Best Under the Seat Luggage to Carry on Any Flight

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Last Updated: October 27, 2021

If you have ever traveled with any underseat luggage, then you will understand how much more comfortable they make your journey.

Underseat luggage avails vacationists and other travelers a significant storage hack that ensures the safekeeping of your belongings while on the go. Apart from the fact that it provides you with spaces to seamlessly tuck your things into, underseat carry also offers notable cost benefits. For one, you can afford to cross out checked luggage fees and you do not even have to join the struggle for the overhead bin any longer.

Furthermore, underseat luggage guarantees you better protection of your stuff, and you will even be able to easily access it since the luggage is just within a touching distance – no more standing to get some things from your luggage while the plane is in the air.

If you have any plans of traveling soon then you should be checking out some of the best underseat luggage options lined up below.

Best Underseat Carry on Bags Review – Top 11 Picks

1. TPRC 15″ Smart Under Seat Carry-On Luggage

So you have been searching for that perfect underseat luggage to take on your travels? The only reason why you are still searching is because you have not come across TPRC 15-inch under seat carry-on. Several unique features are combined to make this bag one of the best available for travels.

This portable and smart travel luggage weighs only 6 pounds and has a dimension of 4″ L x 15″ H x 8.5″ W. The bag comes with a side USB port which gives you the opportunity to charge your phone in motion. You can easily attach your power bank with this one. The luggage is made of 1680D polyester which is a durable fabric that is made to withstand even the toughest conditions.

The bag features smooth-rolling stake wheels which allow you to easily pull it along while you are walking. It also comes with a padded handle which prevents your hands from getting hurt while pulling heavy stuff. It comes with an open side pocket which can be used to securely carry travel items and easily access them. It also has several compartments of zippered areas to allow you to keep thing separately.

  • Side USB port for power bank
  • Made from durable polyester
  • Easily accessible side pockets
  • Rolling skate for maneuverability
  • Difficult to control while walking

What’s not to love about this bag? It has everything you can possible ask of a travel bag and it is affordable too.


2. Travelpro Maxlite 5 Rolling Underseat Compact Carry-On Bag

Another quality under seat luggage that makes our list is the Travelpro Maxlite 5. This bag combines a stylish design with other unique features and you’re about to find out why it is one of the best.

Travelpro Maxlite 5 is a compact wheeled underseat luggage that is designed to provide portability and organization for travelers. It is made from stain and water resistant materials to provide durability. The combination of the skate wheels and the lightweight padded handles makes it effortless to pull your bag along with you.

It features a front flap and a roomy interior that makes it easy to organize contents and make them accessible. The removable hanging wet pockets can be used to safely store cosmetics and toiletries to prevent leaking on the plane. The padded laptop coverage properly protects electronics and other essential items. The luggage features a limited lifetime coverage that covers the cost of repairs for damages on airline.

  • Compact, portable, and durable
  • Inline skate wheels for easy movement
  • Several compartments to store items
  • Zipper gets damaged easily

This underseat travel luggage has everything that you would expect from a travel bag. It meets the standard requirements of airline’s sizes and dimensions and has other unique features at a decent price.


3. AmazonBasics Underseat Carry-On Rolling Travel Bag

Underseat luggage doesn’t get better than this one from AmazonBasics. A bag which was made from quality materials and designed to make your journeys as comfortable as it can possibly be. It is also very affordable.

It is a 14 inch luggage bag that is made from durable materials and designed to fit perfectly under the seat of airlines. The bag has an interior capacity of 22 liters and a weight of just 4.7 lbs. It is designed with a spacious main compartment that can be used to hold clothes and even shoes. It has other small interior pockets which are great for storing and organizing smaller travel items.

The bag is quite portable and it features an easy-access front organizer which is great for keeping items that you might need on your journey. There is a handle that comes with telescoping push-button which can be locked into a particular place. The luggage handle is also passes through panels easily. The smooth rolling wheels contribute to great mobility. The bag has an outer dimension of 13.3 x 9.4 x 14.1 inches and it is available in plenty of different colors.

  • Weighs only 4.7 lbs. and has a capacity of 22 Liters
  • Spacious compartment for clothes and shoes
  • Easy-access front organizer
  • If fully loaded, it is a little bigger than the standard requirement for most airlines

AmazonBasics underseat travel bag is an overall quality luggage that meets all the standard requirements of an underseat luggage suitable on airplanes.


4. Asenlin Travel Backpack

There are quite a lot of things to be thrilled about with this rather unassuming underseat luggage – it is more than just a backpack, by the way. It has several compartments which impress some sort of ‘super carrier’ tag on it; it has a capacity of 40 liters. Plus, the quality is impressive, and it is very sturdy, having been constructed from polyester. It measures 18.5 x 13 x 9 inches in dimension.

