Best Men’s Top Hats Review – Cool Cylinder Hat Picks

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Last Updated: April 8, 2021

Never in so many decades, there’s been a headpiece as elegant and as magisterial as a Top Hat. These high-reaching hats with crowns so flat and brims broad as long were once a mainstay everywhere from streets to formal weddings.

A topper was earlier titled as ‘beaver.’ As the name suggests, it was initially constructed out of a felt that was made by beating the beaver’s fur, mainly because the material, as opposed to the rabbit’s fur, could hold its shape in damp conditions and was way cheaper. Also, since the beavers in Europe were hunted long to extinction, America grabbed the opportunity. The hatters went busy sowing top-notch top hats which brought great relief to the American economy.

You may have seen this topper in many variants. It may have caught your eye flipping through the pages of Cat in the Hat, or on television in Alice’s adventure, or on the head of the nation’s favorite Uncle Sam, but these hats weren’t always used for comical purposes.

Formerly the epitome of high-end dressing, top hats were adorned for work, pleasure, and black-tie events; light-colored for the day and noir black or deep colors for the evening wearer to feel eminent and fetching as ever. This tall tubular hat was made out of a base felt wrapped in silk. But today, it’s nearly impossible to get a top hat made of silk, the newly constructed top hats are mostly made from leather or woolen felt.

If not top hats, men were found donned in other styles of hats since it was like an unspoken rule. These hats showed a man’s profession and social status, every man of trade had his hat from mail carriers to lawyers.

So what happened between these years that left this icon of sartorial elegance hanging by the edge of the brim? Was it Kennedy who removed the hat before making the speech to the crowd that led the people to follow the cue? Or was it the low-roofed cars that made wearing top hats a pain in the neck?

Best Topper Hats for Men Reviewed

It was previously worn to fit in the crowd; ironically, now worn to make a statement, these crowning glories have made a pivotal shift through the years. If you are up for making that statement on the streets yet still find top hats overwhelming, try dipping your toes in the myriad of slightly shorter and modern yet fashionable top hats.

Below are some classic suggestions readily available in the market you can pull off.

1. Belfry Top Hat Theater Quality 100% Wool

The manufacturers of these elegant top hats date back to 1979 when a mundane school teacher decided upon making top hats since there was no competition back then. However, many brands have made their way through, but Belfry still stands out for its top-notch quality. Like every woman needs a little black dress in her closet, every man needs a black belfry top hat to add a sophisticated touch to their formal ensemble.

This brand’s hatters have gained dexterity over yours of producing these hats; similarly, this deluxe topper is skillfully made out of pure dense wool, dyed to famous pitch-black shade. It features a sweatband made of leather that is stitched on the inner side of the shoulder. This strip helps to fit your hat on your head snuggly so that it doesn’t slide off while you walk and helps divert moisture. This theatrical hatter has a distinguished, traditional flair to it; the brim is 2.5 -inch wide, and the crown, with a slight knack, measure 6.5-inch. The entire look gets wrapped up with a 2-inch black grosgrain band that looks subtly textured yet glossy, which adds to the hat’s acquired elegance.

People with a larger frame will thoroughly enjoy how proportional it will look on them. Despite having a narrow brim, it has a lot of visual mass between the crown and the brim that complements well with their figures.

  • Made for heads of all sizes, ranging from small to XX-large
  • Brim shields your eyee from sun-rays
  • Wool material keeps your head warm in cooler months
  • The inside is not lined

This top hat is mimicked to resemble the original’s silhouette. True to its roots, this headpiece is befitting for those looking for a modest hatter with no extra bells and whistles.


2. Conner Steampunk Top Hat

With the addition of this quirky hat, we have got our steampunk enthusiasts sorted. Those who are well aware of this genre and love to dress up as Steampunk must be very well aware of Conner. This brand creates different hats for the dystopian that reflect this aesthetic well, from top hats to bowlers. This kind of fashion is a fusion genre of the 19th century’s Industrial Revolution and the Victorian times’ romantic era. It is as complicated as eclectic.

The archetypal steam man inspired this retro-futuristic-looking hat. Made purely out of fine Australian wool, this hat is not only durable but also sturdy. It is not your average costume hat; intricately stitched with high-quality wool, this hatter can be added to your family’s heirloom. The golden satiny inner lining isn’t only for vanity purposes; the silk deters frizz and static in your hair and locks in moisture that will help you combat winter frizziness and eliminate hat hair.

