Best Leather Backpacks for Men – Top 11 Stylish Picks

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Last Updated: October 19, 2021

Are you a fan of leather goods? Do you find it quirky and classy? Well, then you’d love to have the options of the best leather backpacks that add to your style.

Style is what comes to your mind when you talk or hear about leather goodies. Similarly, leather backpacks offer flexible ideas of style and durability while also fulfilling your practical needs. Leather backpacks are quality bags as compared to other material backpacks.

When buying a leather backpack, style and convenience are two factors, and durability plays a significant role. The one that will suit men must be able to fulfill certain masculine and general requirements. But which are the top picks that actually fulfill your needs, and how would you recognize the best ones out of so many?

Worry no more! This guide will introduce you the best leather backpacks for men and everything that you need to know about leather backpacks before buying one. So, shoot!

11 Best Leather Backpacks for Men Reviewed

Leather takes your fashion two steps ahead and keeps you on track with the trends going on. But you need to have a good eye to get the best one available. To help you with your search, here is a list of the best leather backpacks for men.

1. Kenneth Cole Reaction Colombian Leather Backpack

Practicality with smoothness is what you get from the Kenneth Cole Reaction Leather Backpack. If you need access to back-stage compartments without carrying a trolly through boarding or check-ins, then this is the perfect find for you.

It offers spacious compartments to store your valuables when you are on the run for your day-to-day activities or meeting a client.

Available in two color ranges, black and brown, it displays an elegantly classy style. It has two zippered pockets and two U-Shaped pockets on the front for easy access. The build quality is original leather which may change color with usage.

However, the distressed look adds to the overall style and feel of the pack.

Made of top-quality leather, which is full-grain leather, the leather of the bag displays robust durability. It is tear-and-water resistant and is highly durable. The soft inner lining protects your accessories from scratches. Also, a padded rear offers additional support to your valuables inside.

The bag’s stitching is strong, and the self-repairing heavy-duty zippers display rugged performance and last long. The bag has a sturdy build and padded top to help you with mobility while carrying the bag.

There is a main compartment to hold your laptop and a dedicated sleeve in front to hold your iPad. With an EZ-scan feature equipped in the backpack, it becomes easier to pass through the TSA-checking without removing your laptop from the bag. The bag also features a trolley tunnel for easy carrying facilities.

  • EZ scan system for easy passage at airports
  • Spacious – can fit up to 16” laptop
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Made of full-grain leather
  • Sleeve for trolley handle available
  • Not for rough handling


2. Samsonite Classic Leather Backpack

The Samsonite Classic Leather Backpack is not only a brand but a guarantee to your trust. This one is a premium quality leather backpack that claims the benefits and offers all of them in reality.

Its manufacturers have provided the bag with spacious compartments while also making it appear sophisticated. Starting from your daily business needs like carrying your laptops and additional accessories to holding your planner diary, they have enough compatibility.

Precisely, it can hold two laptops together while also carrying work files and other accessories. The padded air mesh panels at the back allow breathability for the user to go through a hot summer day, carrying that backpack with comfort and ease.

The straps are padded with air mesh as well so that you do not exhaust yourself carrying the leather bag all day with discomfort on your shoulders. Moreover, it is also equipped with smart sleeves for easy accessibility while you’re on the road.

The front organizer pocket makes storing easy and convenient as well. The sleek and slim design makes it attractive and stylish.

  • Fit space for two laptops
  • Padded back
  • Padded straps
  • Front mesh zipper pockets
  • Not much storage capacity


3. Solo New York Reade Vintage Leather Backpack

If your foremost concern while getting a leather backpack is its durability, then the Solo New York Reade is the match for you. Be it practical day-to-day usage or holding your laptop to a conference, the bag is conveniently usable everywhere.

The simplicity of this bag offers its elegance. It has only one zippered pocket and a slide-in in front that keeps the bag simply clean and organized. The grainy material of the leather offers its style and design. While the material may wear off over time, it only enhances its stylish appearance along it.

