8 Best Tactical Wallets Reviewed

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Last Updated: September 7, 2021

Tactical wallets are like survival tools with other functions like keeping your money and credit cards safe during harsh conditions.

They are great for both casual and professional use because of their tough, yet stylish characteristics. These wallets combine the ruggedness of outdoor gear with the features you need for your professional life. And that is the least a tactical wallet can do.

To find out more and explore the best tactical wallets, continue reading.

1. RAPDOM Tactical Wallet

This flexible and amazingly strong wallet is made from 100% other fibers and can withstand tough conditions. You can drop or shake this one and rest assured. You can load the zippered compartments with pocket tools, keys, secure media cards, or coins in the three adjustable compartments.

The wallet contains the following features you can enjoy:

  • Carabiner loop, loop closure, and hook
  • Non-stick ID window
  • A mesh divides the multi-currency compartments. It is double-stitched and bar-tackled on the stress points.

This amazing tactical wallet that comes in various colors like coyote brown, khaki, black and olive drab has 18 compartments. If you need a secure wallet that not only can withstand abuse but also can fit in your back pocket, this one is for you.

The RAPDOM wallet is made of 1000 Cordura nylon, which won’t be damaged like leather. With top quality and durable materials, RAPDOM also offers a lifetime warranty.


2. Gerber Gear Barbill Mens Tactical Minimalist Wallet

The Gerber Gear tactical wallet has a flexible elastic band that can accommodate the varying width of 7 cards. The Barbill also has a specialized heavy-duty stainless steel frame. This frame makes it look low profile and is shockingly lightweight.

There is also an inbuilt bottle opener, so you don’t need to carry any extra tools. It has a security bumper on one end, ensuring that the card stays safe and snugly secure.

It would be best if you carried the Barbill wallet on those annoying days when a blade won’t cut it. It has enough space to hold numerous cards.

You can take this multi-purpose EDC tactical wallet everywhere (including through airport security).

You might be clear on what a wallet’s duties are; it’s not rocket science. It secures valuable cash and cards. But your wallet isn’t accessible during working hours, so Barbill takes the opportunity to step in. It will support you even during the happy hour with an inbuilt bottle opener.


3. Dango T01 Tactical EDC Wallet – Made In USA

Dango’s body has the best materials possible, and the company incorporates noble techniques for design and manufacturing. Handmade in the United States, this brand prides itself on giving its customers contemporary styling with a functional body.

You must check out and see which Dango product enhances your daily life. This USA made wallet can hold cash and up to 12 cards with the MTH02 Multi-tool. On the other hand, it can hold up to 10 cards without the MT02 Multi-tool.

This lightweight wallet has an integrated silicone cash strap. The company uses the highest-grade materials, ensuring that this wallet gives you a premium feel.

It is machined out of 6061 aerospace aluminum and then assembled using high quality and top grain leather, mil-spec bolts, and then fastened.  This production process includes heat treating stainless steel MT02 Multi-tool that is built to survive extremely unfavorable conditions.


4. FIRECLUB Portable Tactical Wallet for Men

The FIRECLUB portable tactical wallet is excellent value for money for hikers. This amazing purse is of wear-resistant nylon fabric that lines with mercerized cotton and waterproof coating.

The spacious wallet can house a six-inch mobile phone. It doesn’t matter where you are; this wallet will prove itself useful. It’s suitable for your workplace, sports and fitness, outdoor travel, hunting or camping.

Its durable and sturdy structure makes it a popular buy among people from all spheres of life. Customers have given it positive reviews, using it for their cell phones, pens, makeup, keys. It’s the “perfect size” to carry around, and its look doesn’t make you feel like you’re carrying around a purse.

Users appreciate the design and spacious nature. If you’re into tactical stuff with overall good quality at a great price, this wallet is for you.


5. Gerber Gear Money Clip with Built-in Fixed Blade Knife

Due to technology via phone apps, an array of loyalty cards and credit cards don’t end up in wallets. Enter Gerber’s GDC tactical money clip wallet, which makes this the most versatile product in the tactical wallet industry.

One of the primary features of this everyday carry is that it fits your pocket and is portable. It is integrated seamlessly for any work.

It’s portable, slim, and can hold up to five credit cards in the clip. It also has a hidden 1.75″ fine edge blade. The slim money clip contains a finger slit and a serrated thumb rest for maximum grip.

The high-grade product contains a money clip knife with a large engrave-able surface. Not only that, but it also has rust-proof materials, a G-10 front plate, and a titanium coated steel body.

Customers have had a positive experience with this procuct. The knife is easy to deploy, and you can place the wallet seamlessly in your pocket. You can pull out the knife easily even when the wallet is full.


6. USTS Tactical Slim Patch Wallet – Made In USA

This USTS Tactical Slim Patch Wallet is made in the United States with licensed, authentic, and branded American materials. It has a sewing proprietary wallet design that ddresses clients’ complaint smoothly. The complaint being, that cash and cards tend to slip out of the elastic when they want to use them.

