Best Men’s Wallets – Top 15 Stylish Picks

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Last Updated: September 7, 2021

Wallets are an essential commodity without which you cannot get out of your house. You cannot carry your cash, cards, ID, and other documents in your pocket. Not only is this inconvenient, but it’s not very safe either. You need a wallet to keep all these essentials in the right place.

Finding the right wallet that can give you the convenience you need is very important. You cannot buy the first one you see. Nowadays, people look into many factors before they choose a wallet.

This article contains reviews of the best mens wallets, along with their advantages and cons. Following this guide will help you choose the right one for you.

Best Wallets for Men – Top 15 Picks

1. Bryker Hyde 2 ID Window RFID Wallet for Men

The wallet for men by Bryker Hyde is for people who are searching for a high-quality product at an affordable price. You will find the it’s capacity to be huge, with ten slots for cards, two slots for ID, and two cash pockets. You can store other suitable documents in these slots.

The leather used in the manufacturing is handmade and is said to last for a long duration. You can prevent electronic theft with the RFID anti-technology that the wallet is equipped with. Keep your cards safely without any fear of losing any important information.

The brand provides a 100% guarantee of money-back and a lifetime warranty to its users. The money-back will be initiated for people who have received defective products.

  • Leather is hand-crafted
  • RFID technology
  • Lifetime warranty
  • High capacity
  • Some slots are big and loose
  • Leather quality may wear down after sometime


2. TRAVANDO Money Clip Mens Wallet

The money clip from Travando is for men who like to travel light and not use bulky wallets. This money clip wallet has a very slim design but has ample space to accommodate the necessary items. If you have never used a money clip, you might initially find it awkward. With time you will get used to the slim proportions of the wallet.

There are seven pockets for storing your cards and a money clip to hold your cash. The money clip has a magnetic closure that keeps your cash secure. It is equipped with RFID technology that keeps the card secure from information theft. You will find it in faux leather and a variety of colors.

The design has been done very intelligently, keeping in mind the style and the need for slim products.

  • Durable leather
  • RFID technology
  • Ample storage space
  • May be hard to carry as compared to normal wallets


3. Fossil Men’s Ingram Leather Trifold Wallet

The men’s wallet from Fossil is a tri-fold one that is compact and made from high-quality leather. Many men prefer tri-folds as compared to their bi-fold counterparts. This wallet is one such product that you can depend on for keeping your cash, cards, and other necessary documents safe.

The product’s durability is unquestionable, and so is the softness. If used properly, it can be used for a long time without any issues. Fossil is quite a well-known brand and provides some of the most stylish products.

There are ten slots for holding cards, one slot for your ID, and one compartment for keeping bills. Despite having such a good holding capacity, the wallet is not bulky or huge in any way. It can fit snugly in your pocket.

  • Stylish option with many color variants
  • Made from authentic cowhide leather
  • Tri-fold design
  • May be slightly heavier than minimalist wallets


4. Protectif RFID Blocking Front Pocket Wallet for Men

Another wallet that is equipped with RFID technology is the wallet from Protectif. RFID technology helps in keeping your card information safe from electronic thieves. The durability is very high due to its high-quality leather construction. Moreover, it is very lightweight and slim and would not weigh your pockets down.

The dimensions are 3.25″ x 4.675″ x 0.2″. It comes with three slots for cards placed on the front, one slot for Driver’s License or ID placed on the back, pouch with a zipper for notes, cash, and coins. You can easily take the wallet with you while traveling and keep all your documents and money safe.

The brand’s replacement policy is very good, and users who receive defective products get their money back or a replaced product.

  • RFID technology
  • Zipper pouch
  • Easy removal and insertion of cards
  • Durable
  • High-quality manufacturing
  • Quality of the zipper is not that great


5. SERMAN BRANDS Slim Bifold Wallet

Another high-quality minimalist wallet is from the brand Serman Brands. It comes with RFID technology that keeps your card information from being stolen. With this technology, tech thieves would not scan the card from inside the wallet and put their hands on the private credentials.

The brand gives a 12 months warranty to replace or get a refund for any manufacturing defect. There are six color options, and you can choose the one that complements most of your outfits.

The wallet is manufactured from high-quality grain leather that is highly durable. It is a very slim and stylish wallet that you can easily carry around in your pocket. The minimalist style will not make your pockets bulky.

