Best Outback Hats for Men

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Last Updated: September 7, 2021

Outback hats are an alternative to cowboy hats since they share a lot of similarities. They are also just as fashionable and would be great to give you that classic look. Outback hats are designed with their brims slightly curving upward, just like cowboy hats. The major difference between these hats is the crown. There is a good chance you might take one for the other, except when you have good knowledge of them.

If you are a fan of these stylish hats and want to add a few of them to your collection, we’ve put together a list of top mens outback hats available. With hundreds of options, it is easy to get it wrong or go for a product you’ll end up disappointed with. With the aid of this review, the process of selecting the best Australian outback hat becomes easier.

10 Best Mens Outback Hats Reviewed

1. Scala Classico Men’s Crushable Outback Hat

This men’s outback hat is made from 100% wool, which provides a warm and calming feeling. The sophistication and style is second to none. It provides you with comfort while also blending in with the environment.

This aussie style hat is crushable, which makes it easy to pack into bags when traveling. To get it back to its regular classic shape, all that’s needed is a little shake.

It provides proper protection from the sun, keeping you neck and face shielded. Made from durable and quality material, the hat is designed to keep you dry in the rain.

The water-repellent construction allows you to keep it on even in the stormiest of weather. It is also washable, you can easily get rid of stains.

Get the style and sophistication you want. It is available in various colors and sizes to suit your preference.

  • The brim is slightly unaligned with the center of the hat


Scala Classic hat is made from quality material and is perfect for any type of weather. It is durable, stylish and sophisticated which makes it great for fashion lovers – perfect for a variety of outfits.

2. Dorfman Pacific Men’s Outback Hat with Chin Cord

Dorfman Pacific makes some of the best outback hats out there. Made from 52% cotton and 48% polyester, this hat is made for functionality and breathability. The quality materials also provide increased strength and durability. Although you might find it to be highly fashionable, it isn’t all about fashion. The outdoorsmen hat provides protection from UV rays up to rating 50+, which makes it perfect for a walk on a sunny day. The interior is made to absorb sweat on a hot day. It features an interior brow band which absorbs all form of perspiration to avoid skin irritation.

It comes with a 2.7 inches brim which can be shaped into any style of your choice. This gives you just the shade you deserve. The brim is designed to give you 360 degrees protection for maximum comfort at all times.

The hat also features an adjustable chin strap which can be used to adjust the fitting to your head. This works well on a windy day to prevent it from falling down. It is available in black and brown color.

  • Durable
  • Designed for breathability
  • Brim can be reshaped
  • Perfect for all kinds of outings
  • Chin cord is too stiff
  • Runs larger than the size chart


If you are a fan of aussie style hats then this is one you will definitely love. It is made from premium quality materials and does a good job of protection in different weather conditions. If you need an affordable yet reliable hat, you should go for it.

3. Barmah Hats Foldaway Bronco Leather Hat

This one is made from premium fullgrain cattle leather which has been hand crafted to give you stylish and classy look. They don’t come better than this one here. It is perfectly designed for different kinds of occasions as well as a variety of outfits.

It features a vintage oiled and waxed finish, which makes it appear old even when it is new.

It is portable and be folded into bags. The hat comes with a wide brim which works perfectly to shield you from UV Ray’s. It also does a good job of protecting you from wind and rain.

A newly purchased Barmah Foldaway Bronco hat comes with a removable chin cord, free hat sizing kit as well as a free hat bag which can be used to carry the bag around.

It is available in different colors and sizes, so you don’t have to worry about not getting your favorite one.

  • Stylish
  • Premium quality leather
  • Foldable and portable
  • Includes a chin cord, free bag and sizing kit
  • It is quite thin
  • The brim is quite flimsy


This leather hat is highly fashionable. Made from quality materials, it is perfect for different outfits and outings. It is also quite foldable which makes it easy to pack for travel.

4. BRANDSLOCK Mens Down Under Leather Cowboy Hat

This outback leather hat is one that you definitely want to take a look at. This trendy hat is perfect for all seasons and it also matches well with casual or formal outfits.

This aussie outback hat for men is made from quality a material which is going to have you impressed with the durability. It is hand made with leather and it features a premium stitching, which provides you with comfort and warmth at all times.

The design is one of the most impressive features. The brims are shaped upward to provide protection to your neck and face from sunrays. The hat is quite portable and light which makes it perfect for travel. You would be forgiven for forgetting you have a hat on.

It can also be adjusted to fit your head using the adjustable chin strap. This prevents it from falling off on a windy day. Customers also have 100% money back guarantee provided within 30 days after purchase.

  • Trendy and timeless
  • Durable leather
  • Premium stitching
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Only available in one color
  • Leather is stiff


This is one of the best australian outback hats out there. If you are a lover of such hats and you need one that is durable and fashionable you should check this one out.

5. MG Outback Tea Stained Raffia Straw Hat

MG’s straw hat is classy and stylish, made from 100% straw to make you feel calm. This Aussie hat features an elastic closure to keep it all together.

It can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and it can also be hand washed when it gets stained. The brim is made to easily shield you from UV rays on a sunny day. It can be readjusted to your desired shape to bring out your style.

