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10 Best Backpacks for Hunting

Whenever you are planning for hunting trip, there are many things that you need to take into consideration, such as the equipment, food and clothes.

A hunting backpack is a must have item while on a hunting trip. It is helpful in storing huge quantity of food and other necessary items.

Searching for the best hunting backpack will be a difficult task if you are a beginner in the hunting field.

There are two different types of backpacks for hunting, the internal frame and the external frame pack. The internal frame one is designed more for the hiking purposes whereas the external is great for carrying loads such as guns or pistols.

In order to make things easy for you, we have compiled a list of the best hunting backpacks below. So before selecting the one you like, consider the features such as, durability, comfort and space.

10 Best Hunting Backpacks Review

1. ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Pack


  • The pack keeps the rifle, bow and crossbow safe and secure due to its fastening belt.
  • While moving, all the tools are secured as it has a zip wing pockets at its front.
  • It has a lot of pockets, large main compartment, spotting scope, two side accessory and front pockets.
  • It is among those hunting backpacks which have two quiver holders one on each side.
  • The weight is 4 lbs.
  • The fabric used is of charcoal color with a nylon ripstop.
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy to carry your riffle and bow
  • Rain cover to keep the equipment dry
  • Front shelf pocket for organization
  • Not all waterproof
  • Not suitable for short people


It has a huge capacity of carrying different items. Even under the wet conditions, it is ensured that all the equipment carried inside are safe and secure.

The pack keeps the items organized while you are out for a day’s hunting. On the other hand, if you want to go for hiking, it is used effectively for this purpose as well. It has given exceptional results due to its durability and comfort level, while carrying it on your shoulders.

2. Fieldline Pro Series Treeline DayPack


  • The Fieldline pro series treeline day pack is commonly used for hunting, fishing and other acive outdoor activities.
  • It has a capacity of 31.8 litres.
  • Two compartments, one used as the hydration port and the other one being used with the organizer.
  • The hydration port is the extra large compartment.
  • It has a one inch waist support which makes it easy for the person to carry the bag.
  • Lifetime warranty by the manufacturer.
  • It comes with a multiple gear lock attachments.
  • Fully made of polyester.
  • The front side is backed with a zipper and the back side is completely padded which makes it comfortable to carry on the shoulders.
  • You can hold large equipment in it, such as a long riffle or the fishing pole.
  • You can hide yourself in a wild situation, due to somewhat beige color of it.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry on the shoulders
  • Waterproof
  • Yoked shoulder straps which are easily adjustable
  • Multiple lock attachment points for gear
  • Zippers seem to often misfunction


This waterproof pack is easily used for day time hunting trips. If you are carrying small items with you, then it is best to store them in this bag. If you want to store some heavy things in the pack, then use the extra large compartments section of the pack.

3. Timber Hawk Killshot Backpack


  • It is made up of twill which includes the polyester brushed tricot and PVC.
  • The bag has a capacity of 56.2 liter storage.
  • The shoulder strap is adjustable according to your requirements and long lasting.
  • There are also various straps on its back for the purpose of carrying different weapons.
  • The padded waist belt ensures that the pack is carried comfortably on your waist along with the shoulders. The waist belt strap is also adjustable.
  • The rain fly features are also unique, which makes it different from the others.
  • Other than this it also comes with the Hawk Eye Binocular strap system.
  • The bag can hold bulk load and the weight of the equipment in the bag is distributed evenly as its internal frame is strong. The back will not hurt after you are finished with your hunting trip.
  • Easy to carry bow, tripod or long rifle
  • Strong internal frame
  • Fabric is durable and soft quality
  • The rifles can be stored in the drop down scabbed area
  • Rain fly
  • Very heavy when full loaded


This pack is great for people who are hunting on a greater scale, due to its capacity of carrying multiple items. You can easily carry bow or a rifle with you in this backpack.

4. Badlands Superday Hunting Backpack

This backpack is considered to be one of the top by people who are into hunting. It is one of the widely used packs out there.