  • Ample space for storing cards and cash
  • Comes with a money clip
  • RFID technology
  • Seam may be of poor quality


6. MaxGear Credit Card Leather Wallet with Zipper

MaxGear is one of the best brands that make high-quality wallets for men. Famous for their zipper wallets, this product from MaxGear not only enhances your style but also keeps your documents safe. The brand provides a 60-day warranty where you get your money back if you find any product defect.

Equipped with RFID technology, the card holder ensures the proper safety of your credit and debit cards. There will be no fear of your card information, getting scanned and stolen by electronic thieves. Additionally, the material used for the construction is highly durable.

There ten individual slots for storing your credit and debit cards, one slot for an ID, and two slots for keeping your cash. You can also keep other documents in the card slots.

  • Twelve slots in accordion style
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • High-quality cowhide leather
  • Lack of money clip


7. HIMI Genuine Leather Bifold Stylish Wallet for Men

This wallet by HIMI is perfect for people of various ages. The stylish and compact design can be paired with any outfit that you wear. Made from high-quality cowhide leather, it is exceptionally durable.

The slots for cards and cash are easily accessible. You do not have to waste time taking out your necessities when you are in a hurry. There are eight main slots for storing your cards and two extra slots for keeping those cards that you use very frequently. Along with this, there are two windows for keeping your IDs.

The RFID anti-theft technology keeps your card information secure.

  • Advanced RFID technology
  • Huge capacity for storage
  • Premium cowhide leather used
  • Perfect for all ages
  • Leather may emit an unpleasant odor


8. MANBANG Italian Genuine Cowhide Leather Wallet

Manbang is a well-known brand that manufactures high-quality wallets, and this product is no different. With dimensions 3.7″ x 4.7″ x 0.6″, it can be used to store all your essentials. If you want a wallet for travel purposes, then this product from Manbang would be great for you.

It comes with five slots for credit and debit cards, two ID slots, one slot for SD card, one slot for SIM card, two slots that are long, and two slots inside. It is manufactured with genuine leather along with Italian imported waxing material. This ensures that it has a smooth texture and high durability.

The cowhide leather wallet is also equipped with RFID technology. No one will be able to scan your cards and steal your personal information.

  • Easy removal and insertion of cards
  • Smooth texture
  • High durability
  • Quality of the inside lining is very poor


9. DONWORD Men’s Leather Zipper Wallet

The wallet from Donword is a very classy option that is made of only premium quality leather. If you want a product for daily use, then this would be perfect. The high-quality material ensures longevity, even when used for a long time. Moreover, it is very fashionable, and it could compliment any outfit your wear.

The bi-fold wallet is equipped with a zipper closure that keeps all your documents safe and intact. Additionally, the RFID technology will keep electronic thieves from stealing your card information. No one will be able to scan your cards when kept inside.

The dimensions are 4.92″ x 3.94″ x 0.98″, spacious enough to accommodate necessary documents, cash, and cards. There are separate compartments for cards, driving license, ID, cash, and other essentials.

  • Premium quality
  • Extra security to prevent scanning
  • Expensive


10. Admetus Leather Zip Around Bifold Wallet

The Men’s Short Zip-Around Bi-fold Wallet by Admetus is perfect for daily use. Made from high-quality leather, this bi-fold gives you ample room to store your cards. The dimensions are 10 cm x 11.5 cm x 2 cm with nine slots for cards, two for bills, and one ID slot.

It comes with an RFID anti-theft technology that ensures the complete safety of information on your cards. There are several color varieties, and you can match it with your clothes. The zipper closure keeps your personal belongings completely safe inside. Additionally, it is very lightweight, which makes you feel comfortable while carrying the wallet.

The wallet also has a good warranty period that gives the users proper satisfaction. You can get a refund or replacement in case there is an issue.

  • High-quality cowhide leather
  • Multifunctional
  • Spacious
  • Zipper for document protection
  • Cracks may appear over time


11. Distil Union Slim Minimalist Wallet for Men

Men who are fond of wearing slim-fit trousers find it hard to carry heavy and bulky wallets. This problem has been solved by the minimalist wallet manufactured by Distil Union. This slim and compact will fit in your pocket no matter how slim-fit they are. A unique thing about it is the FlexLock Pockets, a patent-pending of the company.

