Best Travel Backpack for Men – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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Last Updated: October 19, 2021

There’s something liberating about carrying one backpack. The whole of your essential belongings is all within an arm’s length, forcing you to scale back on several ostensibly required consumer products which you can actually live without.

With just a single backpack, one can effortlessly go from place to place, usually carrying just enough, but never too much.

Indeed, it may sound straightforward, but there is one crucial caveat: not all bags are made equal. There seem to be currently approximately a billion to select from on the marketplace.

Whenever it comes to baggage, functionality would always take precedence over style. However, if you’re willing to spend significant cash on a professional backpack, we believe you must be allowed to have both.

And besides, traveling equipment is becoming smarter, including all types of valuable ways to remain organized and connected. You could always look fantastic while you’re at it.

We traveled with the below backpacks on flights, railways, and cabs. We had to pull them past security. Airline employees mistreated them.

We carried these throughout bad winters and temperature-controlled five-star reception areas. Everything life can throw at you, and these backpacks will be able to handle it.

Here are the best travel backpacks for men.

Top 10 Men’s Travel Backpacks Reviewed

1. Osprey Farpoint 40 Men’s Travel Backpack

For its all mighty guarantee and great pricing, Osprey is our favorite backpack manufacturers. The Osprey Farpoint seems to be the best travel backpack among them.

Although it is unisex, the suspending method is more suited to males. That backpack isn’t going to earn you any extra points, though, yet it works amazingly.

The Farpoint is well-made and has enough storage for all of your belongings. It’s relatively lightweight for a sturdy bag and simple to toss off your shoulders while boarding a train or bus.

Regardless of the fact that the proportions are quite significant, the 40L model can be used as a carry-on.

Because it’s a front-loading bag, it unfolds like luggage for better accessibility. The detachable shoulder sling band, zip-away suspension, and daypack are noteworthy characteristics.

Its lateral hook is a nice touch that makes it easy to pull out of an overhead container. Because Osprey’s origins are in trekking, several qualities seen in hiking backpacks, such as outstanding elasticity and buildability, are included in the Farpoint.

Altogether, the mobility makes it an excellent pick and terrific bargain. It’s no surprise that it’s among the most popular travel backpacks for men.

  • Can open like a briefcase and has lockable zippers
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Highly durable
  • Stowaway straps
  • Laptop sleeve
  • Fewer pockets for organization
  • Expensive


2. Matein Business Travel Backpack

Holding a heavy backpack about with you when traveling is frequently stressful and demanding. You often arrive at your location exhausted and in discomfort from all of the lugging.

But now, don’t panic; MATEIN has a remedy for you in the form of their business travel backpack.

It has a plethora of functions to make your journeys hassle-free and more efficient. There is a strap placed on the back to just slide over luggage handle and can be attached to a rolling suitcase for stress-free transport. So you may move it to a new location using the telescopic grip and employ it as a backpack while coming down the steps. Packing troubles are no longer an issue!

Nevertheless, there are numerous explanations why this backpack popular among college students has become so efficient – it makes it straightforward to maintain all essential belongings organized regardless of where you’re going and how many breaks you’ll take along the journey.

It has multiple containers and is quite large. Its primary feature is a dedicated compartment for a 15.6″ laptop and a good amount of room for your apparel.

Front pockets let you quickly reach the travel documents or other essentials. Ultimately, MATEIN is an excellent two-in-one option that provides both utility and versatility. Like with any commodity, it may endure a long time if properly cared for.

Grab yourself this top men’s business bag if you want to travel in style.

  • Separate compartment for laptop
  • Water-resistant bottom
  • Versatile
  • Excellent organization
  • Decent-sized pockets
  • Not highly durable


3. NUBILY Laptop Backpack

The NUBILY comes with a USB charging connection on the exterior and a built-in charging cord. It is ideal for carrying a laptop while also providing simple on-the-go accessibility to battery technology.

It’s ideal for charging your phone and other electrical gadgets when out strolling. It also has a headphones menu that allows you to view your headphones use efficiently.

Moreover, the lay-flat design allows you to conveniently arrange and retrieve your stuff by unlocking it 180 degrees while passing through security checkpoints. More than 15 valuable compartments guarantee that your items are well-organized and conveniently accessible anytime you need them.

The 17-inch laptop backpack is composed of top-notch polyester fabric that is water-resistant. For sturdiness, it has a double-sided seamless zipper and strengthened sewing.

It makes the stuff extra safe and protects them during wet days. During your everyday journey, twin metallic zippers are there to guard your accessories. It works brilliantly as a men’s travel bag and the ventilated mesh back is ideal for commuting.