  • It has been designed in such a way that the person carrying it feels safe, secure and comfortable while wearing it.
  • High quality aluminium has been used in making this bag, so it is supportive and easy to be carried while having heavy items in it.
  • You can store a lot of items in the bag as it has a lot of space and bow, rifle and pistol are easily carried.
  • The manufacturer also provides lifetime warranty on this product
  • Spacious
  • Pistol holder on one side and meat organizer on the other side
  • Finest material quality which is water proof
  • Waist belt pockets
  • Difficult organization if you have to carry multiple small items
  • Belt and wings are the only organizational shelves


This one is suitable for those hunters who have to use the bag as a daypack and a meat hauler. People who are big game hunters can also use this backpack.

5. Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack and Meat Hauler


  • This is one of the best hunting packs having a storage capacity of 1400 cubic inch.
  • It comprises of 7 pockets in total and each pocket is used for a different purpose.
  • It also comes with a waist belt pocket, hip belt pistol holder and external compression straps which are adjustable.
  • This is also a good bow hunting pack, which can hold weight without becoming heavy or loaded. It is also waterproof and recommended by many people.
  • The manufacturer offers a life time warranty which ensures the product can be used for a long time.
  • T-6 internal frame reduces pressure on your back
  • Durable
  • Detachable rifle boot
  • Lot of pockets for bow, riffle or pistol
  • No clip on shoulder straps


This is a good backpack which comfortably fills all the basic needs of any seasoned hunter.

6. Tenzing 2220 Daypack with Firearm Carry Boot


  • The inner frame of the bag has been designed with aluminum so it becomes easy to carry.
  • It also comes with the foldout rain cover which protects the items or equipments from getting wet, while you are on your hunting trip.
  • The hip support is padded, making it comfortable for the person to carry it on the shoulders.
  • It also has a gun carry boot and foldout bow holder where you can carry both easily.
  • The pack has a single slip pocket, 6 exterior pockets and 4 zip pockets.
  • Perfectly suitable for day trip hunting
  • Large storage space
  • Rain fly cover
  • Difficult to refill the backpack for the hydration purpose
  • Does not have many organizational shelves, so managing things inside is quite difficult


Beacause of its large storage space people can put a lot of things in it and also place their gun and bow in the pocket. Moreover, it has adjustable straps and is comfortably designed which you carry on your shoulders for the entire day.

7. ALPS OutdoorZ Commander

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander is a top product as stated by many hunting backpack reviews. It is a popular and demanded pack.


  • It can hold up to 4 lbs of weight and it has a storage capacity of 2100 cubic inches. This ensures that you can store many bulky or heavy items inside the pack.
  • On each side of the back, it has a quiver holder.
  • It comes with organizational pockets which are designed smartly. When you are carrying the backpack on your shoulders, accessing something inside or outside the bag becomes quite easy.
  • While you are moving, the aluminium portion of the pack helps you to carry it comfortably. Hence, stability and support i ensured.
  • Bow or pistols can be stored in the drop down pockets
  • D shaped ring clip, which helps to hang the pack on the tree
  • Many pockets to store multiple things
  • Quiver pockets on both sides
  • Adjustable and padded shoulder and waist straps
  • Zippers are quite tough when opening
  • Zippers are also noisy


Hunters who are keen to hold multiple guns can consider this pack. It has a lot of available space where you can store many types of equipment. It even has some organizational shelves in which storing the things becomes quite easy.

8. Eberlestock Mainframe Pack


  • This is one of the best backpacks for hunting to carry heavy loads.
  • It comes with the meat shelf. It also has some additional sacks in it in which the person can carry gear.
  • Made of good quality material.
  • Adjustable straps made of aluminium frame, which makes it easy to carry the load on the shoulders. People of different sizes can easily adjust the pack according to their requirement.
  • You can use the pack as a fright pack too.
  • Dimensions: 26″h x 11″w (regular size), 29.5″ x 11″w (tall).
  • Zipper pockets to store and carry multiple things
  • Adjustable straps
  • Cannot be used as a hydration pack
  • Overprized


People who are going for hunting or fishing can consider buying this one, as it is light in weight and very versatile to carry. It will feel comfortable, even if it is to be carried for longer hours.

