Best Men’s Tote Bags

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Last Updated: October 6, 2021

The ubiquitous cotton tote bag is undoubtedly recognizable to anybody who has ever gotten a smell of a local farmer’s market or been advised to use a reusable bag at the local supermarket.

And besides, it is the most extensively made and accessible form of the ultra-simple carrying option. It is, nevertheless, far from the only choice and not the best, whether in terms of aesthetic or functionality.

Tote bags could be so much more than a throwaway if you know where and how to search. It’s better to stop considering totes as basic cotton bags. They’re perfect for weekend vacations, like beach days and campsites, and also daily tasks – like supermarket trips, outdoor picnics.

After a careful research, the following is a list of our top picks among the best male tote bags, all of which provide considerably more functionality and style than their impulse-purchased counterparts.

What is a Tote Bag?

Before we’re in the specifics, it’s vital to understand exactly what constitutes a tote bag. Many companies use the word “tote bag” quite broadly, alluding to anything from holdalls to soft backpacks.

It can be perplexing, but a tote bag is described as a medium-sized handbag with identical straps, a solitary section that generally unfolds at the front, and is most often fashioned of canvas. However, it’s worth noting that as the price range rises, luxury fabrics like leather become more frequent.

Men’s Tote Bag – Top 6 Review

1. ESVAN Large Travel Tote Bag

This tote bag comes as part of a new generation of tote bags that are more stylishly built and versatile than any other. This bag is constructed of water-resistant nylon and features an inside divider and space for a 15-inch laptop and a set of clothes.

There is even a watertight umbrella pocket with a drawstring. It includes a trolley cover that makes it simple to place it over your rolly suitcase and attach it. It may be used for work or a trip away. It’s also available in different colors and leather.

It is waterproof, stylish and roomy enough for not just your laptop, but other essentials too. Its many compartments and pockets offer extra space for storing more of your items and it comes in a variety of colors for flexibility. Try it out today and be sure to walk with style in your grip.

  • Plenty of zippered compartments
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Waterproof material
  • Straps are not padded
  • Tearing issues


2. Relavel Laptop Tote Bag

If you reside downtown, you’ve found the ideal work handbag. This stylish and elegant tote, carved of 100 percent natural vegetable-tanned leatherette, may turn attention in the best possible manner once you return to work this autumn.

Taking a jacket to the office with you or for after-work beverages? In addition to your everyday work requirements, this item can grow to provide you extra space.

Aside from that, this office tote often used by teachers as an alternative to heavy backpacks, is basic and simply attractive. It’s devoid of obnoxious pockets and lines, favoring minimalism yet offering a bag that can fit necessities, a 16-inch laptop, and even a bottle of water.

It comes with a durable, reliable and sturdy metal zipper. The sponge compartment ensures that your laptop and other sensitive electronics are always protected from shocks, drops and bumps.

It is certainly compact enough to be used as a carry on bag. It is affordable and above all waterproof.

  • Sponge compartment
  • Strong stitching
  • USB charge interface
  • Waterproof material
  • A bit bulkier


3. MakExpress 17 Inches Handle Carrier Tote Bag

For a men’s tote, this is a pretty nice and elegant design. Sure, it has a “bag” or “murse” appearance to it. However, we live in times and places when this is a fantastic aspect for males.

The tote comes with a secure zipper to keep your belongings safe. A big internal pocket, one internal zippered sleeve, a mobile phone compartment, a front slip pocket as well as the pen and business card pockets are all included in this bag.

This bag functions as a tiny suitcase for day-to-day use. It also works well as a carry-on while commuting. This all-leather, high-quality bag is incredibly stylish and would only help you improve your fashion style a level or two.

It is made of both 600D and 210D polyester on exterior and interior lining, which guarantees its durability. It is easy to clean, affordable and comes along with a 100% refund guarantee.  This will indeed be a great value for money.

  • Easy to clean
  • Several compartments offer flexibility
  • Side mesh water bottle pocket
  • Sturdy strap
  • Often times the zippers rip apart easily
  • Not highly water-resistant


4. Axe Sickle 2 Pcs Canvas Tote Bag

The tote works well as carry-on baggage for longer journeys, but it may also be used as a stand-alone handbag for shorter work trips when you don’t require much luggage. The compact tote will hold your footwear, socks, jeans, and other essentials for speeding past security checkpoints.

Made 100% from the eco-friendly material to help safeguard the environment, it can be used as a grocery shopping bag, but also as a bag for school, beach or gym. It is compact, stylish and affordable.

Diversify your style today and match your favorite shoes, shirt or even your designer belt with this classy bag. It certainly won’t disappoint.

