Best Minimalist Backpacks for Men – Reviews and Guide

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Last Updated: September 30, 2021

Not everyone likes the high-fashion statement backpacks with elaborate prints and quotes. Some people like to keep it simple and minimalistic with simple and durable materials.

A backpack is meant to be comfortable to carry and carry as much stuff as required. While frills and embellishments are beautiful, they might hinder its basic purpose. Therefore, they might not be the perfect match for a rough road trip or ever commutes by motorcycles.

The best minimalist backpacks are made to serve all the utility expected of a bag without any extra show. Moreover, they do not miss out on looking clean and sophisticated.

So, are you looking for a minimalist backpack for daily use? We have listed twelve of the best minimalist backpack options in this guide, which should help you narrow the right product for your requirements.

Best Minimalist Backpack – Top 12 Picks Reviewed

1. Bopai Super Slim Laptop Backpack

This minimalist travel backpack by BOPAI is 15-inch in height. Therefore, it has a padded laptop compartment that can protect a 14-15 inch ultra-thin laptop at ease.

One of the best things about this everyday backpack is its zippered pockets designed to make the back anti-theft. Even the external pockets are zipped to ensure your wallet and other small valuables are safe from thieves.

Another important and noteworthy thing about this bag is its water-resistant properties. The ability to resist water is a crucial necessity for travel.

This bag is made of sturdy materials that will last you for a long time without issues. Moreover, the USB charging port featured on the top makes the arrangement very beneficial for day-to-day purposes.

  • Anti-theft pockets
  • Water-resistant material
  • Ample space for all travel necessities
  • Padded laptop sleeve for perfect protection
  • Made of thick and sturdy materials
  • Not ideal for carrying gaming laptops
  • It is slim but does not compromise its weight

This bag is perfect for anybody looking for a robust companion for their next trip. With card pockets, water bottle compartment, detachable keychain, and adequate side pockets, this is undoubtedly one of the top minimalist backpacks at its price point.


2. Lenovo Laptop Backpack B210

If you’re looking for the best minimalist backpacks on a budget, you should consider the Lenovo B210. The sleek bag is made of robust water repellent materials to make it durable and reliable. You can be worry-free about putting your notebooks and laptop in this bag.

Since it is for everyday use, it is expected to be comfortable. It meets that criterion by having a quilted back and snug fit. The adjustable shoulder straps also allow you to customize the way you like to carry them.

The bag features several quick access pockets at its peak design. The zipped side pockets, along with a large main compartment and a zip pocket on the front, allow you to organize your stuff at ease.

It can also be categorized as travel backpack for students and working professionals. You will also find slots for cards, mobile phones, and camera gear storage.

Moreover, it features a padded laptop sleeve that can protect your 15-inch laptop to its full capacity.

This is one of the best minimalist laptop bags for both men and women. It is designed to be lightweight and comfortable for everyone who chooses to use it for their routine storage requirements.

  • Quilted back panel and wide shoulder straps
  • Lightweight design
  • Full refund for 30 days
  • Ideal for protecting your laptop from water and shock damage
  • No side pockets
  • Pockets are not anti-theft

Designed to be casual and stylish, the water-repellent fabric creates a case that perfectly accommodates the modern life.

If you’re looking for a minimalist backpack best for everyday storage on a budget, this is the product for you.


3. Kensington Triple Trek Slim Backpack

Another spectacular mid-range laptop backpack to feature on our list is the Kensington Triple Trek. This is a good one if you are into minimalist hiking. It can store your 13-inch laptop along with camera gear to make your hiking trip a success.

It features fleece-lined compartments to ensure maximum safety for all your equipment. Since it is made of tear-resistant robust materials, it can take a lot of beating without issues.

You can find a hidden pocket for anti-theft purposes and two external water bottle pockets to make storage very easy for you.

The Kensington Triple Trek can also be used as carry-on luggage thanks to its grab handles. You can be sure of this bag to be easy to carry due to the shoulder strap adjustability and padded back.

This is a great minimalist backpack, both for everyday use and rough trekking usage. The manufacturer also offers a five-year warranty to ensure extra durability.

  • Headphone port
  • Multiple fleece-lined compartments to extra storage capacity
  • Adjustable and padded straps for maximum comfort
  • Several accessory pockets for better organization
  • The flat peak design can be troublesome to accommodate thick stuff

This backpack is perfect for minimalist hiking and travel. It is designed with a fleece-lined compartment that keeps devices organized and protects them against scratches. It caters to the need of the minimalist who is interested in carrying just the basic things.


4. HIKPRO 20L Durable Lightweight Backpack

Another budget option is the HIKPRO lightweight, packable backpack. If you’re looking for backpacks for men and women that can be used for hiking and everyday use, this is a great product.