USTS designed their wallets to secure and guard the cards facing inwards. This eliminated the possibility of the contents slipping out as the wallet is closed and secured.

The company uses mil-spec bartacks for strength in the corners with v69 and A&E thread. These multi-cam fabrics have top tier elasticity. The exterior has a nice patina look as time passes to give a nice rugged EDC look. To cut on bulk, the company skips the old interior “billfold” area.

This modern and slim EDC wallet suits every kind of look. It barely weighs 1 oz and measures no more than ½” in thickness. It’s a great way to have a wallet that is sleek and protects your cards successfully.

You can connect your fabric patches and morals to the exterior multi-cam brand Velcro to give your wallet flair. This top-notch Velcro won’t fail under many changes to your patches.


7. Military Camouflage ID Wallet Trifold

This classic camouflage military wallet, manufactured in the US, has zippered pocked running the entire length of the wallet behind the billfold pocket. It’s on the long side, but that’s only because the top part consists of a zipper with a pocket for any loose objects. People use it to secure their belongings, separate bills, loose change and coupons.

To add strength and durability to the product, the company has given it double snitching. It’s water-resistant (don’t fear the rain when you’re out using this), lightweight, and washable. The trifold ID wallet has credit card slots for numerous cards, a photo insert pocket, and a secure hook and loop closure.

The ID window is convenient, and you won’t have to pull out the entire ID before showing it.

Users have given it glowing recommendations with people saying that as soon as this one gets ruined (which isn’t soon), they are going to buy another one.


8. QUIQLITE Minimalist Tactical Wallet with USB Rechargeable Flashlight

The QUIGLITE TAQ Tactical wallet has a spacious, minimalist and sleek design. This makes it suitable for Public Safety professionals. The cardholder holds up to 8 credit cards and secures money via its money clip.

It has a flashlight that switches on and off with one push. It activates a dual white LED at 75 lumens. You can double the intensity by pushing the on/off button, increasing the lumens to 150 (there’ll never be a dark moment in your life). The long-lasting battery life of up to 3 hours makes it a perfect for the outdoors.

This tactical metal wallet, made of aluminum, stainless steel, and nylon housing, takes a good beating. Its integrated tools include a money clip, glass breaking top, flat-head screwdriver, bottle cap opener, and carabiner attachment.

As a bonus, it also has RFID blocking technology to keep all your information and cards protected using a steel body. To be precise, this wallet obstructs RFID signals with electromagnetic enclosure technology. This technology makes credit cards electromagnetically opaque and protects their contents from electric charges.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Tactical Wallet?

Tactical wallets are specialized wallets with various equipment. Some of them have an integrated compass, knife, multi-tool, concealed paracord kit, and complete survival gear. An ideal edc tactical wallet should be practical and coated with a resilient, durable, and creative casting.

The outer shell should be materials like 1000 D ripstop nylon, aluminum, Kydex, heavy-duty polypropylene, and steel. Simultaneously, it should have a minimalistic clamshell, trifold or bifold design to enable easy portability.

Other than survival needs, good EDC tactical wallets must have additional features like multiple zippered compartments and pockets for your cards, keys, cash, firm Velcro binding, a phone tether or stand, etc. All the recommended products in this article feature these properties effortlessly.

How Much Do Tactical Wallets Cost?

Tactical minimalist wallets can range from $10 to $100 easily. There is a wide price range according to the materials used, the accessories or tools included, and the chosen design. You can spend some extra cash to get everything you need.

A thing to remember while buying a tactical wallet is that it should last a lifetime, and the companies offer many guarantees.

Are Tactical Wallets Just For Men?

No! Although a lot of tactical wallets look more “masculine,” not all of them do. They are marketed towards men more, but that doesn’t mean women can’t use them. A lot of companies think they specifically should.

Both women and men ought to benefit from the added security these wallets provide. The RFID blocking technology, a multi-tool, and numerous pockets are just some features that are essential to everyone. You surely don’t want to miss out on carrying extra tools in the easiest way possible.

Where Can I Buy Tactical Wallets?

You might get lucky and find these uniquely designed wallets in stores, but it’s more likely that you will have to buy them online. One of the primary reasons this serves as a benefit is that online shopping gives you reviews about these products from actual users.

According to surveys, there isn’t a huge physical store that carries a wide collection of tactical wallets, but you can find any kind and type online.


Now that you know all about the variety of features tactical wallets offer, you’re ready to decide which one you want to buy. They give you everything you need in a wallet, plus some extras including a flashlight, knife, credit card holders, cash pockets, etc. Their sturdy build differentiates them from other wallets.

If you want the best out of all the listed tactical wallets, then it would be the RAPDOM Tactical Wallet. But ensure you read through the product descriptions to get a product that fits your needs.