The anti-theft zipper compartment on the rear protects personal valuables. The simple card zipper compartment allows you to reach your cards, keys, and cash quickly. A tiny pocket on the rucksack’s shoulder strap is intended for storing spectacles.

  • Highly durable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Customizable compartments
  • Anti-theft technology
  • Less water-resistance compared to others
  • Unzipping issue due to less storage


4. YOREPEK Backpack for Men

The YOREPEK travel backpack for men has 20 separate compartments for massive capacity and little item management. There are three spacious main multi-compartments with several zippered pockets.

The side deep zipper pocket for easily accessible basics and side elastic net compartments comfortably hold travel equipment like umbrellas or plastic bottles. This is a beautiful present for relatives and friends.

The external USB port with a built-in power cord allows you to charge your smartphone and other electrical gadgets wherever you go. A slot on the exterior makes for easy headphone use.

Also included is a robust, rigid handle with a steel wire on the front for hauling. Lateral compressive bands allow you to customize the width.

The backpack expands flexibly 90-180 degrees at the checkpoint, allowing you to rapidly pass through security at the airport while keeping your belongings neat.

It’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments and serves the function of a rugged laptop backpack very well.

  • Swiftly move past the checkpoints
  • Excellent organization
  • Earphone space
  • Durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Not the most comfortable shoulder straps, could use more padding


5. The North Face Borealis Backpack

When reviewing the top travel backpacks for guys, we focus a lot on convenience and practicality. To put it mildly, there are two critical aspects. The North Face’s Borealis scores in both.

It has lumbar support and injection-molded shoulder straps to keep users relaxed even while carrying it for lengthy periods.

This also contains a spacious main area for storing your belongings, as well as a secure, padded laptop section.

There are multi-use compartments at the front, as well as a nylon plastic bottle attachment and an elasticated bungee hook for extra outside packaging.

Although this men’s backpack is suitable for everybody, it is promoted as excellent for urban hikers, yet it is also tough and sturdy, sufficiently robust for trail usage. And it comes at a very affordable price too.

  • Roomy compartments on the inside
  • Durable construction
  • Supportive and comfortable shoulder straps
  • Bottle and bungee holders
  • Not water-resistant
  • Not enough padding on the grab handles


6. BALDE 35L Travel Backpack for Men

The BANGE backpack is a tough, all-purpose bag with ample space for work, for local and international tourists, everyday tasks, and vacation excursions.

It features a compartment that fits a 17-inch laptop and the bottom is constructed of a flexible, waterproof mesh.

It is airy and, therefore, will remove heat from your back without frying it. If used as luggage, the upper hand strap may be used as a purse or carry-on. The adjustable waist clasp brings it closer to the person when walking, which makes carrying it more comfortable.

Furthermore, use the SOS warning whistle whenever an emergency occurs.

  • Multi-functional
  • Comfortable straps
  • Durable and water-resistant
  • Expandable design
  • Adjustable chest buckles with emergency whistle
  • Low-quality zippers
  • Lacks a water-bottle holder


7. Amazon Basics Carry-On Travel Backpack

The AmazonBasics carry-on backpack is the ultra-flexible, durable, and lightweight travel bag that gives savvy travelers a better choice. It doesn’t have many bells and whistles, but that’s not a worry. It still provides whatever you require in a travel bag.

One of the several freedoms we value the most is how comfy and straightforward it is to transport. It includes a fully ventilated and cushioned Airmesh back fabric and is simple to carry over one or two shoulders.

It also offers plenty of space for whatever you require, with a separate top-load and a laptop compartment, fleece-lined tablet compartment. Its front pockets are sufficiently large to hold little stuff. For those looking to have a safe and comfortable backpack, this magnificent navy-blue piece should be on their list.

  • Cushioned back and shoulder straps
  • Expandable storage and adjustable closures
  • Excellent for shorter trips
  • Vertical and horizontal pass-through panels
  • Padded laptop space
  • Comfortable fabric
  • No water bottle compartment
  • Poor shoulder strap latches
  • A couple of small compartments


8. Ridge The Commuter – Weatherproof Backpack

Ridge the Commuter is the ideal backpack for regular use, as it is watertight and durable, keeping it all inside safe and secure.

YKK zipper closures assist in keeping everything together and protected. Its twin zipper configuration gives access to the entire compartment from the front or at the bottom (like a suitcase).

Upon unzipping the backpack, put your drinks in the extendable bottle holder, or you may tie it up and keep it sleek and discreet. You can keep your spectacles in the micro-fiber pocket and quickly retrieve them whenever required.