The technology keeps your ID and credit/debit cards completely secure. This means that your cards or cash will not fall out of the wallet even when the leather is stretched after long use. It is also equipped with RFID technology that prevents any tech theft.

There is plenty of space to store your necessary items. It has twelve slots for storing your cards.

  • High-quality grain leather
  • Can hold up to 12 cards
  • Pull tab for easy card access
  • Card slots can sometimes be tight


12. Bellroy Hide & Seek Slim Leather Wallet

Men who give priority to style are the ones who would love the Bellroy Hide & Seek wallet. The look, as well as the function is exceptional. One of the best things about the wallet is that it is not at all bulky. It takes up very little space in your pocket, but the storage capacity is good.

Bellroy is a certified B Corp, which means that its materials are environmental friendly and also very sustainable.

There are twelve slots, with four easily accessible for the frequently used cards.

It is called Hide and Seek wallet due to the secret bill compartment hidden behind your normal bill slot. This slot can be used to keep your secret cash stashed in a safe place.

  • 3-year warranty
  • Spacious storage
  • Small and slim design for easy carrying
  • Masculine and aesthetic style
  • The color may fade away


13. Polare Men’s Vintage Italian Leather Wallet

Polare is a California-based company that manufactures high-quality Italian leather items. The RFID blocking bi-fold wallet is a highly recommended product of the company. Made from genuine handmade leather, it is very durable and can be used for a long time if maintained properly.

You can find both small and large sizes for the wallet. Purchase the one that you feel would be perfect for your documents and also easy to carry. All of your financial information will be secured with its RFID technology.

There are six slots for a card, two bill pockets, one bill compartment, and two pockets money. The company also gives a 1-year warranty for users who are unsatisfied with the product. In case of any defects with the product, you will get your money back.

  • Affordable pricing
  • RFID technology
  • Handmade Italian leather
  • Card slots can be stiff initially


14. Gazigo Vintage Crazy Horse Leather Wallet

The Gazigo is perfect for people who are looking for a vintage style small wallet. Made from high-quality crazy horse genuine leather, the wallet showcases class and durability. You will not have to fear the damage of a document once placed inside. Even if you have a small pocket, you can easily carry it.

It is very lightweight, which is necessary when you are traveling. There are six slots for cards, main pocket for cash, 3 zippered compartments, 1 photo ID holder and a back pocket. These separate compartments make it easy for you to find all your essential items.

  • Multiple zippered pockets
  • Smooth design and durable quality
  • Various compartments for documents storage
  • Larger than it looks, its challenging to keep it in rear pocket, let alone front pockets


15. Huztencor Zipper Wallet for Men

The last product on the list is the bi-fold zipper wallet from Huztencor. However, this wallet is by no means less than the others in the category.

The dimensions are 4.8″ x 4.4″ x 0.8″ along with several compartments for storing your documents. There are nine regular slots for cards, one slot for an ID, two pockets for storing receipts, and one compartment for keeping any bills.

Despite having numerous compartments, it is very slim and will fit perfectly in your pocket. There is also a zipper closure so that your documents do not fall out.

  • Numerous compartments for document storage
  • RFID technology for card safety
  • Durable construction
  • Use of high-quality Italian leather
  • Coin slot is quite small


Men’s Wallets Buying Guide

When buying a men’s wallet, there are certain considerations that you will have to keep in mind. These will help you choose the correct product.


The first thing that most men look at when they are choosing their wallet is the size. Carrying around a bulky wallet all day can be a real pain. That is why most men look for wallets that are slim and compact. They need one that can fit comfortably in their pockets.

Minimalist wallets have been on the rise due to this very reason. There are many drawbacks to using smaller wallets, the main being the small space. However, you do not choose a wallet that you are not comfortable using. Finding the perfect size is crucial.


The next consideration is the contents that you would be keeping in your wallet. It is closely linked to the first factor. If you are in the habit of keeping a lot of things in your wallet, you would require a big-sized wallet, which would become bulky.

It is better to carry your cash, cards, ID, and just the necessary items that you cannot do without. Avoid keeping unnecessary items, requiring you to invest in a bigger product that you would be uncomfortable carrying around.


