Best Lightweight Luggage for International Travel

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Last Updated: January 3, 2022

If you’re anything like me, you already have a good travel bag. But what happens when all your items increase the luggage weight beyond the permitted limit? You could buy a separate bag for your trip and throw it away at the end of the journey which is just wasteful, or you can use a lightweight suitcase for travel.

No one really likes to travel with a lot of luggage and we would all prefer to travel light. Lightweight luggage bags make it easier to travel and help prevent over-packing.

A lightweight luggage keeps the weight down so you don’t have to pay overweight fees, and it keeps everything organized so you have what you need with you at all times.

Trying to select the best lightweight luggage can be a bit of a hassle though. You have to consider factors such as quality, price, durability, and material.

Fortunately for you, we have put together some of the best and also some of the lightest luggage available to make it easier to make a decision.

Lightweight Luggage Reviews – Top 11 Picks

1. Kenneth Cole REACTION Renegade

Nothing says quality like a Kenneth Cole REACTION Renegade luggage. This bag comes with several unique features that are going to leave you in awe. You’re probably going to find it difficult to get something of this quality for such a price.

This lightweight luggage bag comes with 8 wheel spinners that go in multiple directions which makes it easy to handle. Although it is only 28 inches, you get an extra 2 inches of space when putting items in.

When traveling, most people like to keep their property well separated to avoid mix up and that is what this bag is just for. It comes with several zippered compartments which can be used to store items. It features an elastic shoe pocket for your shoes as well as a garment restraint panel to prevent your clothes from moving around.

For the price, you wouldn’t be expecting to get a bag so durable, but that is what you are getting from this one. It also comes with a retractable trolley handle for easy movement when walking. It features a sleek and stylish exterior with corner guard reinforcements. The reinforcements protect your bag from damage and promote lasting use.

  • 8 wheel spinners which go in multiple directions
  • Extra 2 inches of space when filled
  • Zippered compartments for easy organization
  • Sleek and stylish
  • The zipper could be easily damaged

If you need a lightweight bag for your travels, this is just the one. It is portable, fashionable and also capable of holding a variety of items. It is almost impossible to find a bag of this quality on the market for such an affordable price.


2. Travelpro Maxlite 5 Softside Expandable Spinner Wheel Luggage

Lightweight luggage bags do not come better than the Travelpro Maxlite 5. This bag packs all what travellers need in a luggage box at an affordable price. It combines several unique features to make for an overall quality travel companion. A simple look at this will have your friends and family impressed by the quality.

It is a quality lightweight bag that is 0.5 pound lighter than its predecessor (Maxlite4). The ultraportable luggage is only 21 inches which means that it meets the requirements for most domestic airlines. It also comes with 4 wheel spinners which make it easy to rotate in multiple directions when moving with your luggage.

The 38 inch and 42.5 inch Powerscope handle perfectly fits into your hands. The handle also possesses rubberized touch points which prevents it from hurting your hands when moving.

If you are purchasing a lightweight bag because of airline restrictions alone, you still need a luggage that is capable of containing all your travel items. This lightweight travel luggage expands up to 2 inches to allow you extra space for load. It comes with side and bottom carry handles, which means that you can carry the bag in any way you want. It features two exterior compartments, an interior full length lid pocket and adjustable straps.

Like other products from Travelpro, this one comes with a limited lifetime coverage plus trusted companion promise. This means that cost of repair for damages from airline is covered for the first year after purchase. It also comes with water guard that protects items in the interior from moisture.

  • Capable of expanding for up to 2 inches
  • Limited lifetime coverage to cover the cost of repairs
  • Available in 7 different sizes
  • Not steady enough
  • Zipper gets worn out easily

Travel luggage does not come much better than the Travelpro Maxlite 5. It is affordable and has everything you need from a portable travel bag. Get this bag today for easy travels.


