Best Men’s Metal Wallets

The wallet holds the most important things for a man – money, documents, securities, maybe a photo of his beloved, bank cards. It is not obsolete or something that only older men wear. To choose the right wallet we need to think about size, material, and color and something very important in our time – RFID protection. The more stable and secure your wallet is, the more secure you will be. That is why today we decided to present to you some of the best men’s metal wallets.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wallet

The wallet is one of the most commonly used items in everyday life. For this reason, it is really important to choose carefully. We often choose a wallet according to our color preferences and budget, but its volume is also quite important. It is advisable to combine the size and type of men’s wallet with the pockets of the clothes or the place where it will be held. It is good to imagine how much documents and money we want to fit. Never forget the material and the protection of the wallet as well. So – how to choose the best wallet for men?

Think about the affiliation of the wallet

If it is needed in the first place to store banknotes, make sure that the wallet is folded in half. In principle, wallets have compartments for small things and business cards. The wallet, which folds in three, is designed more for storing credit cards, and carrying money in such a wallet is not convenient. The wallet, which is designed to be carried in the chest pocket, is considered a classic – it is convenient to carry both banknotes and bank cards.

Wallet size

What should be the size of the men’s wallet? This parameter depends on where the man will wear it. If it is in the pocket of pants, jacket, shirt, coat, the volume is not an advantage. However, too small an accessory will be unpleasant, because in addition to the banknotes a few business cards and credit cards will not fit in it.

If the wallet is to be carried in a bag, the most suitable option you can afford is a men’s wallet with many compartments for all types of documents, flash memory, and even a pen. Also, keep in mind that men’s hard case wallets are compact and always in the right shape. If you are hesitant about the size, trust the metal. The best metal wallets are a product of many studies on the correct dimensions.

What color?

The colors of men’s wallets are more limited in color range than women’s models. However, the muted colors give the accessories an elegant and universal character. It is worth choosing one in classic shades: black, brown, navy blue, or gray. Such a wallet will suit almost any outfit – both every day and more formal.

When looking for a gift wallet for your father, grandfather, or partner, keep in mind the needs and style of its future owner. The solid and at the same time stainless steel wallet is undoubtedly a fantastic idea. It will not only meet the expectations of the recipient but will also be practically eternal.

Do not neglect security and protection

The best men’s metal wallets are usually equipped with protection against the so-called RFID – Radio-frequency identification. This is a technology that allows reading information via radio waves.

There is a chip in our credit, debit, and ID cards. It allows contactless payment. This happens when the card touches the reader in the payment terminals. If you have experimented, you can pay at some terminals without removing the card from your wallet. This is possible because the information is transmitted by radio waves.

The same principle is used in fraud. Some crooks have such scanners. They may approach you unnoticed and scan the cards because you are not protected from it. There are special RFID wallets with a layer that protects against such scanners. These are quite a good choice.

The budget

No matter what we talk about, the price is something important that we focus on from the very beginning. Undoubtedly, investing in an expensive wallet is a good idea, because a good wallet can be seen from afar. In many cases, it can be the accessory from our vision that will make the necessary impression.

Of course, we can also consider the ratio between quality and price, and choose a wallet that best fits our budget. The possibilities are many – as well as the choice of wallets. If we start from the value and determine the amount we want to spend on this accessory, our choice will be much easier.

The Most Important Thing – The Material

Men’s wallets are made mainly of eco or natural leather. Sports models made of polyester also have some advantages. They can easily be hidden in the pocket and are durable. However, when choosing a gift wallet for a loved one, it is better to focus on metal wallets. They are distinguished above all by high durability and therefore you can use them for years.

1. Leather

The classic in the genre – of course, it’s natural leather. Very preferred by men when choosing a men’s wallet. Genuine leather, when used properly, is an extremely reliable material that becomes more beautiful over the years.

Here it is very important to note that one wallet can be made entirely of genuine leather or only part of genuine leather. The other part can be made of eco-leather. The stylish wallet, which will complete the elegant look of the modern man, is undoubtedly made entirely of 100% natural leather.

2. Imitation leather

Imitation leather, on the other hand, is a fairly durable material. If the wallet is made of quality eco-leather, it is a little easier to maintain than if it is made of genuine leather. It is resistant to dirt, temperatures, scratches. The problem with these wallets is that they do not always give us the style we need.

