Best Neck Wallets For Travel Review

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Last Updated: September 7, 2021

Neck wallets are anti-theft wallets that you can wear underneath your clothes. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or first-timer, you’re not safe from pickpockets in a foreign land. It is every traveler’s nightmare.

If you’ve been there, neck pouches could be a great solution to your problem. It is better to be safe and smart while traveling.

Neck wallets are a practical way to keep money, passports and other valuable documents safe when traveling. You can easily transform them into a money belt by wrapping it around your waist.

Today’s market is filled with a wide range of options. All of them claim advanced features and it can be quite a task to make the perfect purchase decision.

Therefore, we bring you a list of top travel neck wallets.

Best Travel Neck Wallets – Top 10

1. Venture 4th Travel Neck Wallet

The Venture 4th wallet is designed to offer you security and safety while traveling. It serves as the best location for all your valuables.

As comfortable and breathable as it is, this super slim neck wallet is certainly a must-have traveling accessory.

Its sleek design makes it virtually invisible. You can be in the middle of the crowd and yet feel safe from pickpockets.

You have options of various colors to choose from. This neck wallet is made with RFID shielding fabric, which ensures safety from any digital thieves.

The dimensions are 8.0 inches x 6.25 inches x 1.0 inches and is not visible to common sight. There are flexible storage options with pockets and compartments to organize everything.

If you are looking for comfort and safety at an affordable price, this minimalist and at the same time spacious pouch is the right choice.


2. Zero Grid Neck Wallet

Zero Grid neck wallet is flexible, compact, and designed for minimalist travel. It is made of lightweight and tear-resistant fabric. Its moisture-wicking property and adjustable elastic neck strap make sure you are comfortable wearing it.

The product is designed with RFID blocking fabric that provides protection against wireless identity theft.

It is water-resistant and very durable. Designed in a way to feel ultra-light, you can carry all your valuables in one stylish place.

You can have quick access to all your valuables due to its three zippered pockets.

The lifetime warranty from the manufacturer’s end is a testament to the quality. You also get an exclusive $300 trip assurance in the event of theft.

Each Zero Grid neck wallet includes recovery tags from ReturnMe, which is the world’s largest lost and found company. Putting these on your valuables will help return lost items from anywhere in the world.


3. Peak Gear RFID Neck Wallet

Peak Gear has helped more than 190,000 people in more than 70 countries to have a safe traveling experience. It is made from Ripstop nylon to ensure its lightweightness and durability. It includes the highest quality YKK zipper for a smooth experience.

The RFID blocking protection is built into the fabric, so all the valuables that you put inside are safe from any electronic theft.

To ensure comfort, it is made from breathable mesh backing. With its cooling and moisture-wicking fabric, you’re sure to have a safe and comfortable experience.

This product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer’s end. In case of an unsatisfying experience, you can replace it.

You get two global recovery tags from ReturnMe with this product. These tags can be used on passports or other valuables and there is a $250 reimbursement in case of theft.


4. Vantamo Neck Wallet Travel Pouch

The Vantamo neck wallet and travel pouch is an exceptional choice as it is large enough to hold your phone, money, tickets, and passports.

It is made from the highest quality Ripstop fabric. With double-stitched threading, and YKK zippers, this product is of premium quality. With lots of pockets and easy access, it has all the features you might need.

It is extremely comfortable against the skin and ensures a clean and low profile. The straps are sturdy, and they can be adjusted for crossbody or around the neck use.

To keep you protected from electronic thieves, this neck pouch also features RFID blocking.

This product comes with two free Global Recovery Stickers. Along with that, you get a free travel document folder.

It also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer’s end.


5. Lewis N. Clark Stash Neck Wallet

Available in a variety of colors, the Lewis N. Clark neck wallet is another great option. This product comes with four individual compartments, which include a mesh pocket and an ID window.

The product features a slim design, so this pouch is virtually invisible even under a thin layer of clothing.

The ID window can be used to store your credit cards, passport, and other electronic items. The fabric resists shrinkage and wicks away moisture to give a chafe-free experience.

This wallet comes with a one-year warranty against defects in artistry and material. However, it does not apply to damage caused by abuse, accident, or regular wear and tear.


6. Hero Neck Wallet & Passport Holder

An all-purpose passport holder and neck wallet, this one is a great option.

Made from premium quality fabric, it is soft against your skin, and the straps are adjustable. Velcro closure in the back means you can even store your phone there.

The design is extremely compact and stylish. The product dimensions of 8.0 × 5.5 inches mean it is large enough to fit two or even more passports. It is designed for rugged adventures, with streamlined accessibility and ease of use.

The company tests every make before shipping it from the USA. Every order comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. A free replacement is sent in case something goes awry.

The company also offers free shipping and free returns on every order with a no-questions-asked 30-day return policy.

To protect your valuables like credit cards and bank cards from potential e-theft, it is lined with multiple layers of RFID.


7. Aikelida Passport Holder and Neck Wallet

This product comes with many features that you cannot expect at a price as low as this. Made from durable ripstop nylon, it is lightweight and water-resistant.