3. Coolife Luggage Suitcase PC+ABS with TSA Lock Spinner

The Coolife Luggage suitcase is possibly one of the best travel bags you could get out there. With this suitcase you can get all your travel items in without worrying about extra weight. The bag combines portability and durability and comes with several unique features that you would not expect at this affordable price.

It is a quality luggage that is made from ABS+PC material which makes it durable. It is also portable and lighter due to the hard shell from which it is made. The bag features a textured finish to prevent scratches.

To round it all up in terms of durability, it also features a beveled edge design that increases the toughness of the luggage box. It is available in three different sizes (20 inch, 24 inch, and 28 inch) and they are all perfect for business and can be used for personal travel. The 28 inch bag can be expanded by up to 15 % to allow for more space.

It comes with a sturdy ergonomic aluminum handle which provides smooth movement when traveling. The unique wheels are perfectly designed to go in all directions without causing any noise. The bag features a unique TSA lock which guarantees that only TSA agents have access to the content of your bag without breaking the lock. You also get 2 years warranty in case of damages.

  • Made from durable and light hard shell materials
  • Textured finish prevents scratches
  • TSA lock
  • Worldwide 2 year warranty
  • Zipper wears out easily
  • The 20 inch size doesn’t have a lot of room

This is just the bag you have been searching for. It has all the unique qualities and features that you would expect from a quality bag and it is all at an affordable price. Rest assured that you are getting something of the highest quality by getting this one.


4. OGIO Layover Travel Bag

The Layover Travel bag is Ogio’s most widely recognized travel suitcase. With its streamlined, easy-going appearance and classic color scheme, it’s the ideal airline carry-on size.

It is a compact piece of luggage that has sizes from 50 centimeters to more than 80 centimeters and can hold and overnight to more than one week’s worth of clothing and other travel gear. It has four main compartments: two for storing clothes and other items, another with a removable toiletry case, and an additional pocket at the front to store smaller necessities.

It is also designed to carry your laptop and other essentials while traveling. It has padded compartments for two laptops, one smaller compartment for tablets, and an exterior battery pocket for storing portable phone chargers or anything else.

This bag is perfect for the full-time traveler. It has multiple compartments, which are essential to someone who travels. The bottom compartment also unzips into two separate parts to give extra storage space when necessary.

It fits perfectly in the overhead compartments of a plane, from a small commuter plane to the much larger ones. The wheels are really what makes this bag so great, as they roll incredibly smooth.

  • Quiet and durable wheels
  • Multiple grab handles
  • Good interior organization
  • Carry handles are tight, with no padding

On your next vacation, roll through the airport in style using your OGIO Layover Travel Bag. It pairs well with the other products from OGIO, your one-stop shop for all travel luggage needs.


5. Ben Sherman Nottingham Lightweight Luggage

Ben Sherman is a British clothing brand founded in 1963 by tailor Benjamin Sherman. In 1967, the company moved from its original premises on London’s Carnaby Street to a new factory and head office at Hartshead Moor near the Pennines. With over 50 years of experience, they know what works well – and what doesn’t work at all.

This particular piece of luggage has been made with ABS hardshell construction which is intended to be both lightweight and strong. It has been finished in a textured navy color with silver accents on the trim and push buttons, front pockets as well as a stylized Ben Sherman logo.

There are smooth multi-directional spinning wheels, so you can roll it with ease, and sturdy handles at the top and side for pulling it along. Inside, you’ll find a fully lined interior along with several pockets which will help you to keep your packing organized and efficient. Lastly, you get a standard removable luggage tag that is sized perfectly to fit into this suitcase’s exterior pocket.

Weighing 16lbs empty, this is a spinner style piece of luggage which means it has 4 wheels – 2 on each side – allowing you to pull it behind you. When empty, it has a weight capacity of 50lbs so you can pack the contents to your liking.

  • Corner reinforcements
  • Tear resistant interior lining
  • Durable trolley handle that extends 41 inches
  • Color in images is a bit different to the real one

With all, you can easily move this through the airport with minimal effort. The TSA combination lock which is included will give added security.