3. Nylon

Nylon in combination with silk or other textile materials are less commonly used materials for wallets but are still found. The main advantage is that wallets which are made of such materials are cheaper. Also remember that they are strong, light, compact, and functional. One of the main advantages of nylon is that it is also resistant to moisture.

4. Metal

The metal wallet has recently become a winning alternative to leather, nylon, and canvas wallets and organizers. It successfully handles the features of all these accessories and has several advantages. Its elements are made of light metal alloys with an airtight clasp. The best men’s metal wallets have several compartments for storing plastic cards, banknotes, and business cards.

Metal wallets have several other advantages. They do not demagnetize electronic plastic cards and are protected from illegal scanning. The wallets are waterproof and durable. As it is hard, it does not crush business cards and other documents. Let’s not forget also that despite their compact size, metal wallets are very spacious.

Best Men’s Metal Wallets Reviewed

1. The Ridge Slim Metal Wallet for Men

This comfortable and elegant wallet gives you style and practicality. It is slim and sleek, giving you space for cash, pennies, and up to 12 cards. In other words, it manages to fit everything you need. It is made of durable aluminum. This not only ensures lightness, but also high quality and flair.

It’s small enough not to inflate your pockets, so you can carry it even in your front pocket. The exact dimensions of the wallet are 3.39 x 2.13 x 0.24 inches. At the same time, with Ridge Slim, you will feel safe, because the so important RFID protection is put into this wallet. Its manufacturer is so convinced of its qualities that it guarantees its use for life. All this explains why we place it among the best men’s metal wallets.


  • Stylish
  • Durable (you can use it for years)
  • Light, yet spacious
  • RFID Protection


  • A little bit expensive

2. ARW Carbon Fiber Wallet

This wallet is from the series of “smart wallets” that protect your money and credit cards from both physical and electronic encroachment. It has a light carbon fiber body to prevent demagnetization of the cards. It is also equipped with RFID blocking to stop radio waves, which protects your contactless cards from theft.

Compact, light, and practical wallet that provides style and elegance. It is also resistant to shock, scratches, water, and dust. And its money clip and elastic band make it a very practical thing. As for the price – it is among the cheapest ones.


  • RFID Blocking
  • Compact design
  • Additional money clip and elastic band
  • Cheap
  • Resistant to any harmful influences


  • It does not provide any space for coins
  • No slots

3. DUXTIO Slim Minimalist Aluminum Wallet for Men

A luxury wallet that will allow you to easily store everything you need without unnecessarily inflating your pockets and making you uncomfortable.

With RFID protection and its aluminum body, it protects your money and credit cards from both physical and electronic intrusion. It will not allow demagnetization of the cards, while blocking the radio waves, which protects you from theft from contactless cards.

Although ultra-thin and light, this men’s wallet provides convenient distribution and good organization of money and personal documents. Equipped with money strap for cash, the minimalist accessory will perfectly complement any look.


  • So slim, you can barely feel it in your pocket
  • Stylish design and color
  • RFID Protection
  • Money-back guarantee


  • No slot for coins
  • A little bit expensive

4. Shell-D RFID Blocking Wallet

Stylish metal wallet with high quality and classic simple design. The manufacturer guarantees your satisfaction by betting a money-back guarantee on the product. It relies on the highest class protection against RFID scanning of your debit cards or other storage media. The above is the most important thing for our choice of the best men’s metal wallets.

Made of light but durable aluminum with a strong, anti-corrosion coating, giving a pleasant feeling to the touch, this wallet is undoubtedly among our favorites. An additional advantage is the 7 card compartments for debit, credit cards, ID cards, driver’s licenses, discount cards. Shell-D is light, comfortable and it does not have sharp edges that can damage your pockets or bags!


  • Classy
  • Very strong RFID Protection
  • Durable aluminum material
  • Many slots for cards and banknotes


  • No money-back guarantee

5. LOOKISS Aluminum Wallet for Men

The biggest advantage of this portfolio is its material. It is made of premium aviation aluminum and stainless steel. Certainly the most stable and robust model of all the offered ones. And not only that – this material is pleasant to the touch and caresses the eye.

Lookiss is horizontal, with ultra-easy fastening, money clip, and elastic webbing. Your cards are completely secure with its RFID protection. Elegant, sophisticated, light, it will serve you for life. With this wallet, you will also have a huge selection of colors and decorations so that will perfectly fit your style.


