Best TSA Friendly Laptop Backpacks & Bags – Reviews and Buying Guide

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Last Updated: October 21, 2021

Why do you need a TSA-friendly laptop backpack or bag while traveling? Wouldn’t your regular laptop bag do just as well? The answer is: sure, but the hassle of removing your laptop from your backpack or bag for the check slows down the process, and you also run the risk of someone getting their hands on your laptop if you are a few steps behind it.

TSA-friendly laptop backpacks and bags are designed to aid this process by allowing you to leave the laptop in the bag while it goes through inspection. These bags are constructed so the laptop sits separately from other items in the bag, in a zipper-or-lining-free compartment. This makes the laptop appear as though it is directly in the inspection unit.

Here’s a handy list of bags that will allow your travels through any airport to be secure, hassle-free and, we hope, fun!

7 Best TSA Friendly Laptop Backpacks Reviewed

1. Yorepek TSA Friendly Travel Laptop Backpack

If you frequently travel for work, and one of the biggest requirements from your laptop backpack is for it to hold your laptop and documents, then the Yorepek TSA Friendly Laptop Computer Backpack. Not only does this 19.4” x 10.4” x 14. 96″ laptop backpack has the capacity to hold up to a 17-inch laptop; it also is extra-large, which means you can hold a variety of things in one of its 20 pockets.

The laptop sleeve is free of zippers and buckles, which means it passes airport security checks smoothly. Plus, the sleeve is placed in a manner that allows quick access for airport checks. The high-density nylon that lines the interior and the polyester that makes up this backpack’s exterior will ensure that it lasts you through many travels.

  • Adjustable mesh strap
  • Breathable mesh back panel
  • Durable
  • Side-compression straps
  • Water-and-tear-resistant
  • Can get heavy


2. Everki EKP121 Atlas

If traveling for you means doing it conveniently as well as in style, then the Everki EKP121 Atlas is the TSA-friendly backpack you’re looking for. Firstly, all you have to do while going through airport security checkpoints is open up the bag at 180 degrees to lay it flat, allowing it to pass through scanners without removing your laptop. Everki EKP121 Atlas boasts an adjustable laptop compartment, lined to protect your 13-inch Ultrabook or large 17.3-inch laptop. The pocket size is customizable, which gives you the freedom to carry the device you wish to carry.

Another major feature providing good usability is the multiple pockets, located conveniently for easy access. This TSA-friendly backpack divides its weight across your back and shoulders with a five-point strap system, which reduces instances of muscle strain, no matter how many things you have had to load into your bag.

Another pleasant addition is the trolley handle pass-through feature. Located on the rear, this allows you to slip the backpack onto the handle of your luggage easily.

  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Designed for comfort
  • Waterproof exterior
  • Stylish, padded interior
  • On the pricier side


3. Sterkmann Expandable Carry on Backpack

The first thing any of us look for when picking a backpack to carry across airports or, through any mode of longer travel, is durability. With waterproof polyester and zippers that will work hard to keep moisture out of your backpack and away from your devices and documents, the Sterkmann Expandable Carry On delivers on durability.

As the name suggests, the size of this backpack is adjustable, and you can take it from its 20L volume to 30L, allowing you to carry clothes for an up-to-3-day trip. At its 30L glory, the Sterkmann stands at 18.5” x 6.2” x 12.4”, giving you plenty of room to store many things.

Aside from its three major compartments, the backpack features 12 interior pockets plus a compression packing tube, shoe bag, and laundry bag.

  • Compartments for all travel essentials
  • Comfortable back and shoulder straps
  • Size-adjustable
  • Can be adjusted to function as a briefcase
  • Zippers may be initially stiff
  • Cannot replace a regular carry-on


4. Wenger 600631 The Legacy Notebook Carrying Backpack

The Wenger 600631 Legacy Notebook Carrying Backpack is sturdy, well-made, and has many good reviews to support it! Breeze through airport security with your laptop encased securely within this backpack, without the need to remove it. High-density foam protects a laptop of up to 16”, on all sides, in a triple-padded laptop sleeve.

