Best Men’s Fanny Packs and Waist Packs for Travel

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Last Updated: September 7, 2021

Nobody probably told you, but fanny packs are back in fashion. Fanny packs go by different names like waist packs, waist bags, belt bags, and a gazillion of other terms. They are an exceptional intermediate between small wallets and professional messenger bags. And no, they do not look touristy (unless you choose the wrong way to accessorize them).

You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a fanny pack that crosses the line into the typical dad-like territory. Though it’s 90’s fashion inspiration, you still want to look like a 21st-century man. You can wear them around your waist or don them across your chest. Well, you can wear them however you like.

Thankfully, you’ll come across plenty of brands and options offering various fanny pack styles. Whether you like going hippie or minimal, the options won’t limit your purchase.

But fashion is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially when it comes to trendy accessories like a fanny pack or sling bag. We’ve rounded up on 11 excellent non-touristy, cool, and hip fanny packs for all the fashionable men out there.

Best Fanny Packs For Men – Top 11 Picks

There are hundreds available in the market. This overwhelming variety can confuse any buyer. To solve your dilemma, we’ve handpicked some great products. Whether you are looking for a water-resistant material, trendy and stylish fanny pack, or something budget friendly, you’ll find it on this list.

1. FREETOO Waist Fanny Pack

If you want to experience hands-free traveling, the FREETOO Waist Fanny Pack is your best bet. The waist pack can hold more than just essentials. Its large capacity makes it one of the best fanny packs for more room and organization. Don’t worry; the durable zippers on the bag won’t come off the track.

To top it all, it comes with a whopping 18-month warranty. Therefore, if you don’t feel this bag is satisfying, you can have your money back. You can adjust the length of the straps so that it has a perfect fit. Not to mention, but adjusting the belts in this bag is like child’s play. It could be worn on the hip, around the waist and even on the arm depending on your preference.

By and large, this waterproof waist bag will serve you well for hikes and water-related adventures.

  • Ample room for organization
  • Linings are water-resistant
  • The straps are adjustable to fit all body types
  • 18 months warranty
  • The lining often gets caught up in the zippers

Affordable, adjustable in length and flexible in color options, this one is certainly a very good value for money.


2. Bp Vision Outdoor Fanny Pack

Buyers who expect their waist pack to offer complete utility should try to put on the BP Vision Outdoor bag. This waist pack looks like it can handle all the stuff you put into it. It has enough space to accommodate two water bottles and all your travel essentials.

The color options might be limited, but it knows how to accompany you around town. The back of the bag sports a breathable mesh, which is gentle on your skin. Another feature that makes this product unique is that it comes with three varieties of straps. It can be worn like a backpack as well.

It also has more pockets than the other bags on this list.

  • Enough compartments
  • Lightweight and waterproof nylon material
  • Can be worn in three different ways
  • Dual water bottle holders
  • 12-month warranty
  • The buckles can break unless handled with great care


3. Nicgid Sling Bag Fanny Pack for Men

Your hunt for the best fanny pack will come to an end with the Nicgid Crossbody bag for men. This belt bag equips high-quality nylon to resist rips and water. This company’s carry bag allows a hands-free experience. The design is perfect for hiking, vacations, and everyday use.

Having multiple storage areas, the capacity of this one is ample. It can carry your e-reader, iPad mini, phone, wallet, and whatnot. There are a total of four zipp pockets, and they can secure all your belongings well.

However, the product seems to give style and trend a miss. If aesthetics is not the driving point for you, this bag will feel like a good option.

  • Water and rip-resistant nylon material
  • Many zippered compartments
  • Can be used as a waist bag or chest pack
  • It also has an anti-theft pocket
  • It lacks a stylish appeal

This versatile and durable crossbody bag can fit on your hip, arm, under the shoulder or simply across the chest. It is perfect for a hands-free theme park experience.


4. WATERFLY Fanny Pack

Your hunt for the best fanny packs will come to an end with the WATERFLY water-resistant fanny pack. If you are looking for a slim option, this waist bag will impress you. The interior zippered pockets are roomy. It can fit a large phone and a lot of other stuff.

You’ll love the smaller pockets on the front, which adds to the utility of the bag. What’s more, you can adjust the waist bag from 24 inches to 50 inches. Speaking of style, it won’t look like you’re a tourist wandering around.

There’s also an anti-theft pocket to secure your valuable stuff. Our only complaint with this bag is the issues with the zipper.

  • Water-resistant fabric
  • Sturdy buckle and straps
  • Available in many stylish colors
  • Multiple zipper compartments and an anti-theft pocket
  • No provision for carrying water bottles
  • Not the best quality zippers

This Product is affordable and water resistant just as it is lightweight. Solid product overall.


5. EOTW Fanny Pack Waist Bag

You’ll no longer crave those expensive fanny packs from Nike and Patagonia once you give this hip pack a look. What’s unique about this bag? Well, it can fit gadgets as big as 7 inches. This waterproof bag can accompany you to all sorts of expeditions involving water.