  • Ultrathin and light
  • Extremely stylish
  • The material is premium aluminum and stainless steel
  • Offered in a variety of colors


  • Cards are not easy to remove from it
  • The elastic band is too strong

6. Maverick Systems RFID-Blocking Wallet

This compact wallet is made of ultralight aluminum – a unique material that isolates the RFID chips on your cards. Keep your physical and digital money from real or virtual pickpockets in a safe place! This metal wallet with a classic look and elegant color aims to prevent any attempt at electronic theft.

Tired of bulky wallets with your pockets hanging down? Maverick will solve this problem as well. Although it contains 10 slots with a lot of space, the wallet is very light and compact. Ideal for both travel and everyday use. Versatile, comfortable, and secure – what more could we want from the best men’s metal wallet?


  • Very light
  • A lot of slots for cards and banknotes
  • Strong RFID Protection
  • Elegant look


  • A little bit expensive
  • You cannot open it with one hand

7. Duramont Aluminum Wallet

You will see for yourself the practicality of this multifunctional wallet. In this remarkable, small accessory you have a space in which you will fit 10 cards and 12 banknotes! You can easily open it with the small automatic button, on both sides. The highest degree of strength of the aluminum from which it is made will guarantee its long use.

All cards with RFID chips are protected. And the elegant design makes the model even more attractive. At the same time, this slim wallet is ideal for people who do not like bulky accessories. Duramont is one of the most practical wallets on the market. Not only does it look great, but it also helps you organize your belongings perfectly, thanks to its internal holder.


  • Very easy to open with one touch
  • Memorable design
  • The material is the highest grade of aluminum
  • Internal holder


  • No slots and dividers inside

8. Dango D01 Dapper Bifold Wallet

This magnificent Dango wallet impresses with its attractive design. It is compact and holds up to 10 cards and as many banknotes. It is made of genuine leather in combination with aero aluminum. As we all know, leather accessories give you great value for money. Unlike other materials, natural leather becomes more beautiful over time. But aluminum guarantees durability. Have them both!

This wallet is an excellent example of the highest quality. Its manufacturers have not forgotten to add full RFID protection. Ideal for storing all your money, it deservedly finds its place among the best men’s metal wallets.


  • Leather and metal combination
  • Durable and beautiful
  • Spacious, holding up to 12 cards
  • Excellent construction


  • High price
  • The screws holding the leather are quite close to the edges

9. Radix One Slim Wallet

Do you carry more cards than necessary? This is no longer a problem. With this horizontal minimalist wallet with polycarbonate and silicone parts, you have space for up to 10 cards. And the silicone tape will provide you with space for banknotes. With its slim design, it will not inflate your pocket.

In the processing of materials, its natural advantages are preserved. You will be fascinated by their elegant effect, which makes your wallet unique. The model attracts attention not only with its appearance but also with its practicality. And its price will fascinate you – this is one of the cheapest quality wallets on the market!


  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to carry in the front pocket
  • Cards are easy to pull out
  • Small size and simplicity


  • No RFID Protection
  • The rubber band is too loose if it holds less than 5 cards

10. MaxGear Metal Credit Card Holder Case

It is no coincidence that MacGear is among the best men’s metal wallets on the market today. It is thin enough to fit in your front pocket. You can easily carry it in your back pocket as well, as it has RFID protection, which protects your cards from electronic theft.

MaxGear has 7 slots that perfectly fit your cards, which are extremely easily accessible. It is made of stainless steel, which over time is not damaged and protects your cards and banknotes. Its impeccably simple design is visible for the attention to every detail.

And to make sure of its qualities, the manufacturers of MaxGear will provide you with a 60-day money-back and lifetime warranty.


  • 7 slots easy to access
  • Strong RFID Protection
  • Stainless steel
  • Lifetime warranty


  • A little bit hard to open
  • Sometimes it doesn`t maintain its integrity

11. Roco Minimalist Aluminum Wallet

Every detail of this wallet has its purpose – from color to aluminum, blocking RFID scanning, and stretch tape, which strengthens protection against thieves. It can hold up to 20 banknotes, and the wallet itself will adjust its shape and size according to the number of your cards.

Wallets in various colors are the latest fashion trend for people who do not like boredom. This model with Roco design is not only extremely high quality and practical, but also with eye-catching accents on each side.