A separate laptop compartment protects it from any scratch from contact with other accessories inside the bag. The soft lining inside the backpack offers sturdiness as well as extra protection to the accessories inside.

A comfortable carry handle and a decent storage capacity with a good weight capacity make the backpack practical. The sleek profile and the maximum organizational compartments make it the perfect office bag.

Carrying it is super easy with its padded straps that take the pain away instead of making it feel light on your shoulders.

This is in no doubt one of the best backpacks for men. It can be used for different purposes ranging from work, business, school, leisure and travel.

  • Well padded separate laptop compartment
  • Premium stylish design
  • Very comfortable to carry
  • Sturdy Colombian leather
  • Lightweight
  • Not suitable for bulky load


4. S-ZONE Vintage Genuine Men Leather Backpack

The Men’s Vintage Genuine Leather Backpack by S-Zone is a prime example of style, class, and luxury. Tagged with a reasonable price, the bag has many functionality and fashion in store for you.

A stylish, fashionable rucksack usable in business trips, adventure trips, or even everyday use would be the go-to option for everybody.

A person with artistic taste or even an economic mindset would appreciate the design and style of this piece. Featuring several exterior pockets, this stylish product becomes an ideal match for business travelers.

Genuine leather is a type of leather that goes through chemical processing to provide a classy and shiny look to the leather bags that make them attractive. It is made of crazy horse leather that goes through special waxing processes that give it a stylish appearance.

Sturdy and stiff, the leather is cut into thick styles that hold the bag’s shape even when empty. The YKK self-repairable zippers are extremely durable. You won’t see any loose stitches hanging around, and thus, the overall design of the bag has a polished finishing to it.

The backpack also has a soft inner lining to protect your accessories stored in it. Apart from the several compartments outside, there’s a hidden zippered pocket at the back. You can keep important possessions like a passport or cash in this pocket.

Besides, it also has a large compartment to store your laptop. The backpack gives you all the reasons you should purchase it and also some extras.

  • Vintage exterior
  • Several external compartments
  • A secret zippered back pocket
  • Top-quality genuine horse leather
  • A little bit heavy as a result of the thickness of the leather
  • Color may fade


5. Polare Cowhide Leather Backpack

The Polare Cowhide Leather Backpack is made of full-grain leather combining leather backpacks’ modern and vintage styles. As a result, you get this unique design of the leather backpack.

Polare makes this product in a brown variant that highlights the full-grain leather features with hints of a luxurious tangerine and white stitching. The vintage look gives it a retro feel which adds to your styling appearance.

The manufacturer uses traditional Italian craftsmanship and design to create this unique design. It has earned the attraction of many and will continue to do so merely because of its classy appearance.

Being the highest quality leather, the full-grain leather can be withstanding everyday use while it still lasts longer. The padded mesh back and the adjustable padded straps offer breathability and comfort.

Moreover, the high-quality YKK zippers last longer. The two large front pockets offer ample storage capacity. The main compartment has a laptop sleeve and a strap to secure it as well.

With two side pockets, the bag becomes practically useful for travelers as well.

  • Strong zipper and hardware
  • Double stitching
  • Full-grain leather material
  • Retro design
  • Padded adjustable straps available
  • A bit expensive


6. BLUBOON Vintage Leather Backpack

While you have come across many businesspersons and everyday use options, the Bluboon Vintage Leather Backpack is meant for casual users. It adds to the quirk when you are backpacking through the alleys of the countryside.

You can stash your accessories in, and it still appears cool due to its style and spacious capacity that won’t show the load. This one’s a casual sporty design that is available in many color variants.

However, each of them showcases a classy feature while also fulfilling your needs of storing your stuff. The Bluboon adds to the antique of the retro-style vintage look.

The sturdy metal zippers and the stiff build robustly hold any wear and tear. You also won’t find any loose stitches around the bag. This soft canvas bag features good genuine leather.