The first type of wallet is the bi-fold one, which is the simple half folder wallet. This one has compartments on two sides and the main area where you can keep your cash. There are cards, ID, and other slots where you can keep the necessary items. The bills can be stored in the main slot.

This kind of design is very common and preferred due to the easy access it gives. The wallet falls in the middle category of compact size and large capacity.


The next design is the tri-fold, which has three folds, as you can already understand from the name. This design provides you with more compartments and a much more organized setting. Most tri-fold wallets have many slots that would help you carry several items without any problems.

The major drawback is the size. As there are many slots, the more items you put in it, the bigger it will get. This means that if you are not comfortable with larger sizes, then the tri-fold will not be right for you. However, many tiny slots would let you keep extra things.

Money Clip

The money clip wallet is not like your traditional one but with the necessary slots. Here, you will find a magnetic clip that will let you keep your cash. The cash will be completely secured, and you will not have to worry about it falling out. The next great thing about a money clip wallet is there are card slots.

Depending on the size of the money clip, the number of slots present would vary. The best thing is its minimalist design. However, you will not be able to carry too many things in it.

Card Cases

Card cases are just holders where you can keep your cards. Though they are not a very practical option, men who are more digitalized can use card holders. This means that they do not carry too much cash or any other documents. You can securely keep your cards in the case.

The size is often just the size of the card. They are also very slim and can easily be slipped into your pocket. However, if you want to carry your ID or a little cash, then it might be hard to accommodate them in the card case.


Style is something that everyone takes great care of. No one wants to be seen with a shabby looking item. When the wallet comes out of your pocket, it should be stylish and complement the rest of your attire. That is why you need to pay great attention to how it looks.

Most brands provide several color options. You can choose a color that would look good with all your outfits. Most of the wallet colors come in brown or black of different shades. That is because these two colors go well will any outfit style and color that you wear. You can also choose other styles and colors provided by the brand you like.


Even though this factor has not been mentioned at the top, the wallet’s material should be considered even before the size. You will want to opt for a highly durable material, such as nylon, that would last for a long time. It is a waste of money investing in a product that would get damaged after a few months of use.

There are many kinds of materials used. Depending on the durability, functionality, and look of the materials, you can make your choice.

Synthetic Fiber

Synthetic fibers include polyester blends and polyester, which are quite in-demand these days. This is due to the fiber’s durability and withstanding power even after being used for years. Even the look of the synthetic fiber wallets is very stylish. The best thing about buying wallets made from the synthetic fiber is the low price.

You can get the same design as that of a leather wallet but at a much lesser price. Along with this, wallets made from synthetic fibers are very slim and compact. You can get good storage options, but they will not be bulky.


Aluminum wallets are generally money clips or card cases with a limited number of slots.

You can opt for these if you travel very light and need to carry one or two cards or an ID. Aluminum wallets are also very lightweight and will also not take up much space in your pocket. However, you will not find very spacious aluminum wallets. For people who need bigger ones, this is not the material you should opt for even if they take up less space.


Another highly used material is canvas. This is an animal-friendly product and is also very affordable. Canvas is made from cotton and is a very soft material. People inclined to make a social statement with what they wear and carry would be perfect for these canvas products.

Another great thing about canvas wallets is that they are lightweight. They mostly have the basic zipper closure and picture inserts like any other traditional wallet. Many well-known brands in the market focus on manufacturing just canvas wallets as a part of their environment-friendly approach.


The most common and highly preferred material is leather. All the products that have been listed here are made from different types of leather. They look very sophisticated and are durable. You can use a well-designed durable leather wallet for years without single damage.

The three main kinds of leather are top-grain, cross-grain, and genuine leather. The price difference between these three types is huge due to their quality. Top grain is the most expensive leather, while genuine leather is the most affordable. No matter which kind of leather you choose, it will be a long term investment.


The environment that you would be using the wallet in would matter a lot. Some are perfect for daily use, while some would not sustain the daily wear and tear. These wallets may be good for travel where they are being used for a few days and then kept away for the next trip.

If you want daily use, you need a slim, durable, and spacious wallet to carry all your daily essentials. You may need a bigger wallet for travel purposes that the standard size or even a smaller size according to your need.


The other factors stated here would not mean much if the quality is not good. Quality is directly proportional to the material that is being used by the company but not at all times. You may buy top grain leather wallets from two different brands, and you will see that the quality of both is different.