The main compartments can suitably take in your laptop and other portable devices, as well as clothes, shoes, etc. There is also an exterior pocket where you can conveniently put your water bottle. The Asenlin backpack is also equipped with compression straps, shoulder straps, and sternum straps to promote the ease of carriage.

And, just in case you get bored having it on as a backpack, you can simply convert it to a duffel bag by removing the shoulder strap. The explosion-proof zippers will yet ensure that your belongings are securely kept.

  • Impressive quality
  • Sturdy
  • Very functional
  • Versatile
  • Packing cubes are flimsy
  • Not great for large laptops

It should not go without saying that the Asenlin Travel Backpack ranks among the very best underseat luggage in the market today.


5. Samsonite Ascella X Softside Underseater

Here is an underseat luggage that has been thoughtfully designed for ease and functionality. It has a dimension of 16 x 14 x 7.25 inches when packed, and will fit perfectly under the airline seat. This luggage is quite tough as it is made from 100% polyester, so you can rest assured of its durability and reliability.

The Samsonite Ascella X has some interesting features about it; it has got a push-button handle and a set of 360-degree spinner wheels which make its movement easy – no need to lift it all the time.

The design of this luggage imposes some stylishness, and it has a lot of compartments where you can keep a sizable amount of your possessions.

  • Rugged construction
  • Easy to move around
  • Stylish
  • Water-resistant
  • Be careful not to overload the compartments, as zippers then may wear out faster

This is one underseat luggage you will certainly enjoy using for a long time.


6. Briggs & Riley Expandable Cabin Bag

Briggs & Riley Baseline expandable cabin bag is worth every penny considering the quality and unique characteristics it possesses.

This travel bag features a special SpeedThru pocket which is great for storing items when passing through security checks. It comes with a dual purpose slip-through pocket that makes it easy for the bag to slide over the outsider handle for easy transport. It has an outer dimension of 8×16.5×11.

It comes with a large gusseted front zipper pocket with a key keeper that makes it easy to access, yet completely concealed from others. The bag has webbing handles with magnetic wrap. The shoulder straps can also be crossed to give you carrying options

  • The SpeedThru pocket makes it easy to store items during security checks
  • Dual purpose slip-through back pocket
  • Zipper pocket with key keeper
  • Expensive

Briggs & Riley cabin bag combines quality materials all around to make for an amazing travel bag. It is a must have for anybody who travels frequently.


7. Lucas Convertible Under Seat Carry On Luggage

This amazing product from Lucas; it has been made with the traveler’s need in mind. Ordinarily, the dimensions are 15 x 13.5 x 8 inches but can expand to 22 x 15 x 8 inches, providing you with just about enough space to keep your things. It has a tough nylon construction on its interior and exterior aspects, and it is designed to meet airline standards.

Ergonomics was well factored in the design process of the Lucas underseat luggage as it has got a handle that makes it easy to maneuver – thanks to the two wheels at the bottom. Its self-repairing nylon zippers make incidences of misalignment when opening or closing the compartment forgivable.

Additionally, it has numerous compartments, and there is even a padded compartment to safely put your laptop and other devices. And there’s also a USB port on this underseat carryon – just in case you may need one.

  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Lightweight and tough
  • Expandable to full size carry-on
  • Handle too hard to get out

One aspect that is worth noting is the versatility of this luggage as you do not need an extra carrier to use as a gym bag with this one in hand.


8. Ciao 15 Inch Under Seat Bag

Another bag that travelers should be looking at is Ciao carry on suitcase. This is the perfect underseat bag and it has all what you expect from a travel bag.

One of the things that make this one so special is the multiple purse design. This airplane friendly design is perfect for travel since it is small enough to fit under the seat. The sleek construction ensures that it weighs only 4 lbs. It is constructed from durable nylon material which can withstand any travel conditions. It also features multiple interior and exterior compartments to hold travel items.

With the 2 wheels, you can easily drag this bag along any pathway and relieve your hands from the stress of carrying. The padded handle also ensures that you avoid any aches to your hands. The multipurpose design makes it great for other occasions such as gym or picnics too. The bag features a limited 2 year warranty to cover the cost of repair for any manufacturer defect.

  • Durable and fashionable materials
  • Perfectly built for comfort, convenience, and mobility
  • Multipurpose, great for different occasions
  • Wheels are not very durable
  • Outside pockets are very small

You don’t find many underseat travel bags that are better than this one. This suitcase has everything you expect to see, with only a few cons which can easily be dealt with.