The roomy backpack has a lot of compartments for you to store your stuff as per requirements. You can carry everything you require in it with ease, comfort, and style.

The canvas backpack will serve you very well because the soft material will not give in to tear, while the quality leather feels very comfortable and nice to touch. You can get this top mens leather backpack even if you are on a budget.

  • Lot of pockets
  • Top-quality soft canvas material
  • Rustic charm
  • Comfortable
  • Zipping and unzipping may pose some issues at the beginning, but will get better with constant use


7. Texbo Full Grain Cowhide Leather Backpack

If you are on the hunt for a leather backpack that is not only stylish and fashionable but also highly practical, then the Cowhide Leather Backpack by Texbo is the one for you. It features multiple compartments to store your accessories in an organized manner and separate pockets for easy access.

The two-color variants offer the retro and vintage look with a distressed design and pattern, which provides the leather a natural hue.

It is made of high-quality Italian cowhide leather curated in the hands of professional artisans. The bags go through hardcore inspection to ensure the quality of the material before handing it over to you.

Heavy-duty synthetic thread keeps it secure without letting loose any stitches. The zippers and the hardware of the bag work in top-notch quality and are highly durable.

The bag displays practical functionalities and has multiple storage compartments. The inside of the bag has different pockets to store your laptop, iPad, notebook, and files. They also have Velcro straps for quicker access.

Not just fashion, but practicality is also in the mindset of its designers.

  • Hidden anti theft pocket
  • Attractive
  • Top-quality leather
  • Practical with multiple pockets
  • Shoulder strap and the back panel are not padded


8. AIBAG 3D Print Animal Head Leather Backpack

Aibag makes unique designer leather backpacks of great quality that offer you the fun of cosplay. This one comes with a 3D animal head on its front, which is the most unique feature.

It is not only stylish and uniquely fashionable but also dramatically fulfilling. Although the 3D face might get smashed, it is easily recoverable using a hairdryer. The 3D face is almost lifelike but in varying colors that look fashionably sound.

The bag comes with an inner compartment to hold your laptop and two inner pockets to store your accessories. It has a good storage capacity to store all your valuables and leaves space to not make it look bulky.

With padded adjustable straps, carrying all those stuff becomes convenient and easy on your shoulders. This leather backpack is the perfect choice for those who are into animal designs.

  • Sturdy PU leather
  • Unique design
  • Large space
  • Laptop compartment
  • Back panel is not padded
  • May fade color
  • Initially, smells of leather


9. Rawlings Heritage Collection Leather Backpack

Style is intact when it comes to leather backpacks. To give you a good example, the Rawlings Heritage Collection Leather Backpack stands tall in the way. The retro look adds to your fashionable style while also fulfilling your practical requirements.

It’s true that when you plan to purchase a product, budget is a concern. However, this one is great value for money.

This classy bag is robust and fashionable at the same time that lasts for longer periods. The material is made of natural rawhide, which is prewashed and crease-free. Overall, the back appears to give you a vintage and retro feel to design it with hints of distress.

The cool thing about leather backpacks is that they have some unique kind of distressing to them, which only adds to their quirky look. You will never find two leather bags exactly the same.

It has three outside and two side pockets offering you convenient access even while you’re on the move. The bag’s main compartment allows you to store your laptop and is padded to protect the laptop. The adjustable padded straps also add to the breathability and comfort. Moreover, the trolley strap makes it easier to carry your luggage.

It is made of high-quality, durable materials with an interior lining to protect the bag. This extra protection also ensures that your accessories stored in it are safe and secure. The robust leather is designed to last long.

  • Soft and durable PU Leather
  • Adjustable padded straps
  • Padded laptop pocket
  • Distressed design
  • Not much storage capacity


10. Boshiho Real Leather Laptop Backpack

The Boshiho Real Leather Laptop Backpack is curated with premium quality genuine leather, decorated with crocodile patterns. The bag here is a spacious bag offering ample storage for you to store your accessories. Highly fashionable and classy, the leather bag fulfills your needs while maintaining your style.