Casual, with a drawstring closure, the Wenger has a soft exterior with padded shoulder straps. The back panel allows breathability, making it one of the most comfortable TSA-friendly backpacks to carry. You can also carry all your wires and other electronic accessories neatly within its many pockets. Side pockets allow for easy access for items you may need immediately, while smaller pockets allow you to hold items such as keys or phone within zippered confines.

  • CaseBase style holds backpack upright
  • Soft and comfortable to carry
  • Padded laptop sleeve provides device security
  • No front flap
  • Not as durable as some other bags


5. Kenneth Cole Reaction Back-Stage Access

The one thing to sell you on this TSA-friendly laptop backpack is the fact that its checkpoint-friendly feature complies completely with TSA guidelines. But at the same time, it is a roomy bag, with lots of storage to hold all the items you will need during your travels.

You can carry a 16″ laptop within this backpack while also enjoying the option to carry all your business essentials in a low, easy-access, large, zippered pocket. The backpack is lined with brush polyester, while the bag also features a file pocket and mesh zipper pocket.

The bag’s leather exterior gives it a touch of class; the front exterior also boasts two smaller pockets, one of which is zippered, as well as a zippered, U-shaped compartment.

  • Colombian leather exterior
  • Tear-resistant interior
  • Padded, air-mesh rear panel
  • Top handle makes carrying easy
  • Trolly handle for hands-free carriage
  • No padding for laptop compartment
  • Not suitable for daily use


6. Targus CitySmart EVA Pro Travel Business Commuter and Checkpoint-Friendly Backpack

Float through airport security checks with the Targus CitySmart EVA checkpoint-friendly backpack. The bag allows you to store an up to-16″ laptop in the large compartment designed to protect your device, which you will not have to remove during security checks. This style also offers sizes that cater to the storage of 12” to 17” size laptops. The bags can also store tablets of up to 12.9”.

Ideal for travel or daily use, the solid construction and water-resistant bottom of this bag ensure that it can endure travel and everyday commute rigors. Padded shoulder straps make carrying this bag easy. The air-mesh back panel allows breathability and an integrated trolley strap assists you to travel more easily.

Several zippered pockets make for easy organization of your items while keeping them secure.

  • Central zipper lays bag flat for security checks
  • Bag remains upright at all times
  • Weather-resistant base to protect devices and documents
  • Spacious
  • Zippers may be rigid
  • Shoulder straps can be uncomfortable


7. Everki Flight Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag

If you’re looking for a sophisticated piece of luggage for your travels, the Everki Flight Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag is it. This bag may be sturdy and useful during your long commutes and longer journeys, but it has the appearance of a very smart briefcase.

The checkpoint-friendly 16” laptop compartment on the Everki Flight can be opened 180-degrees to lay flat, which allows it to run quickly through security checks, thus creating ease while you travel. In case the need to remove the laptop does arise, you can easily do that too.

This backpack scores major points in terms of style. The dark exterior contrasts stylishly with the orange exterior; large zippers add to the cool look. A trolly pass-through aids in ease of traveling. You can carry your laptop in a separate compartment, while carrying other devices in a second compartment. Smaller items like phones, stationery, cards, and keys can be stored in smaller pockets.

  • Organized compartments
  • Durable with sturdy construction
  • Space for laptop and tablet
  • Adjustable single shoulder strap
  • Shoulder pad is immobile
  • Laptop compartment not cushioned enough


How To Pick The Perfect TSA-Friendly Laptop Backpack

The idea behind investing in a TSA-friendly laptop backpack is a simple one: make travel easier, more comfortable, and as hassle-free as possible. If your laptop backpack has a TSA-approved design, you will sail through security check-ins at airports, which results in more time for you to relax, tend to your work while you wait, and simply be at ease before you embark on your journey. The ideal TSA-friendly laptop backpack will not just help check-in go faster, it will hold all your things conveniently. And of course, you will want a backpack that works for you beyond travel, thus justifying the money you invest in it.

Is IT TSA-Friendly?

A TSA-approved laptop backpack will have to adhere to a few requirements.

Firstly, the bag must have a separate compartment for the laptop, which can easily be folded out and laid flat on inspection units. This laptop sleeve cannot have any pocket within it, nor can it have pockets along its immediate exterior. You cannot pack other devices or additional items within this compartment, to ensure smoother security checks.