6. DELSEY Paris Helium Aero Hardside Expandable Luggage

DELSEY Paris Helium Aero suitcase combines all the unique characteristics that you want from a light weight luggage and even more.

It is a lightweight travel suitcase that is made from polycarbonate. By getting this suitcase you can be assured that you will be getting a durable product that is resistant to cracking. The double spinner wheels assure mobility on different platforms to keep the weight off your hands. Although this suitcase is already large, it expands an extra 2 inches to allow additional packing space.

It is made to give users absolute comfort. It comes with a comfortable handle that can be locked in several positions for ease of use. It features a recessed lacking handle system which can be controlled with just the push of a button. It also comes with a fully lined interior with two compartments used for packing and organizing you clothes and other travel items.

  • Large space
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Padded handle for comfort
  • Multiple spinner wheels which can go in any direction
  • Painting on the handle tends to peel away quickly

This suitcase has all the features that you want from a travel luggage. It is lightweight, durable, and flexible. You also have the added advantage of getting any color and size you want.


7. Samsonite Andante 2 Wheeled Rolling Duffel Bag

You would expect the best luggage to be expensive, but you would have been wrong. The Samsonite Andante Wheeled Rolling duffel is an affordable travel luggage that is also made from quality materials all round.

It is a quality bag that features a lightweight design. It was not made with portability in mind alone but the manufacturers also focus on usability. It comes with large u-shaped opening which makes it easy to access the contents. The smooth rolling wheels with locking upright handle make for easy mobility when traveling.

Everyone likes to have their things well arranged when traveling and this bag is just perfectly designed for that. The multiple organization pockets make it easy to separate the items into different parts and there is also room for smaller items.

The comfortable carry handles with shock suspension make it easy to handle.

  • Lightweight design for easy moveability
  • U-shaped opening for easy access
  • Smooth rolling wheels
  • The shock suspension guarantees comfort
  • Zipper gets easily damaged and needs repair
  • Not very sturdy

If you are a lover of travel bags with a lightweight design, then this is just the one. With items inside, it features a compact design and it is easy to travel with. Best part is you can select different colors and sizes.


8. Fila 22″ Lightweight Carry On Rolling Duffel Bag

Is there anything more portable and stylish than a duffel bag with wheels? Fila 22″ Lightweight Carry On Rolling duffel bag is a quality product from Fila that combines several unique characteristics to make for a comfortable travel companion.

Made from durable polyester on the outside to ensure that you get a good value for your money. It comes with a spacious compartment where clothes and other travel items can be kept. It features an in-line skate wheel system which allows you to pull it along while walking instead of having to carry. The padded handle ensures that your hands don’t hurt from pulling it along.

This stylish duffel bag has several zippered compartments within, where various items can be kept when traveling. There is also an internal handle that makes it easy to lift the bag off the ground. Users will be glad to hear that it also features a bungee cord on the top.

  • Made from durable polyester
  • Skate wheels for mobility
  • Zippered compartment for separation of items
  • The handle is flimsy and can get stuck
  • Wheels get stuck on uneven surface

If you need a travel bag that is fashionable and comfortable for your journey, then this is just the one for you. It is great for young people and it doesn’t eat deep into your pocket.


9. Hanke Expandable Foldable Suitcase

The Hanke Expandable Foldable Suitcase is the perfect blend of convenience and practicality. This lightweight suitcase features a large capacity, making it ideal for long trips or extended stays.

The expandable feature enables you to pack more when necessary without sacrificing space. Plus, with its roll-up handle and four 360 degree rotating wheels, it is easy to maneuver through any airport terminal or hotel lobby.

It features a weatherproof and scratch-resistant exterior, plus internal mesh pockets for added security. There is also a zippered divider that separates your clean clothes from your dirty ones, making it ideal for the frequent traveler who always has to switch rooms at the last minute.

With this soft-sided suitcase, you can easily pack for your next trip without worrying about the hassles of finding room in an already packed bag.