To add some edge and enhance Steampunk’s label, the hat is adorned with bold accessories, like the three bronze gear decorations that symbolize the assimilation of the long-standing and the new technology. At the same time, the crisscross ribbon attached parallel is indicative of the corsets from the Victorian era.

  • Leather strap with bronze rivet holes on the entire length
  • Sturdy construction holds the shape
  • Breathable wool keeps you cool in summers and warm in winters
  • The sizing runs large

What makes this hat indicative of Steampunk are the striking, technology-inspired accessories integrated into the details. Everything from the shape of the brim to the crown’s height and the added decorations pays homage to the sartorial style of the top hat, tradition of the 19th Century, and the Industrial Revolution’s rigidness.


3. Scala Men’s Wool Felt Top Hat

Scala hats are well recognized for their admirable quality, and this one is no exeption; well, it isn’t a Chapeau d’Amour. Still, you will be impressed with the premium quality and construction at such an affordable price.

This hat isn’t only a stage hat created out of genuine wool felt; it is made to endure harsh conditions and wear and tear. The material is sturdy and construction durable; the product’s quality reflects in the stitching, too; it is aptly sown to perfection with no sloppy stitches insight.

The hatters of this brand have taken care of it’s form and function; it has a two-inch brim around it that is curled to perfection and bound with 24-line grosgrain. The crown sits high at 7 inches, tall enough to pull out the white fur or grab the crowds’ attention. The woolen hat is soft and plush and sits comfortably on your head without itching your head, and sturdy enough to maintain its structure through the years.

  • Comes with adhesive strips to adjust the size of the band
  • Classically designed, can be worn on any occasion
  • Sizes available from small up to XXL
  • Sizes run slightly small

Unleash the mad hatter inside you, and pair this versatile top hat with any formal outfit you like. This premium quality hat is worth buying a hat box for.


4. Patterns of Time Black Top Hat

This Christie’s Style hat is made by hands to offer the best craftsmanship. Made out of fine Australian wool, it is going to last for the long haul and will accompany you everywhere, from weddings to Steampunk parties, to black tie events, or just when you feel like dressing up fancy. The Australian felt is smooth and sits comfortably on your head without scratching your forehead.

The hat itself is pretty modest, with a simple leather headband around it, but the little red feather tucked on the side jazzes up the entire look and brings fun to the party. The sturdy construction and firm stitches speak for their quality, which is quite rare to find at such an affordable price.

  • Lined with satin on the inside
  • Simple design helps you pair it up with multiple outfits
  • You can add in accessories to personalize your hat
  • Sizes can slightly vary since they are hand-made

If you are on a tight budget yet want an elegant-looking top hat, this is an unmissable addition to your wardrobe.


5. Ferrecci Wool Felt Top Hat

We are throwing in a brown hat for all those who love adding little twists to the classic top hats. This extravagant top hat is made out of pure wool to offer you the utmost comfort all day long. It is also interlined with satin on the inside to keep your hair healthy and frizz-free. The hat’s crown sits relatively high at seven inches that is almost an inch higher than normal ones, making it a proper top hat and helping you get loads of attention.

Along with comfort, it serves quite good looks with its satin grosgrain band wrapped around and finishing off with a neat feather pin, making it an ideal candidate for dressing up as a mad hatter this coming Halloween.

  • Available in many color options
  • The nifty design caters to all genders
  • Sturdy material will last you a long time
  • The colors may vary from the pictures available

A brown hat can complement a grey blazer or green shirt well, so rummage through your closet and find your best shirt to par this hat with.


6. SHAHIN Differenttouch 100% Wool Felt Top Hat

This Victorian-style hat is made for a true gentleman. It is made out of top-notch wool felt that sits on your head without feeling its weight. The non-scratchy wool is smooth to touch and seamless from all sides.

Like any authentic top hat, this timeless product features a grosgrain band around the circumference, and a feather tucked on edge, completing the Victorian-era look to perfection.

  • You can wear this headwear on multiple occasions
  • Feather is removable
  • You can only wash it through dry-cleaners

If you are looking for a mid-range top hat for your next headwear experiment, grab this one immediately.


7. Jeanne Simmons Men’s Top Hat

This top hat is perfect for daily wear; it serves a subtle look with its short four-inch crown and brown color, but true to its origin, the 1.5-inch brim is curled to perfection.

These hats feature an elastic cord integrated on the crown’s inside since it only comes in three sizes. The adjustable tie helps you adjust the size if you happen to order the wrong size or when the hat starts to loosen up over time. Moreover, the customizable feature lets you share this hat with your friends too.