This section cannot have any zippers, closures or buckles. Accents and accessories that are made of metal will have to be positioned away to not interfere with the security check. Heavy bag dividers, or any kinds of heavy-set seals may also interfere with the security x-ray, which may then require you to remove your laptop from its backpack, thus hindering your travel process.

Space & Organization

We usually tend to only carry essentials with us while traveling, so a backpack that will hold everything we need without bulking up too much, or overflowing, is ideal. Think of everything you generally take along on your work trips, including your laptop, work documents, travel documents, and basic necessities such as phone, cash, or cards.

The bag you pick should be able to hold all your important documents as well as devices apart from your laptop. Many of us have a tablet, Kindle, or iPad we carry while we travel, and having separate, protected space for those is important.

Having to reach around and dig through pockets and pouches while you’re on the go is inconvenient: your backpack should have easy-to-reach compartments that you can access while you’re moving or are in a rush. Knowing your stuff is neatly sorted into its own space can only make the journey easier and more pleasant.


A good travel laptop bag will of course be useful in terms of what you can carry in it, but also will allow you a measure of comfort as you move through crowded airports. For the business traveler, a TSA-friendly design is a must so they may cross security checks with ease. But apart from that, add-ons such as an ergonomic design, adjustable and padded shoulder straps, the option to carry the backpack as a messenger bag are important too.

If your work travel necessitates you to carry documents with you frequently, you would want a backpack that makes secure space for that. Consider your general and individual needs as well, such as any back or muscular issues, how frequently you travel, and the amount of luggage you prefer to carry with you.


If one of the individual needs you are considering before making your purchase is that you may have to rush from airport to meeting, then consider a backpack that can double as a briefcase and looks smart enough for business settings. Such a bag can also be utilized in your day-to-day, as it can be carried to the office daily.

Also consider if you would like to carry a change of clothing, and if your trip is a short one, would like to pack all the clothing and toiletries you may need for the duration of it.


While this may seem redundant as you look for a laptop backpack that is both TSA-friendly and spacious enough, trust us, having a good-looking piece of luggage is important. As mentioned before, there will be times you may have to rush into meetings, or rush out of meetings to catch a flight right away, and having a backpack that is smart enough to easily transition through would make life easier. Similarly, if you’re more of a rugged, casual traveler whose work does not require formal dress, a cool, casual backpack that caters to all your traveling needs will make all the difference.

The bags we have mentioned here offer a variety of stylish choices, from casual comfort to smart and sophisticated, and we think there’s something for everyone!


If you travel frequently, you must know the wear and tear your backpack will have to endure as you fill it with your belongings and lug it around airports. As the bag endures the weight as well as the rigors of passing through security checks and various weather conditions, it will show signs of distress. However, as a frequent traveler, you will also understand the need to acquire a backpack that will withhold the wear and tear better, allowing you to use it for longer.

Look for a TSA-friendly backpack constructed with durable nylons and polyester, with solid stitching that will hold the design sturdy while supporting the weight of your cargo as well as withstanding the physical impact of a hectic traveling schedule. Zippers that are made of high-quality metal will stand the test of time as well as always running smoothly, while buckles and snaps that are made with durable metals will serve you longer and be able to bear the weight of the things you carry much better.

Waterproof materials are a must when picking any kind of luggage: not only can they serve you as you travel to areas that are known for wet weather, you will also not be taken aback by any incidents of your backpack coming in contact with moisture.


As you take all the above factors into consideration, calculate if the price of your chosen TSA-friendly backpack is worth it. Chances are, if you are a frequent traveler, you will not mind picking a bag that is on the higher-price-end, but is also durable, great-looking and provides plenty of organized space.


We like the Yorepek TSA Friendly Laptop Computer Backpack as it fulfills a lot of the travel requirements along with being checkpoint-friendly. Its air-mesh straps and back panel allow you and your devices to breathe, while its side-straps  compress the bag to a slightly more compact size. It is durable, made with waterproof materials, and is wear and tear-resistant.

We wish you happy and safe travels, with your trusted TSA-friendly laptop backpack by your side!