It is much more than a place for cards and will be an important detail to your overall vision.


  • Blocking RFID scanning
  • Very cheap
  • It has not one, but two rubber bands
  • Modern design and respected brand


  • Cards are hard to get out

12. SHARKK Large Aluminum Wallet

Bold and stylish wallet made of 100% aluminum in a palette of colors. The wallet is designed to preserve the natural beauty of this metal. Comes with built-in RFID protection against unwanted card scanning. Classic design, strength, and enough space – this is what Sharkk will offer you.

In addition to looking good, this wallet is quite practical. It has 7 slots for banknotes and cards. It opens extremely easily with a clasp. Sharkk will keep your documents neatly organized. It is thin and compact, fits easily in luggage, and with it, you will always know where your important things are.

A classy and compact wallet that will provide you with protection not only against electronic theft but also against liquid and moisture to which it is resistant.


  • Solid and well made
  • For both cards and banknotes
  • Reasonable price
  • Multiple color options


  • Bigger and heavier than most of the other metal wallets
  • The latch is very sensitive and opens at the slightest touch

Frequently Asked Questions

Are metal wallets good?

Metal wallets have countless advantages. They can hold up to 15 plastic cards. About 50 banknotes and business cards can be placed, even in a standard wallet of this type. You will have more than enough space for bills.

The size of this type of wallet makes it easier to carry them in your pocket or bag. They open easily and their sealed housing can protect not only from moisture but also from dust. Another important plus is its endurance. Even if the wallet is made of the highest quality tanned leather, it will not last as long as if the accessory is made of metal. The models of aluminum wallets are not many, but they all deserve attention.

Which brand is best for men’s wallets?

Branded men’s wallets on the market are quite common, but as with other products, some brands are unique and grab you at first sight.

One of the most popular brands is Sharkk. These men’s wallets combine modernism and alternative materials. Fresh, functional, and always surprising, they can be found in different colors. Plastic and aluminum are usually preferred for their manufacture. The functional accordion-type construction holds the maximum of your things, and at the same time is light and thin. This makes them some of the best men’s metal wallets.

The wallet of the modern man in the 21st century is with the Roco brand. If you are an adventurer and the classic is boring for you, then this brand and its wallets are for you. Their innovative material makes the wallets resistant to water and heat. The design is slim and minimalist, you can carry only the essentials. And the design will always make you noticeable.

Do RFID wallets ruin credit cards?

RFID wallet protection prevents cards from being illegally “read” remotely and their data to be misused. The protection consists of a case that contains a layer of aluminum foil or other material that scatters the radio waves emitted by a device that is trying to read the card. To take advantage of this protection is simple – just put the card in your wallet. This will in no way harm the card itself, but only the thieves trying to abuse it.

Is a money clip better than a wallet?

The main advantages of using money clips are their durability and easy accessibility. Regardless of the amount you keep in them, money clips, given the fact that they are made of steel, will never lose their shape or wear out. At the same time, they will provide you with better accessibility. You don’t have to open and close them just to get your money. When you have to use your money, all you have to do is take out the clip.

However, our question here is: Why should you choose? With good metal wallet, you will take advantage of both the clips and the wallets. They are durable, easy to open, and at the same time protect your cards and money from moisture, dust, thieves. They are compact and elegant, and the material from which they are made practically guarantees their lifelong use.

What color wallet should a man have?

The colors to choose from are not too many. It is important which of them best suits your mood, the way you feel permanently because you will use the wallet for a long time.

The most common wallets are black – they radiate class, style, but also austerity and respect. To some extent, they are neutral. Beige shades also have neutrality, but more friendliness. Dark reds are rarer, so they show uniqueness, along with a lot of style and sophistication. White is a sign of originality, lightness, and ephemerality, but it is also easy to stain. If the wallet is not a single color one, it is a matter of your judgment how skillfully the colors are combined.


The wallet is not one of the things we buy every day, rather it happens relatively rarely. On the other hand, we use it at least several times a day, which is a guarantee of intensive depreciation.

When choosing, make sure your wallet is durable and stylish. The wallet is one of the details in your daily life, with which you give wordless information to others about yourself. At the same time, with so many options in terms of models and styles, it’s hard to decide exactly what wallet to buy. That’s why we suggest you take a look at our suggestions for the men’s metal wallets and then decide.

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