It is a one size fits all kind of neck wallet. The dimensions of 7.3 inches × 5.6 inches × 0.3 inches (length × width × height) help the pouch stay invisible underneath the clothes.

The fact its made from good-quality polyester and nylon and that there is padded mesh at the back mean the build-up of moisture is minimal.

With its convenient compartments and easy-to-carry fabric, this product is a great buy. It comprises three storage compartments and two zipper pockets to fit your valuables.

Lined with RFID blocking technology to prevent potential e-theft, it is also very easy to care for. You can throw it into the washing machine just like the rest of your laundry.


8. Venture 4th Minimalist Neck Pouch Wallet

The 4th Venture minimalist neck wallet is ultralight and ensures an effortless and discreet profile. The storage pockets are quite flexible to keep all your valuables in one wallet.

It has multiple pockets and seems to accommodate all your valuables without looking bulky. It has separate compartments for credit cards, your passport, and other important travel items.

This anti-theft neck pouch is equipped with three zippered pockets that are all easily accessible. It is made from breathable and comfortable ripstop fabric that it is durable and easy to wear.

All Venture 4th products are made to give travelers an effortless experience. And the company gives 100% satisfaction guarantee.

It features RFID blockage to prevent you from any unnecessary digital scans. Hence, you can rest assured your contactless cards and personal information remain confidential.


9. W&G Traveler Waterproof Neck Pouch

Due to its design and comfort, the W&G neck wallet is a great option for travelers to keep everything in place. It is easily accessible and keeps your items secure at all times.

The high-quality nylon fabric and the heavy-duty YKK zippers ensure a jam-free, smooth experience. Its adjustable neck strap can be adapted from 23.6 inches to 50.4 inches to match your needs.

This pouch is made out of very durable woven fabric with double stitching, which prevents tears and ripping. Moreover, the fabric is water-resistant.

Multiple compartments make organizing easy and convenient.


10. IGOGEER Neck Wallet

This neck wallet is one of the most popular among travelers. It is super soft and easy to access.

Made from 210D ripstop fabric, it is extremely lightweight and comfortable to use.

The moisture-wicking feature absorbs moisture build-up causing unpleasant odors. The 36-inch long strap can be adjusted with the help of plastic buckles.

The product is made from premium quality materials making it extremely sturdy and tough. This neck wallet also comes with a lifetime no-questions-asked guarantee, so if you are not satisfied you can get a full refund.

The fabric of the neck purse is soft, durable, water and stain-resistant. It is a breathable, moisture-absorbing fabric to ensure personal comfort.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to wear a neck wallet?

Neck wallets can be worn in different ways. Most people like to wear them over their neck, with the strap going underneath their clothes. It is one of the most secure ways to wear a neck wallet. Some travelers, especially female, like to carry them as a crossbody bag.

It can also be converted to money belt. You can easily turn a neck wallet into a money belt by strapping it around your waist and tightening the straps.

Some neck wallets come with a belt loop. So, you can also tuck it with your pants.

What are the advantages of a neck wallet?

A neck wallet is a great way to keep all your valuables in an organized way.

  • You can store all your credit cards, money, passports, and other documents in one place.
  • Most neck wallets are very thin and discreet. So, you can wear them under your clothes concealed.
  • Neck wallets are a comfortable, portable, and discrete way to keep your items hidden.
  • Many neck wallets come with RFID blocking to prevent e-thefts.

Neck wallets are also very helpful when you want to be a minimalist traveler. It helps you travel light with just the most important items stashed in it.

Is buying a neck wallet worth it?

A neck wallet features several benefits, as mentioned above. If you are a traveler looking for options to keep your documents, credit cards, and other items safe in a foreign land, neck wallets are worth a try.

These are pocket-sized wallets that provide you protection from losing your important documents.

They are a safe, secure, portable, and easy way to organize items. It helps you organize your documents in a more accessible manner. So, you won’t have to fumble through those heavy purses to search for your stuff.

These sleek and practical neck pouches will change the way you travel.

Is a neck wallet better than a money belt?

Money belts are a great alternative when you are trying to hide your stash from prying eyes. However, they could be quite uncomfortable to wear.

On the other hand, a neck wallet ensures a good mix of security, accessibility, and comfort. Plus, they can be hidden underneath your clothes. So, they’re 100% discrete.

However, it depends on how much stuff you’re carrying. If you put too much stuff in your neck wallet, it will start to show, dismissing the whole purpose.


Neck wallets are a great way to keep track of your valuable items and keep them organized and away from common sight.

Today, neck wallets come with different features. Prioritize some features over the others to make a sound decision. Based on your individual needs, ensure your non-negotiables are in place. For instance, if your main priority is safety, aesthetics will have to wait.

As per the products reviewed, the Venture 4th Travel Neck Pouch is the best piece to buy. It features RFID blocking, flexible storage, premium quality material with affordable pricing. It is perfect for all frequent travelers.