You need to invest in one that is of the top-quality and is highly durable. It is not a good sign when the wallets start to get stretched, or the covering peels off within a few months. That is why you need to pay attention to the quality of the material.

RFID Blocking

Electronic theft that results in stolen card information is not a new thing. Tech thieves have become very advanced and can scan the card from the wallet itself. You may have heard of cases of card usage even though the card is with the user. That is why having a wallet with RFID blocking is essential in current times.

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification, which is present in your card. It is the chip that enables contactless payments. The wallet contains the blocking technology which will stop thieves from scanning this chip and stealing the card information.


Price is a major criterion when buying a wallet or any other product for that matter. Depending on the material and style, the price will vary. However, you need to see that the money you are paying is worth the product.

It is always better to focus on the quality more than the price. That does not mean that you choose a highly expensive product or a cheap one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which One Would Be Perfect For Keeping Credit Cards?

The world has become digitalized, and people prefer making payments through cards. Most people avoid carrying cash with them. That is why a wallet that gives ample compartments for cards is necessary. Some people have more than one credit and debit card for which they need multiple compartments.

If you are the same, you should choose a wallet with more than one card slot. In this article, all the products that have been listed are equipped with multiple card slots. Make sure that the one you choose has RFID blocking so that your card information stays safe. Other than this, you need to ensure that the slots are tight so that the cards do not fall out.

Is Using Minimalist Wallets A Good Idea?

Minimalist wallets are the craze these days due to the slim and space-saving design. These can fit very nicely in your pocket without making it seem bulky. This is a great thing for men who are in the habit of wearing tight trousers or slim-fit pants. Another great thing about minimalist wallets is that they are very lightweight.

You can also fit them in your back pocket without facing problems while sitting. Carrying them in the front pocket will also not be problematic since they do not weigh much. If you carry your cards in the front pocket, then they stay more damage-free. That is why a minimalist is a great option for everyone.

The only problem you may face is the lack of space for carrying extra items.

How Can I Maintain My Leather Wallet?

When you buy a leather wallet, you need to ensure that you take good care of it. Without proper maintenance, the leather would be prone to damage very quickly.

Exposing your wallet to dust and moisture tends to damage your it. That is why you should clean your leather wallet every day. To do this, you can use a slightly damp cloth mixed with light detergent or soap. After this, you should wipe it again with a dry cloth. Do not let it stay damp for long; dry it with a dryer if needed or keep it at room temperature.

What Type Of Leather Is Best For A Wallet?

Three main types of leather are used in a top-grain, cross-grain, and genuine leather wallet. Top grain is the most expensive and premium quality leather that you will find in a wallet. On the other hand, genuine leather is very affordable, but it is one of the best leather types.

You can choose genuine leather since they are highly durable. It is also easier to maintain a genuine leather wallet than a top grain one. Cross-grain wallets fall somewhere in the between and may not provide the quality and durability you demand.

What Is The Longevity Of A Leather Wallet?

The longevity of a wallet depends on how you maintain it. The quality of the leather also impacts the longevity. However, even if you use a high-quality leather, longevity can reduce if it is not maintained. Your wallet will get damaged easily if the wear and tear is excessive.

To use a leather wallet for a long time, you have to make sure that you buy premium quality material. It should be maintained properly by following the maintenance tips. With proper care, you can use a leather wallet for years without it facing any kind of damage or just slight wear and tear.

Also, make sure that it is not stuffed since putting excessive items in the wallet could be another cause for damage.


There are various options when looking for the best wallets for men. This can make you quite confused, and you may end up choosing the wrong one. When selecting a wallet, the quality and material are not the only things that matter. Many other essential factors play a very important role when you make the decision.

The first thing that should be present in every wallet is RFID blocking technology. This keeps you safe from any information theft, which can be done by scanning your cards. With the rise in electronic theft, this is a feature that you cannot ignore at all.

Another feature that could keep your belongings safe is the zipper closure. This will ensure that the belongings in your wallet do not come out and fall. However, some minimalist wallets lack RFID blocking but are perfect for people who need to carry just their cards.

No matter which one you choose, it should be able to keep the contents safe. Remember not to stuff your wallet with business cards, tickets, or other such unnecessary items. Only keep what you require so that it does not become heavy.