Best Smart Wallets – High Tech Wallets for Smart Men

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Last Updated: November 18, 2021

Humans have been developing smart technologies over the past few decades. From smartphones to smart TVs, we have come one step ahead. Smart wallets are the new, innovative, smart ventures. Yes, wallets can be smart too.

They are different from regular wallets. They are smaller, more durable, and can be tracked when lost. Are you looking to store your cards and cash in a smarter wallet?

There are several options out there when it comes to these high tech wallets. As a consumer, it gets difficult to make a choice. This article will guide you through the best smart wallets you can find online.

Top 10 Smart Wallets Reviewed

1. Serman Brands RFID Blocking Wallet

Extremely stylish and elegant, Serman Brands smart wallet is the best option at affordable prices. It is designed perfectly to fit 6-8 cards and money bills without looking bulky.

It does not look bulky or bulge out from pockets. It is made of smooth grain leathers, which absorb natural oils from hands leading to darker hues. With its minimalistic design, it’s the one for a smarter generation.

It is leather lined with grain and vegan leather, bifold and slim. It can be easily tucked into pockets without bulges.

Their RFID secure technology which ensures privacy and security blocks 13.56 MHz or higher signals. It protects information stored on RFID chips from unauthorized scans.

It contains two pockets, including a photo ID slot. It also includes a money clip to hold your cash and a smart pull-strap for easy card access. The money clip is in the middle, so prevents pressuring into credit cards.

Serman offers 12-month warranty which covers factory defects during manufacturing.


2. Buffway Slim RFID Blocking Leather Wallet

This front pocket 100% leather wallet is a popular buy for both men and women. With a polyester lining, it has a longer life than leather-lined wallets.

Extremely durable and discreet, the wallet fits perfectly in front pockets and purses. It is a savior for those who carry more than 8 cards with them.

It is slim, stylish and elegant. It has a small size of 3 1/8″ x 4 7/16″ x 1/9″ and a lot of space with eight slots, making work and storage convenient

It blocks RFID signals, keeping your cards protected. Buffway is made with 100% leather which is durable and looks lavish. It also has one window slot with a finger glide for driver’s license or work badge, two side-slip pockets for other cards and one middle pocket for coupons and cash.


3. Travando Money Clip Wallet

With an RFID-lining, this bi-fold closure wallet is very slim and fashionable. It has seven card pockets, yet still looks thin and elegant. Most suitable for carrying credit, debit, and business cards, it also has an outside notch that will help you access your cards quickly and easily.

Travando is a fashion label that is making innovative, smart wallets that protect your identity and information. It is delivered in fancy gift boxes which can be reused as storage boxes later.

Their RFID protection has an industry-tested blocking technology. It blocks the 13.56 MHz frequency and protects you from data theft. It also has a metal money clip that lets you clip many cash bills without making it bulky.

It is of a compact size: 4.7” x 3.0” x 0.7” and therefore it fits in pockets without bulging out. Made with high-quality material,  it is fashionable, modern, and minimalistic in design.

However, on the downside, the pockets are not deep enough to protect cards fully and the RFID does not block much at times when the wallet is thick and fully loaded with cards.


4. Bryker Hyde 2 ID Window RFID Wallet for Men

This is another bifold wallet that will look perfect in your pockets. It is quite affordable and keeps your cards secure.

You are covered at all times with ample storage space with nine card slots and an extra 2 behind.

It includes 2 ID windows that allow for quick access and 11 card slots for all important cards. The dimensions allow for easy card access.

Bryker uses good quality pebble leather which is durable and lasts a long time. It is extremely safe and secure and protects you from digital thieves. The RFID blocking technology ensures that it blocks low and high frequencies at 125KHz, 10MHz to 3000 MHz signals, including 13.56 MHz used by credit cards.

Bryker Hyde wallet is ideal for traveling purposes as it keeps cards and cash safely and conveniently. The brand offers a two-year warranty for any factory defects.


5. Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet

Although it’s a bit more on the expensive side, Bellroy Note Sleeve is a great buy that will last you for years. Their leather-lined, bi-fold wallets will give your cards, and coins a safe place to be stored.

Being an extremely stylish and elegant, it can keep 11 cards without looking bulky and stores cash bills easily. It has a pull tab for convenience and also contains a coin pouch that also acts as a business card protector.

It is made with premium tanned leather which is dyed to increase durability. The brand offers a three-year warranty for factory defects and follows Leather Working Group environmental protocols.


6. Vaultskin CHELSEA Minimalist Mens Wallet

Designed to be invisible, the Vaultskin Chelsea wallet is very affordable. If you are looking to switch to smart wallets but have a budget in mind, Vaultskin is your go-to brand.

Leather lined, refined and elegant, it is made with top-grain genuine Italian leather. It is soft, durable, and gives a rich look. The RFID blocking prevents data stealing at 13.56 MHz.

It includes three pockets that can hold up to 10 cards. It has 3 card slots in the back pocket, 2 in front, and 5 in the inner RFID-protected pocket. It also includes a slim smart strap which leads to smooth card access.