The bag is unique in its looks due to the carved crocodile patterns on its exterior.

However, the bag is equally useful like the other leather bags and even more than some others. You can use it for your everyday purposes or even your adventure trips. There are other Boshiho bags, but you may not find them as unique as this one.

The Boshiho offers great durability due to its rugged performance in dirt areas or rainy weather conditions. The strong stitching of the bag ensures the lasting performance of the bag with a stylish finish.

Don’t get confused with the softness of the leather, as it is also strong to give you the durability that you expect of it. The zippered pockets open to large flaps to dump all your stuff in easily and without any inconvenience.

Strong enough to carry heavy items, it is also compatible with carrying laptops alongside textbooks and other important accessories.

The bag has six pockets in total and a large compartment in the middle to hold your laptop. With two side pockets and an outside zipper pocket, it becomes convenient to use the bag even when you are on the move.

With an added padded fabric inside, the leather backpack adds comfort and breathability, making the price even more worthy.

  • Unique crocodile patterns
  • Enhanced breathability with padded interior
  • Spacious compartments
  • Not a high-quality but genuine leather


11. TIDING Men’s Vintage Leather Backpack

Tiding Men’s Vintage Leather Backpack is the ultimate go-to pack for hiking, traveling, and day trips. Now you can make your traveling look as classy and stylish with your vintage bag, adding to the quirks.

This bag is practical to use for hiking and trekking purposes and useful for business and casual purposes. Tiding offers a range of color variations.

The manufacturers have used premium leather quality to curate this stylish, elegant, vintage bag for you. With the high-quality leather, the bag also looks expensive and classy. At the same time, it is also casual for its professional setting.

The adjustable shoulder straps make it convenient to the user to carry the bag as per their size. The padded back of the bag offers breathability and comfort.

Tiding has secured the bag with strong stitching, which ensures durability. The full-grain premium leather with premium YKK zippers offering heavy-duty strength makes it more valuable and worth the price.

It features two main compartments and one dedicated laptop sleeve. It also showcases two front pockets, one of which is meant to hold your iPad. Additionally, it also has two side pockets and a hidden pocket. Not just these, but there are many more surprises.

You can purchase the Tiding Men’s Vintage Leather Backpack both for everyday use and weekend trips. It won’t disappoint you to complement your style and comfort in every way possible.

  • USB Charging port available with built-in cable
  • Adjustable straps
  • Full-grain leather
  • Dedicated iPad sleeve
  • Keychain holder
  • Too large
  • Expensive


Things You Should Know Before Buying a Leather Backpack

Amidst the wide range of backpack styles available in the market, leather backpacks are trendy and offer quality to your purchase. However, here are a few factors you need to be mindful of before purchasing your ideal one.

Types of Leather

The type of leather that you purchase affects the price you are to pay for that product. It also hinders the wearability and appearance of the bag. Below are the four types of leather you need to be aware of:

Full Grain Leather

This one is the most natural of all the leather types. It comes straight from the animal to your backpack. It is made up of the top layer of the hide, so it is in high demand. This leather does not go through any chemical processing and is indeed pure leather. Thus, it is also very expensive.

It is heavier and thicker in size and has natural skin blemishes, just like you may have blemishes on your skin. Without any chemicals and is 100% natural, this leather kind lasts longer and offers stronger durability.

Top Grain Leather

The top grain leather is also the top layer of the hide and is of premium quality. However, it goes through chemical processing and finishes.

It works on all the blemishes and makes the leather looks perfect with a super finish to it. Top grain leather is the choice for you if you’re looking for a smooth, blemish-free pure leather.

Genuine Leather

The remaining part of the hide makes up for the genuine leather after extracting the full and top grain leathers from the hide. It still can be called real leather and will also give you the same feel but with relatively less durability.