Each suitcase can hold up to 220 pounds, making it great for hauling multiple suitcases at once if necessary. Plus, its lightweight design ensures that you won’t strain your back or feel uncomfortable carrying it.

  • Can be folded into a compact size
  • Included store pouch when not in use
  • Easy to clean
  • Expandable to various sizes
  • Does not sit straight when full
  • Not easy to find what you need inside once packed

This is a great checked luggage for family trip and those who are looking to pack all they need. The best part is that you don’t have to spend too much to get it. This bag comes with all the basic features that you’ll expect from a travel luggage suitcase.


10. Dakine Split Roller

The Dakine Split Roller is a soft-sided suitcase that makes traveling easy. It has 85 liters of space which can fit everything from clothes to shoes and toiletries, as well as external pockets for your passport and other items you want to keep on hand.

The suitcase also comes with an ID slot that is easily accessible, a front pocket for storing smaller things, reinforced 8-centimeter urethane wheels, lockable zippers, and a split-wing collapsible brace for easy storage.

It is durable and lightweight, easy to use and keeps your belongings safe and waterproof. It is also convenient for the full-time traveler, and user-friendly, making it easy to pack and unpack as you please.

There are also good interior organizers which are great for storing items like toiletries and electronics.

  • Stretchable and expandable compartments
  • Great organization
  • Lockable zippers
  • Easy storing
  • A bit expensive

If you need a portable luggage bag that can be used to carry your clothes with ease when traveling and is also lightweight but sturdy enough to handle the rigors of travel, then this is just the one for you.


11. Aer de Aer Premium Carry On Luggage

Want a travel bag that does everything you need it to do? Why don’t you check out Aer de Aer Premium Carry On Luggage Spinner. This is every travelers dream and it is made to easily meet the demands of airlines and promote ease.

It is a quality lightweight suitcase that is perfect for people who travel regularly and like to pack light. The luggage features quiet Hinomoto wheels which are frame injected to allow you to move the luggage on any surface easily. The wheels also have the ability to rotate and move in all directions. The bag promotes maximum security by incorporating a TSA combination lock which prevents anyone from getting to the content of the bag without your knowledge.

It is a lightweight luggage, even the lightest in its class and it weighs just 6 pounds. How’s that for portability? The luggage features a anodized aluminum handle which makes it easy to handle and guarantees durability. With the interior secluded sections you can easily separate your clean clothes from the dirty ones.

  • Very durable and compact
  • Lightest in its class
  • TSA combination lock
  • Zippers get damaged easily

If a quality suitcase is what you are looking for, you’ve got it with this one. This lightweight suitcase has all that is required to meet regular travel demands to make your journey as smooth as possible. The best part is that it is very affordable in comparison to others of the same quality.


Things to Look For in a Lightweight Suitcase

There are several things to look for when purchasing a new luggage so that it will work effectively when you’re on the road. The majority of lightweight luggage comes in the range of 4 to 10 pounds.

After determining that the weight is appropriate for your needs, focus on the materials used in its construction. If you want to go with fabric, make sure it’s light but sturdy.

If you want an easy way to carry your belongings, go with something that has wheels. Whether its a 2-wheel or 4-wheel luggage, most also comes with handles on the side if you want to carry it by hand for short distances. Finally, it’s important to pay attention to the seams and the stress points on the bag because these are areas that may rip over time.


Finding the perfect luggage for your trip can be difficult. Buying a new suitcase can be expensive and it’s hard to find one that will work well for everything you need.

A lightweight, foldable travel bag is the answer. The above lightweight suitcases are made from durable materials so you don’t have to worry about them ripping or tearing when you’re on the go. They also come in a variety of sizes so they’ll fit any traveler’s needs. Plus, they are fairly priced and easy to use.

Lightweight luggage is a must for any traveler. If you have been on the lookout for one, I hope that this review of the best lightweight luggage has helped narrow down your choices and find the perfect piece for your needs.