design that has now become not just a reality but a necessity in this age of energy powered technology. From mobile phone users to tree loggers and campers, a solar backpack is an item that will always come in handy at any given time.

What is a Solar Powered Backpack?

This is a carrier bag (usually a 2 strap shoulder bag that can be worn across both shoulders to distribute weight evenly across the shoulders) that has film receptor solar panels (panels that absorb the heat from the sun and convert this heat into energy) built into the bag itself. These panels convert the light from the sun into electricity and store them in batteries for later use.

It can be used to charge devices like phones and laptops without having to plug into a power socket within a building. Bags that have been fitted for use like this are called many names including solar power backpacks, backpacks with solar panels, and even solar charger backpacks.

Top 10 Solar Backpacks Review

1. Sunnybag ICONIC Solar Portable Backpack

This creation from Sunnybag is fantastic and every reviewer’s favourite. With its clean, fashionable olive-brown color, it has very interesting features.


  • The ICONIC backpack is a functional backpack that is useful in almost all situations. It can be used by students, workers, travel enthusiasts and more.
  • It is made from materials that do not allow water to pass through.
  • The Solar panel is applied together with the backpack and has its own charger that is also within.
  • A backpack that offers about 20L in well-structured storage space. Laptops that have 17” screens will have enough space in the  laptop stash space. Other devices also have specially created spaces within.
  • The most powerful solar panel cells in the market right now have been added to this awesome backpack.
  • Certified working panels at 100% capacity.
  • Water-resistant materials that help to protect the items contained in the bag.
  • Superfast charge for mobile phones; charging them as fast as 2 hours in direct sunlight.
  • Very portable with durable materials
  • Certificate and warranty for solar panels installed
  • Stylish and multi-functional
  • Does not come with an inbuilt battery power bank
  • Only one device can be charged at a time

With a power bank bought separately, it is the perfect solar charger backpack to invest in. It can be used for work, school, travel, camping and more.

2. XD Design Bobby Tech Anti-Theft Wireless Solar Panel Backpack

This solar charger backpack is one for the books as it is an eco-friendly backpack made from recycled bottles of plastic.


  • A water-resistant nature due to its product make.
  • An integrated USB Charger point for both normal and Type C chargers.
  • Zipper closure; makes it hard for one to steal from the bag while it is being carried behind.
  • Wide enough to carry much more than the average backpack as well as properly arranged compartments for laptops and more within the backpack.
  • A patented fidlock placed that gives prompt access to your phone or water bottle.
  • Comes with a wireless charger
  • Fidlock phone case for mobile phones
  • Zipper closure
  • Water-resistant
  • Fidlock phone case is slightly small and may not fit all phones comfortably

This is a great product, especially for 1-2 day unplanned trips. The interior is comfortably arranged and can carry a lot of things.

3. ECEEN Solar Backpack

This particular solar charger backpack is another game-changer. With its classic look and its multiple compartments, it is said to be the minimalist traveller’s best friend.


  • Plenty of room well arranged and compartmentalised.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Made from very durable material that is easy to keep clean.
  • Captures more sunlight than the regular panel, therefore stores more electricity than most solar-powered backpacks.
  • Removable solar panel charger.
  • Converts more energy than most backpacks
  • 7-watts solar charger panel
  • Voltage stability controller for GPS or MP3
  • Does not come with a battery pack

This is a very good investment for your travel arsenal. The backpack is perfect for day-to-day use and provides long-lasting performance.

4. EnerPlex Executive Solar Powered Backpack

This is another favorite for travellers and campers. It is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and can be used for camping, sportings events, short trips and more.


  • Expandable compartments to fit in more carry-on luggage.
  • Water-resistant and is built to tough out harsh conditions.
  • Built with one of the world’s most awarded panels.
  • Padded cushion sleeves.
  • Made from durable materials. Can withstand being dropped, small shocks and minor hits or punches due to its rugged make.
  • Solar-on-plastic technology makes it super light.
  • Anti-scratch and anti-tear
  • Affordable
  • Extremely light and flexible
  • Compatible with most laptops up to 15inches
  • Much less wattage than a few of the other top solar backpacks
  • It is not anti-theft and has open zippers

For the price, it is a super valuable product to purchase. Can definitely come in handy as an emergency for both adults and kids.