The draw strings around the hat can be used to adjust the fitting to prevent it from falling in windy areas. Since it is made from straws, it is quite light and portable.

Highly fashionable and it is perfect for all sorts of occasions. This affordable hat is available in two colors, natural tea and black.

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Drawstring for adjustability
  • Very affordable
  • Not very durable
  • The brim is flimsy


This hat provides very good sun protection. It is made from light materials that make you feel comfortable. You’d be happy to get this one.

6. Indiana Jones Men’s Outback Hat

Another quality hat made from 100% wool. What’s a good adventure without a classy hat to go along?

It features an authentic Indiana Jones pin combined with a grosgrain trim to give you the classy and sophisticated feel.

Since it is inspired by adventures, you should be able to take yours on adventurous travels. The hat is designed to be crushable and fit inside a bag when needed, but it still regains its lovely shape when it is taken back out.

This is one of the best Aussie bush style hats out there. Apart from being perfect for the rain, this hat also does a very good job of shielding you during a sunny day. The 3 inches brim allows you to go wherever with complete protection from all elements.

This is a durable and stylish hat most people will be proud to own.

  • Water-repellent
  • Grosgrain trim and an authentic Indiana Jones pin
  • Crushable and portable
  • The brims are curved up too much on both sides


This Indy hat is highly fashionable and perfectly designed. If you want to receive a lot of compliments and need something that is perfect for a variety of outfits, you should consider getting this.

7. Scala Panama Men’s Outback Hat

This is one that you would definitely want to bring to the outback hat vs cowboy hat competition, if there was one.

The hat is completely made from straws which makes it very light and portable. It is also perfect for travel, since it can easily be packed into your bag. This hat provides perfect protection from sun while not letting down on style.

It matches a variety of outfits, which makes it the perfect companion when going on vacations or regular outings. The straws provide coziness and warmth and are designed for comfort.

There is a wide and large brim. It also comes with a braided jute band and a Scala pin. These hats are 100% hand-woven from materials of the highest quality.

The brand name goes to testify as more proof of the quality. It is going to give you the perfect western fedora look you want.

It is available in different sizes and is quite easy to clean, you can do this with a damp cloth.

  • Good protection from sun
  • Braided jute band and Scala pin
  • Long-lasting
  • Expensive
  • Sizing issues


This outback panama hat is perfectly designed to give you coziness and comfort. If you are a fan of highly fashionable hats, made from premium quality materials, you’ll definitely want to get this one.

8. Outback Trading Broken Hill Hat

Outback Trading’s Australian cowboy hat speaks of quality that you can trust to portray the kind of style you want. The hat is finely crafted from 100% Australian wool to provide you with a warm and comfortable feeling.

Made in the USA from top quality materials, you can be sure of the durability. Just put it through rain and dirt, and the hat still comes out as new.

It comes with a 4 inches crown and a brim which is over 3 inches long. It features a quick dry sweatband to fight off moisture from sweat on a sunny day. The brim also does a good job of protecting you from the sunrays.

It won’t crush or bend regardless of what you do with it, even if you sit on it, it gets back to its original shape. With this western hat you can get the style and sophistication you desire.

  • Tough and durable
  • Retains perfect shape when crushed
  • Easily cleaned or washed
  • Poor sizing


This hat is of premium quality and perfect for a variety of outfits. It doesn’t eat deep into your pocket and does a good job of protecting you from the elements.

9. Deadwood Trading Australian Outback Cowboy Hat

This is a quality hat made from faux leather. It comes with a crown of 4.5 inches and a brim of 3.5 inches. The brim can be reshaped into any style of your choice.

It also features aged metallic accents for a more distinct and classy look. Since it is foldable and portable, it can easily fit into travel bags.

Its brim does a good job of protecting from the sun. The inner part can absorb moisture very well. Fans of cowboy and outback hats are going to love this one.

  • Shapeable brim
  • Aged metallic accents
  • Affordable
  • Available in only one color
  • Has many wrinkles and looks cheap


This is certainly a product worth looking at. Made from quality materials, it is very stylish and great for outdoor activities.

10. Leather Down Under Aussie Bush Style Hat by Infinity

Infinity Leather Down Under hat combines premium quality craftsmanship and high quality materials to deliver a stylish and classy feel. It is made from 100% oiled leather and it has a bright look at all times.

The hat features a brim which can be shaped into any desirable style. The brim is 3 inches long and it does a good job of shielding your face and neck from the sun.

It also comes with a braided leather band which goes all round the crown. This lovely hat will do a good job of matching most of your outfits and it is also great for different types of occasions.

It is easy to fold and lightweight, which makes it a great option for travels. It can be easily packed into your bag or box.

Available in 3 different sizes, so it’s easy to get one that fits.

  • Soft and smooth leather
  • Crushable and durable
  • Shapeable brim
  • The brim is very thin
  • Not good for rain


This is an affordable hat that is made from premium quality materials. It combines your typical outback style with cowboy hats design. It is definitely one you should also check out.

Final Word

Outback hats are quite stylish, which makes them a great choice for most men. However, it can be difficult to get one of high quality. We’ve done all the hard work for you, so that you can easily make a purchase. The hats listed in this review are the best out there and you are guaranteed to find one you’ll love.