In the RFID-Blocking pouch, you may safely store your documents. Whenever you need more security while traveling, Ridge the Commuter is ideal.

  • Durable design
  • Lightweight
  • Ripstop shell
  • Power bank pocket
  • Shock-resistant laptop holder
  • Seam breakage issues


9. Standard Luggage Co 35L Flight Approved Travel Backpack

Trusted because of its three in one standard design, which makes it act like a suitcase, shoulder bag, and travel backpack, the Standard Luggage Co bag is the ideal piece of luggage for international travel and meets airline carry-on cabin size requirements. Standard’s 3-in-1 innovation is appreciated by many users worldwide.

Easily concealed straps, storage separators, and easy-carry grips are included. This is an excellent traveling partner that will make you feel fantastic and secure on your adventure. It has a volume that can be expanded from 35 to 45L. The carry-on is designed to save money and effort by eliminating any need to examine the luggage at the airports.

Not only does it include a water bottle pocket, but with several other valuable features such as interior compression straps, built-in safety whistle, separate lockable laptop pocket, rain cover, roll-aboard straps, and padded back for ventilation, the backpack surely seals the deal for many.

  • Straps that can be added to rolling luggage
  • Expandable zip that adds 10l extra room
  • Full perimeter zippers
  • Waterproof fabric
  • 3-in-1 design
  • Back panels consume too much space
  • Some of the straps are low-quality


10. NOMATIC 30L Travel Bag

The Nomatic travel bag is a newcomer to the anti theft bag market, raising over $5 million on Indiegogo and Kickstarter. They boast that they have produced the “best efficient travel backpack imaginable!” They could have, depending on their proposed methodology.

With a spacious 30L storage, separate detachable organization boards, headphones, and magnetic snap-back side pockets, charging cable pass-throughs and pack to suitcase adaptability, it appears that they have considered almost everything.

Nevertheless, instead of labeling it an anti-theft backpack, it would be more accurate to describe it as an industrial one with anti-theft technologies, including RFID shielding and locked zippers.

  • Tech-focused design
  • Super high-quality
  • Sideways straps
  • Extremely durable
  • Bulkier in size
  • Quite expensive


What to Look for When Buying a Travel Backpack for Men

Not all backpacks are evenly distributed. Choosing whichever meets your specific requirements is critical and includes all the accessories you want for your trip. Take into consideration the following when making a purchase:


Obviously, it would be difficult to transport if you stuff the bag with bulky items like leather boots. However, it is not only the heaviness of it while filled that must be addressed because certain types and designs may carry quite a bit of weight even when empty.

Many are made from heavy fabric and have hefty frameworks, making them seem bulky even when emptied.

On the other hand, many stylish backpacks are built of sturdy, compact fabrics that will never cause pain in the shoulders when you’re leaving for the airport. Obviously, when you feel at ease lifting more significant burdens, feel free to disregard this guideline. It’s entirely up to you.

Size and Capacity

When you travel with a giant backpack, you’ll have to weigh it in, which means you are bound to bear the whim of suitcase carousels and checkpoints entrance. Therefore, ensure that you’re carrying the stuff you will require when you’re leaving from the house.

Many 50-liter packs with a flexible structure might be carry-on-sized, and the same can be said for the 40-L sized baggies. Capacity typically varies from 5 liters for daypacks to 30-50 liters for cabin luggage, and 60-70L, and sometimes even 85-liter beasts for more extensive trips and true trailblazers.

Material and Durability

Most backpacks meant for serious travelers are composed of vital, lighter components which can accompany you for years. Ballistic or ripstop nylon are good options because they provide additional wearing and tearing resistance.

Air-treated, Cordura, and pack-cloth nylon are all lighter and engineered to be scratching and damage resilient. In contrast, cotton cloth has a classic appearance and feel and yet is bulkier to handle. Canvas is much less waterproof compared to nylon.

One must also search for solid and high-quality buckles, clasp, and zippers since you wouldn’t want your bag to leak.

Water-Resistance Ability

If you’re expecting rainfall on your vacation, it’s wise to invest in a waterproof backpack for your trip.

At least consider a rain cover that could be slipped over your backpack, keeping your things secure and clean on the inside while also preventing the outside of your bag from being moist and slippery.

A damp backpack is unpleasant to manage and based on where you’re staying, you don’t always have the opportunity to dry it off thoroughly. Stay cautious and have a waterproof one on hand just in case.


The backpack’s straps all need to be comfortable on your body. The cushioning on the torso straps and hip belts must be substantial, pleasant, and accommodating, and that should be composed of EVA or dual-intensity foam.

The shoulder straps must be tailored for additional convenience and to aid in the reduction of muscular strain and soreness.