5. ECEEN Solar Foldable Daypack With 5V Power Supply

With a well-known name in the solar industry, another creation from ECEEN had to make this list. With features that are above average, this particular backpack with solar panels lined within is suitable for day travel or hiking trips and even comes with a company warranty.


  • Suitable for all of your devices that can be used with USB, such as most mobile phones, tablets, small carrier cameras and a few members of the go-pro series, GPS trackers, rechargeable speakers, different kinds of power storage packs etc.
  • The panel is detachable via a zipper and can be easily added to other carrier bags.
  • Made from very high-quality nylon that keeps water out & polyester fabric that is also tear-resistant, with attached metal zippers and strong bar-tacks put in all the major tear-prone points helping to provide a long life during one’s daily activities.
  • Large capacity – 30L storage space
  • Multiple compartment design that has one main zipper compartment, one front pocket, also zipped and two pockets; one on either side of the backpack. One pocket situated in the main compartment but separated from it serves as a convenient space to store the solar panel.
  • Super compact and lightweight, this backpack weighs just 1.19pounds, can be folded back into the bag’s own pockets for extra space and unfolded when needed.
  • Shoulder straps made with breathable mesh and a lot of sponge padding helps to reduce a lot of the weight from your shoulders while carrying it.
  • A chest attachment attached to a whistle buckle works to share the pack’s weight evenly keeping the backpack steady and well balanced.
  • Compact & portable
  • 5V power supply for all devices and even power banks
  • Foldable into itself when compartments are not in use
  • Does not come with a battery pack
  • Only one USB port

Another solar charger backpack that is definitely worth more than the price. Large content carrying capacity helps with easy organization of all your essential items within the backpack. Definitely, a trendy item to have for people in high energy outdoor activities.

6. Fanspack Solar Powered Backpack

This solar powered backpack is a favorite for students due to its sleek design and carrying capacity.


  • The 3Watts solar panel can be detached from the backpack to be used on its own. The solar panel absorbs solar energy, with high efficiency of up to 24% transfer rate, converting this energy into electrical energy that can be used to charge your cellphone or other small gadgets.
  • It is big enough to accommodate a 15.6-inch laptop, mobile phone, wallet, books, magazine, clothes or other personal items all at the same time. The back zipper pocket can also carry extra mobile phones, a wallet and other valuables with its anti-theft zippers.
  • Designed with well-padded adjustable shoulder straps that are made to ease and drastically reduce the pressure on your shoulders while it is being carried.
  • The breathable mesh of the back can dissipate heat so that you would not feel too hot while using it in the summer months.
  • Made of high-quality oxford cloth that is very lightweight and waterproof.
  • Anti-theft design
  • Large carrying capacity
  • Comfortable straps that ease the weight on the shoulders
  • A removable panel that can be used on its own
  • Will continue to charge as long as it is in the sunlight
  • Does not come with a battery pack
  • Needs constant sunlight to continue charging

This backpack is perfect for business people, school students, college kids, hiking enthusiasts, travellers, camping trips for individuals and family, day-trips and all other outdoor activities. It also serves as a great gift for men.

7.Voltaic Systems Converter Rapid Solar Backpack Charger

The Voltaic Sytems solar charger backpack is a new favorite for backpackers and travellers.


  • A 25v battery pack that you can use to recharge your device faster, quicker and safer, store electrical power to recharge your devices especially when the weather is dull, not sunny.
  • High-Grade solar panels made from a material that is monocrystalline; this material is at the forefront of the solar industry and is estimated to charge all your phones to full capacity in about 3 to 3 and a half hours with direct light from the outdoors.
  • It is designed to charge a wide range of electronic devices and can all be charged via USB. Examples like camera batteries, Techno, Nokia, iPads, Tablets, Sony, GoPro, Canon, Nikon digital cameras.
  • Safe charging on cloudy days
  • Wide compatibility range for devices
  • 25v advantage over other backpacks in this range
  • Comes with a battery pack
  • Zippers suck, the strings on them are of poor quality

This is definitely one of the products that has been in existence and has kept improving over the years. It has a clean and modern-day design, great for both young and old.