9. Samsonite Solyte DLX Softside Underseater

Like the first product from the manufacturer in this review, the Samsonite Solyte DLX Underseat Luggage is made from 100% polyester, and it has been made to reflect significant quality.

Its lightweight nature and sleek design have also been some of the attributes that have been widely appreciated. This product bears features that advance its use and functionality.

It has compartments where you can stow away your tablets, laptop, changes of cloth, and some other items of personal effect. There is also a set of inline skate wheels for ease of movement.

More so, it has got a smart sleeve at its back just in case you wish to make out with a stackable luggage set. Plus, the underseat luggage also has an in-built USB port to power your devices.

  • Good quality
  • Portable & lightweight
  • Sleek design
  • Durable skater wheels
  • Slightly larger than some airline’s restrictions

This might just be the quality bag that you have been searching for. It has quality, affordability and portability written all over it.


10. DELSEY Paris Rolling Under Seat Tote Bag

If you haven’t purchased a travel bag yet, it is probably because you have been searching for the right one. Well you may have just found it. This travel luggage comes with several characteristics that are just great.

It is a perfect underseat travel luggage that features a roomy main compartment which can be used to hold clothing and shoes. It also comes with interior pockets which are great for organizing toiletries and smaller items. The luggage comes with a band which you can slide over trolley tubes when traveling with a large suitcase. It also possesses in-line skate wheels which make it easy to move.

This travel luggage weighs only 5lbs so you don’t have to worry about carrying a bulky large bag. It comes with two tote handles at the top which can be used to easily pull the bag along. To cap it all off, it has a stylish exterior and internal lining. It also perfectly fits under any airplane seat with ease.

  • Roomy main compartment
  • Weighs only 5 lbs
  • Stylish interior and exterior design
  • Items on the side are not easy to access

This underseat tote bag is a great travel buddy with several amazing qualities. This is definitely one that you should consider getting, and it is also available in different colors.


11. Lewis N. Clark Underseat Carry-on Backpack

Remember the saying about not judging a book by its cover? Well, this time, it’s an underseat luggage – and the one from Lewis N. Clark at that. Starting with its material makeup; it is constructed from 840D ballistic nylon, which is known to impose an immeasurable degree of resistance to tear and abrasion. So, you can be sure that you have got a very durable product on hand.

To something more important, it has got a dimension of 11.8 x 16 x 6.5 inches, with numerous compartments for your stuff.

It has some hidden pockets at the front with a magnetic closure feature, and there are yet other zipper pockets positioned on its interior and exterior spaces – a padded compartment is also available for your laptop.

This backpack has been integrated with an RFID protection system – in place to keep private things “private”.

The Lewis N. Clark is designed as a backpack and has air-mesh straps for easy carriage. It is lightweight and has a capacity of 35 liters.

  • Super durable
  • RFID blocking pocket
  • Highly functional
  • Lightweight
  • Color looks faded
  • No air flow on the back padding

This underseat travel backpack is guaranteed to be just what you need in terms of convenience and comfort while on the go – be it on a vacation or business travel. The sturdy construction ensures it will look great for years.


Factors to Consider When Looking for Underseat Luggage

Buying underseat luggage is a cool thing to do for a seasoned traveler, but before you go ahead to get it, you should consider the following factors.


The material makeup of the underseat carryon luggage is one aspect you should not fail to keep in mind if you wish to enjoy your bag for a long time. Since the luggage may be subjected to some degree of dragging and other elements, you must choose a tough one that assures durability – and one that is resistant to abrasion.


You should be mindful that it is not all the products so-called ‘underseat luggage’ that can fit into every airline underseat space. So, get a piece that would easily fit into the space provided under the seat of your preferred airline.


The weight should be closely considered along with its size. It would be illogical to overburden yourself with some bulky luggage when convenience is the objective behind getting one in the first place. This is why lightweight underseat luggage is usually recommended.


Well, if you are the type who cherishes aesthetics, having stylish underseat luggage could be a prime consideration, and the good thing is that there are quite a host of stylish ones available – as you might have seen from this review.


The features will go a long way in determining its functionality and ease of use – convenience and comfort are the two factors you should have in mind here. In essence, you should be intentional about checking the compartments, pockets, closure type, handle, wheels, and other relevant elements of the under seat luggage you are rooting for.

Final Word

Underseat luggage suitcases are smartly designed to fit under your seat unlike regular bags. This saves you from the stress of trying to force a bag with an irregular shape under your chair in the hope that the contents don’t get crushed.

The bags on this list have been carefully selected and are great for travels with a variety of airlines. If you have been searching for a good underseat luggage, one of these should suit you well.