  • Comes in pairs, so makes it easier to gift a friend with the second piece
  • Multi-purpose
  • Blank for your DIY projects
  • Extremely lightweight
  • A few stitching issues


5. Travelpro Maxlite 5 Travel Tote Bag

While this handbag is designed to accompany you on your travels, you don’t have to use it only when you hit the road.

This is a bag for every day and every event, ideal for storing all you needs close at hand. And do not be scared to stuff it with your belongings and put it in your car’s rear.

High-density waterproof nylon material with the interior protected from moisture by the H20 Guard. It’s as durable as a protective jacket but without the bulk.

It has a convenient side compartment for a bottle of water or an umbrella if rainfall is expected. When flying light, this tote easily fits in front of rolling luggage.

  • Adjustable and detachable shoulder strap that is also padded
  • Lockable, high tensile zippers
  • Excellent fabric
  • Plenty of room for storage
  • Lifetime warranty
  • The trolley strap is not strong enough to hold the bag securely to the handle of a carry-on when fully packed


6. Caldo Canvas Market Tote

Upon first sight, you would not believe that this tote can hold all of your belongings. Look more closely at this well-made and hugely renowned tote, designed to store your belongings close to you and secure them.

The tote’s design is straightforward, classy, and appealing. If you want to take it to the seaside, the tote is composed of a thicker-than-average canvas material that will safeguard your belongings from moisture. It is the perfect gift for your friends and family.

It comes with an exterior zipper and interior snap pockets for extra storage space. It is also designed to reflect the latest and modern trends just to guarantee you are running your errands in style whenever you sport this tote bag. Compact, yet spacious enough to accommodate all your packing needs.

  • Adjustable and detachable shoulder strap
  • Quality design and construction
  • Classic style
  • Straps are not padded and properly reinforced


Important Factors to Consider When Looking for a Tote Bag


Who would like to walk into a retail mall with a shabby tote? Not you. That is why it is important to consider the design of your tote bag before getting one.

For the most part, thinking about style comes effortlessly to most people. You would like a tote that is both irresistibly pleasing and has shades that fit your preferences.

Whenever it comes to tote bag designs, the sky is the limit because there are many choices. Have fun searching for the ideal appearance.


The sturdiness is among the most significant aspects to consider.

Tote bags are evaluated according to their ability to handle various loads. Below 5 pounds, the papery fabric of a tote bag might buckle in some circumstances. On the other side, tote bags constructed of robust, synthetic fabrics with double-stitched straps could probably accommodate 20+ pounds.

Consider how much load you’ll be putting in. Whenever in uncertainty, get one that is more durable than you believe you’ll require.


Many individuals don’t think about price when it comes to tote bags since most informal totes are inexpensive. Inexpensive totes, on the other hand, are seldom high-quality and may not last much longer.

The fabric your bag is constructed of, is the most important aspect influencing tote pricing. Polyurethane, PVC, cotton, nylon, canvas, and other materials could be used to make bags.

All this is to imply that when you see a high-priced bag, it could be constructed of a much more durable, ecologically friendly fabric that’s worth the investment.


We’ve discussed how the different substances used throughout bags may impact their utility and price. Although we won’t go through every bag kind available, we will mention the fabrics fall under two categories: organic and synthetic.

Synthetic bags are usually flexible and weather-resistant. Bags made of natural materials are durable and recyclable.


Is your tote bag going to sit in the bunker of your car until you require it, or are you going to keep it packed up tightly in your luggage and yank it out when you’re out and about? Understanding the answers to all the questions would assist you in determining how versatile your tote bag must be.

A lightweight nylon bag will compress and become tiny and slip in a handbag without being seen, but a larger canvas bag would be too heavy.


Many totes, like it or not, have a considerable weight to themselves. One may think that the heaviness of an unfilled tote isn’t apparent enough to make the weight a consideration. However, some are excessively hefty.

Canvas and some cotton bags, for instance, may hold upwards of two pounds without being filled. When you already have trouble bringing grocery bags, that two extra lbs might be the distinction between completing the task and needing assistance.

Polypropylene totes are frequently cited as the most convenient to transport.

Final Word

Having gone through our top picks of the best men’s tote bags, you have hopefully found the one you were looking for. After all, the options given above are as diverse in pricing as they are both in design, space and style. All of them are bound to make your everyday life easier by allowing you to manage your essentials in a much better way.

Now, you certainly have a reason to treat yourself to a great tote bag. Or better yet, gift someone with your preferred choice. It will indeed be quite a nice surprise.