For better ventilation, many products include gently rounded backs or holes in the cushioning. This is necessary for warm regions where your back can quickly become sweaty.

Carry Options

Despite the fact that backpacks are meant to be held on your back and shoulders, they frequently feature additional helpful bands and straps to assist in bearing the weight, such as:

  • Stabilizers Straps – They are often seen attaching the backpack’s front to the shoulder straps. Stabilizers straps to assist in easing the pressure from the arms by moving the bag ahead, pushing the weight’s middle inwards.
  • Shoulder Straps – The cushioned, flexible straps are intended to hold your backpack on your shoulders and are an essential element.
  • Sternum Straps – The strap aids in the distribution of the weight and prevents the bands from sliding off your shoulders while on the move.
  • Grab Handles – A grabbing strap will enable to pull a large rucksack off the ground or carry from a baggage claim. These will be robust and sturdy, as they are placed on the top side of the bag.

Wheels or No Wheels?

It is a prevalent dilemma. To summarise, below are a few advantages and disadvantages of both wheeled and non-wheeled backpacks.

Non-Wheeled Backpacks

Regular backpacks typically withstand a fair bit of knocking around during transportation. Wheels are more fragile and susceptible to breakage.

Generally, non-wheeled backpacks have more excellent cushioning and are much more adaptable than wheeled ones, wherein belts are considered supplementary to wheels.

Conventional backpacks are lightweight compared to wheeled bags and have a less bulky appearance.

When you plan to buy a wheeled backpack, make sure this has free-spinning tires that are sufficiently powerful for long distances and a solid strap that would support the burden when you drag your stuff along.

Wheeled Backpacks

In terms of appearance, they have gone a long way. They provide outstanding mobility and are durable and reliable on the bulk of various landscapes. Those crooked wheels and mishandling are a thing of the past.

Whenever the surface becomes difficult, it may be raised from the ground and handled until rolled again, unlike a big piece of luggage with wheels.

The handles and wheels make it simple to transport a big load over vast distances.

Front-loading Backpack

Regardless of what type of traveler you are, front-loading backpacks seem to be the ideal choice. Like luggage, the front-loading bag can be comfortably unzipped from top to bottom.

They provide you easy accessibility to all of your belongings, and you won’t have to juggle your luggage to get to the stuff there at base.

How to Wear a Backpack Properly?

  • Make sure the hip strap is secured and tightened directly over your pelvic bone.
  • Vertical tighten the sternum strap so now it fits over your chest. One can bring the shoulder straps tightly around while also ensuring they aren’t dragging on your spine.
  • Tighten the straps on the shoulder so that it is flat on the spine.

Adjust the hip belt and the shoulder strap until you sense the pressure move from your neck to the pelvis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use a Backpack Over a Suitcase?

With the ability to roll over the ground or carry on your shoulders, your backpacks will practically move everywhere you go.

Smaller backpacks are ideal for city sightseeing or shorter trips, but bigger ones may hold supplies for various days.

Why Are Backpacks Good for Traveling?

Although several excellent products are available, the most significant characteristic of a backpack is its opening mechanism.

The greatest and the most convenient styles have clamshell-style openings or zip-it-up kind like a conventional briefcase.

What Backpack Size Should I Take Traveling?

The size you carry on your trip is determined by personal choice and the sort of equipment you will require. A 40-liter backpack will be enough for shorter trips or a one-week getaway.

If you’re going for a more extended trip or want to bring extra clothes, 50 to 60 liters will be plenty. Choose 70- to 80-liter size for extended excursions, especially should you need to include cold-weather equipment..

How Can I Clean a Backpack?

Putting a backpack in the washer is a minor labor-intensive technique of washing it. Obviously, it depends on the composition. However, most are made of canvas or nylon, and those can be machine washed. Nevertheless, if it includes leather trimming, do not machine wash it.

How Can I Measure My Torso for a Backpack?

Turn your head forward, check for the angular hump between your shoulders to estimate your torso. Form an arbitrary line between your fingertips while moving your arms down to the front of your hips. Calculate the difference between your shoulders and the imaginary line.


Well, there you have it, folks, the best travel backpacks for your forthcoming trips. Recognize that one of the essential features that distinguish the finest backpacks for travel is its comforting and convenient nature.

The very last thing you need is a backpack that scrapes on your hips or shoulders while you move. The absolute winner according to our criteria is the OSPREY 40L Travel Backpack. However, you can go through the recommendations and check on various other products and you’ll land yourself one that will last you for decades.

Hopefully, you can find the backpack of your aspirations and enjoy numerous exciting journeys with your travel companion.