9. Allen Remington Camo Hunting Daypack


  • This backpack is almost 1853 cubic inches of storage capacity.
  • Comes with 5 zipper pockets.
  • It also has 1 mesh pocket for storing items.
  • It has also a waist belt which is adjustable. The person can adjust the waist belt according to its waist line. The belt can stretch up to 54 inches in size.
  • The gun carry system is also located within.
  • Both, the hip belts and the shoulder straps are padded.
  • It is durable and strong in carrying it on the shoulders. It has been stitched in such a way that it can carry heavy loads as well.
  • Durable
  • Long gun carry system – long riffle can be carried on the outside of the backpack
  • 5 exterior pockets and a single mesh interior pocket
  • Does not have any sort of hydration units installed


You can get this top hunting backpack if you need to carry large items and a long rifle. The portion to carry the gun is secure. The straps can be adjusted to the rifle size required. You will feel comfortable in carrying the pack entire day while being on a hunting trip.

10. Tenzing 6000 Back Country Hunting and Hiking Pack

This is one of the best hunting backpacks designed so far as it has a lot of compartment storage area for keeping any things in it. It has a rain fitted area in it, which keeps all your belongings dry. It is one of the few good internal frame hunting packs.


  • Lightweight, the shoulders do not feel any pressure, if more weight is carried on them.
  • It is a detachable pack.
  • It has a carry boot and a foldout bow option too.
  • The pack weighs about 4 lbs.
  • Separate sleeping bag compartment.
  • 5 specialized zip pockets.
  • You can carry up to 3 litres of water on it.
  • Air cooled back pad.
  • Each compartment has been allotted with different weight criteria. The compartments are: hip compartment, main compartment, top compartment, face compartment, meat compartment, mesh compartment and expanding side compartment.
  • Spacious
  • Foldout rain cover
  • Fully adjustable due to the torso suspension feature
  • Hip support is padded
  • Foldout bow and gun carrying boot
  • Limited time warranty
  • Not easy to carry due to the design


This backpack is recommended if you are looking for a lot of storage space and easy organization due to its compartments. It is quite comfortable to carry, if more weight has been put on the shoulders.

What Features to Look For in Best Hunting packs

  • Quality

Quality is the most important thing which one needs to take into account. If the product is not of good quality, then people would not trust any reviews. The backpack has to be of such quality that it can carry all the gears in it.

  • Price

Hunting backpacks are priced at different levels. The price depends on the size of the bag too. If the price is not worth the quality of the pack, then it will be useless to spend so much money on the bag.

  • Weight

Look for the weight of the bag as well. The weight is considered in two different ways. One of them is the weight of the empty backpack as compared to the weight of the full one.  If it is of lighter weight, then it would be more comfortable to carry.

  • Durability and Material

The durability and material of the bag is also important. Make sure what sort of backpack you are looking for, when and for which purpose; it is going to be used either for a day trip or night trip or for full time?

  • Frame Pack

While selecting the bag, look for both the internal and external frame work as internal frame pack deals with the comfort-ability whereas the external frame hunting backpack deals with carrying more weight. This feature is the best for the hunters who want to go for hunting on a bigger level.

  • Functionality

Will there be enough space to carry all the items such as meat, food, water, guns, rifles, bow and arrows. This is also another important aspect to be considered before making your final decision regarding the bag.

  • Adjustability

To have a successful and enjoyable hunting trip, you need to take into account the adjustability and fitness of the pack too. If the pack is not according to your requirement, then you will have to suffer pain, body aches or muscular pains. Keep on adjusting the pack till you reach the desired level of the adjustability.

Final Word

All the products listed above have different features and pricing too. Each hunting backpack is used in a different way, so choosing the right one is very important.

These backpacks are of great use for people who are going for hunting or fishing trips. The pack should be comfortable enough to carry the load on the shoulders. The stretchable packs are the best option, due to their adjustable feature.

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