The peak design feature of this minimalist backpack is that it can be packed into a small roll. This allows the bag to be portable and easy to store. The lightweight design also allows it to be perfect for camping and hiking trips.

It is made of water and tear-resistant materials, allowing it to be very durable. In fact, it is marketed as one of the most durable ones out there.

The main compartment is exceptionally big and features a roomy 15 inch laptop compartment. It is great for storing anything a busy student or a professional might need for a short trip.

If you want a bag you can use just about anywhere, this is the product for you. It features an external section and several zip pockets both on the inside and outside.

One thing we like most aboutit is that it is made ergonomically. Therefore, each shoulder strap is comfortable and is made of breathable mesh materials.

With reinforcement at 14 vulnerable places, it is as sturdy as it gets. To prove the product’s durability, the manufacturer offers a five-year warranty.

  • Extremely durable
  • Very spacious main compartment with a safe 15 laptop sleeve
  • Made of tear and water-resistant materials
  • Ergonomic peak design
  • Foldable and lightweight for easy portability and storage
  • Does not feature small details such as a USB port
  • Not ideal for carrying by people who are prone to sweat a lot

This bag is less of a work backpack and more of a hiking or a travel backpack. It is even suitable for mothers who have to pack lots of things for the kids. The compartments help organize your items properly and it is a great space-saver.


5. Osprey Farpoint 40 Men’s Travel Backpack

The Osprey Farpoint is one of the best minimalist backpacks for men. If you’re looking for something ideal for working professional men, this is the one for you.

It is also suitable for travel due to its main compartment style and storage capacity. The duffle style U-zip is perfect to meet the requirements of minimalist backpacks for travel. It also meets all the carry-on restrictions imposed by most airlines to enhance your minimalist travel.

As ideally suited for travel and everyday carry, its huge main compartment storage is commendable. What’s better is that it also has a huge front pocket for even more storage. We like the anti-theft lockable zip pockets since they allow you to carry all your belongings in one place fearlessly.

You can see that this is the best minimalist backpack in terms of construction and materials used. We like how put-together the design is and how well it can transform from a bulky backpack to a slim one.

The stow-away hip belt, shoulder straps, and back panel make this minimalist backpack truly fantastic.

  • Made of breathable materials
  • Anti-theft pockets
  • Large main compartment space
  • Side handles
  • Several stow-away components to change the space it takes
  • Lacks better internal pockets for smaller items
  • Quite expensive

This very well put together item has a large panel zip access to the main compartment and lockable sliders. With a light wire frame suspension that transfers the load to the hip belt, it is perfect for a weekend getaway.


6. Kroser Laptop Backpack

The KROSER Laptop backpack is one of the budget options that will give you the feel of premium quality. It is made of water-resistant nylon that will keep your stuff safe even in the heaviest of rain spells.

This backpack features huge storage pack space for almost anything you might want to keep daily. It will accommodate it all, from laptop and notes to keys, water bottle, and mobile phone. The multi-functional main compartments have a handy laptop pocket that is padded to keep your laptop safe from shock and moisture.

One of the best features of this minimalist laptop bag is the external USB port. Through this port, you can charge your mobile phone conveniently.

It is easy to carry anywhere you go with all your belongings secure in one place. You can also carry it with the leather handles and the vintage shoulder straps on it.

The electric blue color makes it even more appealing to both women and men.

  • Huge main compartment for ample space
  • Multi-functional pockets to help you organize everything perfectly
  • Padded laptop compartment for maximum gadget protection
  • Lightweight design and comfortable straps
  • The material is not tear-resistant or scratch-resistant

This is one of the best minimalist laptop backpacks due to its convenience and durability. It is perfect for outdoor activities and routine commutes.


7. Yorepek Slim Laptop Backpack

Another one from the budget to mid-range price is the YOREPEK Slim Minimalist Laptop backpack. It is perfect for college students due to its water-resistant properties and 15-inch laptop compartment.

It features a handy USB port as well as anti-thievery pockets. Therefore, students can place their gadgets without worries about battery draining and theft.

The durable main compartment can hold about 20 kgs of weight regularly without issues. Its padded laptop sleeve can hold a heavy laptop with storage in the front pocket and side pocket available.

We like how well it facilitates organizing. Each pocket is multi-functional, with enough sections for you to segregate your stuff to perfection.

It is made of soft, lightweight, and sturdy nylon fabric. The shoulder straps are also made of breathable materials with huge adjustability options. Therefore, you will not have to feel burdened or uncomfortable with its fit whenever you carry this bag.

With a handy external easy access side pocket, you can carry a bottle full of water or juice at all times. We like how you can pack everything carefully and organized in one place.