Chemical processes make the genuine leather appear like top-grain leather that is pure and blemish-free. While this leather type has the least demand in the market, it is the most inexpensive of them all.

Vegan Leather

As the name suggests, this leather feels and looks like real leather, but it is made without harming any creature, using other materials. If you are strictly about no harm to animals but still want to look fashionable and trendy anyway, this one is for you.

However, while it may be better than several other materials, it still won’t be as durable as real leather. Plus, it looks like a pure leather backpack.


The first thing that attracts you to your leather backpack is its look and feel. Only a glimpse can give you an idea of the quality of the bag.

A leather backpack is more about the style, durability, quality, design, and shape of the material that makes up the bag.


Maintaining leather is super easy. Why? Because they are dirt and water repellant. All you need is a damp cloth to simply wipe down the surface of the leather, and you’d be looking at the same bag but newer.

However, it is recommended that you keep your full-grain leather conditioned from drying out often. Leather conditioners are available online and are inexpensive.

Leather backpacks hold a two-fold value which makes them better than polyester or canvas bags that could easily stain themselves.

Safe For Skin

Leather is conveniently safe for your skin. Polyester, on the contrary, has materials like plastic and other chemicals that feel rough on your skin. These materials may irritate your skin.

However, leather is undoubtedly safe and skin-friendly.


Fashion typically costs a lot of drivers that are responsible for major footprints in the environment. Leather is not a part of fast fashion. Fast fashion uses materials that are the worst climate change drivers and end up in landfills.

Such brands create goods that soon fade out of style, and consequently, they face trouble selling their items. That wastes much of the valuable resources in the process.

Leather is made with durability in mind with materials that do not end up in landfills. They help make an eco-friendly environment while also catering to your fashion needs. Owning a leather backpack instead of a polyester or a canvas backpack, you are stepping into a longer brand trust.


While some may complain about the products being expensive, reasonable fans would say it is value for money. Other materials do not offer as much durability as leather does. Also, not all of them are dirt or water repellant.

Leather is a cost-effective purchase as it is dirt and water-resistant and also lasts relatively longer. So, rather than changing poor-quality bags of other material often, you may as well buy one leather backpack and stick with it.


When it comes to style, you would be amazed to know that no two full-grain leather backpacks will ever look the same for obvious reasons. As you already know that they are pure leather directly from the hide to the bag. The natural hue adds to the style of it.

Even genuine leather is smooth, soft, and stylish, with an elegant finish to it. However, there are different style types you may prefer according to your fashion requirements.


Vintage is a period when quality mattered more than fashion. Thus, vintage-style bring back the old times that reflect in the design. They give a nice antique look to the backpacks.


The present-day leather backpacks seem to catch up with the trend and create different designs to offer you a variety. Now, there are provisions to combine old and new leather styles that are also practically fashionable. It has compartments for your laptop, smartphone, and more.


Rolltop leather backpacks are another practically fashionable and trendy option for you. While there is a divided opinion for this style, it’s good to be in the loop about the trend around you.

These are ideal for you if you do not have too much to carry along and you want to look classy with less load but much style.


Leather is a durable material. Its durability is one of its highlights. It is also dust and water repellant. They are also resilient to wear and tear and they can take a good beating. These backpacks will be in your closet to stay.


Besides lasting for a long time, they also offer a range of functionalities. They are flexible while also strong and useful at the same time.

A leather backpack doesn’t easily crease or wrinkle and keeps its good shape and form for a long time. Initially, all leather bags may seem stiff, but they soon loosen up with everyday use, keeping your contents inside it in good condition.

Final Thoughts

Now you have a clear idea of the best leather backpacks for men on the market. You also know the basics of choosing a good leather product.

If you are still puzzled about which one you should choose, we recommend the Kenneth Cole Reaction Leather Backpack. It is not only stylish but also practical.

Keeping you on the lighter side, you can explore your options and make your decision to buy the best one. Make sure that they have all the features and requirements that you are looking for.