Plus, it can be worn in multiple ways. It can be a good chest or waist bag. You’ll also find the price to be perfect if you’re on a budget crunch. Unlike other cheap packs with low-quality zips, this one makes sure that the zipper is durable. We also like how the manufacturer keeps the weight low.

Another thing that might impress you is that it has widely positive reviews. Some users claim that the EOTW is their ultimate hiking and adventure buddy.

  • Good zippered pockets
  • It weighs only 5.4 pounds and feels lightweight while carrying
  • There is enough space to carry mobile phones, wallets, tissues, earphones, and much more
  • Comes with no option for carrying a water bottle

This product is unisex, comes in many different colors and is water resistant with enough zipp compartments to pack all your essentials. It is comfortable to carry and a perfect fit for budget-conscious buyers.


6. Herschel Seventeen Waist Pack

With a 3.5 liter storage capacity, you’ll feel like carrying the Herschel Seventeen waist pack everywhere you go. Waist packs like this are a valuable investment towards style and utility. We also spotted that the straps on the hip pack were longer than the average length.

It is the ideal option if your wallet feels too small and a backpack feels too big. Moreover, the trapezoidal shape has a better look than those oblong belly packs. The front pocket can easily accommodate your phone or any other gadgets.

It uses a 600-denier polyester which is scuff resistant. You also don’t have to worry about spills as it is waterproof.

  • Reliable and trustworthy brand
  • Stylish and will look great on both men and women
  • Its compact design is perfect for everyday use
  • This Herschel bag can comfortably fit a digital camera
  • Comes in only 1 size of 3.5 liters
  • A bit expensive

This fanny pack is not just lightweight but also durable and easy to clean. It can also be adjusted to be carried by people of different waist sizes and you can wear it around your shoulder or waist.


7. CREATOR Tactical Waist Pack

When backpacks are out of the feasibility range, there comes the CREATOR Tactical waist pack. It is one of the best options if you are looking for extra storage space. Both the strap and the body of the pack employ high-quality fabric. There’s a large center pocket for your phone or camera.

You should also know that the fanny pack is MOLLE-compatible. It means that it allows more webbing and additional capacity. A zipper securely shuts all the pockets. The color options are limited, but the available ones go with the trend.

On the flip side, some users complain that the plastic clips on the bag are flimsy. Plus, the fabric is too stiff, which makes it difficult to reach into the pocket.

  • Front zippered pockets allow for quick access
  • Classy and appealing aesthetics
  • Suitable for rugged use
  • Made of high-density 1,000D nylon
  • Internal compartments are not zippered
  • The fabric is too stiff
  • The plastic clips are somewhat flimsy

This fanny pack would be a perfect fit for your travel needs as it has many pockets that offer good storage options. In any case, it is affordable, heavy duty and waterproof.


8. Osprey Daylite Waist Pack

The Osprey Daylite waist pack will become your indispensable travel buddy after the first use. It can carry your phone, accessories, cash, keys, cards, and whatever small stuff you want to store. Thanks to the adjustable waistband, you can carry it on your shoulders or the waist as well.

The bag weighs only 0.46 pounds, which is great for hikes. It uses top-notch quality fabric to withstand rough and tough use. If a style is not on the top of your checklist, then the belt bag will be a great pick for you. Buyers will love how the pack takes care of the details.

It has a scratch-free sunglass pocket and also a key attachment kit. In short, packs like the Osprey Daylite can make your buying experience positive.

  • You can stow significant-sized items in the primary zipper pocket
  • Adjusting this pack is straightforward
  • The material is breathable and feels gentle on the skin
  • On the expensive side
  • Some people may not like the style


9. Adidas Originals National Waist Fanny Pack

Adidas has been one of the leading manufacturers of sports goods and apparel. It competes with renowned brands like Nike and Patagonia. It is one of the bags that can withstand rugged outdoor use. Not only does it classify as a fashion essential, but it’s also durable.

The bag is available in three vibrant tones. With its vibrant hues, it’s undoubtedly going to turn some heads. It’s also worth pointing out that this bag feels lightweight. So, when you carry it for runs or hikes, it doesn’t feel tiring.

However, it lacks attractive features like anti-theft pockets, a variety of compartments, etc.

  • Metal pullers are reliable
  • Its sizing is convenient
  • The fabric is breathable and of high quality
  • It lacks bells and whistles


10. Pro Helios Premium Fanny Pack

The Pro Helios fanny pack is a bang for the buck. With its unique and versatile options, it seems like the brand has outdone this 90’s apparel. You can wear this belt bag wherever you go, be it hiking or your everyday morning jog. You’ll also be content to know that the hip bag comes with a cardholder.

Though the pack is not 100% waterproof, it can provide resistance against water damage. You can use the front pocket to store small items like keys, earphones, etc. At the same time, the large pockets can perfectly hold your electronic gear.

Also, the belt strap can accommodate a wide range of body types. This versatile fanny pack also seconds as a shoulder bag.

