Best Concealed Carry Backpacks – Top Picks and Buying Guide

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Last Updated: October 13, 2021

Are you finally tired of carrying a holster on your waist and are looking for a secure way to carry your weapon around safely? We have the perfect solution; concealed carry backpacks.

A concealed carry backpack is a specific bag designed to house your firearm and its accessories securely and discreetly. It can double as a subsistence or a daily commute bag that you may carry to work. Some of them are so discreetly designed that no one could ever guess there’s a weapon inside. An ideal backpack will eliminate the daily hassle of choosing between a CCW backpack or an everyday bag.

Amongst the plethora of concealed carry packs, we have compiled the most efficient ones that can fully cater to your requirements.

Best Concealed Carry Backpack – Top 9 Picks

1. G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack

This product from GPS is the best range backpack out there, made solely to store and transport weapons and accessories safely and neatly. It stands unshakably on its own with its integrated ‘Honeycomb’ structure, which maintains the integrity even when fully loaded with extra gear. The bag is entirely constructed out of a substantial 100 Denier material covered with Teflon protectant, which adds to its durability and structural integrity.

The base consists of three detachable, individual, padded pistol storage cases, each spacious enough to accommodate one medium-sized handgun and four magazines. It also features a Visual ID Storage System, making it easier to find the specific accessory in one scan. The feature includes several labelled pockets for the essentials like shooting glasses, ear muffs, earplugs and all the other stuff you need to shoot at the range. If all that storage is not enough, it has got a drop-down pocket with extra storage for small knick-knacks and a small, zippered side pocket for something like a stapler.

With all the gear this concealed carry bag accommodates, it is necessary that it is also comfortable to carry; the backpack includes a chest strap and a padded waist belt to stabilize the load from the shoulders, making it convenient to carry.

  • It comes with waterproof rain cover
  • Thrice stitched MOLLE to attach customizable accessories
  • Straps to hold rolled target papers
  • Separate compartments for each gear
  • Pocket folds out to make a workspace
  • Color may slightly fade

No other backpack company does such detailed compartmentalization as GPS. With its separate compartment for each gear, your things will never get mixed up and will stay as organized as they can be


2. Condor 3 Day Assault Pack

This backpack gives it away with its name; as the name suggests, it is all you need to survive a rugged, three-day adventure to anywhere. It can accommodate everything you need to stay with its expansive capacity of 50 litres.

The roomy capacity in the hard-shelled main compartment has two mesh pockets on the front side, which enhances visibility and increases accessibility. On the other side are two retention straps that can fasten your laptop or other electronic equipment securely. The middle organizational compartment opens to radio pouches, slots for pens, maps and documents, while the lower horizontal bag unzips with two mesh pockets and extra space for additional storage.

If you plan to carry a permitted concealed gun, then there’s a space for that too; store your pistol in the back compartment where it is hidden yet in hands reach when needed. Lastly, there are two side pockets for holding water bottles or general storage and slim frontal pockets that zip down.

Made with high-density polyester, it can endure all the wear, tear and abrasions during the journey. If the skies decide to sprinkle some rain, then the water-resistant exterior and grommets at the bottom will ensure the articles inside do not get damp.

  • Rear padding doubles as a zipped hydration pack
  • Straps on either side help you compress the bag
  • Multiple grab handles
  • Webbing on different parts to attach extras
  • Not the best quality zippers

The 3 day assault backpack by Condor comes in a myriad of military colors and camouflages. It is one of the best tactical survival backpacks to take to your wild endeavours and store your beloved firearms.


3. 3V Gear Outlaw Shoulder Sling Pack

Not many would consider taking a sling pack on trips, but it’s one of those who try it to believe it kind of products, where you will not know what you’re missing till you actually use it. Sling packs are actually quite handy when you need to stay hands-free for your activities, yet still need your bag by your side. You do not need to unload it, merely sling it to the front to access your desired item and then sling the pack back.

It is 15L lightweight but durable, PVC coated and is constructed out of 600D PVC polyester, making it water-resistant, keeping away moisture and the contents inside dry. To further ensure longevity, the seams are meticulously stitched twice, deterring the pack from harsh conditions and daily abrasion. In order to keep your contents safe, it comes with a detachable Y-Sling that wraps around the bag, compressing and tightening the stored articles, which may otherwise slide around when you’re on the go. Also, a snap threaded across the front pocket’s zipper makes it less accessible to theft.

The bag might seem compact, but it packs quite well. There are three main compartments and lots of big and small zippered pockets. A padded laptop sleeve in the main compartment secured by Velcro straps keeps your laptop secure and prevents it from sliding around. The front pockets zip all the way and have organizational slots to store in your odds and evens. Not to forget, the rear-side is moulded with Vented Channel, this allows ventilation, the zippered section stores your hydration pack, and most importantly, it can securely store your concealed carry weapon.