Vaultskin wallets are beautifully packed in gift boxes and are very minimalistic. It is only 5 mm thin, but with no coin pouch.


7. Schnail ATLAS Series Wallet

Schnail Atlas offers high-quality leather wallets, that are extremely affordable. With sophisticated detailing and style, it will cover all your card holder needs.

It is leather lined and carries up to 12 cards. It includes a coin pouch and a keyring to attach your keys.

Despite of this, it is very slim and elegant and its not bulging in pockets. Made with full-grain leather, it includes a smart pull-tab that allows easy and quick card access.

Cards are protected from data thieves via RFID blocking, which ensures security and safety of your information .


8. Ekster Parliament Slim Leather Wallet

Another expensive yet durable piece, Ekster Parliament looks super stylish as a card and cash holder.

It has high storage capacity for more than 10 cards, and has RFID protection technology that will keep your cards safe.

The Ekster lets you access your cards easily with an easy click button and it includes an inbuilt aluminum cardholder that stores 4-6 embossed cards.

It is made with top-grain leather and 6063 T5 Aluminium and you can also attach the Ekster tracker card to it, which helps if you misplace or lose your wallet.

The brand provides a 100% guarantee with a 30-day money-back replacement if unsatisfied.


9. Smart LB Anti-Lost Smart Wallet

With tracking features that protect your card from being lost or misplaced, Smart LB is a good investment at an affordable price.

This cowhide leather-made bifold wallet has a position tracker using GPS technology. You can find your wallet using your phone. It also has an alarm when it gets stolen or left someplace.

The smart find, remote photographing, and location record technologies, make this wallet smarter than the rest.

There are anti lost features and smart location tracker within. You can ring the wallet from your phone or vice versa. The alarm rings when it gets lost or stolen and a GPS tracker shows the last known position in your phone.

This tech wallet charges fast and stays charged long. In fact, 5 hours of charging goes on for one month. Made with top grain leather, it contains four card slots, an ID display window. It has one main pocket and one secondary with a zipper.

RFID blocking feature is included. The battery might cause issues after a while, otherwise it is an amazing choice.


10. Innway Accent Smart Tracker Wallet

Innway Accent Smart Tracker Wallet has a rechargeable battery that lasts for a long time. It has a two-way find and last seen location in your phone feature. This makes sure you don’t misplace or lose your wallet.

It is slightly expensive, may not be suitable for everyone and it is not that compact with a size of 7.09 x 5.43 x 1.14 inches.

It has quick card access though, which allows you to scan cards without taking them out.

The anti-slip design allows holding cards without letting them fall off. Innway wallet also has RFID-blocking which prevents data theft and keeps your information safe.

The rechargeable battery has life of at least six months under normal usage. The Innway app will remind you to charge your Accent’s battery if it runs low.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Smart Wallet?

Smart wallets are like regular wallets which we keep around in our pockets and purses. They store cards, cash and sometimes coins. It is not a digital wallet like PayPal or others which store crypto currencies like Ethereum or bitcoins.

Smart wallets are made of discrete electronics, which make them much more advanced. They usually have an RFID blocking protector which protects your cards from data theft. They block certain frequencies which protect your credit cards from unauthorized scans.

A smart wallet can also have a Bluetooth tracker, ‘Find my Location’ services, and alarms in them, which help you find it in case you lose or misplace your wallet.

What is The Best Smart Wallet For Men?

There are several products available specially for men. The best ones are usually those that provide GPS, Find it tracker, RFID blocking protection, and Bluetooth connection with phones.

Look for products that have several card slots for storage, are slim, non-bulky, and elegant. Leather wallets are very much in trend these days. Just have a look at the options above and make a choice.

Is a Smart Wallet Worth It?

If you are someone who carries a lot of cash and fewer cards, it isn’t for you. However, if you are a person who has an overflowing wallet with cards, you might consider a smart one.

They look extremely elegant and slim. Most of them offer card slots for more than ten cards at a time. They also have money clips to hold your cash safely.

With new technologies like GPS trackers, location finders, and RFID blocking protection, a smart wallet is a good investment. They keep your cards safe from data theft and also track your wallet if you misplace it.

They are not that pricey, and for a one-time investment, it’s definitely worth it.

Can I Put a Tracker on My Wallet?

Yes, most smart wallets let you put a tracker on them. Some brands also offer tracker cards which you can use to track your wallet if it gets lost.

Some have Bluetooth modules included in their system. Therefore, it makes them trackable.

When your smartphone and wallet are 100 to 200 feet apart, it can then easily be tracked down. In case your device is out of range from the wallet, it would still display the last known location.

Sometimes, they don’t have an inbuilt Bluetooth tracker though. So you may need to attach an external device or tracker card to it. These are almost the same size as a normal credit card. Some external tracking devices that you can use are Tile Slim and Chipolo Card.


Smart wallets are trending right now. Their advanced features and minimalistic design will definitely blow you away.

This article has given you the top 10 options available out there.

You can now protect your cards and data with RFID blocking technology. Locate and track your wallets with ease. Look stylish with no bulk poking out of your pockets. Smart wallets have all the features you need.