This pack is perfect for the features it provides to carry everything you will need daily, from umbrellas, gifts, notes, and everyday tools and equipment.

  • 10+ multipurpose pockets
  • Dual, lockable metal zippers
  • Organized packing cubes for everything
  • Easy access pockets to keep everything in place
  • Built with durable fabrics
  • It might not work for hiking or a tough commute
  • No bottle holder

This product allows for compatibility as it can fit as big as a 15.6-inch laptop and can be utilized for your day to day use.


8. Observ Slim Laptop Backpack

If you’re looking for the best minimalist backpacks for men to use daily, the Observ is the right option for you. It is lightweight, durable, and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

It has a quick access front pocket which makes everything easy to pack and organize. This bag has pockets, compartments, and straps made in such high quality that it will withstand years of use without any issues.

This is the best minimalist backpack for the overall padded construction. One of the nicest things about it is the padded compartment for a laptop that can keep at least 15 inches of a laptop safe.

The bag is made of nylon and polyester materials so that it will be very durable. The breathable material used makes it one of the best minimalistic backpacks on this list.

The straps are adjustable and will make everything much easier to carry. It also uses air cooling technology that makes everything more breathable and comfortable.

Instead of condensing the heat in one place, this technology allows the heat to be easily transferred from the shoulders to the back.

  • Well organized compartments
  • The straps and back are breathable
  • Huge storage space
  • Durable and lightweight construction
  • Not fit for big users
  • The construction might be a little too stiff

This is one of the top minimal bags that does not compromise on style. It offers high durability and extra protection. The simple design includes a main and front pocket, laptop compartment and small interior pockets.


9. Targus CitySmart Laptop Backpack

You can make this backpack cling onto any luggage because of its pass-through strap. Therefore, if you are looking for one that is easy to carry at airports, this is the best product for you.

This bag comes with a 15-inch laptop pocket and tablet compartment to keep your gadgets safe and organized. Other than that, the main compartment comes with several sections and zip pockets to make the construction more usable.

It comes with a zippered pocket on the inside. This place is perfect for storing your mobile phone, chargers, and earphones.

This product is also resistant to water and to almost all weather conditions.

The bag features straps and grab handles, so it is easy to hoist and carry on your shoulders.

The straps are designed in such a manner that the weight will be evenly dispersed on the shoulders. Moreover, they will allow easy airflow.

The company offers a lifetime warranty – something scarce for bags in this range. You can buy it with full confidence and reassurance.

  • Padded back panel and straps for breathability and comfort
  • The several pockets make everything easy to pack and carry
  • Perfect for rough hiking
  • Each pocket is easy to access
  • The side holder can only carry small bottles

This one is perfect for people who are always on the move. Manufacturers offer a full lifetime warranty, which is a testament of its durability.


10. Incase City Backpack

If you’re looking for a pack with streamlined features and efficient pocket utilization, this is the product for you. The Incase City backpack is the ideal everyday minimalist backpack. With its safety pockets and clean design, its popularity is not a surprise.

The bag utilizes several safety features. Therefore, if you put your laptop or tablet into it, you can rest assured. The padded pockets inside the huge main compartment are thick enough to absorb most of the shock the bag might have to face.

We like how compact and slim the design is. Even it can store as much as any pack on this list; the design features allow it to look sleek. This is ideal, especially for the daily commute, and long trips, because you wouldn’t want a huge bag on your back at all times.

It is also made of extra-durable materials, so there is no doubt about the bag lasting you for several years.

With two snatch access pockets, you can be sure to have everything in reach. Not only does this keep your small essentials organized, but it also makes reaching for things in a hurry easy.

  • Ample space for daily use
  • Several large compartments for better organization
  • Ergonomically designed for quickly reaching for things
  • Extremely durable
  • Slim and comfortable design
  • No water bottle pocket
  • The shoulder straps might not be as comfortable

This elegant backpack has soft design lines and despite having a slim profile, it has the important storage space required for a commuter bag. It offers efficiency, class, aesthetic, protection and comfort all in one.


11. Tomtoc 22L Classic College School Backpack

Are you a fan of the classic college backpack look? Well, in that case, you will appreciate this one. This pack is sure to take you back to college nostalgia or make you look spectacular in your school or college.

As an everyday use student-centric pack, it has large storage space. Along with a large main compartment, it has a side pocket, two external pockets on the front, and one extra side pocket.

This bag also has separate space for both laptops and tablets, allowing it to be super versatile when it comes to organizing. You will also find an external USB charging port and anti-thievery pockets to ensure all your gadgets and notes stay safe.