  • Zippers are arranged horizontally and vertically
  • Lifetime warranty against defects
  • Additional handles on top and sides
  • Hooks and MOLLE for extra attachments
  • Separate water bottle pocket on the side
  • Not very convenient for left-handers

This lightweight sling pack is the most versatile backpack that can be used for almost anything and can be carried every day, whether it is to the treks, range or just to your college.


4. Maxpedition Entity 27 CCW

Entity 27 backpack by Maxpedition is a compact and low laying concealed carrying weapon backpack. It has a sleek and subtle façade, unlike the tactical style of other CCW bags, making it unnoticeable to the public eye, making it suitable to carry it daily.

It features dual access concealed weapon compartment located along the rear end, thoroughly loop lined for maximum security. This feature is accessible and convenient for both left-handed and right-handed users.

Made out of pure Nylon material, it is constructed to withstand daily wear and tear. Not only it is for heavy-duty use, but it’s also made to be ergonomically comfortable; the padded shoulder straps sit like a cushion even when heavily loaded, the sternum straps distribute the load, deterring your shoulders from aching. Also the strap is adjustable to make sure that the straps on shoulders do not slide off during your commute.

Inside the main zipped compartment is a spacious room of 27 litres, with a lockable, padded section that can accommodate a laptop of 15 to 17 inches. The drawbridge straps tuck in the laptop securely and prevent it from slipping around when you are walking.

  • Smart trolley sleeve helps the bag hang on luggage
  • It comes with a detachable waist belt
  • Two ports on the side to access headphones or charging wires
  • The exterior is not waterproof

When carrying a weapon, the last thing you want is to stand out like a sore-thumb and attract thieves. This urban, non-tactile looking backpack does an excellent job in camouflaging you in public.


5. Red Rock Outdoor Gear – Rover Sling Pack

The Rover Sling Pack is one of the most compact and small concealed carry backpacks; with 9 litres of adequate space, it is easily one of the most efficient daypacks for men to take on small adventures.

This durable sling bag made out of 600D polyester can conveniently house a gun. The concealed gear compartment is located at the back under the shoulder strap make it least accessible to others while you are wearing it, and can be accessed through opening a snap button. It is also interlined with soft fabric to prevent the gun from getting any scratches and has enough room to hold the gun’s holster, which further restricts any unwanted movement.

Despite the petite silhouette, the main compartment can store a lot of stuff. It has a sleeve that can accommodate your basic electronic tablets and is secured by a touch-fastener. The opposite wall has secured pockets, and there is ample space between the two interior walls to stow in a packing cube. The three pockets have a spacious room to pack in all the essentials you may need for a day’s trip, plus they have organized sections and holders that will keep your things in place while you are on the move.

Equipped with an ambidextrous strap, it is user friendly for both left and right-handed users; you can very easily sling the shoulder strap from one side to another, keeping your hands free.

  • Constructed out of waterproof material
  • Embedded with nine external pockets
  • Light and compact
  • MOLLE webbing all over the body
  • MOLLE wears off quicker

Good things come in a small packets, and so does this sling pack by Red Rock. It is the perfect size concealed carry sling bag for carrying your weapons to your single-day ventures.


6. Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger

Maxpedition makes top-notch products and is a pioneer of the sling line, hence why this one was ought to be added too. Originally manufactured as a military grade backpack, it is constructed out of pure, 1000D nylon to make it everlasting. To further amp up the structural integrity, it is coated thrice with polyurethane and then topped off with DuPont Teflon Fabric to make it resistant to water and other components.

This bag includes the classic sling strap, which comes with its own sets of perks. The manner of carrying this backpack is perfect for those who are prone to shoulder aches; the sling distributes the weight of the load and helps to stabilize when on the go. Most importantly, you can always sling the pack to the front to access what you need instantly and rotate it to the back, eliminating the need to take it off the back to access the compartments.

  • CCW pocket has lockable zippers
  • Weighing only 3 pounds, it is extremely portable
  • Integrated with sturdy YKK zippers
  • It accommodates a 14inches laptop
  • Exterior covered in MOLLE to attach extras
  • It looks too tactile and not very discreet
  • Offers less capacity

All in all, this heavy-duty backpack can securely house firearms and will for sure protect your gear if it rains buckets outside.


7. 5.11 COVRT18 Tactical Covert Military Backpack

5.11 mostly manufacture backpacks catering to law enforcement. However, this product is more discreet and mundane looking. Made out of robust, waterproof 500D nylon, it offers top-notch tactical features.