  • Interior is lined with a leopard print design
  • Crown is tied with a brown accent bow band
  • Not crushable, will lose its shape if crushed
  • It comes in only three sizes

This is perfect for those who love top hats but want a slightly modest, short variant with a funky leopard touch to start.


8. GEMVIE Men’s 100% Wool Top Hat

This is more than a cheap costume hat. Made out of pure cotton that is soft and breathable, this hat will make it into your church essentials. It features a sweatband lined on the inside, which helps to wick off moisture and keeps you dry for the day.

This topper’s crown sits at an adequate height, not too long or too short to be kicked out of the tops hats category. It has a black grosgrain band tied into a neat bow to complete off the vintage look.

  • Great for men and women of all ages
  • It comes with two reducer tapes
  • Basic design allows you to wear it on every occasion
  • Sizes are displayed in centimeters which can be confusing to choose


9. Funny Party Hats Black Top Hat

If you love DIY-ing hats with different aesthetics or if you are planning to dress up as Willy Wonka for your next Halloween party, then fetch this one instantly.

This adult size hat comes in classic noir black. Made out of sturdy felt, it radiates timeless vintage elegance as soon as you step into a room. Also, the felt gives it some structure and keeps you warm. It features a band inside which keeps your hat snug and your head sweat-free.

  • Versatile design makes it unisex
  • It can be transformed into any style you desire
  • The crown may get dented if handled roughly

Great value for the price; this is the best yet cheapest offer you’ll find online.


What to Look For in a Men’s Top Hat

Amongst the many products, it will get quite tricky for you to choose a perfect hat that fits right and feels right, especially if you are ordering from the internet. The guide below will help you decide what material suits your hometown’s weather conditions, how to select the perfect size, and which kind suits your personality and face.


Size is an essential element when it comes to finding the perfect top hat that fits well. Of course, trying it on would be easier to determine what size fits you, but if you plan to order online, all you need to do is measure your head size and compare it with the chart available on the respective product page. To help you find the perfect size, we have listed some steps you may want to follow;

  1. Grab a soft measuring tape and wrap it around the most significant part of your head. Bring the tape end to the middle of your forehead, slightly above the eyebrows; do not hold the tape too taut or loose but at a comfortable grip.
  2. Note the tape’s measurement and compare your size with the size chart. We need to decide the exact place where your hat will sit.
  3. If the measurement is on the cusp of two sizes, then opt for the larger size.
  4. For hand-made hats, check in with the relevant customer services.

In case you followed the steps and still couldn’t find the absolute perfect fit, then try using a hat sizing tape; these pre-cut pieces have tape on one side and foam on the other, gently place the pieces under the sweatband, and try on for snug fit. This size reducer is an easy method that is affordable and doesn’t ruin your hat too.


Some hats can cause issues like frizzy hair or, worse, hat hair which causes dents on your hair. To avoid these problems, look for hats with a satin interlined interior; this helps absorb less moisture, keeps your hair healthy, and avoids snagging so that you do not need to comb your hair every time you take the hat off. Also, some hats are made of material that may itch the sensitive skin on the forehead; satin acts as a buffer between your skin and hat and offers a comfortable wear.

Also, look for additional features like sweatbands; it wicks off sweat from the heat and helps it vaporize out, helping your head stay dry all day.


These hats were originally made out of beaver’s fur and then silk, which now is a rare sight and would probably cost big bucks. But to come close to the authentic quality, these hats are now made up of wool felt. Look for hats made up of Australian wool that feel soft, smooth to touch, and are breathable.


There are limitless options for you to choose from. Today these hats come in endless color options for an experimental mix-matching. You can stay classic with the original six-inch crowned flat tops that have a grosgrain band across them. This style is so versatile and can work at every event, from church to Halloween parties.

Top hats also play a significant role in steampunk dress-ups; opt for quirky hats adorned with industrial bronze accent pieces.

If you are trying to make a subtle statement, then opt for low height crowns; these will attain many eyes but will still make a humble statement.

Final Word

From the time hats were made to this day, every man has worn his hat differently. Our compilation above is methodically selected to cater to men with individual preferences and styles.

You have seen all the great personalities, fictional and non-fictional, from Abraham Lincoln with his court papers stuffed top hat to the red and white Cat’s Hat, carry this iconic piece of headwear with great pride. Now is your time to pay homage, get one of these jeweled crowns, and serve some profound fashion statements.