We like how the zip closing each pocket is reinforced and will never let stuff out of your pack. One of the best features is its hip belt. This will allow you to speed through the campus without having your bag swinging from side to side.

  • Nostalgic aesthetics
  • Easily adjustable shoulder and hip straps
  • Each pocket is zipped and anti-thievery
  • Several compartments for ideal organization
  • It might not sustain a lot of weight in the long run

The comfort features such as padded and adjustable straps and back panel are commendable. We like how lightweight this one is, allowing it to be ideal for students.


12. Fjallraven Raven 20 Backpack

Who said that a minimalist backpack is always supposed to be painted in boring shades?

Besides being very appealing, the attractive thing about this pack is the huge center compartment and the large side pocket that is easy to access. You can store bottles and a tripod for hiking in there.

The features are perfect for everyday use. However, it can also be used by business professionals who like to add a bit of funk to their outfits.

You can pack just about anything you will regularly need in it. It has a pocket to pack everything from a laptop, tablet, notes, phone, food container, and a bottle.

You do not have to worry about the product’s longevity since the bag is made of heavy-duty fabric. It also has leather embellishments on the logo and a grab handle, making it a premium quality item.

The back panel and straps are made of mesh material. It is perfect to be used for long commutes on summer days.

  • Fabulous look
  • Breathable and durable fabric
  • Great for organizing and large storage
  • Has a pocket for everything
  • Might not be ideal for a 15-inch or larger laptop

Regardless of the product’s quality, it does not cost too much. This is one of the top value-for-money products on our list.


How to Choose the Best Minimalist Backpack

Considering the popularity of minimalist backpacks, you will find several options in the market. However, you don’t have to get too confused while looking for the right match for you. The more the variety, the more chances are that the product you choose will be high-utility.

To make taking the decision easy for you, we have created this handy buyer’s guide. We recommend considering all the following points before buying a minimalist backpack to meet all your needs.

Who is it For?

Most products reviewed here are unisex. However, some are better carried by men, and others are better for women. Mostly, the size and weight of the bags vary if they are gender-specific.

Even though there is hardly any difference between men’s and women’s bags, it’s an important distinction to make at times. Unisex bags are always the most comfortable choice for everyone.


Not every minimalist backpack serves the same purpose. While it can be made specifically for everyday use, some might be perfect for hiking or travel.

Consider the use and choose between a hiking, everyday, laptop backpack, or a backpack for travel. The above list mentions the type for each product reviewed.

Size and Weight

While choosing the best minimalist backpack for hiking, travel, or everyday use, size and weight are important considerations. Your backpack is likely to stay on your back for long hours, making the lightweight design crucial.

Your everyday carry backpack is supposed to be smaller because naturally, it will be used every day, and comfort is important. However, your hiking backpack is supposed to be a bit bigger to accommodate all the extra material you will have to carry for a camping trip.

When considering weight, try to look for one that is as light as possible. As a 200 lb male, a 2-4 lb backpack will be ideal. However, the lower your weight, the lighter the backpack will suit you.


One of the most interesting things about minimalistic backpacks is that they come in various sizes and colors. Therefore, when choosing the right minimalist backpack for yourself, you get some personalization options.

The most common colors available are minimalist as well. Therefore, you will find black or gray shades in abundance. However, you can also find some in blue, beige, red, or pink.


One of the most important things is comfort. Ensure the product you choose is as comfortable as possible to make traveling and commute easy.

Padded and adjustable shoulder straps make a backpack automatically comfortable. If you can also find one with padded back, there’s nothing like it.

Capacity and Pockets

No minimalist backpack is good unless it has enough storage pack space and adequate pockets. According to the dimensions you prefer, you can find products ranging from ten-liter capacity to 30-liter capacity. You can choose the right size according to the kind of space you need.

Make sure that the bag has all the pockets you will be using regularly. Along with an adjustable shoulder with zippered pockets, having multiple side pockets and external pockets is always beneficial. It should have a large tsa friendly laptop compartment as well.


Much like any product you venture to buy from the market, the best minimalist backpacks also come at various prices.

You can find a minimalist backpack for as low as $14 and as high as $200. The most common price range for a laptop backpack is $20 to $50.

Premium backpacks are generally associated with high quality. However, budget backpacks can be found with good quality as well. There’s no need for you to go over your budget.


Using a minimalist bag is nice – they’re clean, sophisticated, and serve a lot of purpose for the user. Whether you are looking for a laptop or a travel backpack, you can find minimalist backpacks for everything.

Make sure the one you choose has padded shoulder straps, a large main compartment, and a laptop sleeve.

Any of the minimalist backpacks from this list are sure to be a quality purchase. They come in different price ranges, so there should be something for every budget.