It has a special Roll-Down Assault Compartment (RAC); this feature allows to conceal the MOLLE, which is a distinct tactile feature. The section is a webbed platform with loop panels, and two straps roll up and tie the front panel to access this platform. Above this compartment is another hidden admin pocket that doubles as an organizational space and a board where you can attach your badge. The transformation completely converts your mundane backpack into a tactical one.

On the side is Tac Tec System, a pass-through compartment that can be accessed equally by either hand. Inside are hooks and loops to store your gun or holster securely.

  • Large adjustable mesh pockets on either side
  • Grommets at the bottom to encourage drainage
  • Main compartment has a padded laptop sleeve
  • Hoops in front to attach any extras
  • It can get quite heavy when fully loaded

This rucksack truly is the grey man of the CCW packs; with few minor adjustments, this bag gets ready for your rugged adventures.


8. Vertx Gamut Overland

This spacious bag by Vertx lets you carry all your beloved firearms, while blending in with other backpacks on the street.

It features a new Hot-Pull Tab; when in a rush, this tab can be quickly torn open to access the main compartment. This compartment has a flexible padded laptop sleeve, the height of which can be altered, three slots to store gears and one mesh pocket, which increases the visibility of stored items. This central section can lay flat; it opens up to 180 degrees for maximum accessibility and loading-unloading the gear.

  • Padded mesh shoulder straps
  • Adjustable sternum strap
  • Waistband can easily be tucked away when not needed
  • MOLLE can hold few extra pouches
  • Quite expensive
  • Too bulky for petite people

If your bigger firearms do not fit into any other backpacks, then do not fret; this one has an adjustable compartment that securely holds your pistol of any size without leaving any imprint on the outside.


9. Vertx Ready Pack 2.0

Vertx has made it on our list yet again for its heavy-duty quality and organized backpacks. With Vertx Ready, you will always stay prepared. This chic urban backpack looks nothing like a tactical backpack but ticks all the boxes of an efficient CCW bag.

Like the previous Vertx product, this one features the renowned Rapid Access Pull tab that enables speedy access to the concealed carry platform. This section complies with a CCW compartment’s features and is integrated with loops and lining to keep your pistol or holster secure.

Adding to the unique features, it has a main zipped compartment, which houses a laptop sleeve to accommodate your laptop securely, a zippered mesh pocket to neatly stow away the essentials, three slots to place gears and loop panels to hold a holster or other accessories that are well-suited to store with hooks and loops.

  • Stretchable water bottle holder on the side
  • 3-D, foam-padded rear panels enable ventilation and comfort
  • Constructed out of durable nylon
  • Compartments closed through industrial YKK zippers
  • Zippers often tug with the fabric around it

For those who like to stay ahead of the game, Vertx Ready pack is the perfect fit. It fits everything in order, so you do not have to nimble or fuss over finding your required gear in the bag.


What to Consider in Top Concealed Carry Backpacks

Take a thorough look at the guide below before you shell out the cash for your next CCW backpack. These features will aid you in finding a suitable concealment backpack.


Your backpack with concealed holster should be multipurpose enough to be used for daily use. While having the properties of a gun carrying backpack, it should also suit trekking, camping, hiking and travelling to the office. An ideal backpack should house your gun safely and also provide ample room to store its accessories, like holster and other gears that are required at the range. If you plan to carry additional equipment, then go for one bigger than sling packs, which can accommodate more than the range necessities.


The entire point of a concealed carry backpack is to accommodate your weapon safely and covertly. If the compartment of the pack has different dimensions from that of your weapon, then the purpose gets defeated. All the aforementioned backpacks with handgun compartment can accommodate some weapons, and some have room for their magazines, too, to match the one which suits your size for a secure fit.


Your conceal carry backpack must hold your pistol safely, but simultaneously it should also allow easy access. Keep an eye on items that have a designated compartment with easy access to the weapon so that you do not rummage through other stuff to find your pistol in case of emergency.

Camouflage properties

Most of the products reviewed above are very tactile-looking; they gather all the attention when you take those out in public, no one will miss the fact that you are carrying a weapon. To avoid that and blend in, choose a product like Maxpedition Entity 27. Packs like this are meticulously designed to disguise as a mundane backpack while still having CCW properties.


Most CCW backpacks double as camping bags too. The fabric used must be sturdy enough to withstand the abrasion outside and protect the weapon on the inside too. The most common material used is polyester and nylon, usually treated with agents that make them waterproof, which is always a bonus in harsh weather climate. Look out for fabric with higher Denier; the higher The Denier (D), the longer it will last you.


The ultimate concealed carry backpack will securely store your prized firearm, and other essentials that you may want to carry without turning heads. That is why we highly recommend the G.P.S. Tactical Range backpack made entirely for the purpose of storing and transporting weapons and accessories safely and in concealed manner.

Established CCW backpack is much more convenient than a holster that tugs on your waist; it’s time to put your mind at piece and finally buy one.