Boys' Bathroom Cleaner

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  • Boys' Bathroom Cleaner
  • Boys' Bathroom Cleaner
Gents, the truth is, we know in our hearts that our bathrooms are disgusting. Now, we can keep the place where we spend the morning shaving and grooming (or, our cars) super clean with Boys’ Bathroom Cleaner. 
Made in the USA, this bathroom cleaner smells like grapefruit (and not nostril burning Tilex). The secret behind this product are “colloidal” technology, which is used to clean up oceans after an oil spill. Cool. 
 There are three main ingredients: Biodegradable Colloidal Cleaner, which contains surfactants derived from sugarcane (polysaccharides), water and Australian White Grapefruit fragrance. 
 This floor wash is as clean as you can get – you can dump it down the drain without ruining our water and oceans. The product actively cleans by encapsulating and removing germ-friendly grime from surfaces at the molecular level, leaving them free from the dirt, fats and proteins that bacteria thrive on, thus discouraging re-colonization and spreading without the use of harsh chemical disinfectants. Smart stuff. 
This floor cleaner comes in a 17 oz spray bottle with a 32 oz refill. 
Get clean, gentlemen. The best part? Your significant other will be proud!


PLEASE NOTE: Regrettably, this product does not ship internationally -- only to the contiguous United States.


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