  • Zippered and lockable compartments
  • Earphones hole
  • The color options are unique
  • Polyester fabric is water-resistant
  • The straps go loose often
  • Its plastic opens up quickly because of the poor quality

This pack is not just easy on the wallet; it is also user friendly and most suitable for hands-free hiking, walking, or other tasks. The breathable mesh on the back pocket makes it gentle on the skin.


11. Home-X Genuine Leather Lambskin Waist Bag

If you are a fan of leather, you should look at the Home-X genuine leather fanny pack. Once worn around the waist, you won’t feel like taking it off. Also, the jet-black leather fabric syncs well with all attires. It has all the features of a fine, functional, and compact hip pack.

One thing to note is that the leather material is not waterproof. Hence, we recommend you not to carry the body belt bag for water-related activities. Also, because it is not water-resistant, you have to be careful while maintaining the product.

There is a large pocket on the front and three exterior zip pockets. Like the other products on this list, this pack is also adjustable.

  • The leather material gives a premium look and feel
  • Numerous zipper pockets for storing stuff
  • Zippers are lockable and offer extra security
  • The zipper might rip the fabric while opening and closing
  • Not waterproof

This Home-X hip pack is ideal for stylish folks. It is one of the best cost-effective fanny bags on this list. Recommended especially for leather enthusiasts.


Things To Consider While Buying Fanny Packs For Men

If this is your first time buying a fanny pack, you’re going to need more than just a product list. Before heading to the market, it is essential to equip yourself with the best features. You don’t want to end up with a low-quality product that does not justify the price tag.

In this buyer’s guide section, we’ll walk you through the different essential features of a fanny pack. After all, you can’t just put anything around your waist. From capacity to material, this section will talk about it all. So, let’s get you ready for your next adventure.


Your first consideration while buying a fanny pack should be the material. If you purchase a non-durable material, it’s not going to serve you for long. Expeditions are synonyms for hustles and heavy-duty tasks. Therefore, buying a thick and durable material is ideal.

You don’t want to waste your money on cotton or easily damaging materials. We highly recommend looking for nylon fanny packs. Besides, nylon fanny packs are water-proof and lightweight. If you plan to travel in the rainy season or a beach place, they are your best bet.

You can take them for hiking, river rafting, and possibly all other adventurous activities. Also, check the material of the strap. Some materials take more time than the others to dry up. Finally, the material should feel comfortable to wear.


Aesthetics are a subjective category. But, it would help if you did not skip the style while you’re purchasing any apparel. It’s not prohibited to look stylish while you’re on hikes or adventurous activities. Adidas and Patagonia have some striking collections.

You should consider where you’re going to wear the fanny pack. If it is something you’re going to wear every day, you can go with a minimalistic one. However, if it’s an adventure trip or vacay time, you can pick something more stylish.

The fanny pack from Herschel has one of the most striking appearances. Get ready to receive a lot of compliments when people spot you wearing it. Feel free to experiment with colors and patterns. Also, don’t limit yourself to the solids.

Adjustable Strap Waist Pack

If your sling bag isn’t adjustable, you’re in deep problem. A fanny pack with an adjustable strap can accommodate various body types. If you are purchasing them online, the adjustable strap eliminates all the guesswork. Besides, it also means that you wear them in numerous ways.

You don’t have to tie them around your waist. Having an adjustable strap means that it will also fit your shoulders or chest.

Storage Space

Storage space is a must. One of the primary purposes of wearing a fanny pack is to store all your essentials. You will come across fanny packs that can also accommodate a small water bottle. In any case, you should be first considering your requirements for storage space.

Ask yourself what you’ll be storing in the waist pack. If you want to keep just some cash and small essentials, a small fanny pack will do. However, if you want to store keys, money, a water bottle, and many other essentials, you’ll need a bigger one.

For proper organization, make sure you purchase the correct size.


In this metric, you have to assess the pocket configuration of each fanny pack. You have to understand the performance and construction. In general, most of the fanny packs you find in the market will have two to three zipped pockets.

You can use different compartments to store your keys, camera, wallet, compact adventure gear, water bottle, etc. You can also look out for a fanny pack with internal pockets. This feature will help you to have extra safety for your wallet and other water-damageable items.

More zippered compartments mean more space to store your small personal belongings. Additionally, make sure that the main compartment has plenty of room.


There you have it. The most fashionable, cool, lightweight, and easy organization fanny packs. A fanny pack can be a great touch to your style. Make sure you wear it the right way to make the maximum out of this trendy accessory. Choosing a hip pack won’t be a difficult task if you know what you want.

Consider the material, storage capacity, design, style, adjustable straps, and all the extra features. This buyer’s guide aims to help you find the best fanny pack to keep you stylish and more organized. Now, it’s your job to pick the one that best suits your needs.

Brands like Adidas, Patagonia, and Herschel are some of the best sellers in the market. This list has something for everyone, regardless of your budget and style. As we have gone through a lot of items to compile this list, clearly the FREETOO Waist Fanny Pack has become our number 1 choice.

When you’re out in the wild having fun, a fanny pack will take care of the comfort and functionality. All in all, with a fanny pack by your side, you are ready for your next expedition.