The fantastic solar panels are made to be used for quite a while. These panels are made using very strong fabric and quality cells units that will survive the stress of everyday use.

8. FARAZ Solar Waterproof Backpack

Another hidden gem in the world of solar backpacks is this one from FARAZ. Made from durable 600D Oxford material, it can serve as a laptop bag for work or school.


  • Polyester lining for the inner parts of the backpack making it usable in rainy and wet conditions without damage to the contents of the bag.
  • With a 6w output from this backpack, you can charge all your devices at your leisure and comfort.
  • This item was made with expert craftsmanship with plenty of internal space to carry all your favourites like your mobile phone and other mobile devices.
  • Made to be very comfortable, the backpack has padded straps that are made to fit on your back  and shoulders properly and conveniently to distribute its weight evenly.
  • Very lightweight, the bag is equipped with anti-theft protection to protect the contents of your backpack.
  • Extra cushion behind with thick foam and also has a carrying handle to switch carrying positions.
  • In an effort to protect your valuables, FARAZ made this bag with very waterproof material. Durable and can last for a long time even if it used every day.
  • Waterproof material inside and outside the backpack
  • Anti-theft measures on zippers
  • Charges more than 1 device at once
  • Does not provide a wide range of compatible devices
  • Very slow charging speed

Excellent customer experience is their no. 1 priority. FARAZ is committed to attending to all customers. So if the product purchased is not up to the standard described, they offer full refunds.

9. Energizer PowerKeep PRO Solar Backpack

This is another favorite for the ‘tech’ generation.


  • This executive backpack comes with a 10,000mAh Energizer power bank that has two USB ports and cable, a power indicator that is LED, a solar panel with an output of 3W.
  • 3W output is well regulated. You can charge your electrical devices such as phones, tablets and others that can be charged via a USB connection.
  • The detachable solar panels are high tech and are made to be used in rugged conditions.
  • You can charge the power bank using an AC before you leaving your comfort zone; then reserve the solar panel power to recharge power bank while moving around during the day. One can charge smartphones more than three times from the power bank and the power bank can charge more than one device at the same time.
  • Multifunctional compartments within the backpack are designed to carry laptops with up to 17” screen, enough clothes for an overnight trip, power bank, charging cable and other supplies. A conveniently placed pocket added to the sides to carry a water bottle. You can stow the power bank and its cable in a convenient pocket that is placed behind the solar panel or inside the briefcase and allows a little hole for the cord to connect the power bank to the solar panel.
  • Carries laptops with screens bigger than 17inches
  • Saves power and does not discharge quickly
  • Can charge more than one device at the same time
  • The output is too low to charge a laptop via the solar panel
  • Only USB chargeable devices can be used

This personal favourite for gamers is also perfect for work, school, travel, and more.

10. SolarGoPack Solar-Powered Backpack

SolarGoPack has come up with a modern and sleek looking backpack that has a solar panel for recharging devices especially mobile phones to avoid your device going out at important times.


  • The SolarGoPack backpack comes with a battery useful for charging USB chargeable devices. It also allows for multiple charging at the same time and also charges them safely and quickly.
  • This backpack boasts of a powerful battery, a detachable and compact panel made with novel solar technology.
  • The output is 5W, available space is about 27L, adapters are included and space to carry quite a number of items comfortably.
  • Multiple devices charging at the same time
  • Comes with 8 different adapters apart from the USB mini charger for an AC adapter
  • Durable materials that can withstand wear and tear
  • Weighs more than the average solar-powered backpack
  • A few more improvements to the USB port can be allowed for

This solar charging backpack offers a sleek design that works well for kids as well as adults.


These solar powered backpacks can help your day to day activities. Hopefully, this list can help your eenter into the world of solar energy.

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