Sweet Cigar Box Speakers


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  • Sweet Cigar Box Speakers
  • Sweet Cigar Box Speakers
  • Sweet Cigar Box Speakers
  • Sweet Cigar Box Speakers

This is possibly our coolest product.

- Owen

Introducing Cigar Box Desk Top Speakers -- the coolest addition to your otherwise humble desk. Perfect for anyone who loves good speakers, good music, a good cigar or just loves to add unique, attention grabbing creations to their home or office. 

Each pair is hand-made in the USA. The 2.5" aluminum cone speaker has been selected specifically for the genuine cedar cigar box it is mounted in, and has been tuned with a 3/4" port tube to produce surprisingly full and natural sound. They are self-powered with an internal 10 watt per channel amplifier, meaning they need no external amplifier. They only need to be connected to anything with a 3.5mm stereo heaphone jack (iPod/iPhone or Computer), and plugged into a standard 120 volt wall outlet.

The cigar boxes themselves have been treated with a satin lacquer finish and retain their original brass hardware, labels and markings. Also, the boxes have been reinforced and braced internally to improve their performance as a speaker enclosure. One of the two boxes has a volume control / power switch, and a blue 'power on' indicator light.

So, how do they sound?

Remarkably good. Their sound is smooth and easy to listen to. No harsh highs or rough midrange, just natural - musical sound that never fails to impress. The tuned cigar box enclosure allows the unassuming speaker to produce full, deep tones that are well below the typical 'bass' dial on your stereo. Are they very loud? No. However, they will fill average to large sized rooms with sound, and will easily rock a small room or desk top (should you want to).

We carry very limited quantities in stock.

Unfortunately, we do not ship them internationally due to their weight.


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